tagMatureWhat Have I Started?

What Have I Started?


There are lots of women who have crushes on older men. This story is about one woman's quest to find sexual happiness and fulfillment in the arms of her dad's friend.

I welcome all feedback and hope that you enjoy my story!

All characters are over 18.


I had come to Tom for a reason but now I was at a loss for words. I couldn't believe I was doing this and all at once all I wanted was to pretend like I wasn't sitting at his kitchen table. I'd had one glass of wine too many last night and the text to meet him was sent in the spur of the moment; a moment I was now deeply regretting.

His soft brown eyes regard me carefully, taking in my mood before getting up to grab two glasses and a bottle of scotch. Pouring us each a glass, he pushes mine towards me and I gratefully take a swallow, feeling the slow burn of the liquor running down my throat and calming my nerves. He knows me so well.

He's my dad's best friend and I'd known him all of my life. At 53, he's still in great shape and had only improved in the looks department as he's aged. Being a detective, he was good at guessing what I was going to say before I said it, or knowing what was going on with me before I did. His wife had died in a car wreck caused by a drunk driver three years ago and he'd been content to stay single since then. My eyes take in his bald head and the lines around his eyes and mouth, seeing the grey in his day-old facial stubble. I'd loved and respected this man for as long as I could remember and I knew he was the only one I could ever turn to for what I was about to ask.

"I guess you're wondering why I asked to come over," I begin, twirling my glass around in circles to avoid meeting his eyes.

"I figured it was my charming personality." His words have the effect that he intended and my eyes quickly rise to meet his. I flash a small smile in his direction, sigh deeply and look back down at the table.

The warmth of his callused hand covers my smaller one and I smile again in gratitude. He's not rushing me and I'm grateful because I don't know if I can get this out.

"What's going on, Ellie?"

"I...well...um..." I take another swig of liquid courage and miss his hand on mine when he leans back in his chair to regard me carefully.

"Well, Chase and I have been married for 8 years now."


"And I love him, Tom, I do," I bite the inside of my cheek before continuing. "He's a great man and he's been working so hard to provide for me and to earn his stripes in the force, but, he, um..." I pause to take another sip from my glass before continuing.

"He's not, well, that great in bed." I stop and glance up at Tom, trying to read him but, as usual I can't.

"How so?"

"Well, he's not into sex." I pause again but this time it's only for a second before I rush to get it all out. "He likes one position, lasts a couple of minutes, and when he's done he pulls out and goes to sleep." My cheeks are burning at the revelation of telling another person about my marriage, knowing that I've broken the trust between my husband and I.

"Does he get you off?"

Again, I pause before answering, knowing that I shouldn't be here but at a loss as to how to fix my marriage. "No."

"Have you ever orgasmed for him?" Again I shake my head no, not meeting Tom's eyes. "Has he ever tried?" Another shake of my head.

"I've tried everything, Tom." I finally say.

I watch him sip from his glass and again regret having come here but, once out in the open, I find myself wanting to talk about it.

"I've tried to role play, bought sexy lingerie, tried new lubes and condoms. Basically I've done everything short of attacking him in the middle of the night."

"And nothing works?"

"No. Am I doing something wrong? Maybe I'm not good enough. I've suggested couples therapy and even swinging to see if he wants another woman but he just smiles, says he's fine and that's it. I don't know what to do anymore. I want my husband but he doesn't want me and, God help me, I need sex!"

"Ellie, I'm not going to pretend to understand why Chase isn't into sex, or into you for that matter. I will say that you are an incredibly attractive young woman and it will be his loss if he loses you. How long has this been going on?"

"Since we got married."

"You guys didn't have sex before then?"

"I was a virgin."

"Chase is the only man you've been with?" he asks me in surprise.

I nod my head and go on to explain that I'd bought a bullet vibrator and a dildo five years ago but he had found my hiding spot and we'd gotten into a huge fight because he had claimed that it was an insult to his manhood. I had thrown them away after that and had just been using my fingers to get off. We were both only 28 but I needed sex more than he did and I was seriously thinking about having an affair. I'd tried talking to Chase about my needs but he had said that other men gave it to their wives less than he did so I should be lucky to get what he offered.

I went on to explain that I loved my husband and had no desire to leave him. Chase and I had been college sweethearts and when he'd joined the police academy, I had been so proud of him. He was quickly rising through the ranks and had his eye on becoming an FBI agent.

Tom's hands find mine again and the warmth comforts me enough that I can blurt out what I came here to ask. "Tom? Would you have sex with me? Chase doesn't want to, so, I thought..."

"Oh honey. I don't think you know what you're asking." His voice is huskier than usual but all I hear is a gentle no and I've never felt so humiliated in my life. Without a word I get up, pulling my hands from his. Tears are burning my eyes as I turn to push the chair up to the table and gather my purse and keys to my body. I only faintly hear what he's saying until I feel his hands on my shoulders, forcing me to face him; my hot tears slowly slipping down my face.

"Ellie, look at me." I just stand and stare at his broad chest until he forces me to meet his eyes. He looks tired but I also see love and concern and feel my tears slip faster down my wet cheeks.

"You're emotional right now and I don't think that you know what you're asking. Please don't think that I don't want you, because I do, but I..." I watch him swallow hard before he can continue, "I wouldn't want for anything to change between us and I would hate it if you thought back and regretted anything. Make sense?"

The truth is, I understand exactly what he's saying and I respect Tom enough to know that he's right in not pursuing something with me right now. I reach up to kiss his cheek before I pull back, having done it a thousand times throughout my life so it was almost instinctual. "Thank you."

I don't look back as I leave, not wanting him to see how much I'm hurting over being rejected by not one man, but two.


"Why don't you go home early today, Ellie? It's pretty quiet around here and I don't look for it to get any better."

I pause to look up from the email I'm typing. I had worked for Meg for four years as her assistant and I loved it. No day was ever the same working for her and I liked not being stuck in a routine.

"Are you sure? I don't mind staying. It's only 2:30."

"Go, before I change my mind!" She laughs before turning back to her office. I'm guessing she wants an early day too so I just smile and roll my eyes, finishing up my email and shutting everything down for the long weekend. It was the Friday before Labor Day and I had to admit that it had been incredibly slow this week. I had rearranged files, cleaned the office, and had done the things that I normally had no time for so I was happy to be getting off early.

"Have a great weekend, Meg!" I say as I pop my head in her door.

"You too, Ellie! Go home to that good looking husband of yours and don't do anything I wouldn't do!" I smile and shake my head as I turn to leave.

I turn the radio up and tap my fingers to the beat as I turn down my street. I was thinking about having Chase fire up the grill when he gets home from work when I catch sight of his truck sitting in our driveway. He usually works until six and I worry that something is wrong.

I pull my keys from the ignition and move to get out of the car, grabbing my purse before heading to the door. A quick glance at my cell reveals that there are no texts from him to explain why he went home early.

I turn my key in the lock, bending down to greet Otis, our 3-year old Chocolate Lab. "Where's your daddy, buddy?" I softly say, putting my things down on the couch.

My eyes sweep across the living room and kitchen but there's no sign of him so I head upstairs, my steps muted by the carpeting.

I hear the first moan just as I clear the last step so I hurry to our bedroom, thinking that Chase might be hurt or sick. My hand finds the knob as I hear a second moan and a muffled "fuck" and push the door open to find my husband in bed with another woman.

I just stand there for what seems like hours, my heart pounding in my chest as I watch Chase swirl his tongue in and around her pussy while his fingers slide in and out of her wet opening. They're 69-ing so I can see her sucking and slurping on his cock at the same time.

Once in a while I can hear a faint "fuck" punctuated by loud moans as they pleasure each other on our bed and I even heard Chase say, "God baby, that's good," as the mystery woman goes even deeper on his cock, his hand reaching down to push her head further. I can hear her choking as the head hits the back of her throat.

It's not until she finally pulls back and moves around to slide her pussy down his cock that I'm finally noticed when the woman catches sight of me in her reverse cowgirl position and screams.

"What the...!" Chase says just as she asks who the hell I am.

"Well, I could ask the same thing since your sitting on my husband's cock," I manage to calmly reply.

"Ellie!! What are you doing home?! Shit!"

"I live here, remember?"

The woman is screaming at Chase at this point, calling him everything under the sun as she gathers her clothes from the floor. Everything clicks into place in my head as I watch her get dressed and head down the stairs, the front door slamming in her haste to get away.

I turn my attention back to Chase, watching him lay on the bed with his arm over his eyes, not saying anything. I think that I should feel anger but all I feel is sorrow at having spent so much wasted time with the man. I silently think back on the little things that never seemed to add up until now. The late night phone calls from "work", the texts from "friends", the late nights with no word...all making sense now. I feel like such a fool at being so ignorant and trusting.

"How long, Chase?"

"Does it matter?"

I watch him get up off the bed and pad over to the bathroom, "No, probably not. It just all makes sense now, is all."

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?" His words are muted as he disappears around the corner.

I follow him into the bathroom, "Well, why you don't like having sex, for instance. Or so I thought until I saw your tongue in that woman's pussy. You seemed to enjoy fucking her didn't you? I guess you didn't want to have sex with me because you were already getting it from every other slut in town."

"El...come on. I've been tired and I thought that you weren't into it, so I just gave up."

"For eight years?" Silence meets my question.

I can tell that he's trying to come up with some other excuse but now I'm just over it. I start to walk away but something nags at me so I turn back, "Apparently you brought them here on a regular basis. So. Tell me, Chase. Who did you tell them I was? There's pictures of us everywhere; how did you explain that?"

Only now does his head hang in shame and, with that, I walk away.

I'm sitting on the couch sipping on a glass of wine when he makes his way down the stairs, bag in hand, twenty minutes later. "I'm going to crash at Tim's place for a couple of days."


"I should have told you, Ellie. I'm sorry."

"You know what? I don't care anymore. Just go, Chase. I'll be gone by the end of the weekend."


Once again I make my way back to Tom's place. It had been two months since I had asked him to have sex with me but now I know that he was what I needed and wanted. I no longer feel guilt over needing sex or cheating on my husband and I want Tom to be the one to teach me all the things that Chase would never do with me.

Earlier I had made sure to shave my pussy smooth, leaving a strip above my clit hoping that Tom would approve. I had used my favorite shower gel and lotion, the scent of jasmine filling the bathroom as I got ready; make-up perfectly applied to accentuate my green eyes, my soft brown curls flowing freely around my bare shoulders.

I can see his truck in the driveway as I pull in, so I know he's home and I sigh in relief. I probably should have texted first but I think that I would have backed out if he had shown the slightest bit of hesitation towards me and if I just went on the spur of the moment, there was less chance that I would change my mind.

I breathe deeply to calm my nerves as I step onto his porch and with a shaking hand I push the button for the doorbell. A minute later he's standing in front of me; still in his work clothes, sleeves rolled up, holding a beer in one hand.

"Ellie! It's good to see you!" His voice is excited as his free arm wraps around me. I hug him back with more enthusiasm than I've ever shown before and I feel him tense up, probably from surprise. "Come on in. Can I get you anything?"

A rush of cool air greets me as I step inside. "Um, how about a beer?"

"Coming right up." My eyes follow his muscular frame, my body following close behind into the kitchen. "So, how have you been?"

A rush of guilt runs through me at how our last meeting went but I make my voice as controlled as possible as I tell him about Chase. Surprisingly, I'm not as upset as I thought I would be.

Finally I blurt out what I've been dying to ask him, "Tom, do you remember what I asked you before?" I watch him closely to gauge his reaction, tipping my beer bottle up to my lips to take a deep drink.

A long pause, "Yes." Hmmm, ok. He's not giving me much to go on here, but I can work with it.

"If I asked you again, would you give me the same answer?"

He's leaning against the kitchen island, his body relaxed, but his eyes are watching me closely as I slowly approach him. "Honey, I just don't think it's a good idea. Your dad's my best friend and if he found out..."

"Forget about Dad. Tom, do you think I'm sexy?" I'm so close now our bodies are nearly touching but he doesn't pull back from me.

Very quietly he says, "Yes, but..."

I don't let him finish. I place my beer bottle on the island before resting my hands on his chest, trying to get a sense of his mood as I rise up slightly on my toes to brush my lips against his. Not sensing any resistance I press my lips harder against his, feeling the warmth of his lips against my own.



"I want you."

He pushes me back then and I feel the sting of rejection. I've pushed him too far now and I'm scared that I might have ruined our relationship but then I feel his arms come back around me to pull me to him again. I realize then that he was just freeing up his hands to slide across my back, my arms slip up to circle his neck.

"Are you sure?"

I manage a soft yes a second before his teeth graze my earlobe. A gasp of surprise escapes my lips and my pussy starts to get warm. We are so close that I can feel his cock slowly hardening in his slacks and I realize that there is no turning back now. Most importantly, I have no desire to. All I care about now is how turned on I am by having my ear licked and sucked.

His day old beard softly scrapes across my skin, his mouth moving lower to the area on my neck just below my ear. I had no idea that the spot was so sensitive and my pussy gets warmer and wetter every second. I hear a loud moan and realize that it's me as his mouth continues to lightly suck and bite along my neck.

I want to kiss him and move away to press my lips to his again, running my tongue over his bottom lip, hearing his moan of approval before I slip my tongue into his mouth. Mmmm, he tastes like hops and I groan when his tongue finds mine. His hand slips into my hair to cradle the back of my head, moving me around to have better access to my more than willing mouth.

His other hand has moved to the back of my thigh as I raise my leg to press it against his hip, wanting to feel him against my pussy.

We're still standing in his kitchen, neither one of us wanting to move. This time I pull back to run my tongue over my lips. He's mumbling something under his breath, his eyes running down my body in approval just before he spins me around to lift me up and onto the island. The cold of the granite shocks me as it touches my bare thighs but my attention quickly turns back to Tom. I concentrate on his warmth as he presses his body between my open legs and the feel of his wet tongue as it slides against my own.

My fingers reach for the buttons on his shirt and quickly work my way down, pausing long enough to pull the tails out of his pants. One of his hands is working its way up my tank top while the other is trying to get inside the waist of my shorts.

He releases me long enough so I can push the shirt off of his powerful shoulders, his t-shirt quickly following. We kiss again as I run my fingers through his chest hair, feeling his muscles flex under my fingers and hearing his muffled groans into my mouth as we kiss again.

"Please, Tom..." I whisper.

"You have to tell me what you want, Ellie."

My mind flashes back to the scene in my bedroom earlier today and I know that I want to feel his tongue in my pussy. "I want you to suck me."

He's pulling my shirt over my head, my bra right behind it as he slides the straps down my arms, quickly unhooking it and freeing my breasts. The air conditioned air immediately making my nipples pucker.

Tom's slowed his pace and seems to be content on just feeling my skin against his for now but I want more. Passion is what I wanted from Chase and now I want it from Tom so I push his head lower. He happily complies and the first touch of his tongue on my nipple has me throwing my head back in pleasure. The first pull from his lips as he sucks me into his mouth has me loudly groaning.

His moans rumble through his chest as he works one pink nipple, then the other. My hands become independent of my body and push him tighter to my breasts so I can feel his whiskers grazing my skin, his teeth gently scraping across my nipples, and his tongue sweeping around my breast to get more of me inside his mouth. At one point I look down and his eyes are closed, his tongue working in his mouth to bring me more and more sensations that I had only felt when I had tweaked my own nipples as I masturbated.

The need to see and feel his cock overwhelms me then and soon all I can think about is what I saw that woman doing to my husband. Yeah, I want Tom's tongue in my pussy but, right now I want his cock more. Tom's hand is hot on my waist pulling me tight to him as his other holds my breast up to his eager mouth. It's like I'm releasing a suction cup from the wall when I gently push his head back from my overworked nipple, a loud "pop" filling my ears.

His eyes are lust-filled when they finally meet mine. I feel like I'm going to snap when he forcefully pulls me back to him for a kiss that leaves me gasping for air at the intensity. I reach my hands down to undo his belt and fly, pulling them down with his underwear as we continue to kiss.

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