tagAnalWhat He Has Missed

What He Has Missed


Dave wasn't sure if breaking up was the right thing to do. Sex with Sara had gotten pretty mundane, and the relationship seemed stale. Sara had been good in bed when they first started dating two years ago- 19 with a tight pussy. Dave had been 26 at the time. Two years later they had broken up. Boredom had set in.

It was a boring Saturday night when Sara called Dave. She told him that they needed to talk. Dave told her to talk but she insisted on talking in person. Dave did not have any plans that night. He told her to come on over.

About an hour later there came a knock on Dave's door. He got up and went to the door. When he opened the door there stood Sara in a tight skirt that was very short. She was wearing a tight top that was cut low. Sara was a good looking girl- from her brunette hair to her tight ass and muscular legs. Sara was looking extremely sexy tonight and Dave could not help but look.

Sara started off by asking Dave if he missed her. Dave told her that he did not miss the fighting but he was not going to lie, he missed the sex. Sara told Dave that she missed the sex too. She stated that she had been getting some but it was not fulfilling. Hell she had just been fucked before coming over. As she sat on the couch she told him that she was planning on getting some dick tonight. Dave noticed, as she sat down and spread her legs just a little, that she was not wearing any panties. Her pussy also appeared to be freshly shaved. Sara knew that Dave liked a bald pussy but she often let hers grow out some. Not tonight. Dave felt a pang of jealousy.

Dave asked Sara what she wanted that was so important that she had to come over obviously before she was about to go get fucked. He was getting pissed that she seemed to be rubbing it in. Sara noticed Dave looking so before answering she adjusted herself so that her skirt rode up further. She then told Dave that she was going to remind him of what he had been missing. She said that her pussy was full of cum and he was going to get sloppy seconds but it would still be better than getting nothing. She said the dick she just had in her was good but good enough and she wanted more. Sara proceeded to tell Dave that the only thing she had gotten from her encounter earlier was a pussy full of cum.

Dave was getting pissed but his dick was getting hard too. Sara told Dave to sit on the couch. He did and she got up and unbuttoned his pants and worked them off. She got his underwear off as well releasing Dave's cock, which was now standing at full attention. Sara proceeded to get down on her knees in front of Dave and took his dick into her mouth. She wasted no time with teasing and immediately began deep throating Dave's cock. Sara was sucking Dave's cock like she never had before. Dave also noticed that as she was sucking him she was playing with herself- no doubt with the ring in her pussy. Dave was getting very close to exploding. He knew Sara never had been one to swallow but he also knew he was about to fill her mouth. Just as he was about to explode he grabbed the back of Sara's head and held her down. Dave then shot his massive load down Sara's throat giving her no choice but to swallow. Surprisingly Sara did not seem to be fighting it, as a matter of fact she seemed to be enjoying it as she started to moan. Dave looked down to see Sara fucking her own hand and she seemed to be cumming.

When they were both finished Sara looked at Dave and told him that the night had just begun. She stripped naked and proceeded to get in Dave's lap, her pierced nipples rubbing up against Dave as he had removed his shirt as well. Sara was grinding her pussy against Dave's soft cock and started whispering in his ear that she wanted his cock in her now. With quickness Dave's cock began to harden and Sara's already cum filled pussy began to get wetter. As Dave hardened, Sara worked his dick so that it slid deep into her. As soon as it did a slight moan escaped her mouth. Sara began riding Dave's cock slowly and began to pick up the pace. As she rode it she reached down with one hand and began tugging at her clit and with her other she began tugging at the ring in her right nipple. She began bouncing harder on Dave's dick and began moaning louder. Before she knew it she was cumming very hard on Dave's cock. After she finished cumming she informed Dave that she wanted to be fucked hard from behind.

Sara got on her hands and knees on the floor and eagerly awaited Dave to fill her back up with his cock. Dave wasted no time getting behind Sara and plunging into her cum soaked pussy. Dave grabbed Sara's hips and fucked her for all he was worth all while she was creaming to be fucked harder and harder. Sara began to lose control of her body and began cumming harder than she had ever cum before. She felt her pussy becoming saturated like it never had before as well. Dave felt Sara's pussy clamping down on his cock like a vice and he knew he could not take much more. Dave felt his balls begin to tighten and he knew that he was going to fill Sara's bald wet pussy with his cum as well. Dave held out for as long as he could as Sara continued to cum hard on his cock. Finally Dave could take no more and he exploded deep within Sara's pussy. Together, they collapsed in a heap, spent on the floor where they fell asleep.

A few hours later Dave woke up to Sara fondling his cock and balls and her telling him that he has one more hole to fill. I want your dick in my asshole. Sara reached down to her pussy and began spreading the wetness to her asshole. She then backed her ass to Dave's cock and he did the rest sliding it in her ass. Dave knew that Sara liked it hard in the ass so that is what he proceeded to do. As he began pumping her ass she reached down and began tugging at her clit moaning. Sara was still full of sexual energy so it did not take much for her to reach climax. As Dave fucked Sara hard in the ass she climaxed multiple times squeezing her asshole tight around Dave's cock. Despite the fact that he had already cum twice, Dave knew he could not take much more. For the third time Dave felt his balls tighten and he knew what was about to happen. Dave and Sara continued to fuck each other hard until finally Dave erupted and filled Sara's asshole with his cum.

Dave knew that he missed the slut in Sara. He was hoping for more of these calls that required face to face conversation instead of a quick talk over the phone.

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