tagBDSMWhat He Wanted

What He Wanted


A wicked grin came to light on those deep crimson lips as Vala's gaze fell upon the male sat in front of her. He was stunning. Strong jaw, masculine features, with a beard that wasn't too long, yet not too short either. She placed herself on his lap, one hand gripping the fabric of his shirt while the other ran through his hair.

"My.. You really are a treat."

She purred, crotch pressed close to his as she began to unbutton his shirt, soft laughter falling from those plump lips as she felt him strain against the ropes that bound his wrists behind his back. She could tell he wanted to touch her, wanted to get a nice firm hold of her ass, but that wasn't how she did things. Not when it came to men.

She began to push at the fabric, letting it slip over broad shoulders as her lips moved down along his jaw, peppering soft kisses over the expanse of skin that was being revealed to her.

He was tan against her pale skin, with nicely refined muscles that were worthy of her leering. To put it plainly, he was nothing short of an Adonis. Which he would have to be in order for her to validate fucking another man. She had high standards, after all, any ordinary guy wasn't really worth it when it came right down to it.

Gloved fingertips slipped down his abdomen, taking in the heat of his body, the hard musculature beneath his skin, and just the overall arousing scent of the man she was sat on. Slowly, she unzipped his pants, allowing her hand to slip into and pull out his half hard cock, stroking over his length with a groan of approval, crimson eyes dipping down as a tongue darted over her lips, hunger obvious on her face. Aside from being gorgeous, he just had to have a nice cock, too. Again, not too big, yet not too small, but definitely above average with a more than adequate girth. She really was going to have fun making him her slut.

"You have such a pretty cock, I can't wait to play with it." Her voice dripped like honey, arousal coating each syllable while her body pushed up flush against his, her grin returning when she felt his cock throb the moment her chest came into contact with his. "What do you think? Should I let you into my pussy and ride you dry, or should I play with your cock until you're dying to have me fuck that tight little arse and ram you until you're crying?"

She laughed when his head fell back, a groan muffling itself around the gag she had placed around his mouth after his wrists had been bound, those deep, almost black eyes rolling into the back of his head as his hips began to rock up against her black latexed thigh, a dribble of precome already staining her.

"Aww, not so quickly, Love. I want to enjoy myself." And with that, she stood up from where she had been seated to stride over to her nightstand, hands idly stroking her latexed body when she felt his eyes on her, only unzipping the very top of her catsuit to expose her cleavage to him as she crawled between his legs, gently slipping the cockring around his growing erection before pulling him into her mouth, lips surrounding the head of his cock, tongue circling and gathering his precome with a lewd little moan before she swallowed him, taking in half the length of his cock, head bobbing while the lower half was left with her fingers stroking over him, a slick coating of saliva covering his length when she pulled away, a pleased little smile colouring her expression before she went right back to sucking on his cock, only this time, she let him slip further down and into her throat, gagging around him when her lips felt the tickle of his pubes against them. She remained there for a few seconds, the sound of her man moaning through her gag and the hips rutting against her mouth only encouraging her to go further.

She stripped further, letting her zipper fall until her breasts were exposed, lifting herself up to slot him in between the two and pressing them together, lightly moving against him as her lips wrapped back around his cock, tongue teasing the slit as he strained against her, his hips bucking in a futile attempt to fuck her tits, the ring around the base of his cock preventing him from reaching his desired orgasm. He groaned in frustration and had it not been for the gag around his mouth she was sure he would be swearing at her for being such a little tease.

She had squatted down, legs parted to show the outline of her cunt, the latex bodysuit leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination. Letting his cock slip from between her now precome soaked tits, her head continued to bob, saliva dribbling down her chin as she deepthroated the male, a newly free hand slipping past her zipper and into her suit, fingers prodding at her soaking wet pussy while she sucked him off, her moans of pleasure sending vibrations down the entire length of his cock, the sensation almost making him jump out of his seat, a cry of frustration finally leaving him when the pressure on his cock became too much for him to handle, his voice straining against the gag, desperately trying to communicate with her about his need for release.

He wasn't ignored. Vala released his cock from her mouth with a lewd pop, left hand stroking over his leaking length while the other continued to finger her pussy.

"Want me to give my good little slut what he wants~?"

She hummed, tongue batting at the tip of his cock just to get another little groan from her slut.

His nod was enough. She stood, hands leaving both bodies to zip herself back up inside her bodysuit before undoing the gag that had kept him quiet.

"Please, fuck me, fuck my little whore ass and make me come until I can't take it anymore. I'll do whatever you want, just fuck my needy little hole until it's gaping."

He always was good with words. That was another thing she enjoyed about him, because on top of being an absolute whore, he had the eloquence to pull it off, and she never really could say no when he spoke so nicely.

"You've prepped?"

A simple question that got a simple answer. He did always like to prep for her, and even now, she was sure he had a nice big plug stretching out his hole so she could fuck him without much prep needed.

She never did like waiting around.

"On your knees."

Spoken with a smile as she disappeared back to her nightstand, retrieving the strapon she had stashed within.

She pulled the toy on with a practised ease, fitting it to her shape to ensure she had the freedom to move.

A hand combed through his hair when she returned, mouth instantly wrapping around the toy to suck her off. He was a good slut, knew that he would have to prep her cock before she even went near his ass, and the show of having her cock sucked did nothing to calm his now throbbing cock, hands having tightened into fists from where they were position behind him. He groaned, letting himself be as sloppy as he saw fit. But his arousal really shone through when she took a tight hold of his hair and began to ruthlessly fuck his mouth with her strapon. His eyes shut tight as the toy was thrust into his mouth, eyes watering from the sting of having it shoved down his throat.

He loved every second of it.

By now his cock was painfully squeezed between the ring, a puddle of precome forming at his feet, all while being more than willing to please Vala's cock with his mouth until she saw fit.

He gasped when she pulled away from him, coughing for air as he was yanked up by his hair, hands instantly going to pull his cheeks apart when they were freed from their bonds, a tremor running through his entire body when he was forced to bend over the end of her bed.

"Be good and show me just how much you want my cock up that slutty little hole~"

He did as she said, immediately clenching his stomach to push the plug from ass, hole twitching lewdly as he gaped, cock straining against his restraints as she spat into his hole, fingers fucking her spit deep into his body before teasing his hole with the tip of her strapon, wasting little time before pushing her toy inside of him, just slow enough so he could feel his hole around every inch of her cock.

Her hand ran up along his spine in an attempt to get him to relax and loosen up so she could ensure that the entirety of her cock was taken in. It was simple enough, and after taking a moment to allow him to adjust to her size, her hips began to move, slowly letting her cock slip from his ass only to get fucked back in, gradually letting her thrusts quicken until she was outright ramming herself into his body, the latex covering her body hitting his ass with a nice wet slap.

She kept her hands on his hips, fucking him back onto her cock, making sure the little bump at the base was pressed up right against his prostate.

His head had buried itself in her sheets, muffling each desperate moan through his attempts to stay on his feet, thighs already beginning to tremble with the effort it took to keep himself upright when each inward thrust of her cock sent jolts of pleasure through his body, fingertips white with the pressure it took for him to keep his cheeks spread while she fucked him.

He broke off with a groan when her hand wrapped around his cock, feet shifting further apart as an obscene amount of precome dripped from his cock and onto the floor, whines of wanton desire flying passed his lips as his back arched, trying to lift his ass higher to have her abuse his spot with each thrust.

"Please, fuck... Please let me come!"

He cried out, desperation obvious in his tone, the hand on his cock wanking him with more than enough power to bring about his orgasm, had it not been for the cockring keeping him on the edge of pleasure, his body refusing to stay still and convulsing back on her cock, shamelessly fucking himself back onto her, hands having left his ass to lift himself up off the sheets in an attempt to show her just how much he enjoyed having her tease his body.

He was on fire, every inch of him seeming to burn with the need for his release, damp strands of sweat-soaked hair sticking to his forehead, tanned skin glistening underneath the warm lights of her bedroom.

"Whatever you want, Cutie."

Her voice ran thick with arousal, hand slowly working the ring from around the cock, the other holding him still to make sure he wouldn't climax without her command, body completely folding over his to mutter in his ear.

"I want you to come after I fuck you five more times... While you count. Got it?"

He nodded in understanding, breath shaking as he tried to refrain himself, fingers gripping at the sheets as she began to fuck him again, each being a slow withdrawal followed by a hard ramming of her cock back inside his ass.

He could have come from the very first thrust, but managed to control himself, panting out "One" before she continued her assault, each thrust of the toy inside of his body resulting in his voice straining to count out loud, the last being screamed as his orgasm took over, body collapsing against the sheets as he convulsed around her, his cum staining the wooden floor beneath his feet.

He had no time to recover as her hand went right back to wanking his overly sensitive length, the toy continuing to abuse his twitching hole over and over again, milking his cock of every drop of cum he could give.

He was screaming, voice hoarse in his throat as his body jumped, trying in vain to escape her grip, altogether resulting in him collapsing into his own puddle of cum, deep brown eyes hazy with pleasure, panting breaths running ragged against his now burning legs, his entire body twitching with each wave of pleasure that ran through him.

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