tagInterracial LoveWhat I Always Wanted

What I Always Wanted


I had worked hard at good grades in school and tried to be the model student that superiors would use me as an example of what "the perfect student" is. I had many friends since I was in pre-K up until the time I graduated in the top 5 of my graduating class at Temple University. I have had a few boyfriends, but nothing was special about any of the guys I dated. I was big into watching old movies on the local cable channel that carried all these timeless treats. I admired some of the "older" actors and when I would consider looking for a man, I would always pick out older. Then I started to enjoy jazz music and found myself enjoying being in the company of black people and finding a lot of the black men to be what I have been searching for without knowing I was.

I was in the field of marketing and advertising and I couldn't have been more lucky but to strike up a conversation at one of the jazz clubs I was at one Friday night with a very attractive and older black man. He had a shaved head, a thin line beard and had a dimple in both of his cheeks. He had the greatest smile I have ever seen. We began talking after the musicians played a very "deep" musical composition that happen to be an original by one of the members. We both applauded the group loudly and boldly and they returned the favor by coming to the bar to talk to us after their set was over and they were on their break. I then found out that his name was Jim, nicked named "Big Jim" and he frequented this club every other Friday night because it was the end of a busy two week schedule at work doing doubles as they were looking to hire someone. I told Jim, who insisted that I call him either BJ or Jim that I was sending out my resumes and looking for a job.

It happen that BJ was looking for someone in the marketing field and I told him that was my major at Temple and I minored in advertising. It was too good to be true I thought and I offered to get a copy of my resume and a few letters of recommendation that I had in the briefcase that was in my car. He told me we could get it before the end of the evening while he began to tell me what the job description was. He was looking for someone to be his junior associate, to sometime attend meetings with him, in place of and travel with him to different clients out of town and out of state when needed. I mentioned that I had no prior experience in the field yet, but did work at various part time jobs while attending high school and on the campus at Temple in the office working with the students that would be attending in the up-coming semesters.

BJ told me that I seem to be a "go getter" and a "people person" and told me that the starting salary was $ 40,000 a year, with a $10,000 increase after six months and then a review and increase according to the job performance after one year. There would be an expense account, a company car, a credit card for traveling for meals and entertainment of clients and potential clients. He said that he would like to meet with me again after taking my resume, during the coming week. I was so excited and I told him I would be happy to do so.

The rest of the evening was great and the music was awesome. I love music and had flirted with the idea of a career in music. I played the piano just like almost every kid my age did on the encouragement of their parents to give their children "culute" and grow up right. I also took up the clarinet in the fourth grade and was in bands while in grade school, in the high school marching and concert bands too. I also joined the band at Temple and we played at all the half time games during football season and did have several concerts during the school year. I still pick it up and play some tunes to relieve stress after a long night of studying or sending out my resume.

The night ended and the group and approached us and gave us free copies of the latest CD and a schedule of their performances and where and also a schedule of the bar that we were at that evening. We thanked then and said we would probably be at a few of their up-coming shows. BJ followed me to my car where I gave him one of the ready made folders I was handing out when I went door to door handing out my paperwork. He was very impressed with my professional presentation and said that I seem to really know what I want to do and would be an asset to him. I thanked him for the compliments and we agreed to meet a week from this Friday in his office about 6:00 pm because he would be away Tuesday through Thursday and Monday he will be in meetings all day with a dinner meeting and Friday would be the only day. He said he would keep in touch during the week and make sure if I would still be interesting in the interview and I told him that would be great.

Jim gave me a hardy handshake and told me that he was looking forward to seeing me again and thanked me for spending a very enjoyable evening with him. I thanked him for granting me an interview and was hopeful that I would be someone he would consider hiring as I was anxious to start working. He said good night as he shook my hand a second time and he held my hand as well. After walking away to his car, I felt a "rush" come over me. My mind drifted briefly as I was thinking of BJ in a sexual way. He was smart, and so good looking too. Being black and older was also playing over and over in my mind.

I had a restless night thinking about how I would do on the interview and was hoping I would be what Jim wanted in his assistant. Then my mind went on to wander about Jim in a sexual way and got lost in it. I imagined him taking me on his desk in his office and my sucking his black cock and the fucking long and hard and having his come all over my face and all over my body. He was a good kisser too and I was getting more wet with every sexual thought I had. Then I snapped into reality as I didn't know if he was a married man or if or when his relationship. I was going to meet him about a job and not trying to get him to fuck me, but I did enjoy the thoughts. Then I thought that a handsome like that had to already be married, in a relationship and would never be interested in me in a sexual way.

That afternoon I was just finishing up the last load of laundry when I heard my cell. It was Jim and he asked me to join him that night for dinner, his treat and I accepted. Maybe I thought that he would be doing a pre-interview or maybe he just wanted to see what I was all about. I'm so full of myself, nah, but I can dream can't I.

Jim came to my apartment and brought me a single rose and handed it to me with a kiss on my cheek. He said that he enjoyed being in my company but was afraid I would turn him down for two reasons; because he was much older than me (he was 54 and I was 22) and that he was black and I am white. I told him that age is only a number and his race didn't bother me at all. He seemed to be surprised and happy at the same time with my response. I wanted to jump him right then and there and I had to contain myself. We had dinner in this great little place a few towns over and he said that he knows the owners and they were one of his clients. He said he was always treated nice and had left his business card one night and the called him almost immediately as they were looking for someone to advertise their place for them and liked the way Jim handled himself.

The food was great and the company was even better. They had a small dance floor which we managed to make our way to and danced a few times. The first time we held hands and the last four, I had my hands wrapped around his neck. Jim stands about 6'4" tall and I am a mere 5'3" tall. He seemed to enjoy dancing with him and I know I enjoyed dancing with him. We had a very nice dessert of one of my favorites, creme' brulee. We talked about the dinner and all the dancing as we drove back to my place.

I started to open the door to my apartment and he was helping me turn the key. Neither one of us had too much to drink so maybe he was just being helpful I thought. We got inside and I offered him another glass of wine or maybe coffee or tea and he said that he didn't want anything else but he did ask me to sit on my loveseat with him. He took my hand and told me that he was reading over my resume and paperwork and he knows that I would be perfect for the position and knows that i will do well and thinks maybe he should just hire me now and skip the formal interview. He said that he would be doing the interviewing anyway and he already knows about me and we have already discussed the position, etc. I was so exited that I turned to thank him and we ended up kissing each other. I wasn't planning on kissing him thanking him for the job but it just happened.

The next thing I knew I was still kissing him and we had our tongues tied and we were in a full blown passionate kiss. My mind was wandering and thinking about what I was daydreaming about and was really enjoying this. His hands started to find the buttons to my blouse and then cup one of my tits and pushed aside the lacy bra cup that covered the over pinching my nipple and making it hard and my pussy start to get wet. I didn't know if I should but I reached for his crotch and I unzipped his fly and pulled out his cock and started to massage and jerk it and it started to get harder and bigger and I was getting so excited. Jim started to pull away from me as he slowly started to take off my clothes and then I took off his.

He took me by the hand and he was looking for my bedroom. I had just changed the bedding this morning never thinking and only daydreaming that Jim would be sharing my bed. He laid me across the bed as he spread my legs and told me I smell like heaven. He asked me if I have ever made love to a black man before and I told him that I never made love to any man before and I was a virgin. I started to get upset and Jim sensed this and told me that we didn't have to do this if I wasn't sure or ready. I didn't need much time to think about it as I told him that I wanted to do it and I wanted him to be my first. He was so gentle with me as it being my first time and that I was so tight and he had an extra large black cock that was ready for fucking.

I can still feel when the head was near my vagina and I was so excited and worried at the same time. He was an older man with probably more experience that I would ever had and I didn't want to disappoint him. He talked softly into my ear and told me not to worry about a thing and that he would take it slow and easy with me as he kissed my neck and the gently squeezed my tits. He eased into me and slowly we started to get more intense and I was getting more relaxed. I begged him to go faster and harder and I could feel myself coming all over his sexy cock. He told me that I was doing great and just keep relaxing. I could feel him getting bigger inside me and then he told me he had to come. I was so afraid that he would come inside me and I would get pregnant but thought that maybe he wouldn't. Neither one of us asked about using protection and then he pulled out and shot his load all over my face and tits and what a load it was. He slowly got off the bed and told me not to move. He was looking for some light and for my bathroom. I heard him running the water and after a few minutes he brought in a wet face cloth and a dry towel as he wanted to clean me up and I told him I wanted to rub his juices into my skin and I started to. He cleaned off his cock and I rubbed in his juices and then he cleaned me off. After we were finished, he laid next to me and put his arms around me and told me that did really well and he enjoyed. I told him that I'm sorry I didn't swallow but then I stopped myself because I was going to tell him that the next time I would see if I could. He asked me to tell him and I didn't want to lie to him so I told him that if there is a next time I would try to swallow it and then I would know if I could. He had a huge smile on his face and kissed my forehead.

Jim told me that he is hoping there will be many more times. He told me that he liked me from the first minute he saw me at the club that night we met and knew he had to get to know me. He didn't know that I needed a job and he said that he was so glad that I was interested in the job and accepted his offer. We discussed in length about keeping our relationship under wraps and no one needs to know. I start my job in a month and he already has a business trip lined up for us. I was starting to feel better about myself because I got a job and I finally have had the chance to be with an older man and the cherry on the sundae was that he was also black. How lucky can a girl get.

Jim and I have now been working together now for 5 years and 3 months, have been married for 3 years now and we are expecting our first child. I do not want to know the sex of our child but Jim does. I told the doctors that he can be told but I want to be surprised to see what gift God has given me. He has already given Jim to me which has been one of the greatest gifts along with his love and for working for the greatest guy ever. I am not given any special favors at the office by Jim and he treats me the same as he treats the others and we go get treated well. After the baby is born, I will be working at home and Jim will be have a temporary assistant until I can return to work full time. He also told me that can always work from home and he and I can still go on our business trips and so can the baby.

Last year we gained 25 new clients, lost 2 because of deaths and have been named number five of the top five marketing and advertising firms in the NY/NJ/CT/PA area. There are talks of us opening up another 2 offices and one is in New Hampshire and the other in Vermont and Jim said that we may take one of the new office and move if I wouldn't mind moving. I have vacationed in New Hampshire and love the area and hope that if we do go, we get the New Hampshire office.

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