tagAnalWhat I Did Last Thursday Night

What I Did Last Thursday Night


My name is Antoinette; this is what I did last Thursday evening. A few words of explanation: I am 25 years old, my husband is over forty years older. We have been married for eight years now. He enjoys watching me have sex with other men; this is how our erotic life has evolved over the last several years, and we both enjoy this very much. We are staying at the moment at a very nice hotel in Manhattan. I love New York City, and have loved wandering through museums and bookstores while Karl is away at his meetings and conferences. Thursday afternoon I was sitting in my bedroom, making myself up, when the phone rang. I was on my way out to see Van Gogh's "Starry Night", but those plans were cancelled... my husband was bringing a guest back to our hotel room with him. My heart raced as I washed my hair (for I was to change my look); what did Karl have planned for me?

I arranged my hair into a tight lacquered bun; my husband prefers my hair to look wet and severe. I dressed slowly, waiting for my his return. It was theatre night, and I was dressing as ordered: black leather corset, cinched tight to 18 inches, black fishnet stockings and black stiletto heels. I was to wear no panties. I finished by slipping into a tight black silk dress, very high on my thighs.

I poured my self a cognac from the decanter on the sideboard, and opened the french doors to the balcony. Central Park was busy with activity below me, and I leaned over the rail and watched the traffic slip down Fifth Avenue. I sipped the cognac; it warmed my throat and then my tummy... I felt constricted and awkward in my corset. It began to rain and I returned to inside; just as I closed the doors I heard voices in the entryway. My heart began to beat more quickly!

Karl entered and put his briefcase on an end table. A tall muscular man was with him; his skin was pitch black.

"You've had a drink! Then I will have one too." The men turned their backs to me, and the black man shook his head no and laughed. "Fine," said Karl, and they turned towards me.

"Joseph," he said, "this is Toni." He gestured toward me and sat down in a leather recliner. "Have a seat there, on the sofa."

Karl took a sip of his cognac. "You," he said, looking at me, "stand before him."

I awkwardly stood before the man, my hands clasped together in front of me. His chest and arms were broad and muscular; he was completely bald, with a pleasant expression on his face. He looked at my eyes, then let his gaze wander down my body until he studied my shoes for a few moments.

"May I?" He held out a large hand, pointed toward my calf. I raised a foot, tentatively. "Yes! Here..." I raised my shoe, and placed the stiletto heel in his hand. He held it for a moment and then placed it gently on the floor.

"Very nice, sir," he remarked to Karl.

"Take off your dress," ordered Karl. I slipped my shoulders free, and let the silk fall to the floor with a whisper. The black man sat back, and made a rumbling sound deep in his chest.

"Now. Sit down. On the table." Karl placed the empty cognac crystal on the end table. "Joseph. Stand, please, and take your clothes off."

"All of them, sir?" Joseph had a musical west African accent. I sat down on the coffee table in front of Joseph. He stood, and in a few moments was naked before me. His body was magnificent; pitch black, muscular and lean. And in front of my eyes was his penis; long, dangling down his thigh, uncircumsized.

"Toni." Karl's voice was lower now; I knew he was excited. "Service him."

I paused for a moment, and watched Joseph's cock move slightly in front of me; it was getting longer. He moved forward just a bit, and I took him in my hand, gently. I leaned forward and licked his testicles, taking them into my mouth for a moment.

"May I get on my knees?" I asked, looking down at the floor. Karl gave his assent. I dropped stiffly to my knees, my corset squeezing me. This penis, like the rest of Joseph, was completely smooth and hairless. I ran my lips along his shaft, then the tip of my tongue. I could feel it growing against my cheek. Then abruptly I put the tip to my lips, opened them slightly, and slid the length of the penis over my tongue stud and into my mouth. Joseph rewarded me with a slight moan. His cock stiffened in my mouth, and when I slid it out he was fully erect: perhaps 11 inches long. I straightened my self and began to suck his cock, moving it in and out along my tongue, then faster. I moved my hands to his muscular buttocks.

After a few minutes I could feel Joseph's ass begin to clench and suddenly he began to come in my mouth. I swallowed once, then felt his hot white sperm shooting into my mouth over and over again. He was breathing rapidly.

"Toni," Karl whispered, from somewhere in the room. "Stand, and share your reward with him..." I did so, throwing my arms around Joseph's neck and sliding my tongue into his mouth. His sperm was warm, and slightly sweet. Our tongues slid together for a few minutes, and I swallowed again. My breasts pressed against his chest and his hands moved to my ass, gripping my cheeks and pulling my up and towards him. I gasped, and our lips parted. I could hear my husband get out of his chair.

Quickly, Karl said, "Now, Toni, on your knees...no, on the table!" I turned, and climbed onto the table, while Karl kneeled in front of me. I pressed my cheek to the hard wood and parted my knees, arching my back as much as I could. Abruptly I felt a hand smack my ass, then again, hard. I gasped, the corset squeezing my ribs and belly. After a pause I felt Joseph's hands grip my ass roughly, spreading the cheeks wide apart. My anus felt a distinct pressure and there was a sharp intake of breath as I felt that long cock begin to enter my ass. Slowly the entire length slid into me; I squeezed my eyes shut, savoring the familiar sharp pain. Karl's hand held my head against the wooden table, on top of my wrists.

As the long black cock began to slide in and out of me, faster and faster, I felt my pussy dampening and opening slightly. I came once, then again, as I listened to the savage grunting behind me. My hips were pushed and pulled quickly...then Joseph gasped loudly, and he stopped, pushing his enormous cock all the way into my ass. I bit my lip hard and came again, my legs beginning to tremble.

That was the end. We had drinks afterwards and talked; Joseph works at Columbia University; he is from Nigeria. We talked, and laughed, and then he left. I took a long bath and went to bed early that night.

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