tagAnalWhat I Did On My Christmas Holidays

What I Did On My Christmas Holidays


This story is true as related to me by my wife. Obviously I have enhanced the language.

One of Charlot’s more recent adventures occurred in the 1999 New year period. We were staying at our Jim’s place in North West Victoria. This particular Saturday morning Jim’s wife, Mary, went into town to do some shopping. “I’ll be back for lunch,” she said and left, taking her son with her.

Jim said he had an errand to run out at the airport. He hopped on his motorbike and was gone.

This left us alone with our daughter, so we all went out to the pool and lazed in the sun.

I had been trying while we were there to create a situation where Jim and Charlot could get together, with or without me, but just couldn’t arrange it. I said as much to Charlot and she just smiled back and told me not to worry. If things were meant to happen, they would.

Some time later, Jim returned from his errand and it was then that I decided to move things on a bit. There was still some time before Mary was expected to return so I suggested that he take my wife for a ride on his bike.

I was not sure whether he got my drift. It was not as though he hadn’t fucked her before. Anyway, Charlot got her bike gear on and they were soon on their way, leaving me to care for our daughter. I wasn’t all that disappointed as I enjoyed the anticipation of her story when she returned.

They were gone about twenty minutes when Mary returned. She asked where her husband and my wife were. I told her that he had to run an errand out to the airport and that Charlot had gone with him. She didn’t seem concerned but I hoped they would not be too long.

About thirty or forty minutes later I heard the familiar roar of the motorbike and looked up to see the adulterous couple returning. I was as hard as a rock as my wife took off her helmet, her cheeks flushed. I kissed her but could not taste any semen. I could smell a fresh, deodorant scent and wondered about this. I looked into her eyes. “Well” I asked?

“Tonight” was all she replied.

I was erect all day and couldn’t wait to get her into bed. Once there she told me what had happened.

He had taken her to his workplace. Jim worked for the rural water authority, at a one man filtration plant. As it was Saturday, Jim was not working and the place was deserted. As she walked up the stairs into the building Charlot felt his hand running up the inside of her shorts, to her pussy. Once inside she turned around and kissed him, sucking his tongue into her mouth.

One hand massaged her breast whilst the other caressed her arse. Meanwhile, Charlot was rubbing his ever increasing hard-on. She undid his jeans, releasing his cock from his jocks and masturbated him.

He withdrew his tongue from her throat and removed her T-shirt. He fondled her breasts, sizing them with his hands, before pulling down her bra straps and releasing her 34B tits from their silky prison. All the while Charlot was smearing pre-come over his uncircumcised cock.

He grasped her tits in both hands then began sucking and biting one nipple and squeezing the other, rolling it between thumb and forefinger. Charlot likes her nipples bitten and squeezed hard, the harder the better. Soon she felt a familiar tingling in her pussy and started moaning. She released his cock and undid her shorts, thrusting her hand into her dripping snatch. She cried out loudly as the combination of pain from her nipples and pleasure from her clit soon brought her to her first orgasm.

She removed her hand from her snatch and put her finger into his mouth, which had just released her sore and thDickbing nipple, allowing him to taste her juices.

Charlot took off her shorts and panties then knelt in front of his cock, naked but for her bra that had been pulled down to her waist. She removed his jeans and jocks and grasped the base of his cock with one hand, running it up to the head. A large drop of pre-come formed and she lapped it with her tongue, she groaned and engulfed its entire length into her mouth. He put his hands behind her head and started thrusting. As he was not over-endowed she could handle his cock without gagging.

Her other hand was between her legs, first one finger, then another. Soon she shivered slightly as she had another orgasm, less intense this time. Removing her mouth from his cock she kissed him hard on the lips, allowing him to taste himself. She wondered what her husband would think if he could see her now.

My loving wife now desperately needed to satisfy her carnal desires with my good friend. She sat on his desk, spreading her legs wide apart, and started playing with her clit as Jim stood back, beating himself off. Charlot liked the thought of being naked in full daylight, putting on a lewd show for another man. She closed her eyes, imagining Mary, tied up and humiliated, helplessly watching her marriage being defiled by her husband pouring his love into the cunt of this whore pretending to be her friend.

My wife’s carnal desires had brought her to the verge of another orgasm when she felt the rough texture of Jim’s face between her legs and his tongue in her gash. She grabbed her legs behind her knees, pulling them up to her shoulder blades as she lay on the end of the desk. His tongue worked her clit, licking, sucking and biting. It was too much, her pussy bucked and thrust hard into his face. She moaned louder and louder, then she came with such intensity that she knocked his face from her cunt, sending him to the floor. As wave after wave of orgasm ebbed from her body, Jim recovered himself and, grabbing her hips, rammed his cock into Charlot’s dripping wet cunt. She wrapped her legs around his thighs and grasped the edge of the desk for support. Charlot could feel him building to an orgasm but she had other ideas. “Fuck me in my arse”, she demanded. “Like a dog”.

Jim withdrew his cock from her and turned her on to her stomach. With her feet on the floor she bent submissively over the desk, eagerly anticipating the painful thrust that would embed him in her anal cavity. He dipped his cock into her cunt for lubrication then pressed its head against her expectant shit hole. Charlot caught her breath as the head slowly disappeared, her face blushing brightly. Suddenly, he rammed his cock up her arse its full length. Charlot cried out as she experienced that strange combination of pleasure and pain that accompanies anal sex.

He began pumping and grinding his cock into her hungry arse. She matched his rhythm with her deep, guttural groaning. She felt one hand on her shoulder while his other hand reached between her body and the desk, feeling for her breast. All the while he pumped her arse harder and faster. His hand suddenly left her breast and he grabbed her by the hair, pulling her head back to him. His thrusting became a solid jerking motion as he let out a moan and began coming deep into her aching arsehole. She tightened her sphincter to keep him inside as he defiled her. God, she felt like a slut. Then she came, this time from deep within her, with an orgasm she could only achieve while being sodomised.

My wife lay there, panting, her sphincter still gripping Jim’s now softening cock. She reluctantly released him and he slowly withdrew. She felt his hands on the cheeks of her arse, then his tongue trying to replicate the exploits of his cock. She turned over and sat up. They smiled, relishing the shame and degradation they had visited upon each other.

Charlot left the desk and sank to her knees, taking the now limp cock into her mouth. She licked and sucked, squeezing the last drop of semen onto her tongue. She stood and kissed him, shoving her tongue into his mouth, letting him taste the mixture of his come and her anal juices.

As she broke the kiss he said, “Fuck, you’re good.”

“I know,” she replied. “I can’t help it. I just love fucking”.

Suddenly aware of the time, they showered quickly, briefly exploring each other's body as Charlot’s anal muscles reluctantly expelled the evidence of her adultery that she had worked so hard to obtain.

When they returned, Charlot looked at Mary, taking perverse delight in knowing what she had just done to her husband.

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