tagAnalWhat I Did Tonight

What I Did Tonight


Hi, I’m Kalilah. Everyone calls me K. Right now I’m waiting for my boyfriend and after he leaves, I can tell you exactly what happened. But right now, I’m going to go get dressed.


He just left and I feel like a sex goddess. I ended up doing way more than I planned but let me start at the beginning.

He pulled up in the driveway and I met him at the gate. We hugged and came in the house. No talking, just straight to the room. Normally, I would mind but he’d been out of town and then I had a visit from mother nature, so straight and to the point was exactly what we both wanted.

I kicked the door closed and walked up behind him. I gave him one soft squeeze and began helping him take off his shirt. As he lifted it over his head, I circled him and undid his pants. His dick was always hard and tonight was no exception. Feeling sorry for the man with one eye, I leaned in and gave him a nice hard suck on the head. My honey groaned and pulled me up to remove my shirt.

I let him take off my shirt but when he reached for the clasp to my bra, I stopped him. I was doing this my way. I pushed him back so that he fell on the bed and removed his shoes and pants. Even though I know it tickled, I ran my nails up the insides of his legs to his balls. I moved up so my hands and my face were in the same vicinity. Lowering my head, I sucked each of his balls in turn. From there, I licked all the way up to the head and without touching the sides with my mouth, opened wide and deep-throated him. He gasped like he always does and pushing deeper towards the confines of my throat. I smiled in my mind because smiling around his dick just wasn’t going to happen.

I backed off slightly and began to give him a slow, mind blowing, pussy-wetting blowjob. After about five minutes, I pulled his slippery dick out of my mouth. I helped him to his feet and got on my feet froggy-style in front of him. I grabbed his hands and put them in my hair so he could fuck my mouth. We both enjoyed it immensely and I, once again, began wishing I had no teeth. As he fucked my throat there was nothing I could do but moan and hum around the base of my dick, but I couldn’t let it end like this. On the next long inward stroke, I closed my throat around his dickhead and began to swallow. He immediately relaxed and I opened my throat and retreated.

WHY? You could hear the question in the air. I shook my head and gestured for him to lay back down. I removed my own clothes and jumped on top of his dick. His dick slid right in, straight to the hilt. He moaned with me; it felt so good. I began to slowly stroke up and down on his dick. He reached up and grabbed my hips, helping me grind down on the dick. After a few seconds, I came. It took about 45 seconds, and now because of the wetness, we get the slapping sound. I came two more times. Hard. My cum was leaking down his dick and was making his balls slippery. With every drop of cum, my pussy got wetter.

I groaned and slid off his dick. I turned doggystyle and shook my ass at him. He laughed, stepped forward and gave me a pussy full. I accepted gratefully and began to shove my ass back against his dick. Between his thrusting and me fucking back, we hit my cervix more than a few times and everytime we did I came. BY now, I was cumming from the depths of my loins. It was cumming out thick and white but was still running down his dick and sliding off his balls. He pushed me forward to stop me from thrusting and took a good long look at his dick. What wasn’t buried in pussy was covered in cum.

He began shoving slowly back and forth into my pussy going to different depths, trying to see what got him the most cum. But he knew and after a few minutes he gave in and did it right. Clutching my hips, he put all 200lbs. of himself into his thrust. Over and over again he banged the bottom of my pussy, making me scream with each push. Just like always, at about the fifth thrust, my pussy began to gush. Like piss from the vagina. I flowed all over his dick and still he fucked. Pushing into me as hard as he could, forcing my pussy to continue flooding. After my stream ran for more than a minute, he pulled back.

He wanted to cum in my mouth, but I had a better idea. I had tried before to let him in my ass but I had always pussied out. Not tonight though. I pushed him back so he was sitting in my wet spot and sat reverse cowgirl on him. I pushed him in slowly to about five inches, the farthest we had ever gone. I took a deep breath and lifted myself to the head. Exhaling, I shoved my asshole down over his dick. I screamed, he moaned and grabbed my hips, and we were in. I never felt anything like it in my life. Amazing, incredible, painful. Painful. But after a few minutes, it started to feel a little better and I was able to move slowly up and down on his dick.

At some point during my first fifty strokes, he moved his hand to my pearl tongue, an began to massage. He whispered thank you to me and I grunted and continued to stroke. With a lot of slow fucking and determination, it was beginning to feel good to me. My pussy was starting to drip again and my asshole was loosening up. Slowly, I pulled him over onto his side, doing my best to keep him buried inside. This achieved, we continued on until I was flat on my stomach. I accidentally gave him the go ahead before I was ready and he began to fuck my ass. There were no slow strokes like what I had been doing myself a few minutes before. This was a man trying to nut.

He pulled me up on my knees an d put his hand back on my clit. I was in heaven by the time he started fucking me hard enough for his balls to slap against my slippery pussy. Between his balls hitting my pussy, his dick many inches deep in my ass and his fingers flying across my pearl tongue, I knew neither of us would last much longer.

He rubbed my clit faster and tore into my ass like a man possessed. Letting out a mighty howl, he shoved as deeply as he could into my ass and began pumping a thick load of cum into my bowels. With his first spasm came another of my bed wetting orgasms. My clit pulsated against his hand and my ass worked to suck all the cum from his balls. We disentangled without a word and I sat quietly while he cleaned up. He told me he loved me and left; I cleaned up and came to tell you of my adventure.

I wonder what will happen tomorrow.

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