tagFetishWhat I Do For My Wife Ch. 04

What I Do For My Wife Ch. 04


** Warning: this story contains explicit bisexual and sexually submissive content between consenting adults. If it turns you off please do not continue, but if it does - do enjoy! ***

I do as I am asked. I slowly undress for them, and hand them my clothes. My heart races as I do it, it makes me so horny.

"Turn around and lean against the window, please."

I follow their orders, and I feel very exposed as I raise my hands and carefully place them with my arms stretched out, high up on the large thick glass of the window. My cock is at full mast, and I am enjoying it.

The atmosphere and sounds of an airport is special. Weary, lonesome businessmen mingle with holiday excited couples and families. Stewardesses, stewards and pilots in elegant uniforms busily make their way to their plane, or they leave it relaxed and merrily laughing. The sounds of jet engines fired up interrupt the commerce and the quiet business lounge. And that is where I am now. Behind a locked door in one of the impeccable but small private meeting rooms they have. The airport is new b furniture is modern and simple, a desk, six chairs, a telephone, and a pop art piece on one of the walls. Opposite the door, and along one side, there is a large window, not reaching all the way down to the floor, but quite far. The view is not directly of the airport, but of a small court yard with grass and some flowers, on one side open to the airport itself, and on the other three surrounded by offices. The warm light of the setting sun, gives it all a beautiful reddish color. In some of the offices I see people at work, but many seems to have already left.

"Now kneel down, please."

I turn around and kneel down on the warm parquet floor. I lick my lips in anticipation of what I know is about to happen. He approaches me slowly, smilingly.

I hardly know his name, but he is very handsome, with a strong manly face. He is about my height -- some 180 cm -- and like me with dark brown hair and eyes. He seems to be in very good shape too. He is still fully clothed. He wears a white shirt, a red tie and a dark expensive Italian suit. He has a pair of loosely fitting cotton pants, but after opening his fly, unbuttoning his pants he told me to just watch, He opens his pants wide, but leaves the belt so his pants don't drop down as he brings out his cock and lift out his balls for me.


I lift my hand and gently take hold of him. His skin is smooth and slightly tanned. He is very excited and hard. His erection is big, straight and impressive. He is long and thick and wonderfully warm. His balls hang full and heavy below his proud cock. I very slowly caress him, and he sighs with pleasure.

"Yes, that's it."

The head of his cock is slightly purple, and he twitches with excitement as I slowly masturbate for him. He has shaven his balls and they hang big and full below his throbbing manhood. I lean forward as he thrusts his hips forward, and I caress my face with his cock. He smells good of aftershave.

"Lick it, please."

I look up at him, as I lean in, and slowly lick along his shaft, from the base to the top. I leave a wet trail of saliva, and when I reach the tip I kiss it, long and wet. Then I restart.

The sound of the many people chatting and laughing just outside makes me even hornier. I caress myself with my free hand, as I lean in under him, and start to lick his shaven balls. I make them all wet, as I suck on them one after the other and slowly lick my way around them. When I am done I kiss my way back up to the tip of it.

"Yes, that's it -- worship that big cock of his!"

I let my tongue swirl around the swollen head, and look up at him. He stands with his eyes closed, holding on to the wall with one hand. He grabs my hair and pulls my head back a little. He pants heavily, and I can see that he almost came for me. My heart races at the thought.

The room is softly lit, and outside the sky is just clearing up after a warm summer rain shower. A beautiful rainbow lights up the grey clouds, and another airplane takes-off. We still have20 minutes of our booked time of the private meeting room in the business class lounge at the airport we are at. I need to speed up a little if we are not to miss out on anything.

I grab him a little harder and pump him a few times with determined strokes.

"Shall I suck you now, or how do you want to come?" I ask him.

He opens his eyes and looks down at me with a warm smile.

"Are you enjoying this?"

"Yes," I answer.

"Good because this will not be your last time. You do this very well"

"Thank you."

He slowly pulls me towards him by my hair. I open my mouth, and slowly let him enter. He stops just as I have his whole head in my mouth and I avoid sucking on him, as I feel how close he is to coming already. He breathes heavily.

"I want to see you swallow him all the way down before he comes."

My wife Christine is sitting right next to me. Her faced is flushed by the arousal of the little game she has arranged for us. Her brown beautiful hair is a bit of a whirlwind, and she has spread her legs wide, and is slowly caressing herself. She looks extremely sexy in her dark black pants and red tight top, and red high heeled shoes. It had been her idea that we go for a writing work-shop over the week-end. My wife loves to write, and manages to get some articles published here and there. She now had researched the many offerings and had been in contact with a range of providers, resorts and writing teachers over the past few weeks. Then, one day she announced that she had found the perfect one for us, and that she had booked a week-end with a very good and attractive writer.

I relax my throat as he slowly starts fucking my mouth. He slowly moves his hips back and forth, and with each forward thrust he pushes himself a bit further down my throat. I am enjoying it I must confess myself.

"Oh, yes look at you."

Soon enough, I have taken him all in. We hold still for a short while, as my nostrils are tickled by the small patch of hair at the base. Then he pulls out again, and I gasp for air. I look smilingly up at him, and then at my wife. She knows I would do anything to please her, and she is clearly pleased now.

She winks at me, as John says,

"Now, please suck me slowly until I come."

I lick my lips, and start to suck him. Distantly I hear a large aircraft take off, and a business man is talking on the phone at the other side of the door it seems. It makes me leak even more of precum.

After my wife told me that she had made this week-end booking, we made love more often than normal. We had always had good sex, but now it became increasingly steamy. She talked during our love making more and more about her sexual fantasies. She knew already that I had a slightly submissive side, and was very oral, and sexually open minded, but she really surprised me when she asked one day after a particularly hot session in the shower:

"I would love to watch you have sex with another man. Would you do that for me?"

It had taken me a few minutes to take un what she was asking, but I dearly love my wife, and in fact the idea made me quite excited too.

"Anything for you, my love," I replied.

And here we were, on our way with a writer of erotic fiction to a luxurious beach resort. The hotel promised to be a luxurious oasis and the beach white and fresh and welcoming.

John, was about to come. I felt it. I was wondering if he came a lot. I masturbated quickly myself now.

In the weeks leading up the week-end, Christine made plans and preparations together with the course organizer, a man called Tom. They exchanged lots of emails, and every now and again I got a copy. It made me more and more nervous but also more and more turned on. They planned out the short week-end quite in detail, with the meals, the writing time, as well as the 'fun time'.

"No worries Tom, my husband will be quite ready to please ... and will work diligently to deliver," she once wrote, and I felt a shiver of arousal run down my spine as I read it. I knew my wife wanted this badly, and that she was planning a week-end of all out fun and sexual joy.

"Mmmmm," I moan as I suck on the big erection in my mouth and stroke myself faster and faster.

I look up at Tom, who is standing right behind John, watching me over his shoulder.

"Hurry up man, otherwise I won't make it before boarding!"

"You guys make me absolutely soaking wet. Suck him good my lovely cock sucker."

She leans forward and kisses my chin, running her hand though my hair. Just then I feel John explode in my mouth. He shoots a big load. I savor the silky, slightly salty taste before swallowing it down. He comes again, and I swallow and swallow, sucking and milking him.

"Mmmm, lovely," Christine whispers in my ear.

"This will be such an erotic week-end, and it has hardly started."

John quickly pulls out, and zips up his pants.

"Thank you. That was great, but we need to hurry up so we don't miss our plane!"

I scramble to get my clothes back on, as Tom, John and Christine help me, they run their hands across my and Christine's bodies and laugh. Just as we leave the little meeting room and proceed through the business lounge, where no one seems to notice, Tom comes up close to me from behind. He stops me shortly and leans over my shoulder to whisper in my ear;

"I am so hot man from watching you suck John. Your wife said you could do me while we fly -- in the toilet -- would you?"

I had been walking around with a constant hard-on for weeks. Now I had just sucked off a man and swallowed his cum, in the executive lounge of a busy airport. I couldn't believe my wife had set me up for all of this. I hadn't cum yet myself but I really felt the urge now. Tom's question rang in my ears as we boarded, and my heart throbbed, as I leaned over in my seat and answered him in a low voice:

"It would be my pleasure."

I sat in the middle seat between Christine and Tom. John was at the other side of the aisle. Christine leaned over, and placed her hand gently on the bulge in my pants.

"Thank you dear. This is such a turn-on, and I am glad you are enjoying it too. They are so handsome, and I can't wait until we arrive ... but ...dear -- please do enjoy the flight too!"

I turn and look lovingly at her. Her beautiful face shines smilingly back at me.

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