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What I Don't Understand


There are a lot of things about this site that I'll never understand, but I have found that most of them center on the readers...

For instance, there seem to be a lot of readers that go around reading stories that they know they won't like and then leaving degrading remarks on the stories. They're too cowardly to leave a name, but for some reason they think that their remarks should get respect... even when a person does leave a username, you often travel to their bio to find out that they haven't written anything either. If you can't even write your own stories, why are you going to go through and pick out flaws in fantasies? Try it yourself and see how much you like it.

Also, reading a story in a category that you know you don't like just seems like a waste of time to me. I've gotten so many comments like, "You sick person, how can you even imagine having a wife and husband enjoying having sex with other people?" Um... it's in the Loving Wives category. That's kinda the criteria... and why on earth are you reading a story about Loving Wives if you think it's sick that people would do that? Now, I can understand the honest mistake that the Loving Wives category is about women who love their husbands dearly... when I first came to the site that's what I thought. However, the error is pretty obvious right away, and then if you don't like the stories then don't read them!

The same goes for Interracial stories... I've actually gotten INCREDIBLY racist comments about how I'm destroying my race by writing these Interracial stories. Well, for those interested, I'm an abomination cuz I'm already half-white and half-Asian. Granted, I don't have any black in me (and that's what seems to really incense these racist readers), but I'm definitely not "pure". I understand that you're racist and don't like to read about different races having sex because you think that humans are somehow different because of skin color... again, the smart thing to do would be to NOT READ THIS CATEGORY. Sometimes I think that this "pureness" thing must mean that there's a lot of inbreeding going on or something because the people who leave comments like that seem to be remarkably stupid.

And for whatever reason, every single one of these people thinks that I'm going to heed their opinions... ummm, no? My stories, I'm writing them... if you want something different then YOU write them! What a novel idea!

Another thing I don't understand... the generalizations. I had someone leave a comment about how all the stories that they've read by me have involved the girl getting degraded, etc. And then they said that they'd read a "few" of my stories... how many is a few and in what categories? Yeah, I have a large portion of stories like that, it's true... they're mostly in the NonConsent, Group Sex and BDSM categories. However, if you try out categories like Erotic Couplings and Romance... I think you'll find that those stories are more to your taste. Doesn't that make sense???

I really and truly don't understand how people's minds work with this... I always thought I was pretty good at getting inside people's heads, but how is any of this logical? The only thing that I can think of is that they actually get secret pleasure out of these "disgusting" stories and then feel guilty so take it out on the authors. And no, I'm not just speaking of me, the Author's Hangout bulletin board is full of complaining about stupid anonymous readers who make cruel comments and are complete jerks.

My absolute favorite though is when I'm accused of either being an egotistical abusive male or a sick gay man who needs help.

Does ANYONE bother to check that I'm a woman? Apparently not the stupid ones.

I have to admit, I'm also not always sure why people like my stories... some of the ones that I've liked the most have been the lowest rated, and some that I was unsure I even wanted to post because I wasn't sure if it was good were the highest. However, I have found that I understand something, and that is that positive feedback makes me incredibly motivated to write more... even if I can't write back to everyone that writes to me.

I have also found that it is quite possible to blush over a comment or an email... and also to be made incredibly uncomfortable.

Writing erotic stories is very hard, and I wonder that many people even continue to do so with all the assholes that read. I can only conclude that they, like me, have been blessed enough to receive feedback from people who love their work and that they continue to write for these people and despite the negativity that others try to push on them. Why people think that degrading others in comments is less offensive then a fantasy where someone is degraded is beyond me...

So says the abomination who happens to like writing degrading stories (and occasionally romances). Can I get a hell yeah?

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by Anonymous05/17/17

Want an amateur psychologists' opinion?

Ok here goes. I reckon some of those who read a story in a category that has been clearly flagged and then post comments describing the author as sick, depraved or worse are really struggling with themore...

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