tagInterracial LoveWhat I Learned in College Ch. 01.1

What I Learned in College Ch. 01.1


This all started as talks with my wife about my sex drive vs. hers. She holds the viewpoint that I am somewhat overly focused on sex at our age, which is for us, early our 50s. We have had many discussions and comparing of experiences. What it all actually accomplished is yet to be seen.

Ch. 1.1- Lenore and the Revenge Fuck

I was so glad to go to college! I went from high school band nerd to fairly cool college freshmen in about 3 weeks after going to college. That how long it took for me figure out what the fuck was going on. Having turned 18 early in my Senior Year, I was 19, 6-4, 220 lbs. and sporting a full beard that was grown to piss my Mom off that summer.

At the second Sand Bar Party of the fall I had given a ride to a girl buddy I knew from high school and couple that we both knew. My buddy Lenore was a hot girl by anyone's description, being 5-8, with curly black hair cut short, athletically built with long legs, a tight bum and what I remember as 36 C-ish tits. Do to our many years together in band during sweaty"out door rehearsals, I also knew she had silver dollar size puffy nipples with hard little nubs.

Why was she with me? I was long established as safe and she had a boyfriend at another school, Morehouse College to be exact! To say she was the hottest Black girl at our High School would not have been fair...she was damn near the only black girl in that High School.

This all would have been fine if we hadn't both gotten turned on by the "fireside cuddling" of the other actual couples we saw late in the party. It wasn't exactly a like porn show but we were both surprised that we were able to see as much as we did that night. And I was surprised to have Lenore on my lap kissing and fondling with me.

We didn't fuck, but we did enough that we both got off and enough that Lenore knew where this would go if we hooked up again. I got to hear a phrase that I would hear again from different potential lovers:

"Mal, ...we can't do this again."

You can fill in the list of reasons: boyfriend, inter-racial dating in the south in the early 80's, not ruining a friendship, etc. To hell with all that, I wanted to fuck her so bad. And little did Lenore know that seeing her with me sparked interest in me form a young woman whom I would come to think off as the best lover I have ever had. But that's another story...

I saw Lenore almost every day after our "session" and we kept out shit together and remained friends even though she figured out that I was changing from "safe" to a way more experienced young man that she had previously known.

Lenore and I took meals together from time to time. I gave her rides to shop and generally maintained my buddy status. She even rode home for the weekend with me a few times when her Dad, "The Colonel" was tied up. Having to thank me chapped his ass greatly.

I think it was the turning down of the offer gas money that really pissed him off.

It was a momentary fantasy of mine to have said, " That's okay...your daughter gives great head." just so I could see his reaction! It was best kept a Fantasy.

Nothing else unusual happened between Lenore and me for most of that fall. She was quite aware that I had a thing going with Rhonda. In fact, Lenore had teased me frequently about Rhonda.

"I see you had to get a girl you could handle. What's a matter, "chocolate" was to much for you?" she asked with a teasing grin.

Even though we had been friends since about 4th grade, she got no quarter from me:

"I didn't get a taste of "chocolate". All you did was get a taste of some "cream" from me."

She gave me the "stink eye" saying, "Really! You talk that shit to me. Fuck you, Mal!"

"You're such a tease. You had a chance to fuck me and blew it."

It was all bullshit and bustin' on each other. WE knew where we were with each other, which was pretending that we didn't get each other of after a party, or so I thought until the weekend before Thanksgiving.

Campus was fairly shut down already. I didn't want to spend extra time at home, but that was my story, that and a theory teacher with a mean steak. This Prof. had announced a test on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving to an audible group groan. What a bitch. Weather and travel time meant that many students would have disappeared for the whole week.

Lenore caught me after Friday's band rehearsal and ask my plans for the weekend.

I told her I was at school until after the music theory test the next Tuesday. She had tests the next Monday and Tuesday as well. When I ask if she had a lot of Studying to do her unusually terse (for her anyway) answer was, "Oh, Hell No...at this school?"

I laughed hard, as I felt exactly the same way.

Then I got the question from Lenore. "Is Rhonda Big Titties gonna be keeping you busy this weekend?"

I answered, "Put ya claws in... bitch kitty."

"I know she worries about me after what she saw us doing." This was Lenore's way of giving me more bullshit.

"She doesn't worry on you at all, Miss Thing." I teased back.

I saw Lenore's face change from confident to a flash of a little pained as she answered," I guess I'll have to tell her your in play..."

"Good luck with that..." I said as I started to walk off...

"Malcolm...wait." she said, "I'll stop...I was being a bitch...sorry..."

Dismissing any idea of offense, I offered, "You can bust my balls anytime, hon...you know that...you have too much shit on me for me to act uppity with you..."

Sometime being sincere and open is harder on others that keeping things light.

I got to see Lenore have another stray thought of whatever was troubling her. It should have been a clue, but I'm dense that way.

Again she recovered by offering, "Diner and a movie on me... you drive...?"

"Now...?" I asked.

"Pick me up at my dorm in an hour.", having played me and reeled me in, she left.

I was stunned, but not as stunned as I would be later.

About an hour later, I called up to her room from the main lobby and within just a few minutes Lenore appeared in tan slacks, medium heeled "fuck me" pumps which made her at least 5"-11' and an low cut wrap-around multi-colored blouse that show quite a bit of her full "C" cup 36 inch bust.

We were quite a pair with me in cowboy boots, jeans and a golf shirt and her all dolled up...I felt very under-dressed to her. Which made me comment, "Damn, you look great Lenore. You should have told me."

She interrupted, "...not to dress like a red neck...no such luck with you."

What a crazy evening. After dressing up like that she insisted on going to a

Barbecue joint. It was a really good one though. I was I could say the entire evening was memorable, but it was the usual eating, laughing, etc.

I couldn't tell you what movie we saw. I basically spent the time wishing there was enough light to see down the gap in her blouse. Having seen her pair before did nothing to ease my longing.

Although we were towards the back of the theater due to the crowd, it never occurred to me that any "contact" was going to be on the agenda. Imagine my surprise when most of the way through the movie, Lenore leaned over to whisper in my ear. As she said," Don't freak." as she put her right hand on my thigh.

I followed order, but was "freaking" and thinking, "What the fuck..."

Despite the fact she had sucked my off just weeks before, I sat there and let her tease me to her hearts content. In a couple of minutes she had me rock hard and leaking pre-cum into my boxers. She was rubbing the underside of my cock with middle and third finger of her hand when not hand jobbing me through my pants.

I leaned over to get her to stop, but before I could say more than "Lenore..." my left hand was in her lap. The hand that pushed it there stayed above mine and began to guide me in rubbing her hot cunt through her pants. Fuck me...

A couple of minutes more of this mutual "orture, and she leaned my way again to ask, "Are you close?"

All I could do is shake my head "No", as I was way to nervous to cum in a situation like that. She smiled and stopped fondling me, but kept my hand locked at her crotch. I swear I could almost smell her.

Then the credits started, she got us up and out of theater to the car in record time.

I opened the door and as I helped her in, she flashed me most of her left breast and copped a feel of my mostly still erect cock.

"Jesus, Lenore...what the fuck?" I said as I got behind the wheel. She looked nervous now, after all she had put me through one would suppose she was wondering what my plans for her might be.

"Lenore, ...what the fuck is going on...? Please tell me...!"

Lenore blurted out, "Robert dumped me and I want a do-over with you."

"What are you talking about...you and Robert are almost engaged..." I answered as I tried to make sense of the scene.

Lenore blurted out the same thing again, "Robert dumped me and I want a do-over with you. Will you please fuck me...? You love me more than that asshole does...", she asked, holding my hand.

I ask you, what 19 year-old guy is going to turn down revenge sex with a hot girl?

Since we were at a light, I looked her right in the eye and said, "All you had to do was ask..."

"Good...", she said, "Will you take me to your room? I want to be slutty."

This is funny shit. Lenore is about the least likely chick I know to get slutty...but what the fuck did I know?

Then my brain wanted to get in the discussion...

Oh my fucking gawd...how is this not gonna come out fucked up? I'm gonna fuck Lenore, as long as she wants it...but how will this not end badly...?

AS to be expected, my cock won the debate cock didn't give a shit about later.

Not following her plan, I drove us to the only nice hotel in town. AS soon as told her I was going to get a room with a Jacuzzi tub, she stopped arguing.

I needed to settle one more thing though, so I asked her, "Lenore, do you want to high?"

She looked at me like a little uncertain and answered, "Only with you..."

Fucking first-timer...nice...in her state, I had to wonder what pot will do for her?

I got us checked in and from the car to the room somehow. I remember it as a nervous, horny blur with me sure that she was going come to her senses at any moment. I was already trying to figure out if I should tell Rhonda.

Within seconds of opening the door, we were on the bed with me on top of her, both of us still fully clothed. The blur continued to be in effect. We kissed searching, full mouth-to-mouth, tongue chasing kisses with roaming, caressing, groping hands beginning to undo buttons, zippers and clasps as we worked our way towards naked and ready to fuck.

By the time we got down to undies, I thought for a moment that she would ride me and that it would be a quick dirty fuck with us partially dress, cock hanging out of my boxers and her panties pulled to the side. Lenore took charge again, by jumping up off the bed and pulling my boots and jeans off while cursing me for wearing shit kickers. It still didn't take long for us to get naked.

When Lenore said, "I'm gonna fuck you now.", I corrected her and eased her back on the bed so I could kiss her pussy, telling, "I get what I wanted first..."

She rolled her eyes at me, but quickly squeezed them shut when I licked he from taint to clit gently and slowly. She was still slick and wet from the theater teasing.

I loved her spicy, sweet taste and dove in from more.

I'm not sure how long I worked her pussy over with my lips and tongue, but she got the full treatment; pussy lip licking and slurping, light stabs at her pussy with the tip of my tongue, clit kissing licking and sucking, thumb to her nub while I tongue fucked her hole, finger fucking while I slurped her clit, etc.

The winning combo was clit sucking as I flutter tongued her pussy all over, while the first joint of my middle finger rimmed and penetrated her tightly puckered asshole.

Moments after the tip of my finger fucked into her ass, she tried to shove my head into her cunt as she came ever so hard as she face-fucked me. She rocked herself on my face for a few seconds and then went limp. I put my cheek down on her mons and kissed her where her torso and thigh met.

The scene before me was an almost naked Lenore in post-orgasmic bliss, having just said, " Jesus, Mal...I had no idea anyone could eat pussy like that."

"I tried to tell you at that the party." I teased.

"I'm told now." she said. I watched her rub her clit and with the other hand, she reached inside the cup of her bra squeeze a breast and pinch her own nipple.

"Do you want some more?", I asked, blowing her pussy a kiss.

"I need a minute. That was intense...what you just did to me..." she sighed.

" We should get in the Jacuzzi. I checked it before we got busy." I said. As she got up from the bed, I offered her my hand to steady herself, as her legs were a bit wobbly from orgasm.

When she was upright and steady, she shed her blouse and bra, which had not been removed during our kissing and fondling. Lenore was self-conscious enough with me to do a funny little "here I am naked" pose for me...she was if anything quirky and funny.

I simple said, " Beautiful..." and pointed the way to the spa area of the suite. Getting to watch her firm ass as she padded her way barefooted and totally naked towards the Jacuzzi tub was a wonderful sight. It should always be this way.

We made it into the tub and both of us seemed to relax even further. Lenore was a feast for the eyes with her full breasts and gumdrop-size nipples peaking up out bubbling water.

After taking some time for both of us to relax, it was time to get even more relaxed.

"Lenore, let's get high." I suggested.

I got one of those, "What are you up to?" looks from Lenore. I let her have time to answer me and didn't push, but wondered how she could have any trust issues since I had just been face first in her pussy?

Like so many things unknowns, smoking her first joint wasn't that big a deal. A few hits and all she had to say was; "I'm very relaxed. Maybe too much..."

Lenore was snuggled next to at my left. While I took another hit or two, she began to rub my balls and fondle my cock, getting me from half to all the way hard again.

Then the spew of filthy commentary started. I had no idea Lenore was such a rude girl and could talk so dirty:

"There's that hard cock I like to suck. Should I suck you again or put you in my pussy? I want a big load like you shot in my mouth...will you give it to me?"

To make sure what I thought was about happen actually could, I eased my hand across her thigh and as I made contact with her neatly trimmed bush, my middle finger rubbed her outer lips and sunk in slightly with were little resistance.

This was just exactly what I wanted to find. Everybody needs to beat at the best before trying to fuck in water. Lenore was doing more than her share to be ready.

It was time. "Honey," I said to her, "...why don't you see what else you can do with me?"

Lenore smiled her shy smile, as she sat up and held herself over my hard cock. I let her get me where she wanted and do the deed at her pace. Holding her by the waist as she rubbed her pussy along my cock, teasing both of us. Well, fuck patience! It wasn't long before I adjusted the angle of my hips just as she was about to reach the knob end of my cock and it slipped into her wetness.

The look on Lenore's face was priceless! It was somewhere between a surprise and her "Oh!" face. She wiggled her hips a bit and I was all the way in and we were as close together as we could be with out being in a bed.

Lenore kept her eyes closed and began to make circular motions with her hips as she ever so slightly lifted up off my erection, giving us the bare minimum of "in and out" as she fucked me. I say she fucked me, because I left her do what she needed. If we were just going to do this once, I wanted her to remember me as a really good "fuck".

She began to alternate her hip swivelin' with humping my public bone with her clit. I could feel her hard, not so little nub press against me just above the base of my penis. I let her balance herself by holding on to my shoulders and began to palm and squeeze her more-than-a-handful tits. My fondling got her nipple hard and the size of ripe berry in no time at all. I began to capture each nipple at the crook of each thumb so that they would be pinched a little as contracted my hands around her breasts.

Rather than continue rotating her hips and barely stroking herself on my cock, Lenore began to rock her pelvis back and forth, occasionally stopping to grind her clit on my pubic bone. I continued to let her drive because she was obviously enjoying fucking me and it was working out fine for me. I wouldn't have felt too bad if she made me cum first, but I did very much want her to cum again and preferable with me.

I had let her do most of the work for long enough. Just as she was about to grind on me another time, I pull my cock out of her just enough to be able to stroke her twice, hard enough to make her groan. She also began to rock her hips more rapidly.

A little more of this and she began to babble in the way that we all do sometimes right before an orgasm, saying, "Oh, God....shit...fuck me..." etc. When she clenched her eyes shut and let her head roll back, I held her hip in place and hump her as hard as I could, considering we were in a tub. She slumped forward on about my fourth hard stroke, wrapped her arms around me and bit me on the shoulder!

Her teasing cunt orgasmed and spasmed around my cock, as with one final thrust, I came so hard, I thought I would pass out. Lenore sat up, kissed my neck and whispered, "I felt you cum in me.", into my ear.

"Well, I felt you cum too...thank you....", I said sincerely. This fucking old friends thing needed to be "researched" more. So far it had been everything I could have wanted and more.

Then Lenore said, "Thank me...Thank you! Have you had a "If I'd only known" thought yet...", I have. I got one for you: "If I had known you were such a great lover, I would have fucked you silly long before now...Jesus, Mal...I'm shaking..."

"Maybe you're cold, let's get out of the tub and into bed." Cheesy bastard that I am, I winked at her and she giggled at my bullshit and we disentangled got out of the tub and began to dry each other off.

Just as we were about to head to the bed, Lenore put a hand on my hip and said, "Wait...you need a little cleanup.", as she went got down on her knees and took my cock into her sweet warm mouth. After a few sucks and slurps she told, "You had our stuff on your cock and I wanted to see how we tasted."

"Well?" I asked.

She rolled her eyes and said, "It's not honey, but I like sucking you..."

Reaching for her, I helped her up, kissed her and gave her ass cheeks a squeeze, saying, "Get yer ass t' bed. I have plans for you..."

Lenore and I took a little time to kiss and cuddle. I got the feeling she was going to make the most out of this. I was also trying not to think about how I was sure we wouldn't do this again. I knew Lenore cared for me, but when push came to shove, she was going to find a more "suitable" boyfriend. After all, what the hell...this was just a chance encounter courtesy of her cheating asshole prep school douche bag ex-boyfriend/fiancé, right...?

Somehow or another, we ended up laying on our sides with me behind Lenore, kissing her necks and ear with one hand underneath for holding a ripe breast and the other rubbing her hip and ass. She was pushing that ass up against me trying to make a "connection".

I had to tease her a bit, asking, "What you want Lenore?"

Not mincing her words at all, she told me what she wanted and clearly.

"I want your cock in my pussy again. I'm very wet for you. Please...."

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