tagBDSMWhat I Would Do to Get Pregnant!

What I Would Do to Get Pregnant!


My name is Kelli; I am a stay at home mom, so to stay busy during the day I tend to go to the gym a lot which has its benefits. I'm thirty-seven years old and have a nice figure. I'm five feet five inches tall with 40DD breasts, narrow waist, and nice shapely hips to grab onto and I have medium length brown hair with green eyes. Steven and I have been married for last five years, and he is my second husband. He is a handsome man of forty-four who is six feet tall, thin, with blonde hair and brown eyes. I have three children from my previous marriage, but Steven treats them like they are his own. Steven and I have been talking a lot because I want another baby. I love being pregnant!

The problem is that Steven is pretty much-shooting blanks, so we have been trying with no success. Unfortunately, he was blessed, or some may say cursed with a very small penis. The best way to describe it is that it's the size of my thumb and even when he is fully hard I can't feel him inside me. He also does not have any stamina or skill to keep me satisfied. So, we have a very rocky sex life.

I read a story recently about natural insemination with a stranger. We would meet to see if we are compatible, then he would have sex with me several times to try and impregnate me.

I talked to Steven about this, but he was not too keen on the idea. I kept reading any article I could find on this subject. It is cheaper than artificial insemination, and you get to be with a real person instead of a turkey baster.

I found a man online, through a very discreet website I had to join, whose name is David. I showed Steven all of the information about him, what he does, how he does the inseminations, and what he expects from the couple.

Steven finally agreed to, at least, meet with David to see if this is something we could do. I contacted David through the website and asked if we could have a meeting to discuss possible insemination. He replied to my email, and we set up a meeting at a restaurant for Thursday evening.

I was nervous about the meeting, but I was also very excited. Steven and I got to the restaurant before David, so we got the table. David came in about 10 minutes later, and we all introduced ourselves to each other.

I noticed that Steven was very quiet and standoffish so I did all the talking. "So, David have you been successful with this in the past?" I asked him.

David took his time to answer my question while the waiter came to our table to get our drink orders. Once the waiter was gone, he finally replied "I have been doing this for many years now. Yes, I have been successful there are at least twenty children that I helped create." He told us this in his amazing British accent.

"Do you have anything to with the families after the birth?" I asked. I was curious to know if he expected to be a part our lives.

"No, I am only here to plant the seed." He told us.

"How do you set up the time to have sex?" I asked.

David went on to explain what I had to do. "You, and I will coordinate a calendar to determine when you are ovulating. Once we find out your fertile time, I will withstand from ejaculating for twenty-four hours before we meet then we will get a hotel room and have sex. I will meet with you again the next day. I will want you to make a box with a hot water bottle in it so that I can put a sample of semen into it that you can insert inside yourself if you wish."

"How many times do you try for me to get pregnant?" I asked him.

"That depends on you and how much you are willing to pay. It is one hundred fifty dollars for each time I deposit my seed inside you" David informed us.

We all sat and talked some more before David had to leave. He handed me his card. "You know how to get in touch with me if you wish to work together." He told us as he pointed at the card just before he left.

Steven and I stayed back at the restaurant to order dinner and talk about the meeting we just had. I looked at Steven, and asked him, "So, what do you think about all this?"

Steven just looked at me for a few seconds before he answered. "I don't care for this whole arrangement."

I just looked at him, then asked him, "Why? I thought you wanted to have a baby also?"

"I do but he just seems very dominant, and the kid will not look like me if it is his seed," Steven replied with some disgust.

I got aggravated with him so sarcastically asked him, "What's the problem? You jealous that he is handsome and that I might fall for him?"

"I don't know, just let me think about this." He told me in his discussion-over voice. We ate our dinner then headed home.

I kept thinking about David and what he could do for me. So, about a week after meeting him, I decided that I was going to go through with it. I went to Steven and informed him of my decision. "I want a baby, so I am going to contact David to help me conceive!"

He wasn't overly thrilled with my decision, but he knew this is what I wanted. So, he agreed but told me that he didn't want to be there, so I agreed with him.

I contacted David to let him know that we were going to proceed with the insemination. So, we discussed my ovulation time frame and agreed to meet on that Saturday afternoon which was the day before I was due to ovulate. David made sure to remind me of his rules. "I will not have sex where there are kids present. I will need a recent test result from STD testing. I get paid in cash following each meeting, and I will not tolerate any interference from hubby." I agreed to all of it.

I was nervous about getting with David but very excited also. We had been messaging one another to get to know each other before we met to have sex. I made the box that he wanted so that it was ready for Saturday. I went to my doctor's office for a check-up and did the lab tests, which all came back normal.

Saturday came, so I made sure that I shaved all over so that I was nice and clean for David. Steven had left that morning for a business trip, so I took the kids to grandma's house to spend the night. David contacted me with the hotel information and when to meet him.

I was getting more nervous as the meeting time approached. I got to the hotel and went to the room. I knocked on the door. David answered it and invited me in. When I got into the room, I put my purse on the desk and turned to look at him.

I discovered right away that David can be very demanding and dominant. "So, you want to use me to impregnate you?" He asked me in a stern voice.

"Yes, sir I do." I meekly answered him.

"Well, here are some of my rules if we are to proceed with this. Do you want to hear them before we continue?" He asked me, and I nodded my head.

David started telling me his rules. "First when we are doing this you will not have sex with anyone else besides me until you are pregnant."

"What about Steven?" I asked him.

"No one!" He told me. "Second when you are with me I am in full control. You will do as I say at all times."

I was a little leery about this, but I was very attracted to him, and I did want to have sex with him. He has to be better than Steven. I wanted to be fulfilled and satisfied. I wanted to do as he says to get what I want so I agreed to his terms.

David told me to take my clothes off as he wanted to see my body. So, I quickly got undressed and stood there naked in front of him while he looked me up and down.

David told me to get on my knees in front of the bed, so I did. He got undressed and folded his clothes to set them on the desk. When he turned around, I sucked in my breath his cock was gorgeous. He has a little stomach on him but nothing to turn me off. He has moderate and dark chest hair, but I noticed that his pubic hair is both short and neat. His cock was not even completely hard yet but was still very impressive. It looked to be about 8 inches long and quite thick but what was fascinating me the most is that he is uncut. I have never seen or been with a man with an uncut cock before.

He came to stand in front of me, he pulled back his foreskin to show me the head of his cock and told me: "Suck my cock, slut!"

I leaned forward to take the head of his cock into my mouth, but as I was moving up and down on his shaft, it was gagging me due to its size. It felt odd to me with the foreskin over the head. Then he instructed me to pull the foreskin back so I can suck on the head. I did, but it was a little awkward for me to try and keep the skin back. He ordered me to push the tip of my tongue in his pee hole to taste his precum.

After a few more minutes, David ordered me to lay on the bed, and I willingly did as he instructed. David crawled onto the bed and spread my legs wide apart, so he was looking straight at my quim. He looked up at me and said: "I future I want to see a little hair above your cunt." I responded, "Okay I can do that for you."

He told me that to give it the best chance for me to conceive is to be fully aroused. David also informed me that my vagina will produce a liquid when I am fully aroused that will help to open my cervix to allow his seed to penetrate my womb more easily and find my egg. So, he started licking my pussy lips and clit and gently probing my opening with his thick fingers. In no time, I was squirming on the bed while David was making me feel so good that I came while he was licking me. Then he crawled up over top of me rubbing his cock along my slit before he pressed his cock head at my wet and swollen opening.

He just inserted the head of his cock into my pussy opening and paused. I looked at him with a questioning expression on my face, but after another few seconds, he slammed his cock all the way inside of me. Then he paused again for a few seconds for me to get used to his size.

He started thrusting hard into me. Each time his cock hit my cervix, it felt amazing. He pulled out of me suddenly, flipped me over and then told me to get on my hands and knees. When I got in front of him, David thrust hard into my pussy from behind. All of a sudden, I felt his thumb in my anus. I have never had anal before, so I was a little startled.

"Relax slut; I'm just getting your hole ready for my cock." He told me.

"Yes sir, I am trying, but I have never had anal before so I am nervous," I responded to him.

"Okay, I will go easy but you have to relax, or you will not accept me in your bum," David replied. I tried hard but he was just too big, and it hurt bad, so we stopped trying to do any anal.

David was still pumping into my pussy, and I could tell that he was ready to cum. He started slamming harder into me as he filled me up with his seed.

"Now stay just like you are with your ass in the air for about five to ten minutes for the seed to find its way to your egg." He instructed me, and I did as he told me.

David had gotten off the bed to go into the bathroom, and when he came out, he laid on the bed. "I want to fuck your cunt again slut. Come over here and rim my anus to get me hard again." I took that as an order.

I crawled between his legs, but it was too hard to reach him. He grabbed a pillow to put under his hips which made it easier for me to reach his anus. I lifted his heavy balls and pressed my tongue into his anal opening. I have never done this to any man, so I was nervous, but he had freshly shaved around his asshole, so it was clean and easy to lick. There was a musky odor, but it wasn't unpleasant. It didn't take long for him to get a hard-on again.

He pulled the pillow out from under him and told me to climb on top. I straddled his cock and eased the head between my lips and then slid slowly, all the way onto his length, I felt impaled. I paused for a moment to savor the feeling of being filled and stretched by David's cock. I then started grinding against him and then bouncing up and down on his cock.

He rolled us over so that I was on my back and continued to fuck me at a slow, steady pace. After a while, he started thrusting harder. "I am going to fill your cunt up again slut!" He told me as he came. When he rolled off me, he grabbed the pillow to put under my hips. He then told me to lay there for twenty minutes.

He got out of bed to smoke a cigarette; I just laid there watching him. He is a very handsome man with his salt, and pepper hair, goatee, and beautiful blue eyes. All I could think about was that he will make a beautiful baby.

After the twenty minutes were up, I got off the bed to go into the bathroom to take a shower. David followed me into the bathroom. "What are you doing?" I asked him.

He smiled at me with a smirk, "I plan on getting in the shower with you and marking you as my slut."

I was looking at him oddly. I went to turn on the shower, but he stopped me. "Step in the tub and get on your knees slut." Then he followed me in. I knelt down in front of him, and he ordered me to place my hands behind my head. His cock was semi-hard, and I watched as he took it in his hand and began to ease back his foreskin. To my surprise, a stream of hot piss shot from his pee hole and splashed over my chest. When David finished, he shook his cock and bought it to my mouth and said "Lick it clean slut" and pushed past my lips. I licked and sucked his cock to clean off my juices and the last drops of his piss. He held the back of my head to feed me more of his cock which made me gag a few times but then I squeezed his balls gently and felt his hot cum spurt into my mouth. I swallowed all of it. He has a good taste to his sperm, and it's not too salty.

When I had finished, he said, "Now your slut mouth and cunt belong to me!"

When I finished, David helped me to stand, and we both showered and got cleaned up. Once we were dried off and dressed, he told me that he will contact me tomorrow. I agreed, and we went our separate ways.

The next day David contacted me to meet him at four o'clock at the same hotel. I got there at the same time that he did, we got our room, and went upstairs.

We got undressed, and David pushed me to bend over the desk. He took me hard and fast from behind. I came hard at the same time he did, and then we then moved to the bed. I crawled between his legs and started sucking on his cock, cleaning him off.

Once he had an erection again, I straddle him backward, so my bum was facing him. While I was riding his cock, he was squeezing my ass cheeks. After a little while, we switched so that I was on my back again. He started thrusting hard while rubbing my clit and we both came again at the same time.

When he pulled out of me, he put the pillow under my hips again, and I waited twenty minutes before I got up to shower. Once showered I left to head home leaving David in the room.

So now I had to wait to see if I got pregnant or not.

As the week progressed all I could think about is David and how good he made me feel. I decided to contact him to see if he wanted to get together again. It was Friday night hubby was out of town for work, and the kids were at their grandparents spending the night. So, I was free and horny.

I finally heard back from David, but he was not available tonight he said maybe tomorrow. I was bummed out, but then he sent me another message right away.

"I have a female friend that I want you to email to get advice on how to accept my cock in your anus. Listen to what she says and treat her with respect." He instructed me and sent me her email address.

I simply replied, "Yes sir!"

I sent an email to this person whose name is Staci. I introduced myself so she would know who I was. She replied right away. "So, I am to teach you? Have you ever done anal?" She asked me.

"No, I have never done anal, but I want to desperately with Master David," I replied.

"Well, the first thing I want you to do is order a butt plug kit that has a range in sizes. So, you can get used to the feel of something in your ass and to stretch you out." Staci instructed me.

I looked online and found a package that I thought she would approve. So, I emailed her a picture and asked if this would be okay?

She replied that it would be, and to order it as soon as possible. I ordered it and informed her that I did.

She and I kept emailing back and forth with each other; I enjoyed chatting with her. We talked about all different things but mostly about sex and positions. I was getting wet just talking to her.

"Can I tell you something?" I asked her.

"Sure, you can tell me anything you want," she replied back to me.

"Have you ever wanted to be with another woman?" I asked her then told her, "I have been getting very curious lately and chatting with you has made me very wet."

"Well I can honestly say that I have been recently getting curious myself, and I am very wet myself right now." She replied to me. Reading this made me smile.

I then started flirting hard with her. I was very nervous about it but was also feeling good about it. "I would love to be between your legs right now licking on your pussy and tasting your honey!" I told her.

"Well, that would be wonderful, I want to see what you taste like also!" She replied back to me.

I got so horny that I got my rabbit vibrator out to use on myself while Staci and I were chatting back and forth.

I told her what I was doing, and she said was rubbing her clit also. That made me even wetter. I didn't know what Staci looked like, but I wanted her bad.

It got late, so we signed off for that night, and I asked her, "Can I contact you again?"

She replied, "LOL, most definitely!"

After we stopped chatting, I used my rabbit many times that night. I was insatiable; I kept thinking about David and Staci.

I did not hear from David for a few days; Steven got home from his most recent trip. He would want to have sex, but I would remind him that David said not to until I got pregnant by him. So, I would give him blowjobs. I was not into it with him. I would imagine it was David and if he ate me out, I thought of Staci.

My package finally got delivered, I was so excited to see the toys. I emailed Staci to tell her that they came.

She instructed me to start with the smallest size, to get used to it, and move to the next size bigger. I did this for a few days it was a completely different feeling to me, I loved it but could not wait to have David's cock in my ass!

Steven left again for a business trip, so I messaged David to ask if he would like to meet up with each other. He did, and so we made plans for the next day.

I got a message from David later that evening. "Have you chatted with Staci?" He asked me.

"Yes, I have she has instructed me on what to do to get ready to accept for cock in my anus," I replied to him.

"Good, good now before we meet up tomorrow I want you to perform an enema, so I don't get a brown tip. Also come with a full bladder I want to watch you piss." He instructed me.

"I will do that Master," I told him.

"I will contact you with the hotel information tomorrow. See you at four o'clock." He signed off.

After I got done chatting with David, I inserted my largest butt plug to wear for a while to get used to the full feeling. Then when I got ready for bed, I pulled it out causing me to feel empty.

The next day I went to the drugstore to buy an enema kit and read the instructions which seem easy enough.

In the early afternoon, I took the kids to their grandparents for the afternoon. When I got home, I had an email from David telling me which hotel that he was going to be and the room number.

I wanted to start getting ready; I had to do the enema which I have never done before. When I had told Staci about it last night, she said to be close to the toilet. I got undressed and stepped into the tub. I just needed to fill the bulb with warm water and insert the tube into my anus. I took a deep breath, and let it out, and said aloud, "Here goes nothing!"

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