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What If?


It was one of those humid August nights, no breeze and the heaviness of the air clinging to your skin, making your skin tacky to the touch. These really are the dog days of summer Lynn was thinking to herself as she entered the small bar looking for her best friend.

She found Jaye waiting for her in a back booth near one of the only windows in the bar. Jaye looked as hot and miserable as she herself was feeling. Her long reddish brown hair, wavy from the oppressive heat.

"You look as bad as I feel." Lynn remarked as she sat down across from her friend. She noticed how puffy Jaye's eyes were and knew she had been crying.

"We bitch all winter about the cold, begging for summer to get here, then we bitch when it gets this fucking hot outside, we just can't win." Jaye remarked as Lynn sat in the booth opposite her.

"Well, I still hate Michigan winters, no matter how hot the summer gets, and so do you. So stop complaining and tell me what that prick has done to you now?" Lynn asked her very quietly.

Lynn didn't understand Jason at all and she still didn't know why her friend has dated him for over two years. The relationship was never going to go anywhere. He made that clear when he co-purchased the house on the lake with his mother! He was 36 years old with a 16 year old son and he bought a house with his mother!

"Jaye, he's not worth it, why do you stay with him? You let him treat you so shabbily it drives me nuts! Your to strong of a woman to let someone like him make you so miserable."

Lynn just didn't understand her friend at all when it came to Jason. Actually she did, but she could never tell Jaye that it was just the fact that she couldn't't't stand to be without a man in her life, if even for a week.

Jason was good looking she had to admit that. He was also the best looking man Jaye had ever dated, she had to admit that as well. Most of the men in Jaye's life had not been much to look at, and none of them treated her decently at all. They were either drunks, didn't work and let her support them and one ended up being a drug addict.

Jaye was not a beautiful woman but she wasn't ugly either, just average in looks. She had shoulder length wavy reddish brown hair, pretty brown eyes, very tiny and petite. She stood about 5' 4" and weighed about 105 lbs, the complete opposite of Lynn. "Damn it girl your cute and you can do much better than Jason." Lynn reached across the booth and took her friends hands. "I know it and you do to if you would just admit it."

Jaye looked at her dearest friend and wished anything that she could be like Lynn. If she knew how much she envied her she would never believe her. Lynn stood 5' 7", hazel eyes, dirty dishwater blond hair that hung almost to her waist. She just had it frosted with highlights and it looked great on her. Even though she weighed 202lbs, men still hit on her all the time at work.

They both worked the same shift at a large truck stop on the far side of town. Both of them worked on the fuel desk on the second shift. For the most part it was a very busy, but fun job that they both enjoyed.

When she and Lynn had first became friends Lynn told her that if she ever caught her dating a trucker she wouldn't be her friend anymore. She pounded it into her head night after night, that they were only looking for a quick fuck and would tell you anything you wanted to hear just to get in our pants.

Jaye smiled at her friend remembering when she lit into this one guy who kept hitting on her for weeks. Lynn had enough of listening to the line he kept feeding her night after night.

She came down to her end of the desk and looked the guy right in the eyes and told him, "tell her your married asshole, at least be a man about it and tell her!" Lynn didn't budge, nor did she give a inch until the guy fessed up and told her he was indeed married.

As soon as the guy left Lynn turned to her telling her that most of the men who came in there were married, or had girlfriends. "Don't kid yourself into thinking that your special, because they've probably got one little gal in each truck stop along the way that they are messing around with as well." "Kid with them all you want, tease them even, but don't ever let them think that they have even the slightest chance of bedding you," she had told her.

Jaye was just about to say something when this nice looking young man came over to their table offering to buy them both a drink. They politely refused but the guy just wouldn't take no for an answer calling the waitress over and ordering them a drink.

Neither one of them were in the mood to put up with a guy who had already had to much to drink. He plopped down in the booth next to Lynn. "Ladies, please accept the drinks as I'm celebrating and wanted to celebrate with someone."

"Just what are you celebrating," Jaye asked him? "My upcoming divorce," he said. He reached into his back pocket and pulled out his divorce summons, tossing it in the middle of the table. "Just got served today, just before I went to work," he said on a sad note.

"Look hon we are real sorry to hear about it and we really do wish you well, but were not in the mood for company." Lynn told him with authority but caring in her voice. "We are just in here for a little girl talk, no men allowed tonight if you get my drift," she told him.

"Oh, well then I'll just leave you to it then," he stood up, bowed to them, picked up his divorce summons and walked up to the bar.

"Poor guy, he does look really sad about it. I wonder how come his wife is divorcing him? Lynn are you listening to me?"

"I've heard every word you said Jaye, but I really don't care about the kid and his marriage problems. I'm still waiting to hear what Jason has done this time to upset you?" She sat waiting to hear what her friend had to say not saying another word to her.

"He told me that he, his mother, brother, and his son were going on a cruise over the Christmas holiday." Jaye never looked up at Lynn as she was telling her the news.

"And were you invited on this cruise?" Lynn already knew what the answer was but waited for her friend to confirm it.

"No...He said his mom was paying for the cruise as part of their Christmas gifts this year. He said she wanted it to be a family holiday."

"So he's going off on a cruise with his mother leaving you home alone for the holiday's?" Lynn replied with a rather ominous tone in her voice. "I knew it, any 36 year old man who lives with his mommy, buys a damn house with his mother who is now going on a cruise with his mother, IS FUCKING HER! "

"No he's not and you know that. I'm just not included is all, I'm never included for that matter," she finally admitted.

Before Lynn could say anything the young guy was back again. "Are you guys done doing the girl talk thingy," he asked them?

"No...I told you we don't want any company, what part of get the fuck out of here didn't you understand?"

Lynn's eyes were shooting sparks now, and Jaye knew her friend could be deadly to a man who got her sparks flying. She had seen her put to many men in their places who thought they could intimidate her because she was a woman. Boy were they wrong, she usually ended up intimidating them in the end. One thing about Lynn, she didn't back down from any man nor would she let one try to act roughshod over her either.

"Look, I'm sorry I just wanted to be with someone, talk to someone." Lynn was about to say something to him but he started talking again. "I did what she asked 7 months ago, I gave her some space. I stayed away so she could get her head on straight. I've patiently waited all this time and been faithful to her, only to find out she's been fucking my best friend all this time!"

Lynn thought the guy was going to cry at first and she did feel kind of sorry for him. Shit now she had two of them on her hands with broken hearts. She ordered another round of drinks, she was going to need it.

"Look, I am truly sorry about your problems but my friend has some problems as well and we need to talk, in private, and honestly, we really don't want any company." Lynn tried to be gentle, she didn't really want to hurt his feelings but he was getting on her nerves by not getting the point to get lost.

He didn't say anything just got up and went back up to the bar again.

He no sooner walked away when a couple of guys who they knew from the bar and the truck stop stopped by to chit chat with them.

Charlie looked at the two women and knew one of them was not happy and the other looked like she wanted to commit harey carey on someone. Probably that guy they saw leaving the table when they came over he was thinking.

The disc jockey had just started playing the John Foggerty song, "The Old Man Down The Road." He knew the girls liked to dance to this one, so not giving them a chance to say no he and Bill grabbed them pulling them out of the booth out onto the dance floor.

Charlie had grabbed Lynn, he liked to dance with her and he especially liked the way she danced to this song. She didn't know it but she was damn sexy looking when she was dancing to this song. Many a time he had left the bar after dancing with the girls all night only to go home and jack off thinking of how it would feel to be fucking her. Charlie knew that was never going to happen as she flat refused to date a truck driver.

They finished dancing and both girls were smiling now at least. He ordered them another drink and he and Bill sat there talking to them.

OK, another song the girls like to dance to, Delbert McClinton with Roy Buchanan, singing "Some Kind of Wonderful". The guys pulled them back out onto the dance floor. They were all laughing when the song ended and were about to head back to the booth when Stevie Ray Vaughn singing "Little Sister" started. No way could he not dance with Lynn to this one, she really got into this song playing the vamp to the hilt as she danced to the music. Both she and Jaye enjoyed this song and watching the two of them together would give any guy a hard on.

They were just about to sit back down when Bill's beeper went off. "Fuck, we got to go Charlie the load is ready."

"Thanks for the dances ladies, we'll see you this weekend." Charlie said as they got up to leave.

"Thanks guys, as always it was fun, catch you this Saturday." Jaye told them ditto and the guys were on their way.

The guys hadn't even gotten out the door when the kid came over again. "Look, can I tell you guys something," he asked them?

''What," was all Jaye said to him?

"I haven't been fucked in eight months and I'm really horny." Jaye and Lynn both busted up laughing over his straight to the point statement. "I'd like to fuck you, you made me really horny watching you dancing with those guys." This statement he directed to Lynn.

"Oh, you would huh? Just how old are you anyway," Lynn asked him.

"I'm 24, does that really matter though? I have a nice cock and I can make sure your well taken care of, I promise you. I'm not a wham, bamm, thank you kind of guy." This he said with a big smile.

"Look hon, I'm flattered, really I am, but I'm a bit to old for you. I'm 48 and old enough to be your mother."

"I love older women. I've always been attracted to them honestly."

"Look, number one, it's not safe to go off with a stranger and number two, especially if that stranger happens to be an older woman. You might bite off a little more than you can chew, if your not careful."

Shit this kid was in for trouble, Jaye saw the look in Lynn's eyes and knew he was heading for more than he could handle.

"Stay here, we have to use the bathroom and we'll be right back," she told him.

They were both laughing by the time they got into the bathroom. Thank god they were the only two in there. "I'm going to take little Mr. Horny, I've got a nice cock home and teach him a lesson," she told Jaye.

"What are you going to do to him? Come on tell me, don't keep me in suspense?"

"Give me a half hour after we leave then come to the house and let yourself in, come back to my bedroom as soon as you get there. Try to be quiet, I don't want him to know your there until I'm ready for him to know," she told her.

"Not fair, damn it give me a little hint at least?"

"You'll see for yourself when you get there. Come on let's get this show on the road. It's 1:30, it will be a quarter to 2 by the time we get there so you come over about a quarter after 2 OK?"

When they went back out to the booth Lynn told him she was going to take him up on his offer. The kid was excited to say the least and followed them out the door. Lynn told him to follow her in his truck.

As soon as they were inside her house she ushered him quickly back to her bedroom. The kid grabbed her and kissed her. Lynn let him kiss her and she even returned the kiss, making it deeper, stroking his tongue with hers.

"Take your clothes off, she told him." She was reaching into her bottom dresser drawer pulling out two wrist restraints and two ankle restraints. When she turned around he was standing there naked as she had requested. The kid wasn't lying, he had a real nice cock, about 8 maybe 9 inches.

"Look babe, I like to have my men tied to my bed when I ride their cocks, it's makes me feel like I'm in control. If you don't want to do that it's OK, I'll understand but we won't be fucking because that's the only way I enjoy fucking. When I'm done riding your cock, then you can tie me up if you like and you be the one in control," she told him.

"Cool, I've never done that but it's sound great. OK baby your in charge, I'm all yours."

"Lay down on your back in the center of the bed," she told him.

Lynn attached the restraints to each wrist then tied them tightly to the bed posts. She had a huge 4 poster bed that she had inherited from her grandmother that was beautifully preserved and heavy. Then she tied each of his ankles and tied them tightly to the bed posts at the foot of her bed.

He was tied up nice and firmly, both arms outstretched with his legs spread eagled wide open. His cock was standing proudly in the air. Hard and waiting for the fucking he was hoping he was going to get.

Lynn reached onto the night stand and took a bottle of lotion squirting a generous amount on her hand. She sat down on the side of the bed while she rubbed the lotion onto her hands. She reached for his cock and began to stroke it, lathering it up well with the lotion. She was rethinking her estimate on the length of his cock now that it was fully hard to be more along the lines of a good 10 inches.

She heard Jaye pull into the driveway, she glanced at the clock and she was right on time.

She reached for the blindfold and put it over his eyes, telling him she wanted him to just feel and not see her fucking him for the first few minutes. She told him that she was kind of shy about undressing in front of someone but once she had started fucking them she didn't care if they saw her naked or not.

Jaye stood in the doorway with total shock written all over her face at the sight she saw in the bedroom. Lynn lifted her finger to her lips letting her know to be quiet.

"Oh baby you have such a nice big cock, your so lucky." While she was talking to him she had pulled the black leather whip from the drawer out, along with a huge thick 10 inch dildo. She handed the whip to Jaye as she got her last toy from the drawer.

"You like the way I'm stroking your cock," Lynn asked him.

"Fuck yes! You have nice hands baby, love the way they feel on my big cock," he stated rather cockily.

Lynn took the whip from Jaye, she laid the dildo, plus the bottle of lotion on the bed between his legs. Lynn trailed the ends of the whip lightly over his stomach, his thighs and finally his cock. The boys cock was twitching with every light caress of the tails of the whip.

Jaye had not seen what else it was that Lynn had pulled out of the drawer until now. It was a roll of wide duct tape. She wasn't sure what Lynn planned to do with that and gave her a questioning look.

She handed the whip back to Jaye. Lynn understood the look, and pointed to her mouth and the tape letting Jaye know she was going to tape his mouth shut with it.

Lynn ripped off a nice piece of tape. Had the boy had a beard or mustache Lynn would not have gotten the tape but he had a clean shaven face so he could take the tape over his mouth.

She leaned up close to him, he still ignorant of what was about to happen to him. "What is your name by the way," she asked him softly, close to his ear?


"Well Jerry, do you remember me telling you that it wasn't wise to go home with a stranger earlier," she asked him quietly. He nodded his head yes in response to her question. "Now I'm going to show why that is."

Lynn lifted the blindfold and he could now see that Jaye was also there and holding a whip, his dick began to look a little wilted at this point. Lynn slapped the tape over his mouth before he could say anything.

He tried to jerk his hands and feet from the restraints, but Lynn had him tied so well, that he could barely move an inch.

Jaye was standing beside the bed, slapping the whip lightly across her hand. She had her legs spread slightly apart and cocky little smile that put a little more fear into the kid. She knew what her part was to be and she was doing a good job playing it.

"Jerry look at me," Lynn commanded. "Now listen very carefully to what I tell you so you don't misunderstand anything I say to you," she told him. Every time you flinch, or cry out Jaye is going to lay the whip hard across your cock. "Do you understand that?"

He had tears in his eyes now and he was very, very scared of the two women who had him at their mercy. He was praying to god that he would not let them hurt him, or disfigure him. Then all of a sudden the worst thing he could imagine came to mind, and the tears were really rolling down his face now. "Please God, please don't let them cut my dick off," he was praying silently to himself.

Lynn was kneeling down between his legs now and he was watching her intently and with fear in his eyes. She sat back on her knees and showed him the huge dildo. His eyes grew to the size of half dollars when he saw that.

She grabbed the bottle of lotion and squeezed some out over the top of the dildo. "This is going to hurt sweetie, but I'll try to be as gentle as I can for your first time." She began rubbing the lotion all over the dildo.

Oh god he wanted out of here, what had he gotten himself into, he was thinking. She did try to warn him but he wouldn't listen. Oh no, he just wanted to fuck and to hell with common sense.

Lynn put her finger down by his virgin little asshole, and rubbed some lotion on it. He was trying so hard to get free, and not being able to move a damn inch. She pressed her finger a little into his ass and he knew then, this was going to hurt badly.

"Now Jerry I'm going to show you how a woman feels when a man shoves his cock up her ass." She had placed the huge dildo next to his asshole and was rubbing the top of it up against his little brown spot.

Lynn had seen terror on someones face in the movies, but never in real life. The kid was terrified and scared shit-less. She decided he had been scared enough and it was time to untie him and send him on his way.

She undid the bindings and he removed the tape from his mouth. He was getting a little color back into his cheeks once he realized she was letting him go.

"I hope you have learned a very valuable lesson tonight," she told him. I tried to warn you it wasn't safe to go home with a stranger. And for god-sakes Jerry, don't ever let anyone tie you up as I did unless you know and trust them for christ's sake!

He had been putting his clothes on as she was telling him that. He was just thankful that both he and his dick were getting away intact.

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