tagNon-EroticWhat If? Ch. 13

What If? Ch. 13


Really enjoyed writing this and I hope you enjoyed it. If you didn't read the first two series I highly recommend it, as this end will make more sense if you have.

Edited by HJF

Their efforts that night proved fruitful and nine months later they welcome a little baby girl they named Kara. In the coming years they would welcome four more kids to the family, Jacob the year after Kara, then Emily the next year followed by twins Ethan and Wendy a few years after that.

Brandon woke to find them all in bed with him and Katy one morning and after Katy escorted them out with promises of breakfast she looked at Brandon. Then seemingly noting the confusion he was feeling she asked what was wrong.

"Nothing, just a really weird dream I had is all. I woke up and instead of you with me it was this pretty brunette woman, but you were there too and your boss, what's her name, Mel. It was like I was married to the brunette and you and Mel were together."

"Really? Do you think you were, you know, getting a piece of Mel and I too?"

"I think so, I must have once because Kara was there, so you and I must have gotten together, and there was redheaded girl there too, probably Mel's."

"Wait you and Mel having a kid? Now there's trouble."

"No kidding, and I also had three with the other woman I was married to. Weird eh? I don't think I was doing you all though, that would get quite tiring."

"I don't know baby, that one time we had that foursome you held up very well. I imagine if you were getting it regularly you could mange it quite well."

"Well, we'll never know."

"This woman who was your wife, ever seen her before?"

"Never. Definitely not."

"That hot huh? Well, I could see why I was in then. I'd want a piece of her too, especially if I was already in a bi relationship with you and my wife Mel. God, that's an odd concept. I doubt she'd never go for it."

"If anyone could have made her it'd be you."

Katy just smiled before going to make breakfast. They enjoyed their Saturday before dropping the kids off at their grandparents to attend a special fundraiser. It had been ten years since the charity Brandon had given to had started and they were honoring some of its early benefactors. Brandon was surprised to get the call frankly, but he had been a regular donor for years and it seemed John had not forgotten him. It was a nice dinner though he and Katy felt a bit out of place. Late in the evening when Katy was off talking to Mel, who was there as a large supporter of the cause once she had heard about it from Katy. A woman visited his table and Brandon could not have been more shocked to see the woman from that morning's dreams.

"Brandon Metcalf?" she asked.

"Yes?" he managed to say through his shock.

"My name is Ashley Davidson and I've wanted to meet you for a very long time and say thank you. According to John it was you who put up the first of the money and named the first recipient of the scholarship. Well that was me, so thank you, you truly changed my life and helped make my dreams come true. So thank you."

"I was only a means Ashley, John's the hero, but I'm glad to be of help in whatever part I may have played."

The two chatted and Brandon could understand how in a different life where he was not so madly in love with Katy he would have fallen for this woman.

"You turned me down for a date you know,"' Ashley said quietly. "I found out years later or I would have insisted on meeting you just to say thanks, but by the time I heard you were married and it seemed weird so I never pursued it."

"Wow, that was you I turned down, small world. I ah hope you don't take it personally. I made a judgment call on that one."

"Yes, I heard as much. Word was you proposed soon after. You still married?"

"Yes, he is," Katy said from behind them. Brandon introduced Ashley to his wife and explained the coincidences they had been discussing. The pair then began to talk, sharing details about their lives and he was surprised to see them get along quite well; they even exchanged numbers. Ashley was married with a few kids, but neither they nor her husband could be there tonight.

"Oh, speaking of which I'd like you to meet my boss Mel, hon," Katy said, waving at someone behind them. Mel joined the group for a bit, very interested in Ashley and her career. The four even got their picture taken by the roving photographer.

Soon though John found Mel and Ashley, wanting to show Ashley off, and Mel not being one to miss out of making new contacts, tagged along. As they left the table Brandon and Katy chuckled a bit at the odd trio.

"Ashley seems nice. She'd fit right my circle of friends and I'm thinking of inviting her next time I go out." Then for the second time that day she noted the odd look on Brandon's face, "What?"

"Ashley, she was the one I was married to in my dream this morning; it was her and I, you and Mel. It was so weird sitting at that table thinking that somewhere in another universe the four of us may have been a family."

Katy nodded and unbeknownst to them in that universe Brandon was thinking of Ashley's Brandon was discussing a funny dream with his friend Katy, explaining their marriage in the dream and their five kids together, something they both found as odd as the Katy's Brandon found the complex family he had seen in his own dream. Then for the briefest of moments the two universes seemed to align as both Katy and Ashley's Brandon said:

"It makes you wonder Katy...what if?"

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