tagExhibitionist & VoyeurWhat If? Pt. 04

What If? Pt. 04


Chapter 15 - The Next Step

A few days later Ted and Carol were to be found in an adult store looking for videos of young hung men, naked from head to toe, sporting erections or jacking off. They found more of these in the "gay" section than in the "straight" section, but it did not matter. They were not looking for videos of coupling. They also picked up a few magazines of attractive young men sporting big erections or jacking off.

They took these home and looked at the magazines or the videos. They would give the young man a name if the video or magazine did not. Then, together they would make up a story about meeting this you man at a beach, and, with his consent, having him join them for sexual play. Carol would act so provocatively, that he would become more and more excited. Carol and the young stud would play with one another more and more and go from touching one another through their clothing gradually working their way to getting naked for one another and having oral sex.

Finally, the story would unfold to where the young man was beside himself with lust for Carol. At this point Carol would move into a position that what she was looking at was the picture or the video of the young man. Carol and Ted would then fantasize about the young man fucking Carol while Ted would use an appropriate sized dildo. They had several where you could load a reservoir with cream, and at an appropriate time, cum into her cunt. He would say things to her as though he was the young man: "Oh, Carol, your pussy is so tight on my cock." "Your big tits drive me insane." "I love your big tight sexy ass." "I want to fuck you so bad." etc.

She would talk to the young man in the picture or video: "Oh, Bill, I love your big cock fucking my dirty married cunt." "Fuck me with your great big cock." "Fill me with your baby batter." "Fuck my dirty married MILF cunt with your teenage spunk." etc.

Ted would work the dildo in and out of her, and maneuver it around so that it would touch sensitive parts of her vagina, and when she would cum, he would have the dildo cum inside of Carol Then he would give "him" a little time to relax and pull out, and Ted would re-position her and fuck her some more until he came. By then, her "teenage lover" would have reloaded and they would go back to the pictures and/or video and continue to fuck Carol. Rotating back and forth like this, they did reach the point where Carol was totally all fucked out.

This was by no means a regular thing. It happened maybe once or twice a month and usually on a Friday or Saturday night so that they could rest up the next day. But the few times they did it, they found it to be very exciting. But this was not the end.

They were forced into considering the next step on the fourth of July Weekend. They went to the beach on Sunday. They figured that with so many people at the beach, if they stayed away from families with young children, they might get by with wearing swimwear that was only one step away from being a thong. The back of the suit at its widest was only about five inches wide. The front was adjustable and both of them adjusted the suits to the narrowest position. Likewise, Carol's bikini top was adjustable, so Carol squeezed the bottom of each triangle as narrow as it would go, then pulled the middle out to cover the middle of her tits, and then, of course the top narrowed down to the top of a triangle. In addition to staying away from families, they stayed away from the concession stand, and wore shirts as cover ups until they were at one side of the beach. They had been carefully looking around, and as they suspected the couple of park rangers were concentrating on the concession stand area and on the area with little kids, because an accident or mishap involving a child would be the most serious.

They came in from the parking lot on the right hand side of the beach, wearing shirts as cover-ups and made their way to the left hand side of the beach, looking for a place to set themselves up near a group of older teens. They found such a group on the left hand side of the beach, so put down their

blanket near the teenagers and a little to the front of them so that the teens would not have to turn their heads very much, if at all, to see them. Then they shed their shirts. While still standing, Ted put sun tan oil all over Carol's almost naked body. Carol did the same for Ted. All the eyes of the group were on them. Then they lay on the blanket so that they could see the teens and be seen by them. Carol was attracting a lot of attention, but so was Ted. The guys would ridicule him for his exceptionally brief swimwear. Few girls came to his defense, but a few guys expressed the opinion that if that was what it took to get a girl as hot as Carol, they'd gladly wear a suit that small.

Eventually Ted and Carol got up to make their walk around, showing off and looking at other attractive people to fuel their fantasy life. Then they spent some time in the water, cooling off and playing with one another. Carol had Ted's cock out, and Ted was feeling a tit with one hand and fingering Carol's pussy with the other. They came out of the water moving back to their blanket, when Carol noticed a girl on the outer edge of the group of teens. Carol said, "Let's move our blanket over by her." Ted did not know why, but one of the things that helped their marriage work was that both of them were pretty laid back. So if Carol wanted to move the blanket, Ted was happy to do so.

They lay back down on the blanket on their stomachs, facing the girl. Carol said to Ted, "You see that girl? That's me. That's the way I was the time I was invited to join a group at the beach. I was the odd person out. She's the only one without a boyfriend. I'd like to help her out."

"What do you have in mind?" asked Ted.

"Kind of what we've talked about with a guy, only adapted to a girl. Turn the other way: on your back with your feet towards her and your legs spread enough that she is looking straight at your package."

Ted did as he was told. Carol went into seduction mode. She smiled at the girl, Then she raised herself up on her elbows so that her tits were hanging down. She kept on looking at the girl. Carol was not wearing sunglasses and did have makeup on her face, including a rather dramatic look about her eyes. She winked at the girl. She moved her right hand to her left tit and moved the triangle top more to the side, then flipped out her nipple. She did the same on the other side. She smiled at the girl and gave her a wink. Then she pointed at the girl and tried to signal with her hands that the girl should do the same thing. The girl hesitated, but then got up on her elbows. She was wearing a one piece suit that was meant to cover as much as possible. The girl was a little chubby, but not as chubby as Carol had been when Carol had been her industrial size. Although she tried, the girl could not expose a nipple, but did play with it through her suit.

At this point Carol called to Ted. He sat up. She said, "Come here so I can talk to you." He did. "Now it's time to make your pitch, just like to a guy: do you want to play with us? If you do you'll have to put on a suit like the style we're wearing. We'll loan one to you, and we'll move away from your friends so you're not embarrassed."

Ted walked over to the girl and squatted down in front of her. He introduced himself and made his pitch. The girl hesitated. Then Ted asked, "Are you having fun yet?" That was enough to do the trick. The girl got visibly angry, but not at Ted but at the people she was with.

"My friend who invited me said we'd have a good time. There were extra "single" guys invited, too so that no one would be alone. Then the guy that my friend thought she had picked out for me, invited another girl to go with him - and he wasn't even supposed to do that, and when my friend

called him out for it he said that he didn't want to be with me because I was sexless!" and she started crying.

She was saying this loud enough that Carol caught most of it and understood all of it. She put her nipples back in her top. She was almost as angry as the girl in front of her. "Sexless!? We'll show him sexiness that will make his head spin. This gal is going to rock this beach or I'm not a hot fucking slut! Let's pick up our stuff."

Ted picked up their stuff and had the girl give him hers as well. "Find a place on the other side of the beach and set up there. We're going to go to the truck, get my bag of bikinis, go to the bathhouse and find the right one for this gal.

As the two of them went to the truck, Carol gave a little bit of her own history, explaining her own weight problem and how she had a day at the beach that was just horrible. Then she went on to explain that most chubby girls make a big mistake. They try to cover up as much as possible in the hope that it will hide their being overweight. But actually, in the eyes of many people, male and female, when a chubby woman puts on very small swimwear, it is viewed as being very sexy. In fact it is not only sexy, but naughty. And it's naughty precisely because people think that the chubby girl should hide her body as much as possible. By breaking that convention and exposing as much skin as possible, the chubby girl tells the world, "I'm so sexy I'm ready to break the rules just to be as sexy as possible."

By then they had reached the truck, retrieved Carol's bag of bikinis and were walking back to the bathhouse. Carol had to wear a shirt. She asked the girl if she had a shirt to wear as a cover up, and she did, but Ted had it with him, so they went over to Ted and got the shirt. "We'll be back," said Carol.

They went into the bathhouse and tried on a number of bikinis before they found one that looked best. Because Carol was a tall woman with wide hips and a large chest for a woman, she had a number of things that would fit the girl. In addition, much swimwear is quite stretchy and so can adapt itself to quite a range of sizes. That's why, even though Carol had wider hips than Ted, Ted could wear some of her bikini bottoms and she could wear some of Ted's. Carol was wearing the smallest suit that she thought she could get away with on the beach, so the suit that she loaned the girl gave a little more coverage, but not much. It hung very low on the hips, and barely covered her pussy in front. In the back it was about six inches wide at the widest and fit so low that some cheek cleavage was visible. The girl had ample tits, and the small bottom was coupled with a bandeau top that was tied together in the middle with strings that went around her neck. Being tied in the middle, they were able to adjust the bandeau top so that it just covered what was necessary, and there was both underboob showing at the bottom and cleavage out the top of the narrow piece of cloth.

"Do you have any makeup?" asked Carol. "Only lipstick," she replied. Then put on the lipstick and a pair of sunglasses, put on your shirt and we'll go meet the world."

As they were approaching Ted he came to them and said, "It's safe. Beach patrol is attending to something down near the water. Take off your shirts and let me see." When the girl removed her shirt, Ted looked at her and asked, "Did you know you could look this sexy?" She shook her head, "No."

When they got to the blankets, Carol said, "This gal needs some tanning lotion or she will burn."

Ted stood in front of her with the lotion and said, "We'll start with your back."

She was hesitant for a moment. "This is where the fun starts," said Carol. Ted started at her neck and shoulders and worked his way down her back. He got to her butt and worked the oil into places that had not been touched by another human being since her parents changed her diapers. Then Ted massaged oil into her legs, asking her to spread them so that he could put oil on her inner thighs. He turned her around and started with her face and neck, moved to her shoulders, and then to the part of her breasts that were exposed above the bandeau. No man had touched her there. Then he moved to her underboob, again virgin territory. He worked on her slightly pudgy abdomen, from her tits down to her pubes. She shaved her pubes. Had she not done so, the bikini she was wearing would have had an inch or two of pubic hair riding on top of it. Finally, Ted did the front of her legs and feet. "Did I miss anything?" he asked.

"No," she answered, but was weak in the knees and a wet spot was appearing in her bikini bottom.

"Now it's time for you to do me," said Carol.

The girl tried to do for Carol what Ted had done for her. Touching Carol so intimately just increased the flow of juices from her womanhood.

When she was done putting lotion on Carol, Carol said, "Now it's time for you to do Ted."

"Me?" "Ted?" she exclaimed.

"You wanted to have fun, didn't you?" asked Carol.

"I know I'll have fun," said Ted.

Carol guided her especially when she got to some intimate parts. "Make sure you get that ass. He's got a cute, tight ass don'cha think?" "Get plenty of oil on his man tits, I like to play with his nipples. Go ahead. Play with them a little bit." "Now take one hand and hold his cock and balls off to one side as you do the inside of his leg up there. Then take your other hand and move his cock and balls out of the way so you can do his other leg. This is much more fun and having him lie down and just asking him to spread them. Feel him getting hard? It's for you, baby. Who says you're sexless?" After the girls had finished with Ted's legs, Carol said, "Now press your body against him and give him a kiss. Isn't the feel of two oiled bodies together sexy?"

They continued by playing Frisbee. The first time it happened, the girl was startled, but then she noticed that Ted was doing it on purpose. He would try to get behind her and then press his manhood against her ass. A few times he "accidentally" grabbed her tits. Carol told her, "There's only one way to even that score." At first the girl did not get it but then she realized what Carol meant, and "accidentally" grabbed Ted's Cock and balls.

When the girl finally got the Frisbee away from Ted and Carol, Ted said, "You win. Let's take a break." They went to lie down on the blankets, but they did so on just the one big blanket, with Carol on one side of Ted and the girl on the other.

"Let's talk about sex," said Carol. "When I was your age I loved to masturbate, still do. How 'bout you?" The three of them talked about masturbation, their technique, what they thought about, how often, what got them going. The more they talked the hotter they all got.

"Should we masturbate together?" asked Ted.

They all agreed. So they left their belongings on the girl's blanket and went off to the right side of the beach into a wooded area with the bigger of the two blankets. When they came to a place along the trail where they could see a fallen tree, maybe fifty feet from the trail, they made their way to the tree. They put their blanket down on the far side of the tree, then sat in a circle on the blanket, stripped off their bottoms and started masturbating. All three of them were so hot, there was no hesitation. The girl came first, she was so turned on it did not take her long at all. Carol came next. And Ted, who was

used to making sure that Carol was satisfied before he came, came last. When he was about to come, he said to the girl, pull down your top. She did so and Ted moved so that he fired his jizm on her tits.

As they came down from their sexual high, Ted said, "It's really time for us to go. We don't know where you live, so if you live way far away from us, you may have to put on your old suit and go back with your friends - or did you drive yourself?"

"No," she answered, "I rode with my so-called friends."

Ted continued, "But if you do not live too far away from us we would be glad to take you home."

She explained where she lived and it was not far off the route that Ted would take to go home.

"There's one other sticking point," said Ted, "you'll probably have to go back to your group to tell them that you're going home with us."

Surprisingly she was delighted to do this. "Ted, will you go with me? I'd love to walk around the beach with you and Carol and show off how sexy I really am. But then - no offense Carol - I'd love to go with Ted to my group of friends with his arm tightly around me, wearing this sexy suit, and announce to my friends that Ted was taking me home. And maybe, Ted, could you kiss me right in front of all of them? It would blow them away."

That is what they did. They walked around on the right hand side of the beach showing off to the people there, the girls getting catcalls and wolf whistles and Ted being called a lucky son of a bitch for having two hot babes (and a few more vulgar noun phrases) to bang. When they got near the middle part where the families were, they skirted that group by going into the water fairly deep. Then they came out on the left side, and Carol stood off to the side, holding the blankets to try to take any attention away from herself while the girl and Ted approached her group. They walked up to the group holding hands. The girl pressed her body into Ted's but as she did, she lifted her bandeau top from off the tit that was pressing into Ted's side.

"Sorry guys," she said. "I had a wonderful time, just not with you." The guys were staring at her unable to believe how unbelievably sexy she looked. "I'll be going home with Ted. He's got a great cock here," (she said as she put her hands on it momentarily) "and shoots the biggest load I've ever seen. I can hardly wait until he fucks the shit out of me. Later." And with that they walked off.

They did hear one guy ask another, "You called that sexless?"

As they got into the truck, she said to Ted, "I meant it, Ted, if you've got a condom - well maybe even if you don't - I want you to fuck me."

Ted looked at Carol and Carol looked at Ted. Carol was the one who spoke up. "We haven't talked that issue all the way through, yet. We've fantasized about fucking others, but haven't made the decision that we will actually do it. But we've had a great time with you and thoroughly enjoyed your company and the way you played around with us. So if you'll give us your first name and phone number, if we decide to go that route, you will be the first girl to know. In the meantime, I've gotten the vibe that you are still a virgin. And if you are, right now in the throes of passion is not the best time to decide that you want to give Ted the gift of your virginity. Think about it. Once you lose it you'll never get it back. But even if we call you and find out you've changed your mind, nothing will ever take away the fun we had with one another today."

Ted pulled over to a turn off in the road. "Now you're going to have to give us our suit back and put on the clothing that you left home in, or your parents might not be too pleased."

"No problem. No parents home tonight. They went out for a fourth of July thingy. I'll give you your suit but just walk into the house in my shirt. A few hours ago I'd be mortified to do such a thing. But now I feel so sexy, I almost hope that the neighbor boy is out in his yard and sees me. Maybe I should leave my shirt unbuttoned. I think he'd like my titties. Maybe he'd like to fuck me."

Chapter 16 - The Talk

They drove home in silence for quite a ways, both of them lost in their own thoughts. Finally Carol piped up with a question. "Are you ready to talk about it?"

Ted did not have to ask, "Talk about what?" He said, "I'd like to save it until tonight when we are gently fucking side by side."

"Good idea," said Carol.

By the time it was dark, there were a few scented candles illuminating the bedroom. Both Ted and Carol had taken a shower, and now they were in bed, making out. This might be a long slow session of sex, so Ted had put a tube of lube on the nightstand by the bed. When Carol said, "I'm ready," Ted lubed his cock and put a little lube on Carol's opening. Carol was on her back. Ted was lying next to her on his side facing her with his hips brought forward so that he could enter her. He adjusted a pillow under his head so that he could be comfortable. Carol threw the leg that was closest to Ted over his hip. They gently started moving in sync with one another. Carol brought a hand down to her clit and massaged it ever so gently.

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