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What It's All About


Every man, woman, child and anyone else over the of eight has heard the word "sex" and wondered about it. Children hear it described as something awesome and wonderful from their parents, the media, their friends, and a host of other places. Advertisements on billboards show virile men and exotic women hawking a product or idea. So, "What is it really?"

In it's highest and simplest form it might be described as follows. "A harmonious coupling of a healthy man and a healthy woman in spirit, mind, and body." It has been described by some as as the ultimate human endeavour. In it's highest form, it should provide pleasure more intense than than any other human sensation, equally to the man and to the woman.

As adults, with at least some experience in the matter of sex, one must wonder why we aren't all going around with a smile on our face - all the time. The answer is simple. We have simply not experienced sex in it's ultimate form; rather, in a lesser form, without appropriate portions of emotion [spirit], intellect [mind], and physical [biological] input into the activity. The fact is we are, none of us, perfect lovers. . .we have our hangups, we're not socially unblemished. We are not perfetly attuned to our lover. That does not mean that we who have risen to a 9.9 on a scale of 10 can not improve. . . .

The sexual act without emotion, is devoid of any feelings other than sensation and can only be classed as recreational sex. Of course, if one is willing to settle for 2/3ds of the equation it can still be fun - but can never be enjoyed to it's ultimate extent.

The sex act without intellectual stimulation leaves only the coupling of the body, i.e., sexual congress and is more simply called prostitution. It can never be more than a higher form of external masturbation. Of course, some are willing to settle for the sensation that it provides. It should be noted that a professional prostitute knows that they must try to induce some intellectual stimuli into their act if they are to be successful.

So; then, we have a man and a woman, who are bonded socially, either by marriage or other commitment, who might wonder, "Is this all there is?" Most of us probably have. Men!, "Remember when you rushed your partner into premature coitus with a severe case of 'hot pants'?" In so doing you deprived your partner of the their ultimate pleasure. In so doing, you also deprived yourself. "Remember when you. . . . .?"

Women! "Remember when you wanted to punish your man by not participating fully in the sexual act that you entered into willingly?" You deprived yourself; thence, your partner. "Remember when you ...?"

So, there we have addressed the harmonious aspect of the relationship in the act. Neither the man or the woman can do much about their health but, let's face it, sexual intercourse and the events leading up to it involves strenuous physical activity coupled with a keen mind and unfettered spirit. In addition, obesity, poor hygiene, and feelings encumbered by mental aberrations will probably be distasteful to a partner.

Now, "How do we we prepare for our sexual liaison?" Well, the obvious first thing is to make our body as presentable as possible, good hygiene and grooming as well as bathing are a must. Then, we must prepare our minds... think about all the matters relative to the act before you commit to it! If their are unresolved intellectual matters, resolve them before committing further. Preparing the spirit is much harder. . . .Are we really in contact with our spiritual side? Do your emotions, [including but not limited to lust] impel you towards further commitment? Once one has started down the path towards sexual intercourse the intellectual and spiritual matters will be distorted by lust. Latent and unresolved intellectual and spiritual values will manifest itself as guilt and detract from the ultimate enjoyment.

Part II - ----------------------------------------------------------

So, "How does it all work?" Let's take Jack and Jill, two hypothetical people, married, couple of kids, financial worries and encumbered with busy, full lives. They are healthy and deeply committed to each other. It's Friday and Jill has had an easy day with the children at school and the household chores completed earlier in the week.

By mid afternoon, she begins to think about Jack and fanticise about his body. She begins to feel a bit cosy and her groin and nipples are a bit sensitive. . . .an all together pleasant feeling. She considers masturbation briefly but rejects the idea, preferring to save herself for the evening with her husband.

Then, she plans, simple meal on time, kids prepared for bed early, and the master bedroom decorated with flowers and a nice scent. She showers, prepares herself for the evening she anticipates and dresses in her sexiest dress. Her lust is now more evident and she revels in anticipation. In quiet moments she succumbs to the lusty feelings.

At 6:30 p.m. Jack arrives home, a half hour late, dinner has been on hold for half an hour and Jack has had an emotionally draining day. The kids, who have been waiting for dinner have become unruly and Jill's evening is starting poorly. She serves the dinner and minds the kids as

Jack eats in silence. After dinner, Jill does the dishes and cleans the kitchen; then, gets the kids tucked in. Jack has gone to be, sunbathed, and exhausted. By 9:00 p.m. Jill undresses, dons a heavy night gown, and goes to bed beside her husband who is sleeping soundly.

In bed, Jill smells the stale body odor of her husband as she lies, frustrated, in bed. In an hour or so sleep comes. . . .

At 5:30 a.m. Jack arises at his usual hour and jogs his usual two miles before returning to shower and shave. At 7:20 he puts the kids on the school bus and returns to check on Jill who sleeps peacefully in their bed. After making coffee and breakfast of scones and Irish Creme Jack removes his clothing and returns to bed where he cuddles up to spoon with his wife. As he lies next to Jill's warm figure he clears his mind of his business problems and lusts after his wife. The lust comes easy for him as he smells the sweet scent of her body powders and shampoo.

Half an hour later, Jill stirs and wakes to find it well past her usual time for arising. "The Kids!" she says. "All taken care of," he says. "Breakfast in bed," she notes and suddenly relaxes into the arms of her lover.

As the two lovers lay in their bed they do not immediately institute the sex act; rather, they begin to align themselves to each other. He looks into her eyes and she returns the look. They talk about controversial matters of the day and discount them, one by one. Now, attuned in mind and spirit, Jill goes to her morning shower and returns a few minutes later, totally nude. Jack admires her body with his lustful gaze. She turns and does a pirouette to show her nicely shaped features.

In bed their bodies meet, him on his right side, her on her left, her breasts and thighs pressed against his. They kiss. The foreplay continues with greater urgency as they seek to attune themselves to each other. The caresses, the fondling, the sucking, the feeling all directed towards a perfect alignment of their bodies, minds and souls for the action they are about to undertake. Each new caress provides the partner with a new latent pleasure. Each suckle, or laving adds to their partners store of latent pleasure. After a particularly ardent kissing, licking and fingering of Jill's pussy Jack feels her breathing deepen and her body tensing. . . .it is time.

As Jack raises himself over Jill on the bed he moves upwards, between her thighs and positions himself for the uniting of his cock and her pussy. A single, slow shove and Jacks tool slides home to the hilt. Her well lubricated channel accepts his tool with a loving tenderness and the lovers become one. They dance the ancient dance of coitus and revel in the pleasure it brings. Soon, as if by some hidden signal, they roll and Jill is on top, her vagina still full of Jacks penis and the action continues. Now it is Jill who leads in the dance of love...Jack responds with vigour.

Another move and Jill is seated in Jacks lap, facing him and their sex still joined. . . .they fondle and caress and take their time. The pleasure builds. Then, after a few minutes pause, Jack is pistoning into his lover from the missionary position and Jill's feet are drumming a beat on his back. The action intensifies as the lovers move towards a culmination.

When Jill begins to tense for an orgasm he prepares himself and drives into her harder. . . . As the spasms of Jill's orgasm flood through her body, Jack must also climax. . .a hundred locomotives could not hold back the raging flood of semen into Jill's belly. They cling to each other as each new spasm races through their bodies . . . .and then it's over.

Slowly the lovers return to the world around them. They kiss and fondle and assure each other of their love. Jack would have to hurry if he was to be back at his office by 1:00 p.m.

That afternoon, Jill sat making her shopping list and waiting for the kids to arrive home from school. As she sat she felt the tenderness on her pubes from the morning's event and smiled. . . .Her breasts were also sensitized. . . .the feelings of the morning lingered. "fresh fucked female", she thought. . . . .and revelled in it!

That might have been a solid nine on a one to ten scale.


Dick and Jane did not fair so well. Both had been through bitter divorces and had been emotionally drained and crippled by their failures. Their confidence had been shattered and their self-esteem was non-existent. Both were successful in their sales careers and they held similar positions with competing companies.

Perhaps it was ironic that they should meet as adversaries as they attempted to sell their product. Using all the sales techniques at their disposal against each other, it was probably doubly ironic that they became friends of a sort. Being emotionally unable to support one another, they based their relationship on a need for what the other had to offer. They shared an apartment. They shared a bed. They respected each other. They took their meals together. They helped each other to the limit of their ability. Bonding was minimal.

At 7:25 p.m., Dick came home to find Jane asleep in a chair. She looked exhausted. Dinner was still not a consideration. "Damn!" he thought. It was supposed to be her turn tonight. Then, after re-consideration, he finds that he's a bit horny so he changes his tact. "Hey Babe? Let's order in Chinese tonight," he says. She does not respond to his question and he orders anyway for a nine o'clock delivery.

At 9:00 p.m. the food arrives and they are awakened from their sleep to rise from their chairs and go to the door where they pay for the food and trudge to the table to eat their meal. As they eat they become more awake. . . .Jane finds herself feeling a bit horny and the couple make overtures towards each other. . . .a look, a lascivious smile, a suggestion! Each works at enticing he other.

Twenty minutes later they undress and climb in bed. They move together and touch each other as they kiss and fondle. They are both experienced and know what turns on their partner and they both proceed through the motions. As Dick puts his lips to Jane's breast he tastes the slight taste of stale sweat. He continues his ministrations and moves down Jane's belly until he gets the distinct odour of poor feminine hygiene. Here he stops and retreats back to concentrate on the breasts. Jane, on the other hand, gets better perceptions of Dick. . . .she quickly responds and here lust builds steadily. Then, she senses that Dick has hesitated and seems untuned to their act.

They slowly come together as their minds resolve the immediate problems with their encounter. When Dick's tool enters Jane's lubricated pussy they are as prepared as they probably can be. Both are incapable of deep emotion and both are more interested in themselves than in their partner. After the point of insertion, the act becomes more familiar. The experienced lovers dance the ancient ritual of love with skill and they take certain pleasure from each other.

The culmination is slow in coming; yet, most enjoyable. Jane exaggerates her reaction to the feelings to impress Dick. Dick stays for the afterglow to please Jane. Then, it's over.

Let's give it a 6.5 on the 1 to 10 scale.

---------------------------- ####---------------------------------

Gena was the Chief Operating officer of a large corporation before she was thirty five. She had earned the position with hard work and diligence and the company she took over had moved from near bankruptcy to a financial success. She had been interviewed by several national magazines and was at the top of her career field.

Privately her social life, or lack of it, was in a shambles. She had no close friends, having lost contact with those she'd made as kids long ago. Her sexual encounters had been limited to a couple of high school trysts in the back seat of a family sedan and a fellow in college who had sweet-talked her into it a few times before they parted. Now, she had only masturbation which provided little relief for her sexual tensions.

At one of the more intense times of need, when masturbation simply didn't help, Gena decided it was time for some professional help. She searched the yellow pages and found a listing for, "Discreet Escort Services, men and women for your pleasure." She checked her schedule and found that the following Tuesday night was clear. Wednesday morning had only a minimal work schedule. She picked up the telephone and dialled the number. . . .

At 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday, a tall, dark, formally dressed, handsome man appeared at Gena's door. "He'll do nicely," she thought as she opened the door.

Dinner was scheduled for 6:45 at 'Amadaeus', the chic place to go in the city. Gena would be seen there, in the company of a handsome man and the fact duly reported in social circles. Should someone recognize the man she was with, it was unlikely they'd talk much about it. Dinner was pleasant and the conversation was easy.

Dan provided a service, the best service in the city, for the highest price in the city. Dan was good at what he did. . . He was a professional too! Tonight he was especially pleased to note that the woman he was with was to be with was beautiful! His business acumen told him that he would.

Gena, on the other hand, was nervous. She felt tense and somewhat frightened by what she was doing. Then it happened. . . .! Tess, from her marketing department, came by their table and it was evident that she knew Dan rather well. "Damn, she knows!," she thought. Later, as they danced, Dan seemed to know a good many of the people around them even though he pretended to have eyes only for her. "Let's get out of here," she said.

As they drove about the city, Gena began to relax. Dan tried to mend the damage that had been done by their chance meeting with Tess. Tess wouldn't talk. He was sure of that. Dan knew Tess well and he had services a number of clients at Tess's request. Right now though, it was his responsibility to save the evening and his reputation. They talked on an intellectual level about a mirad of things. Gradually, Gena was prepared for the evening ahead. As they departed the care Gena was relaxed and even enjoying the evening. . . .until they passed the doorman at her apartment. "He'll know I'm having a man in my room," she thought and she was tense again.

In her apartment, Dan was solicitous but it was to little avail. He had experienced failure before but it was usually with women who had emotional hangups or mental problems and Gena didn't show any signs of either. He tried to be pleasant and played to her ego.

Had Gena been of lesser intellect she might have been won but she quickly saw through Dan's ploys. "What the hell," she thought, "I hired him to fuck me and that's what he's here for." "Let's fuck," she said.

Dan was again on safe ground. He was an expert at fucking. . . . and that's what she wants! He slowly undressed the woman beside him as she lay on the bed. She could have been dead as far as he could tell. He undressed himself before her and she showed no interest. Kissing her was like putting his lips to a cold fish. Perhaps. . . . .As he climbed between her thighs and applied his lips to her labes did he get a reaction. . . . only a slight one but it encouraged Dan to continue his ministrations. He had eaten and fingered many pussies before but this one got his best effort as he continued to encourage the woman beneath him. Then, he felt hands on his head directing him upwards. "I want it now," she said.

As Dan donned his condom and climbed over his clients body he hoped that he could still save his reputation. After all he was surely one of the best cocksmen in the city. As he entered her Gena resisted due to poor lubrication and felt the pain as they became accustomed to each other. The action was slow to start; then, then brisk.

Gena lay as if she were dead, under her lover's body. Then, somewhere deep in her bowels she felt a spark of lust. It was just an instant but Gena recognized it at once. She waited until she felt the spark again and then again. The man on top of her was beginning to inspire her lusty nature. She let herself go as she began to respond to Dan's ministrations. It felt good! Then it felt real good!!

Then, it was over. Dan had withheld his ejaculation as long as he could before spilling his wad into the condom.

Frustrated with the whole affair, Gena ordered, "Get out!" "Just take your clothed and go. This was a mistake." After Dan was gone, history, a "to-be-forgotten" event. Gena wept. . . . .

Let's rate this at about 1.2 on a scale of 1 to 10.


Bob is working on a project 5,000 miles from home. He works 65 hours a week at a demanding job and has little time for a life. He is there, a hemisphere from home, to forget a woman in whom he had invested his very soul only to find that she didn't feel the same way. He is lonely. . . .so lonely that it's affecting his sleep, his mind and his forgetting the woman he came to forget.

Phyllis is a woman who was born into poverty, had worked hard to improve her lot, failed and lost hope. When the project came to her village, she saw men with money, men with power, men who would never know poverty! It was then that she decided to sell herself.

Some months later, Bob went to the local bar. He had reasoned that a whore could appease his loneliness and his sexual appetites at the same time. Besides, he had heard that the women in the bar were beautiful. As he entered the establishment he saw that the rumours he had heard were true - the women were indeed beautiful!

He approached the bar, ordered beer and addressed Phyllis, "Hi! I'm bob," he said. "You may call me Phyl," she said and the bargaining began. They had soon agreed on a price, a place and what was expected of the encounter.

As they left he bar Bob began to feel the long forgotten sensation of lust. It felt good. He felt the beginnings of an erection and enjoyed the pleasure it evoked. As they walked, Phyl tried to engage Bob in conversation that would result in some bonding. "After all," she reasoned, "If she could please this man he might return often." They talked of personal things and things that would draw out Bob's feelings. She tried to develop the conversation along intellectual lines as well. Bob, was certainly ready for any form bonding, especially female bonding. He was soon captivated by the woman who he had hired to please him. . .

At Bob's room, they entered in silence as Phyl waited for Bob to set the mood. When he didn't act immediately she took control and set Bob in a chair at the table. She moved slowly and sensuously to a seat across from him. They continued to talk as Bob's appetites became more urgent.

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