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What It's All About


I've been thinking of a way to introduce, Jim Beam. After much consideration I've decided to do it in a story which is more fact than fiction.

I'm a civilian government employee and I often travel with military personnel and this trip was no exception. Along with me, on this trip, is a younger guy, a Marine Gunnery Sergeant. Gunny S, as he likes to be called, is every woman's dream! He is 6ft 2, 200Lbs, solid as a rock, with a perfect six pack, chiseled face, sandy short hair, and has a huge bulge in his trousers. He has been modeling clothing for major clothing designers for nearly 2 years. Gunny S is everything I'm not and never was. Women from 14 to 40 just stop in their tracks and gauche at this guy. As a gal later remarked to me "A panty soaker."

We no sooner get on the plane and I have a pair of 36Cs hanging in my face and a request from Gunny S "Would you mind?" She just points to an isle seat two rows back.. As it turns out she is traveling with the woman who I'm now sitting beside. "That's Mary and I'm Sue" She introduced. "Hi Sue! Nice to meet you! I'm Jim – Jim Beam." I replay as I shove my carry-on under the seat. "I think Mary would drop her panties, right here, on the plane for your friend!" Sue remarked disgustingly. "She wouldn't be the first." I told her.

Sue is a very nice looking woman with a doll baby face. She is about 5ft 2, 145Lbs, nice pair of C's, with the better part of her around the bottom. But, she is not the "Barbie Doll" that Mary, her best friend, is.

Sue is the woman I'd pick out for a good night of dancing, conversation and hopefully some great sex for desert. Just like many others of her stature and personality, she talks about everything except her real feelings. But, later we got around to the fact that Mary, her friend, is a "Cock Magnet" and just like I was on this trip, average Sue was seconds! Like I said before Sue is a good looking woman and should not have any trouble finding a man either for companionship or a quickie. She, however, is looking for the "Barbie Doll's Ken" type and therefore does without more often than she would admit.

I'm never looking for the "Barbie Doll" type. I've even been accused of leaving with the worst looking gal in the club. That's ok though! When I go to bed with a woman I want the whole package. The "Barbie Dolls"- I have had a few - don't seem to know how to enjoy or appreciate good sex. Or is it that I just blow my load before I get my shorts down! Either way I like it better if I can last for a few hours and get to make her climax several times before I blow my first load.

Enough about the flight! It's not really the story but it does explain the type of trip I was in for. At our destination and settled in at the motel, Gunny S and I head out for something to eat and a little night life. After just two stops we find a place boasting a live band and maybe some action. We could hear the band through the doors and it sounded pretty good. But, when Gunny S walked in it was like the whole place paused. All the women turned his way and for just a few seconds there wasn't a guy there that wasn't wondering if he was going to get dumped for this bastard.

Gunny S looked at me and said "Get me a beer" and headed for a table with two gals. In seconds he had "Barbie Doll" up and dancing. I went up to the bar, had a seat and ordered two beers. Half way though my beer a gal pulled up along side and suggested that I join her at the table. "Before I lose it" she hinted. It was the other gal - the one Gunny S didn't take. She was surely no "Barbie Doll"! Very pretty but far too heavy to be even average among the rest of the gals there. She was near 30, 5ft 6, short dishwater blond hair, nice set of DD's and a fairly large ass to go with them. Her blouse was just a little tight and with 2 buttons open her cleavage was bouncing-ly pleasant. The jeans were tight and accented just a little to much of her ample buns. Definitely a zero on my female in jeans scale.

– I measure a gal by how many fingers I could get through the keyhole formed at the crouch.–

There was no space on this one. I was thinking that a nice skirt would have been a better choice. "Sure - I'd like that" I responded. "My name is Jenny" she said. "Hi Jenny! I'm Jim – Jim Beam – Like the Bourbon" I responded with a nice smile.

I got her a drink, grabbed Gunny's and we moved to the table. "That's Randy Smith - Everyone calls him Gunny S- out there with your friend. He's a Marine" I told Jenny. "That's Barbie" she added. "How appropriate, Barbie" I remarked. "Yea I don't even know why I come with her! She always takes the best men." Jenny said disgustingly. "Well she missed out tonight!" I said. Jenny just looked at me???? "Me - She never even gave me a glance" I said with a laugh. Although it sounded humorous, I was really serious. "I'd give up sex for a year to have 30 minutes with Randy" Jenny sighed. "Why?" I asked. "Are you kidding? He's a panty soaker! I'd give anything to get him in bed!" she exclaimed.

"Jenny, I take it that you go out with Barbie quite often?" I queried. Jenny Nodded. "Well Jenny,------ when was the last time Barbie told you how great the sex was? ----- When has she ever told you that she climaxed 3 or 4 times? ----- In fact has she ever even told you that she climaxed at all?" I challenged. Jenny just shook her head. "That's right! Girls like Barbie can get the "Pretty Boy" every time and I'll bet she has never left with anything less." Jenny nodded in the affirmative. "Let me suggest to you what is going to happen and what would happen if you left with Gunny S" I said. "What is he fucked up? He wouldn't hurt Barbie?" she queried excitedly. "No not at all. She will be fine!

"But. — you see guys like Randy can have any woman they want and although they get

much more than most men, they don't know how to give a woman what she needs. Girls

like Barbie have been with guys like Randy so many times that they don't know what sex

is. Randy will take her just like every other guy she has had. He'll drop his trousers,

she'll drop her panties and then it will be "Wham Bam Thank You Ma'am ." She will be

flat on her back he'll jam it in and shoot his load in 2 minutes flat. If she cums at all, it

will only be once and he won't even take the time to see that she got any pleasure from it.

If she wants more his answer will be "What do you want from me?" They will part and

both will be unsatisfied."

"Is that the kind of sex you want, Jenny? I asked. "I don't know! All I know is that he is my wettest dream!" Jenny responded. "Jenny, I don't think that is what you are looking for. If I read your eyes and sweet smile correctly, I know what your looking for! ---- And, ---- if I get your panties wet, -- promise me that you will let me make it come true!"

"I didn't have you come over here so you could hit on me! I thought you might get me a dance with your friend! That would get my panties wet!" She remarked. "I'm sorry that came out wrong! I'm not hitting on you!" I replied as Randy and Barbie came off the floor. "If you want a dance I'll ask" I challenged.

Gunny S and Barbie took their seats. Jenny introduced me to Barbie and then I introduced Randy to Jenny. "Gunny I think Jenny would like a dance" I prompted. "I'm tired Jenny and I would like to have a drink! Maybe later?" He told her. Jenny was disappointed and I gave Gunny a glare so he knew it wasn't a request. Gunny prompted "Barbie, be a dear and get us a round. This one is warm. I think Jenny's dance is up!" Jenny got the biggest smile and almost jumped out of the chair. She held Gunny tight and throughout the slow dance, made all the right moves to let him know she was interested but when it was over they came back to the table. Gunny let Jenny down into the chair and with military style courtesy thanked her for the dance. She knew there wouldn't be any more! We chatted for a few minutes over the drinks and then Gunny flipped me the keys and left with Barbie. "Well I guess that means you got to take me home." Jenny said "We don't have to go now! We can have a dance or two! That is if your panties aren't too wet" I suggested. "I think they are frozen so a dance would be nice! If you can get them we wet I'll even take them off and give them to you" Jenny challenged smugly.

We danced a few. She bounced those DD's and gave that ass of hers a few seductive wiggles! She really was a pretty good looking gal. Or, was it the beer? "Lets have another drink and cool off a bit" Jenny suggested We headed for the table but the band kicked in a slow one. We stayed on the floor and wrapped in each others arms danced to the seductive music. She held me tight and was clearly looking for an indication that she had my interest so I slid my hands down to her ass. Meeting no resistance I gave her a few gentle squeezes which resulted in some seductive sighs. When the song ended, we got another round and returned to the table.

" I think a slow and easy lover is what you really want! One who gently undresses you with his eyes!. A lover that you can caress and fondle. Have you ever had a man give you a bath? Have you ever given a man a bath? Warm water and slippery soap? A lover who brings you to your first orgasm with his touch and the second with his tongue? A lover who lets you fondle and kiss his manhood? A lover who serves up hours of pleasure? A lover who fondles your breasts just the way you like it? A lover you can mount and ride until you have your third orgasm? A lover who lays beside you hugging and kissing until you are ready for a fourth? A lover who delivers his load when you want it? A lover you can wake up with knowing you want him again?"

"I think you should take me home" Jenny suggested. "Ok" I reply. We both make a pit stop and then go out to the car. Directions coming from Jenny I was headed down the road when she reached in her purse, pulled out her panties and pushed them under my nose. "They are soaking wet" she exclaimed. "And, – I think you need serviced" I whispered.

Just inside the door of her apartment I took her in my arms and kissed her open mouthed. As we separated I unbuttoned her blouse exposing a lovely and expensive bra full of cleavage. "It's a front clasp" she sighed. Following the hint, I opened the clasp and let them free. She had lovely breasts much firmer than I expected. I fondled them gently. Taking her ridged nipples between my thumbs and first fingers I rolled to the tune of soft moans. Her hands worked desperately at my belt, zipper and waist clasp until my trousers fell to the floor. My long leg briefs quickly followed. She took my meager 6 inches in one hand and my more than a hand full of balls in the other. My pre-cum was starting and she rubbed it between her fingers and lifted it to her lips for a taste. "Umm- I'm going to like this" she sighed. I unbuttoned her jeans and kneeled as I slid them to the floor. Her hairy, untrimmed brier patch was in my face. I couldn't even see pussy through the thicket! When she stepped out her jeans I barely saw just a hint of pink. I had no idea how I was going to eat my way through to her passion spot. I stood up and pushed her blouse and bra to the floor and again kissed her passionately.

Both of us of same mind we moved to the shower and started the water. She got in first and with my cock pressed into in the crack of her ass I reached around and washed everything up front. I enjoyed sliding my hands around each of her luscious breasts but not nearly as much as she liked it! When I slipped down to her belly she quickly pushed my hands to her mound. She moaned with pleasure as I gently aroused her passion with my soapy fingers. When I stopped she turned around and I shampooed and rinsed her hair. Then with my cock against her stomach, and my chest firmly pressed to her breasts, I washed her back and luscious buns. I got on my knees and gently inserted two fingers deep into her pussy and slid my thumb up until she flinched. I knew I was on her button. I gently rubbed her clit and pumped her to orgasm before I let her wash me.

Standing face to face and her breasts firmly pressed to my chest, Jenny washed my back side. I turned around and with her tits in by back she washed my chest and then my cock and balls. She stroked me until I couldn't take anymore and had to stop her or I would have blown my load. I turned a round and she kneeled down and sucked what was surely more than just pre- cum of my cock.

I couldn't figure how I was going to get my tongue through that briar patch covering her pussy so I ask "What do you shave your legs with?"

"I have a wet/dry electric. Why? Do my legs need shaved? She replied. "No — not your legs honey" I replied. "Oh ---- I don't shave it because I can't see to do it." She said shyly as she looked down at her massive tits. "Well an electric won't handle it even if you could" I replied. "You don't like hairy beaver do you? -- I have scissors if you will trim it for me! --- I really would like to try it shaved!" She replied. "Oh honey I've never shaved a woman" I said. Sliding her hands over my baby smooth shaven face she remarked. "Feels like you do pretty good work! — Why don't you to break your cherry on me – Please" Jenny got the scissors and razor and then with a tile wrapped around her, sat on the side of the tub. I took the scissors and slowly snipped at her bush. Soon I found two beautiful mounds surrounding a pair of pink ribbon lips and the real prize was her slit, its tip just peeking out between her lips. I've never seen a more beautiful pussy. With the razor I took the stubble down to baby smooth skin. Lubrication was no problem! Her pussy was leaking plenty of clear slippery juices. Finished, I dipped my fingers and then savored the sweet honey at my lips. "Umm you taste so good" I told her. Her pussy shaved, save a well trimmed triangle of hair on her mound we moved to the bed.

I had her lay on her back with her feet still flat on the floor so that her pussy was positioned just right for me to devourer as I kneeled between her legs. She spread her legs and I went in with my tongue. In just seconds she was fucking my tongue like it was a cock. Just when I though she was trying to keep from cumming I spread her lips with my hands, took her slit between my lips and licked it with my tongue. She began to shake and shudder but was still trying to hold it so I sucked her slit hard! She climaxed for over a minute before wilting to submission. Then I pushed her legs wide causing her pussy to gape wide open then sucked every drop of her sweet honey out of her pussy.

We exchanged places and she licked and sucked my balls and cock for over half an hour. She was good and kept me just at the edge of climax! Every time a drop of pre-cum leaked out she would suck it of my cock like a cherry on a sundae.

She had me reposition on my back in the middle of the bed and. She straddled my cock and guided it in to her pussy. I wanted to wait for her so I asked her to go slow. My cock was deep in her and I was pinching her luscious nipples. She was contracting her pussy with a smooth rhythm without stroking. Soon she began to shudder. Her contractions continued to pump my cock from root to head with every shudder. Then - she tightened! I felt her fluid release just before I exploded. Both of us spent, she rolled off and with her back to my chest and one of her tits in my hand we fell asleep.

When I woke up the sunlight was coming in the window. Her luscious breast was still firmly in my hand. We hadn't moved all night! My cock was hard as a rock and pushing against the crack of her ass. She woke up slowly as I fondled her breasts and took a fetal position. She raised her leg over mine and guided my cock in to her sweet pussy. We both moved slowly meeting each others strokes keeping me a deep inside her as possible. It took about 30 minutes of effortless strokes and then we both climaxed. No sweat! No Heavy breathing! Just her and my cum easily and effortlessly filling her pussy until it was full and over flowing.

"Now I know what you mean by servicing a woman" She whispered. Then she slipped it out, rolled over and we hugged and kissed passionately.

Before I showered and left for my meeting, we made an agreement to meet at the same table again that night.

From the time we got together that night Barbie didn't pay much attention to Gunny S so he found another "Barbie Doll." As soon as he left, Barbie started hitting on me. I didn't want to dump Jenny but when I danced with Barbie she whispered in my ear "I want you to service me." I didn't answer her and when we got back to the table Jenny prompted "Go ahead I want her to know what she is missing."

"What about you?" I ask. "I'm going to service Randy" she exclaimed. She got up, broke in on the couple and returned with Gunny after the dance. On the way to get another round Randy asked me "Is she really that good?" I told him that if he'd let her she would deliver the best sex of his life. They finished the beer and left together.

I serviced Barbie that night but as I expected she didn't even come close to sex with Jenny. Gunny S didn't say much about Jenny that day but later that night Jenny told me that he was the worst lover she ever had. Jenny and I spent the next three nights in bed together.

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