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What Just Happened?


"I am buying Jack a Condo as soon as I can."

I chirped as I entered the house. I am Bob, just plain Bob, an average guy with an average life but a momentous problem. My wife Lynn, the high and mighty Mistress Lynn of my house, was a controlling bitch who showed her true colors three months after we got married and since then, in the ensuing three years, my life has gone from bad to worse. Jack has just made my life much easier.

Lynn looked up and said, "What?"

"I'm going to buy Jack a condo and perhaps even an expensive car. He is the best friend that I can hope to have." I said as I flopped on the single seat beside her.

"Why, what happened?" She asked

"Okay, hear me out. Jack has been my best friend since grade school. It was in the eighth grade that I started making crank calls to Betty Poole's house. I would call up and ask what color undergarments was she wearing and if she would strip for me behind the gym. Of course, after some time, Betty caught up to the fact that I was the one making the calls. So, she asked her parents to do something about it. My parents were called and then one day I found myself sitting in her living room with my parents and just about to be ripped a new asshole. It was a no win situation when the phone rang and it turned out to be the guy who was harassing her. I was let off the hook. I was back to making the calls within the next few days but that phone call from Jack saved my life." I said

"OK, so he called up Betty's home and diverted suspicion from you. Why would you give him a condo for it?" She was a little confused.

"That's not all. When we were in collage together he saved my life once again. This time it was a bodybuilder type ex-boyfriend of my then-current girlfriend, who was convinced that I had 'stolen' his girl. He was not pissed off at the fact that I was dating her but at the fact that I was dating her even before she broke off with him. I was guilty as charged but when Jack heard about it. He made sure that Jenny, the girl in question, went out with a different guy every day and then wind up with me as soon as the Moose was sure that she was not with me. This convinced him that I was one of many and she was playing the field. Suddenly he was not as angry as before." I related another story to her.

"I don't see any reason to give him a condo in this story either." She said.

"Hang on. This was not all. In the final year I was smitten by this very beautiful girl and I could see no wrong with her and almost fought with him when he said that she was cheating on me. Jack went out of his way to get me pictures and video of the girl in bed with someone else." I gave her another example. "In fact I cannot tell you how many times he has saved my ass. He is the best friend in the whole world. He has done it again today."

"What did he do today?" She asked

"He gave me a set of pictures and video again. This time it's of him and you. He was sure that you had been cheating on me and that you were poison for me and he decided to seduce you. He wanted to see how far you would go and how much contempt you had for me. So, he kept on banging you for three months. Today he gave me these pictures taken right in our bedroom. The two of you look wonderful." I said and forwarded her the pictures that were in fact taken by the camera placed by me in our bedroom.

Jack was all that I said, a true friend, until the time Lynn started paying extra attention to him. Once he got a lick of Lynn's pussy he was gone forever as a friend. I wanted to plant some mistrust between the two so that they would not gang up on me right now. It was important to keep them off balance to ensure a surgical removal of Lynn from my life.

As luck would have it, Jack entered the house at that very moment. I was about to be exposed for the scheming asshole that I was; I had to improvise.

"Sorry Jack, I had to tell her that you were the one who gave me the pictures and videos." I said to him even before he could take a proper look at Lynn who was running into the library.

"What pictures?" he countered but by then Lynn was out of the room.

"Why, these of course!" I said and pushed the pictures in front of his face.

"Oh Shit!" this was all he could say before I heard a loud bang and his body suddenly almost flew back and he landed on his back with a thud.

I turned around to see the origin of the loud bang and I saw Lynn standing there. There was a shotgun lying right beside her. It was obvious that the recoil had jerked the gun from her hand and I could see her holding her right shoulder which meant that her shoulder had dislocated due to the recoil. I assessed that there was no need to pick up the shotgun because it made better evidence with just her fingerprints on them. I turned back to see what condition Jack was in but it was futile. Even with all the recoil and the gun jumping around, he was hit right where his heart once throbbed with life and was dead before he hit the ground.

"What have you done?" I shouted at her, almost panicking. Although it was not me who killed him but have you even been at a crime scene even as a witness? It is scary! Plus all his blood on my face and cloth did not add to the pleasure.

"He had no right to do what he did. I never cheated on you until he started dropping the hint that he was interested. And this asshole, to prove himself right, seduced me and and..." She started off shouting but was sobbing by the time she stopped speaking.

I went to the phone and dialled the number to the police station. I had a hunch that getting a divorce would not be too much a trouble now!

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous04/25/18


But a little far fetched. One common complaint that I have is the spelling of clothes. They are usually made from cloth but once made into clothing the cloth becomes clothes. Get it right already!

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by Anonymous03/01/18


What happened just happen in life, I guess.
- Kath
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by Samuel_T_Cogsley02/01/18


Well, she didn't take long to find the shotgun in the house but still,,,,,

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by Schwanze102/01/18


that was hilarious.

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by Anonymous02/01/18

Wow...this is like a ton of bricks...although why is there a sho...nevermind, those questions don't matter. I can't believe the wife's reasoning, that it was because he showed interest in her. Doesn'tmore...

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