tagAnalWhat Karen Wants Ch. 02

What Karen Wants Ch. 02


What a time that first lesbian experience was for me. But things seemed to be getting better by the minute. Jack left the bedroom without dressing and we heard him using the phone. I gave a quizzical look toward Karen.

“Take it easy baby, he is just gonna make good on my desires.” Karen’s words got me excited. The idea of watching him with another man was truly enticing. And the idea that I would be able to share was intoxicating. This induced another great mental image and the fantasy was sensational.

Without really realizing what I was doing I slipped my hand between my legs and massaged my clit. I wasn’t trying to get off, it just felt good. Soon there was a mouth on my nipple, gently sucking and nibbling the sensitive areola.

“Mmm… Karen, how do you do this to me.”

“I wouldn’t be able to if you didn’t want it.” was her breathy reply.

Jack entered the room again and sat on the foot of the bed not moving. He watched as Karen replaced my hand with her own. She stopped working my nipple and looked at Jack,


“Tom will be here in twenty minutes.” He answered.

“Tom? Hmmm…”

My mind filled with images of Jack sucking the cock of another man, Jack gently caressing another mans testicles with his tongue. Jack was going to fuck another man in front of me!

Karen’s fingers felt as if they were inside me and rubbing my clit at the same time. I would have to learn how to do that. Her fingers became more and more aggressive. I hunched my pussy towards her hand trying desperately to get more of her hand inside of me.

“Oh God! This feels so good!” I couldn’t control any thing any more. I came again all over Karen’s hand. She then stood and slowly walked towards Jack. I leaned back against the headboard and watched as Jack licked and sucked my cum off of Karen’s fingers.

“Who’s Tom?” she asked.

“Don’t worry, it’s a surprise.”

Karen and Jack had stripped away any of my preconceptions about them and had replaced them with a willingness to explore every sexual facet this world can offer.

Jack had brought back some fresh glasses of wine and we sipped while I basked in the post orgasmic bliss that I had now become addicted to. We were halfway into our second glass of wine and chatting promiscuously when we heard the door chimes.

“I’ll get it.” Jack offered. We weren’t going to argue since I was attacked by an intense need to kiss Karen. Jack left the room and I devoured her mouth. I tried to communicate every passionate thought in my head, in the embrace we now shared. Her tongue tasted faintly of the wine, her lips as sweet as a rose. We pressed our tits together and I slipped two fingers into her wet pussy.

“Ahem…” we both looked up to see Jack again and this time he brought who I assumed to be Tom. I licked my fingers as they watched.

“Ladies,” he began, “this is Tom. And Tom, the beautiful young woman on the left is Ashley and the attractive seductress on the left is Karen.”

“My pleasure, but to be honest I thought that I was meeting Jack alone.”

Karen’s eyes got wide. We shared a knowing look between us as we sized up the newcomer. He was tall, though not as tall as Jack, and had really light blonde hair and a pale complexion. He was skinny but appeared to be in good shape. His dark blue eyes captured ones attention and held it.

“Do you mean to tell me that you and Jack have some kind of relationship?” Karen asked with a sense of playful surprise.

Jack smiled and looked at Tom waiting for him to formulate an answer. As both Jack and I knew, answering questions from a woman like Karen was never as easy as one might think.

“Well, er… I have been seeing him, uh… casually? From time to time… maybe I should just leave.”

“No!” the three of us said together. Then we all laughed and started fresh.

“Look,” Tom said, “I’m just an average guy. I love men, a lot. I met Jack a few months ago at a Hockey game and I knew that although he wasn’t gay, he was interested. I get off on fucking straight men and he didn’t put up much resistance so…”

“So you fucked him!” Karen said. “Ooh, how delightful that would be…”

“Have you ever been with a woman?” I asked.

“Yes,” he replied, “but I was drunk and as far as I know I didn’t really satisfy, nor was I satisfied by the experience. She just wasn’t… well… man enough for me.”

“Well, I want you to stay, I want to watch you and Jack.” I said. I hoped it didn’t sound too forward, and yet I wanted it to entice him into it.

“Watch us what?” he asked, his apprehension apparent.

“She wants to watch you kiss, suck, fuck, and any thing else you can think of.” Karen once again not mincing words.

“Oh my… oh my God! Are you serious? Is she serious?” he asked Jack.

“Oh yes my friend, she is serious. I’m sure she wants all of that and more.” Jack was smiling. I love watching him tease. He knew that Tom was getting uncomfortable, but he was taunting him anyway.

“Why don’t you two relax and Karen and I will leave you two alone for a while. We’ll take care of some business and meet up later.”

“Sounds good, what do you think Tom?” asked Jack.

“Well, OK.” Tom was uncomfortable.

Karen looked at me with confusion as I ushered Jack and Tom out of the bedroom.

“I want to seduce him.” I said.

“How do you plan on doing that? He’s Gay.”

“I’m going to dress up like a young man and then I’m going to lay it on thick.”

“Ooh you are a bad girl.”

We kissed and then left the house to do some shopping. We made our way into the gap and started sifting through boy’s suits. After picking one or two out we headed for the dressing room where I modeled for Karen.

“What do you think?” I asked after donning a navy blue suit with pinstripes.

“Mmmm… I don’t think you’d make it home with that on. I’d tear it of and fuck you!”

I unbuttoned the coat and the firs few buttons on the shirt and asked,

“Well what’s stopping you now?”

“No, no, no. You don’t get to play that game with me.”

I pouted feeling a bit dejected and changed into my own clothes confident that this suit would do the trick.

We made our way back to my place and stopped at the front door.

“Do you think it’s safe to go in?” I asked.

“Who cares,” Karen said, “if they are getting it on then we get what we want if not, then we have to work a bit harder, that’s all.”

I tuned the key in the lock slowly so as not to startle anyone inside. Karen and I slipped of our shoes and quietly made our way to the living room. We were not disappointed with the view when we got there.

Jack was reclining on the couch with nothing on at all, and Tom was straddling him in nothing but a pair of Joe Boxers with little smiley faces on them. A fire was going casting a seductive glow on the two men. Tom was clearly dominating now.

“Do you like to tease me in front of women?” Tom asked. “Do you want them or me?”

“I want you right now. And both of you later.”

“I will decide what, where, how, and when.” Tom’s hand stroked up and down on Jacks dick.

It was beautiful. Long and hard and thick enough that Tom’s fingers didn’t quite go all the way around. Jacks dick pulsed with his heart beat and glistened as Tom spread the pre-cum along the shaft. Tom kneeled in front of Jack and tenderly licked the tip of Jack’s cock. Jack sucked in a deep breath and then Tom plunged his mouth down upon Jacks hard tool. He bobbed his head up and down taking every bit in at once and sucking hard as he pulled off.

“Oh my.” Breathed Karen. “He is good.”

I watched as Tom repeatedly deep-throated Jack and brought him to a point where he was moaning and asking for more.

“C’mon Tom, suck it… suck it hard… make me cum… make me cum in your mouth!”

Jack humped into Tom’s mouth and Tom stayed with it. He reached beneath Jacks balls with one hand while the other stroked the parts his mouth wasn’t on. He slipped one and then two fingers into Jack’s ass. Jack was out of control, he came hard pulling Tom’s head into his crotch.

“Oh fuck… oh Jesus… Suck it… SUCK IT… SUCK IT… AAHHH!” Jack screamed as he shot his cum down Tom’s throat. Tom gently slowed down and brought his mouth off of Jack’s dick and made quite a show of swallowing every drop of his cum.

“Mmm… I bet that your lady friends don’t suck dick like that.” Tom said as he crawled up along side of Jack.

“That was amazing, but so is Karen. Not the same, to be sure, but still wonderful in it’s own respect.”

Tom leaned in and kissed Jack right at the end of the sentence. They shared a long and deep kiss that neither Karen nor I were willing to interrupt. Quietly I motioned her towards the back of the house and into my bedroom.

“Holy shit that was hot!” She said. What’s the plan baby doll, make it quick I’m so fucking horny…” She didn’t finish the sentence. Her thoughts were clear to us both.

“Undress. I want you naked with a pair of high heals and nothing else. I’m going to put on this suit and then we are going to have some fun.”

I quickly ran to the wardrobe and changed into the suit. I even put on a white tank undershirt and some plain white cotton boxers. Under it all was a surprise for everyone. An eight inch black strap-on. I didn’t know really what I was doing. I was in uncharted territory and making my first real attempt at seducing some one.

“Let’s do this.” I said walking back into the bedroom. Karen and I shared a brief but erotic kiss and headed back into the living room.

Jack was still on the couch, but Tom was straddling him backwards and was riding Jacks dick! We slowly circled to the front of the couch and watched as Tom lifted his lean body up and down. It turned me on so much watching this show. Jack reached around and was stroking Tom’s cock. They were moaning and getting into it without ever realizing that we two were in the room.

I pulled my hat on and knelt in front of the scene. From this new vantage I could actually see Jack’s dick sawing in and out of Tom's ass. I leaned in and licked Tom’s dick. His eyes shot open in shock as I felt his tasty dick jerk in surprise. He recognized me but at the same time his oversexed brain saw a young man sucking his dick. And I gave it everything I had at that point. My timing was just right, as Tom lowered himself onto Jack’s dick I raised off of his. And when he came up I went down.

His dick felt good in my mouth. I moved back and forth with him and heard him moaning.

“Oh Jesus” Jack began, “oh fuck… suck that cock… Fuck me Tommy… Fuck me good…” Jack was really close to cumming.

“Wait a minute.” Tom said pushing me away. I thought he was upset. But then, “Just watch me make him cum.”

Anything you want.” I replied.

Tom leaned forward a bit and placed his hands on Jack’s knees. Ha started slamming his ass up and down onto Jack’s lap.

“Oh FUCK… FUCK… FUCK… FUCK…” Jack started humping up into Tom and came hard.

Tom slowed his pace and gently stood from Jack’s lap. A small trickle of cum leaked from his ass as he stood and came near me. He took my hand in his and helped me to stand. I needed all of the help I could get because my pussy was so wet and my knees were wobbly.

“You look good,” He began, “but isn’t there something missing?” he asked.

“What do you mean?”

His hand went between my legs with a look on his face of superiority and command. When his fingers wrapped around the fake cock in my pants, he was quickly humbled.

“Now what do you say?” I asked with a patronizing tone.


“NO!” Karen interrupted. “The correct response is NOW.”

Tom smiled at me and turned me around with surprising quickness and force. He then ripped my pants down and forced me to my knees. I felt a twinge of fear as he whispered in my ear,

“Do you think that a boy like you could get away with an incomplete cock sucking? I’m going to finish what you started, only this time it will be my way.”

With that said he roughly shoved me forward so I was now in a doggy style position. I knew what he wanted now and gave it to him willingly. I leaned down and thrust my ass high in the air. Then with little ceremony and no warning I had a dick in my ass.

“Mmmm! Fuck that’s good.”

God it felt so good to be so full of cock. He thrust hard into me, his pre-cum lubricating the way. He plowed hard not really caring if I liked it. But I did. I loved it. I loved getting fucked by a man in the ass. And the thought that he saw me as a boy only made it better.

“C’mon… fuck me! Don’t be a pussy… be a man… FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME!!”

He was pounding me hard and I was slipping into the euphoria I so loved when Karen slid her very wet pussy into my face. I licked as had and fast as I could. I heard Tom grunting in time with the force of his dick in my ass. I jammed two and then three fingers into Karen’s cunt trying to get her caught up with me. My ass felt so good! I loved the feelings being thrown into my body. I heard tome lose control and felt his cum in my ass. I could feel spurt after spurt of his cum going deep into my ass.

He didn’t let up and kept fucking me, soon I could feel his cum moving down my thighs. He started slowing and eventually pulled out. I slowed down on Karen soon stopped. I hadn’t cum yet and neither had Karen, but we both felt really fucking good. I stood and kissed Tom sweetly on his cheek and whispered,

“Thanks for the fuck and the show.”

I took Karen’s hand and we walked together down the hall. I looked back and saw Tom watching us go with a definite look of satisfaction on his face.

I led Karen to the bathroom and proceeded to start a shower. When the water was warm enough we stepped in together and she helped me wash myself clean. When she thought I was clean enough she knelt and started to lick my pussy. She slid her fingers inside of me and in no time I was cumming. She kissed her way back up my body and we shared a kiss before I knelt and did by best for her. I had her lean forward and I licked her from behind while I fucked her pussy and her ass with my hands. She came hard and then without warning came again quickly. I kept her there for a few more minutes and then we stood and kissed some more.

I love Kissing Karen. Nothing in the world gives me those feelings. Her lips, her tongue, and her teeth. It felt so good that I opened my eyes and looked at her. She seemed to feel the same because her eyes opened and we stared into each other for what seemed like hours. We held our bodies close together sharing sweet yet passionate kisses every once in a while. All the time staring intently into one another’s eyes.

Suddenly we stopped. Just… stopped.

“Oh my.” I said, “Am I feeling this?”

I saw a tear in her eye. Something I had never seen before. She kissed me like she was giving me every thing she had ever loved.

“I love you.” She said. “And it feels better than anything else in the world.”

Just then we noticed Jack standing in the doorway. What would happen next changed all of our lives forever.

To be concluded…

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