tagLoving WivesWhat Kate Did Ch. 02

What Kate Did Ch. 02


I was sitting at a café having a coffee. I had not let Kate go alone to the address that Sarah had given her over the phone. However we had agreed that if I was satisfied that it all looked above board I would leave her there for her 'interview'. The address was genuine. Hot Productions had an office on the third floor of a somewhat non-descript block in north London. As luck would have it, the café was directly opposite the entrance. I had no sooner started to read my newspaper when there was a tap on my shoulder. It was Kate.

"Well that was quick, Kate!"

"He wants to see the two of us together. He saw us arrive."


"He said he'd explain when you get there."

A short while later we were in the lift as it rumbled up to the third floor. I followed Kate into the office. A thickset balding man aged about forty-five got up from behind his desk and extended his hand. "Hello you must be Joe, I'm Pete Miles." He had a firm grip.

"Pleased to meet you, Pete." I sat down on the vacant chair next to Kate.

"Coffee?" he asked us both.

"Yes please, white, no sugar." Kate answered for the two of us.

He got up and walked over to the percolator. He poured out two cups and placed them on the desk in front of us before returning to get one for himself. The aroma of the coffee filled the room. He made his way back to his seat and took a sip whilst looking at us both over the top of his glasses. "Well, where do I start? Sarah has given me a bit of background. If I understand it correctly you need money for your sister. I gather that you might be interested to have a role in the film we're about to shoot."

She nodded.

He carried on. "I wanted you to be present, Joe, because it is best that you both know what you are getting into. I wouldn't normally bother myself about such matters but in view of the circumstances I am making an exception. There is a vested interest too. I don't want to be in a position where I have recommended someone for a project and they pull out halfway through because they or their other half can't handle it." There was a pause as he looked from Kate to me, and back again. "Shall I continue?"

We both nodded.

"Kate, I saw your shoot in Penthouse. You looked very nice. But nowadays there's not much money in nude modelling. If you want money, real money, you got to be prepared to go much further."

"How much further?" Her voice was surprisingly calm.

"Kate, the sign on our door says 'Hot Productions' and that is what we're all about. We're not as big as companies like 'Private' but we are in the same business. Nowadays it's referred to as adult entertainment. Look, there's no polite way of putting this. If you come to work for us you've got to be prepared to fuck on camera." Cynical as Pete undoubtedly was, Kate was not typical of most girls he interviewed, and I sensed his embarrassment as he disclosed this information. He looked warily at me.

"I know what adult entertainment involves. I've seen enough films to know that. How much money would I get?" Her voice was still devoid of emotion.

"Well you're not an established name so you won't earn more than a grand from your first film. But you are obviously very attractive and if you do well in your first film we would be prepared to offer you fifteen hundred in a second. If you're that good, we may offer you role in say a dozen films and you could get two grand per completed film. And if you're really outstanding a major studio might want you to star in one of their big budget jobs and you could make quite a bit more."

"How long would all this take?"

"It doesn't take that long to shoot a film. We're not talking about Hollywood blockbusters, you know." He laughed at his own joke. "What happens is that we hire a location for up to fourteen days. Obviously there is a cost in getting the cast and crew there so in order to keep the production costs at an acceptable level we try to shoot a couple of films in the fortnight. We allow ourselves a maximum of six days to complete each film. We could take longer of course, but it wouldn't be cost effective. We have to use the same cast for the second film, obviously, but we try for different combinations. But you can't do that for more than two films. The punters aren't stupid. They might accept the same stories but they want different locations and they want different casts. They want to see different studs fucking their favourite porn stars."

"Yes, but how long does it take to make the twelve films?"

"Probably six to nine months. They won't all be made at once, Kate."

I chipped in. "You mentioned a logistics cost when you hire a location. That implies that locations aren't local."

"Quite right, Joe. Take the project we're about to start. This location is in Jamaica. We've taken a private villa with its own private beach. It doesn't come cheap but it is absolutely ideal. We plan to fly the cast and crew in next month." He turned to face Kate. "As it happens we've recently had one girl drop out and we've not had much luck in finding a replacement. So I am in a position to fix something up for you. You would be in two scenes for the first film. We've not yet decided about the second one. But I'm jumping the gun a bit. Now you both know what's involved, I'm going to leave the two of you to talk it over before we go any further. I'll give you five minutes." With that, he walked out of his office, shutting the door behind him.

I spoke first. My mouth felt dry and I'm sure my voice showed the tension I was feeling. "Look, Kate, I'm not that enamoured about this in the first place. But I can't bear you to be away for two weeks or more."

She was more astute than I was. "Listen, Joe, I think they've got a genuine problem. They can't get anyone else. We can turn that to our advantage. How about if I tell him that I'll only agree to it if you can come too?"

She was serious about it. There was no longer any room for doubt.

"Kate, do you really understand what you are letting yourself in for? What did he just say, two scenes in the first film? That's got to be two different blokes at least and that's only the first bloody film!"

She stared at me. "What's the alternative?"

A little while later the door opened and Pete returned. "Should I come back or have the two of you already decided what you want to do?"

Kate answered. "Yes, you can come in. We have decided."

Pete came in and sat down. He looked expectantly at us both. "Well?"

Kate spoke. Her voice was firm, her tone resolute. "I will do it, Pete, but only on two conditions. One, I am guaranteed three thousand pounds for the two films, and two, Joe can come with me."

"I don't know about the money, Kate."

"Look if I can get the three thousand we can pay for my sister to get to the USA and start her treatment. That is the only reason I want it. And when I get a contract afterwards she can continue with her treatment." I had never seen Kate so confident.

He smiled. "All right, Kate, we may have a deal. But I have some conditions too. First, the offer depends upon your passing a medical. We don't like using condoms so everyone, and I mean everyone, has to have regular medical checks. I will organise one for you tomorrow. I presume you're on the pill. Secondly, although you will be performing with men most of the time, you will be expected to work with women from time to time." He paused for a moment. "Now about you, Joe. What did you have in mind?"

I had been anticipating this question. I knew what I couldn't do, that was self-evident. "Unfortunately, I don't think I've got the...how shall I put this... the qualifications to be a porn star. But what I'd like to do is to write an article about the adult entertainment industry and this could provide me with some perfect research. It wouldn't do any harm to Hot Productions if I happen to mention how well run it is. I might even be able to give some prominence to your name, too, if that's what you want."

Pete took on air of gravity. "You're right of course. We are a well-run organisation and I do take pride in this. I'll need to check it out with my partner to see if we can agree to your request, Joe. But if we do agree there is one absolute essential. You will have to keep your relationship with Kate secret; no one else must know that you and Kate are married. There was a case a couple of years ago where a stud was actually attacked by the partner of the girl he was working with. This guy just got so jealous he lost it completely. Now it's difficult enough for some of the newer studs to keep it up as it is, what with all the people on the set and everything else. Worrying about whether or not they're going to be attacked whilst they're performing doesn't make it any easier. If you or Kate let it be known that you have a relationship you'll be off the set so fast your feet won't touch the ground."

This was something I had not considered. Would it make a difference if we pretended to not know each other? I looked at Kate for guidance but she was already answering.

"That won't be a problem."

"OK, well that's all sorted out then!" Pete made some notes.

Kate's face showed her relief. "Thank you, Pete. When do we start?"

"Hang on a minute, Kate. You haven't got the job yet!"

"What do you mean?" She was frowning.

Pete looked at the ceiling for a moment before he replied. "What we have established so far, are the terms and conditions. It is clear that you want to do it, Kate. But what is not clear is whether or not you can do it. Would you buy a car without having a test drive? You'd take it out for a road test, wouldn't you?"

Neither of us spoke.

He grinned. "Look on this as a road test, Kate." Pete got up from his chair. "Please follow me."

We accordingly followed him into the next room. There was a single bed along one wall of the room, and a small sofa against the opposite wall. In addition there was a stool at the foot of the bed. He motioned me to the sofa whilst he sat down on the stool. Kate remained standing. "Right, Kate," he said, "I want you to strip off."

She stared at him as she reached round behind her waist and undid the catch of her skirt. It dropped to the floor and she stepped out of it. Then she undid the buttons of her blouse and shrugged it off her shoulders. She stood there in front of him clad only in her underwear. She had expected this to happen, of course and had accordingly put on her most flattering set. Her full breasts were supported but not concealed by the bra, the aureoles clearly visible through the white glossy fabric and her ample cleavage prominently displayed. The matching panties were of the high cut variety, the triangle at the front not wide enough to cover all of her dark pubic hair, the triangle at the back hardly warranting the geometrical term. He asked her to turn round completely and nodded approvingly.

He indicated that her underwear should now be removed. She undid her bra and tossed it onto the bed. Now it was the skimpy panties. As she leant forward to ease them over her high heels, her full breasts moved enticingly, a motion not missed by Pete who correctly deduced that they were completely natural. Kate rose to her full height, keeping her arms at her side, and making no effort to preserve her modesty. It was her breasts that had first brought her to the attention of Penthouse and they were still a joy to behold. They were beautiful half moons, full and firm and they had not yet succumbed to the inexorable force of gravity. The room was not exactly warm and as a result her slightly upturned nipples were very prominent. Her full breasts tended to make her waist appear narrow but she did not really have an hourglass shape. Her slightly rounded stomach complemented the soft roundness of her breasts. Although she regularly trimmed her pubic triangle the hair was so dark it appeared denser and thicker than actually was the case. She was standing with her legs together, the slight gap at the top of them serving only to draw further attention to her delightful fanny. Her heels were not that high, maybe a couple of inches, but they were high enough to emphasise her long and lean legs.

"Please turn around." Kate did as she was asked. Her shoulder blades caught the eye, but so did her almost flawless skin. The cheeks of her backside were so firm, the curves so inviting that I would not have been the least surprised had Pete decided to sink his teeth into their peachy texture. Well, as far as I was concerned, she had passed the audition with distinction. How could Pete not be impressed with her?

"Thank you, Kate. You do have a lovely body, there's no doubt about that. However, there are very many girls who are prepared to strip off, even if they're not quite as attractive as you undoubtedly are. But you will need to do much more than this if you are going to make a success in this business, Kate. You cannot afford to have any inhibitions. And I can't afford to make a mistake by taking on someone who does. So I have to check. I would be failing in my responsibility if I did not." There was a pause and the room suddenly seemed deathly silent. Even the traffic noise seemed to have abated.

I looked at her. She was staring at Pete, her inner tension evident from her breathing. This was the acid test of her commitment.

"What do you want me to do?" My heart was pounding as we waited for his reply. Of course Kate and I had discussed this scenario, it seemed as if we'd talked about nothing else since yesterday. We had both assumed he would want to screw her. How else could he determine if she was up to it? Besides, it was a perk of the job!

"I want to see you finger yourself, Kate. I want to watch you bring yourself off. You can use the bed, or the sofa, whatever you prefer."

That was something we had not anticipated. Of course she masturbated but masturbation is essentially a solitary act. There was no humiliation being naked because she still retained a large degree of control but fingering herself off in front of him was a different kettle of fish.

I gave her one last opportunity to back out. "Are you sure you want to do this, Kate?"

She didn't answer. Jamie's fate depended upon her, and she had no intention of giving up at the first obstacle. I studied her face, trying to ascertain what she was feeling. A few moments earlier she had appeared embarrassed, indeed she had even gone slightly red, but there was now a steely defiance in her expression as she lay down on the bed. She put a cushion under her head and then she slowly parted her legs. Pete, sitting on the stool at the foot of the bed, could not have wished for a better view. Her right hand was on her stomach and then she tentatively moved it down until her second finger came to rest on her clitoris. At first the motion of her finger was all but imperceptible. But it was an incredibly sensitive little bud, ever ready to respond to the faintest touch. Soon she was stroking herself quite openly and making soft mewing sounds. She spread her legs wider in order to insert her finger in herself and transfer some lubricant to her by now rather prominent clitoris. She was becoming more vocal as she stroked herself faster and faster. Finally she went rigid, she exhaled heavily and she collapsed back onto the bed. Her eyes were closed; perhaps that way she could convince herself she was alone; convince herself that she hadn't brought herself off in front of a total stranger. But even if she couldn't see, she could hear, and she was hearing Pete's voice.

"Very impressive, Kate. Now if you would excuse me I would just like to see if you were faking it." She opened her eyes and watched him as he gently inserted his finger inside her. "Excellent my dear, despite your initial reticence it seems you quite enjoyed yourself after all. OK, you can get dressed now. I'm just going to make some phone calls. Come in when you're ready." He went out of the room.

Kate turned to look at me. "Have I shocked you, Joe?" She did appear somewhat sheepish.

Had she embarrassed me? In a way I wished that had been my reaction. But perverse as it sounds, the fact is I had been turned on, turned on to such an extent that I was sporting a major erection and desperate to have some sexual relief. "You haven't shocked me, Kate, honestly. On the contrary, you've made me incredibly hard."

"Show me."

I undid the top of my trousers and unzipped them. I pulled my pants down and my rigid cock sprang free.

Kate didn't say anything. She just opened her arms to me. The next moment I was between her legs and was fucking her. And I do mean fucking her. This wasn't about making love; this was nothing other than a lust fuelled fuck!

"Are you going to be this wet when you're filming?" I sounded out of breath.

"I don't know, maybe."

"Oh you will, Kate, believe me." And then I was spurting into her, pushing myself into her as deep as I could.

Five minutes later we were again sitting in front of Pete's desk. "The medical is arranged for tomorrow, Kate. Here is the address. I'm assuming that there'll be no problem so I'm going to start on the legal paperwork immediately. I'll give you a call when it's ready and you can come in and sign it." He looked at me. "I've spoken with the producer, Joe. He is prepared to go along with your project and will allow you on the set. However, this permission will be withdrawn if your presence causes any problems or as I indicated earlier, it becomes known that you and Kate have a relationship. Provided that you pay your own travel costs we are prepared to provide food and accommodation for you. We will be flying out on the fourteenth from Heathrow. If it's all right with you, Kate, we will deduct Joe's fare from the three thousand."

He got up from his desk and extended his hand. "I can only add that your sister must be a very special person, Kate."

"She is indeed."

"Thanks for getting me on the set, Pete."

We were at the door when he called out. "One last thing. The next time you two get carried away you might want to make sure there are no video cameras in the vicinity!" He was still chuckling to himself as we left his office.

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