tagLoving WivesWhat Kate Did Ch. 08

What Kate Did Ch. 08


There was the usual hubbub as we all ate breakfast together.

"Attention everyone!" Greg was waving his hands, trying to get everyone's attention, but without much success. "Will you all please shut the fuck up?"

Whether it was his expletive, or the volume at which it was uttered, the room grew quiet.

"Thank you, I knew the genteel approach would work. I've just heard that a tropical storm is heading our way. There is no need to panic; it is not expected to hit land before three days and it may yet pass us by altogether. However we can't take a chance so we have to compress the schedule. This way we'll get at least one film complete. So our aim is to shoot three scenes today, first, Tom and Colette by the pool and then the two scenes with Kate and Colette. Jan, they'll need two different wardrobes, of course. That gives us tomorrow morning for the finale. Any questions? Yes, Wayne."

"Since we're not involved today, Greg, will it be alright if me and Rudi go out for the day?"


I realised with Wayne and Rudi gone and everyone else involved with the shoot, I had a perfect opportunity to speak to Kate. Jan had said that she needed her back within two hours to get her ready but it meant that we would still have two whole hours together.

We were walking barefoot on the wet sand. Kate was wearing a loose shirt and some bikini bottoms. The top was unbuttoned halfway down and I was catching tantalising glimpses of her breasts. We were making for a log at the far end of the beach. Every so often the tide washed over our feet.

"Kate, about last night. I'm sorry I did nothing to stop it. I should have done but...."

"It's not just you, Joe. I could have stopped it too but I didn't."

"The truth is I didn't want it to stop. And that's what scares me. You know that I never wanted you to come here yet I found myself getting a hard-on when I watched your scene with Tom. I was angry yesterday when I saw that Greg had fucked you, so what do I do? Encourage him to do it again. I can't be normal."

"Is anyone here normal? What I'm doing isn't normal."

We reached the log and sat down in the dappled shade afforded by the adjacent trees. I looked out to sea, to the birds wheeling and then diving into the pure blue waters.

"Kate, I often used to think about you having sex with that photographer, Simon. I used to find it a real turn-on. But that was only in my mind. This is for real. And it is very confusing. A part of me loves watching you with another man yet I am scared as well. Supposing you find someone who turns you on more than me."

" Joe, a vibrator can turn me on! I was embarrassed yesterday because I was so wet but the more I think about it the more I realise it is inevitable. Anyone would be aroused; how can you not be turned on in this situation? I know some people would say that I must be a slut or worse to make such an admission but I am being honest. We both went along with what Greg wanted last night because we were both sexually aroused. And that's the problem. It is almost impossible not to be excited here because we are constantly in sexual situations. When this is all over we will be able to get back to normal. We'll just have each other and the true picture will emerge once more. And the truth is that no one will ever turn me on as much as you do. You're the man I love, Joe. I've loved you ever since I first met you when you made such a mess of chatting me up."

She kissed me, and the next minute she'd dropped to her knees and was easing my shorts down. My erection sprang free and she immediately took it in her mouth. She continued looking at me as she stroked it, as she tasted cum in her mouth and as she swallowed it all.

We were in the water, up to our waists. Kate had tied her shirt up baring her midriff. We were making our way back to the villa; she was supposed to be there in half an hour.

"I suppose all I have to worry about now, is whether or not you'll turn into a lesbian!" I was trying to keep a straight face.

"They do say a girl always knows how to please another girl, Joe. But seriously I'm not sure what it's going to be like. I've never done anything like this before."

We were nearing the beach. "Is that a shark out there, Joe?"

I looked out to where she was pointing but I couldn't see anything. However I felt the water on my back and I heard her laughing.

"That's for even thinking I might turn into a lesbian!"

I turned round but she was already on dry land and running away.

Shortly afterwards she disappeared into the villa with Jan. An hour or so later we'd all had a quick bite to eat and were ready to start

"Three, two, one and action."

There was restricted entry to the lounge so I had to content myself with the monitors.

Colette was talking to Kate. "So you have seen my husband. That is so nice of you to tell me. Can I get you a drink?"

"I'll have a rock on the scotch, please."

"A what!" Colette began to laugh.

"Cut!" Greg tried to encourage her. "Now Kate you only have one line. It's a scotch on the rocks you're after, so all you have to say is, 'I'll have a scotch on the rocks please.' Right take it from the start. OK team, three, two, one and action."

Colette began again. "So you have seen my husband." She was desperately trying not to laugh, but she failed.

"Cut! Girls, we have a bloody tropical storm heading our way. Do you think you can take this seriously for a moment?"

Colette put her hands to her face and tried to compose herself. "Yes of course, Greg." And then she laughed again. Laughter is infectious and Kate could not keep a straight face either. But although it was frustrating for Greg, it did wonders for Kate's nerves.

She was sitting in the armchair opposite Colette, wearing a white lace top and a very short blue skirt. She was holding a scotch in her hand. (The girls had managed to get it right after about six takes!) The camera was angled up her skirt and her white panties were revealed. Colette had a bikini top on and a pair of tight shorts.

"I'm sure my husband must have found you a very attractive girl. I certainly think you are."

"Do you?"

The next moment Colette was on her knees in front of Kate and they were kissing, their tongues exploring each other's mouths. Colette's hand was quickly on Kate's breasts. I watched her fingers alternately squeezing and caressing them. She was now kissing Kate's erect nipples through her lace top, and her fingers were sliding up the inside of Kate's thigh. I studied her face, and could see that she was not averse to what was happening.

Colette reached up under the short blue skirt and grasped Kate's panties. She eased them off completely before leaning forward and pressing her mouth in her femininity. Kate closed her eyes as Colette's tongue slipped between her soft wet labia. Colette was well practised in this art and Kate's shallow breathing provided ample proof.

"Cut! Good work girls. Right I now want you both to strip off and we'll have a sixty-nine. Kate, remember, you are enjoying this; that's the message for the punters."

Greg called for action. It was incredibly erotic to watch Kate lowering herself on to Colette's tongue. But that was as nothing compared to the moment she made contact with Colette's wet vagina. She tentatively touched the top with the tip of her tongue and then gently licked the length of her still closed cleft. Suddenly the pressure of her tongue caused the lips to part and Kate's tongue was bathed in Colette's juices. After a while Kate drew back and admired her handiwork. They were still connected, a filament of feminine arousal stretching from Kate's mouth to Colette's core.

"That's a nice picture, Joe." I glanced at Jan. I hadn't even heard her approach.

"You're right, Jan."

"So what is it with you and Kate?"

"What do you mean?"

"Oh come on Joe, there is something going on between you two. I noticed it the first night here. You can tell me. I can keep a secret."

"She's my wife, Jan."

"I knew it!" She looked around to make sure no one was listening but everyone else was glued to the action on the monitors.

"Joe, let me give you some advice. Look at me. What do you see? I'll tell you, a hard, cynical, middle-aged bleached blonde who's desperate to get laid, that's what. But once I was young, once I was even pretty, and then I got into porn. Don't let her end up like me, Joe. She's too pretty, too nice for this business."

Jan was right, she was all of those things and more, too kind, and too generous. Maybe even too gullible but then who was I to make a judgement about her gullibility? How could I have been so gullible as to imagine that being here was just a simple matter of Kate screwing on camera without any other complications?

I glanced at the screen. It was now time for the strap-ons. I had to admit there was a certain predictability about the film. And it gained nothing by being so.

It was more of the same on the terrace; the only difference was that I could see them in real life, rather than via the monitor. Strangely enough the most erotic thing I had seen had not been recorded. That was when they had first come out on to the terrace from the lounge. They were still naked but that wasn't the reason. It was because they were holding hands and laughing.

I was seated at the table on the terrace having dinner. Rudi was sitting next to me.

"Did you have a good day out, Rudi?"

"Not bad," he said, "we went to Montego Bay. How about yours?"

"So-so." I had been watching Kate get turned on by another woman and all I could say was 'so-so'.

"So how's your project going? Do you think you've got a handle on this business yet"

"I don't know. What I have found surprising is how low key it is sometimes. I had imagined that everyone would be sexually aroused all the time; I certainly am; but it's not like that, is it?"

"It's like everything else, Joe. If you work in a sweet shop you don't eat that many sweets. I've had men come up to me and say that I must have the best job in the world. They don't know the half of it. You often have to work with women who don't appeal to you in the least. Now and again you do get someone really nice but it doesn't happen very often. You don't have a much of a private life either. Once a woman finds out I'm a porn star, she usually runs a mile. An inquisitive one might offer me a quick jump in the sack for the experience, but she won't hang around for long afterwards."

"You sound as if you wish you weren't in porn."

"Sometimes I wish I had a normal life, you know wife and kids, but then I ask myself who is buying all this porn. And do you know who it is? It is all the people who have normal lives. And do you know why they're buying it? Because their normal lives are so fucking boring!"

"So how did you get into porn, Rudi?"

"Through Wayne. We used to work together at a filling station in Los Angeles. I thought he was gay because he used to wear shorts that were so tight you could see the outline of his dick. Anyway one day a guy asked him if he was interested in making adult films and he gave him a card. Well for all his bravado Wayne didn't want to go on his own so I went with him. It was quite funny really because when the two of us turned up they assumed we were gay and told him that there must have been a mistake because they only made straight films. Once we sorted that out he was asked to jerk off. He did and they offered him a job straight away. Then they asked if I was also interested. I knew I had a good size but I didn't think I'd be able to do what Wayne had just done. However I did manage it and I got an offer too."

"Just like that?"

"Yeah, just like that. We came away from there pinching ourselves to make sure we weren't dreaming. I mean imagine it, two eighteen year olds who would be getting paid to fuck a succession of good-looking women. Life couldn't get much better than that! And that's how it seemed for the first couple of years. But we soon got used to it."

"You said, 'we'. Do you always work with Wayne, then?"

"Not always, but if we are going to double up on a girl, I prefer to team up with him. We have a good understanding with each other and that can help if we haven't worked with a particular girl before. With someone as experienced as Colette it makes no difference but for Kate..."

"Kate? But you're not working with her." I hadn't even let him finish.

"What do you mean?"

"I meant that it isn't in the script."

"Oh, that! There was a mistake apparently. There is a second page but it didn't print out for some reason. At least that's what Greg said."

"So what's in the missing script?"

"Not a lot. Wayne and I join in, we do the usual and the film ends."

"Sorry, I'm not familiar with the jargon." My mouth was already dry and I felt my heart thumping. "What do you mean by 'the usual'?"

"Double penetration, triple if you include oral, mainly with Kate because we've already done it with Colette and the punters will want a different combination. I told you earlier that we don't often get to screw someone really nice. Well tomorrow we do. Funnily enough Wayne and I were discussing her today. He can't wait to fuck her in the ass. You're in luck, Joe. You could be seeing something really special tomorrow."

I tried to calm myself down by going for a walk on the beach. Rudi's words continued to ring in my ears. How could I have imagined that the film would have ended with just the two girls and Tom? I had seen enough films to know the form by now. A group sex scene was inevitable when you came to think about it. And I had guessed Wayne would get to shaft her at some point. But it had just not occurred to me that he would have her in her ass as well, especially when he was so big. I had never had her there; to be honest it was not really my scene, so how could she possibly cope with it? In saving her sister, she would be damaged, maybe irreparably.

I made my way back to the room and climbed into bed. God, the room stank. Two of the guys were snoring and I again wondered how Kate and I had got ourselves into such a mess. In a way, I didn't want to sleep; morning's arrival was hastened when one was asleep. And it was this very morning, no more than six or seven hours hence, when Wayne would get to fuck Kate in her ass. I tried to stay awake but I must have nodded off; certainly it was broad daylight when I opened my eyes.

I couldn't eat any breakfast, I wasn't even sure I could swallow. I was looking for Kate but she was nowhere to be seen. The technicians were getting set up on the terrace. The shoot was brought forward an hour because of the impending storm. Already the wind was beginning to get up, an occasional gust would cause the leaves of the palm trees to flap.

Shooting began with the two girls eating each other out. Colette was on top. Tom then arrived and made a passable attempt to appear shocked before he stripped off. He stood behind his screen wife and inserted himself into her. I watched Kate's eyes as she stared at the scene happening inches from her face. Tom's dick was slowly sinking into Colette's fanny. A moment or so later he withdrew and smeared as it was with Colette's secretions, Kate opened her mouth to him. This was repeated a few times and then they changed positions. Tom was now fucking Kate doggy style and sharing kisses with Colette. Whilst I readily admit to finding this highly erotic it was tempered with the knowledge of what was to come

Cue now the entry of Wayne and Rudi. There was no longer any attempt to maintain the plausibility of the storyline. All that was required was that the two girls were eager to fuck. And they were! The very next moment Kate was sucking Rudi whilst Tom continued to pound her from behind. Colette was sucking Wayne to full size. A few minutes later he replaced Tom. Big as his cock was, Kate had no difficulty taking it all, judging by the way he slipped his whole length into her. Once he was lodged deep within her he commenced to fuck her. He was, if anything, even more forceful than Tom had been earlier. Certainly her breasts were swinging to such an extent that she had to put her arm across to still them. At one stage Kate had to let Rudi's cock out of her mouth as a particularly strong thrust from Wayne caused her to close her eyes in what could have been intense sexual arousal or may just have been a degree of pain. I briefly glanced at the other couple. Colette was now riding Tom. But in comparison with Wayne and Kate, theirs was a leisurely fuck.

Rudi sat down on sun bed and I sensed the dreaded moment had arrived. Wayne disengaged himself and steered her over to his partner. Kate lowered herself on to Rudi's thick erection. He then proceeded to lie back, simultaneously easing her down on top of him. Her anus was thus fully exposed to Wayne, who stood astride the two of them, his huge erection poised to enter her.

"No!" I never realised I could shout so loud. "No, Wayne, No!"

He appeared startled as well he might. "What the fuck..." He pulled away from her, his erection wilting.

"Cut!" Greg sounded resigned. "I should have known."

"I'm sorry, Kate, but I can't stand by and watch you get hurt."

"Can some-one please explain what the fuck's going on here?" Rudi, still inside her, was non-plussed.

"Kate is my wife, Rudi."

"Your wife's on the end of my dick?" He burst out laughing.

Kate disengaged herself from him and stood up. "Joe," there was a softness in her voice, "I know why you did that, but I wished you hadn't. You knew what the deal was. What about Jamie?" She was close to tears.

"Greg?" It was Jan, bleached blonde Jan. Jan, who had once been a porn star herself. Jan, who called herself cynical, but who was, in reality, anything but. "Joe's right. You can't let Wayne fuck her in the ass. She's never even done it before, let alone with someone his size. He'll tear her insides. There is a way round it. Look, I'll take her place for the double penetration. If you stay zoomed in on their cocks, no one will know. We've done it before, after all. And then all you need to do is to have Kate back for the ending."

Greg thought for a moment. "OK we'll go for that Jan. You'll need a wig, of course. We'll take a short break whilst you prepare yourself. Kate, you'll have to keep the guys hard until we resume filming." He turned to me. " I'm sorry Joe, but I want you off the set."

I made for the steps that led down to the beach and as I reached them, I glanced back. Kate was already on her knees in front of Wayne. I made my way to the far end of the beach. But everything was different to yesterday. The sky was streaked with grey clouds and there still darker ones in the distance. The sea was rougher too; there were white tops on the waves as far as the eye could see. I sat there, pondering on the circumstances that had brought us here. I experienced various emotions, mainly guilt, but also humiliation and anger, as well as sorrow.

I glanced back at the villa and it appeared that the filming was over. I was walking back when Wayne descended the steps and approached me. He was still naked but no longer erect. I told myself that I would hit him the minute he started on about not being able to fuck Kate in the ass. Hitting him would not change anything but it would certainly make me feel better.

He appeared troubled. "I'm sorry, Joe. I didn't know she was your wife."

There was no reason why he should have known so I couldn't fathom why he was apologising. Being charitable, I'll just say he was not that quick on the uptake. He continued, "If I had a wife, Joe, I wouldn't like the idea of you fucking her, either." We walked back together, his thick cock swinging from side to side. The thought occurred to me that if I had ever got to fuck Wayne's imaginary wife, she wouldn't even have noticed.

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