tagGroup SexWhat Linzi Wants Ch. 1

What Linzi Wants Ch. 1


We were looking forward to this vacation for a long time. Christine and I couldn't wait to get away to the beach house we rented for the week. It was a beautiful little cottage house right on the beach where we could walk right out to the ocean. We got settled in unpacking all our clothes, bought some groceries and now we were relaxing on the beach. We had our towel spread out on the sand so we could stretch out in between taking a quick dip.

It was the second day when we met Linzi and Chris. Christine and I were splashing around in the water getting wet, just having a good time, when we almost bumped into this cute young girl. After a quick apology we chatted awhile. Her name was Linzi. She was an exceptionally pretty girl about five foot eight, dark auburn colored hair and WOW,... that bikini sure was holding an incredible pair of tits.

Linzi and her boyfriend lived locally and often spent time on the beach. At the moment he was up on their blanket stretched out enjoying the sun. Linzi really was very nice and Christine was enjoying the conversation too. In fact before Linzi left, Christine invited her to our beach house later in the evening. I didn't get involved much in their chitchat. I was too busy absorbing her beauty and fantasizing what those nipples might look like hidden under her skimpy bikini top.

Well, our day at the beach ended and we were back in the beach house having dinner. Christine had a few comments about Linzi and her boyfriend and that she was anticipating their arrival. I didn't think much of it either way. I had no idea how Chris would be, but I did know that Linzi was mighty cute.

Later that evening they both arrived. I could see Chris was a bit uncomfortable having not met us at the beach earlier that day. Christine and Linzi immediately picked up their conversation from before, just as if they were old friends. I invited Chris to the den, offered him a drink and turned on the TV tuning in the baseball game. We chatted a bit mostly on sports and after another drink Chris finally relaxed and was enjoying himself. In fact, I was too. He was a pretty friendly young man and I was enjoying his company.

During one of the commercial breaks we started talking about the girls. Chris had only been dating Linzi for the past five months. She was nineteen and from what I gathered their sexual experience together had only gotten to some oral sex. I commented on how pretty Linzi was and Chris instantly agreed. He went on saying how much he would really love going all the way with her.

Chris then asked about Christine and I. After explaining how we met I went on to tell him about all the nasty things we have done together and how much we enjoyed it. He was completely amazed. Maybe it was more like shocked. He explained that Linzi would never do everything that Christine and I did. He wished that she would, but never thought she would even try some of things I described to him. I almost sensed a bit of disappointment as he contemplated all the nasty sex acts. I asked if he ever talked about trying anything more erotic with Linzi. But he thought it might be too early in their relationship. Maybe he was right.

I went out to the kitchen for more drinks and Christine was there doing the same. We started comparing notes on our conversations. Now you have to realize how intense Christine can be sexually. I knew what was on her mind right from the beginning. She invited this cute young nineteen year old girl to our house I'm sure with the thought of seeing if she could transform her into a dirty slut or a sextoy for her amusement. Of course with the way we have been together, I would be agreeable for that as well.

Christine made a comment to me while in the kitchen. "You know she's a virgin." I looked at Christine without saying a word. I didn't even have to guess where this evening was going to wind up. "She wants her boyfriend to fuck her. And do her ass too. She's a little scared, but she wants it." Christine continued saying that she was going to try getting her relaxed and loosened up a bit. I didn't know exactly what she meant by that. But I had a good idea. Anyway, I just finished making our drinks and returned back with Chris and the television.

It was about a half-hour later. Chris and I continued to talk more about the girls. He kept asking a lot of questions about Christine. He asked more about how I met her. What else we did together. I didn't mind telling him. I'm really so happy with Christine that I love talking about her. And with Chris, he was all ears wanting to know more and more. I could see how bad he wanted a nasty hardcore type relationship with Linzi.

It was about that time for another drink for Chris and I. I headed back out to the kitchen. It was when I opened the refrigerator door that I thought I heard this moaning sound. At first I didn't pay much attention to it. But then I heard it again. It was a soft quiet moan coming from the living room. Of course I was curious as to what it was. Actually, I was more curious about what the girls were doing. I know how my Christine can be.

I went over to the doorway and peaked into the living room. My suspicions were right. There was Linzi sitting on the sofa with her legs spread wide open and Christine was touching her. They were both still fully dressed. Christine had her hand between Linzi's legs and was feeling her up pretty good. As I continued watching Christine unsnapped Linzi's tight jeans and peeled them down to her ankles. I don't know what they talked about during the evening, but Linzi sure looked like a willing partner. She wasn't resisting Christine at all. I was wondering if she would feel the same way if she knew I was watching. For that matter, what about Chris. I wonder what he would think seeing his lovely innocent girlfriend being felt up by another girl.

With Linzi's jeans pulled down, Christine's fingers returned between Linzi's legs and were slowly massaging her pussy right through her panties. She looked so sexy in those skimpy white panties too. Linzi was just enjoying it. Her eyes were closed and she was letting Christine do whatever she wanted. "Ohh...oh that's so good." Her moans were soft and barely audible. Certainly she was trying to be quiet and not be loud enough for us to hear in the next room.

Then Christine's hands roamed up to Linzi's full breasts. I watched Christine squeeze and fondle them through the tight fitting top she had on. I was getting aroused watching. Christine was really getting herself a good feel. She would squeeze Linzi's breasts hard making them extend and stretch the material outward. Then she would use two fingers feeling around for Linzi's nipples underneath. I could see Christine's fingers pinch at the point where I knew her nipple would be. Then Linzi's body would flinch from the suddenly pressure Christine inflicted on her tender tits. Linzi let out a gasp. "Ouuu, Christine..."

As I was standing there I was wishing Christine would just rip off that top so I could see that cute girl's breasts. I wanted a good look at those gorgeous tits and her hard nipples.

Then the soft moaning continued from Linzi. "Ohh...Christine I want Chris so bad. I want his cock in me."

"You will, Linzi" Christine assured her. "You'll have him."

Christine reached to the side of the sofa and picked up a vibrator. I didn't even see it there. In an instant she had it turned on. I could hear the low-pitched humming as she lowered it between Linzi's legs. Christine slowly and delicately began rubbing it over her panties right on her pussy. I can only imagine what Linzi's panties might be like. They had to be soaked just from Christine's fingering. But now with the vibrator being massaged against her forcing them into the folds of her young cunt, her panties had to be drenched in pussy juice.

If only Christine knew what she was doing to me with this show. I wanted to run right in there and taste Linzi's cunt. I was getting so horny watching I would have sucked her cunt juice right from her panties.

Christine kept twisting and rubbing the vibrator between Linzi's legs. A couple times she pushed it under her as she sat there. In that way Christine let Linzi feel it travel further back against her ass. My eyes were glued on what they were doing. My thoughts were running away with me as I thought, "C'mon Christine, shove that thing in her cunt. Make her your dirty little fucktoy."

I was ready to head back to Chris with the drinks when Christine made the next move on her. Linzi's eyes were still closed. She had her head leaning back on the sofa merely taking this all in. The feeling was so good I'm sure she wanted it to continue. I was still wondering how Christine got Linzi to submit to her advances.

Like I said Christine was taking the next step. She had let go of the vibrator leaving it humming away between Linzi's legs. She moved up, caressed Linzi's face gently, and kissed her full on the lips. I'm standing there saying to my self, "Fuck, look at this." And at the same time, I expected Linzi to resist by pushing Christine away. Instead, she did nothing. She let Christine kiss her. At first it was a light tender kiss, but then it developed into their mouths being plastered together doing some deep french tongue sucking. My God they were getting me hot.

I had to go get Chris. He had to see this. I just hoped he would react in an open-minded way. He wanted his girl to be more erotic and explore some nastier sex. Well, it was happening right now. I left the doorway and headed back into the den with the two drinks.

Now, how was I going to tell him what was going on in the next room? I figured I'd better get Chris clued in fast. Besides, he did want Linzi very badly, only he didn't know how much she wanted the same thing. This was really going to be some interesting evening.

I handed Chris his drink saying, "do you know what's going on in the next room?"

Chris looked at me puzzled.

I added, "Remember what we were talking about before?"

"Well, your girlfriend wants you. She wants it. She's a little nervous about it, but I think Christine is helping her out with that. C'mon in the other room and see.

Continued in Chapter 2

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