tagGroup SexWhat Linzi Wants Ch. 2

What Linzi Wants Ch. 2


We took a sip of our drinks and headed to join the girls in the next room. When we turned the corner entering the living room, we both saw Christine lightly running her hand between Linzi's legs and tenderly kissing her on the cheek. Her jeans were still down at her ankles. Linzi had her eyes closed and obviously was becoming quite aroused. Chris was almost in shock seeing his pretty girlfriend allowing another female to touch her like that.

When Linzi opened her eyes seeing Chris, I could tell she was embarrassed. She tried pushing Christine away and cover herself up. "It's okay Linzi," Christine assured her. Then Christine got up and walked over to me. She put her arms around me and we kissed. Her hands were all over me reaching for my cock through my pants. I immediately responded with my hands on her ass.

Christine broke the kiss momentarily motioning to Chris, "go ahead to Linzi." Chris moved to his girlfriend as she stood up and soon they were locked in a deep french kiss as well.

My lovely Christine dropped to her knees and unzipped me. It doesn't take much for Christine to get me hard. Seeing the girls french kissing just moments before was already enough to get my cock up. She had me out and started right in sucking. Then I realized we were being watched. Linzi and Chris were attentively watching Christine suck my cock. I think Christine figured that giving me a blowjob in front of them would help break the ice for Chris. When Christine realized they were watching, she moved back toward Linzi. I put my cock back in my pants and sat down on the sofa.

"Let me get her ready for you, Chris." Linzi sat back down still feeling a bit embarrassed that Chris saw what was happening. Chris sat down next to me.

Christine slowly began undressing Linzi as Chris and I sat on the sofa watching. "Have you ever had another girl touch you," Christine asked Linzi? Linzi shook her head and managed to let out a quiet little "no." A few moments later Linzi was naked in front of us. "Oh Chris, she's so pretty. You're a lucky guy." Christine remarked.

Christine started running her hands over Linzi's body. "Yes, she's very pretty. And such soft skin."

Linzi was trembling a bit. Here she was naked before the three of us and being fondled by another girl. Earlier it was different being alone with Christine. But now, in front of us sort of putting on a show, it was so much more embarrassing. I know Christine's earlier conversation had convinced Linzi to let Chris fuck her for the first time and I'm sure the anticipation of that was growing too.

Christine was caressing Linzi's breasts and pinching her bare nipples. She had Linzi sit on the edge of the sofa with her legs spread apart. Christine ran her hands on inside of Linzi's soft legs and then licked and kissed up her inner thighs. Then Linzi felt the tip of Christine's tongue quickly contact her pussy and then back away. Christine's tongue was replaced by her fingers spreading the young girl's cunt open for us to see.

"My God," Chris gasped out. "Watching them is really getting me hot."

"Linzi..." Chris called to her. She looked over. "Are you okay honey?"

"Yes," she responded. "I'm so turned on.. It feels so good. I want you."

Christine then undressed and resumed feeling Linzi's body everywhere. She wanted to relax Linzi for what was about to happen to her for the first time. And it was working all too well. Linzi was getting aroused and very turned on. Christine caressed her breasts and legs, stroked her thighs and eventually began kissing her body all over. Linzi sat there allowing it to happen, just as before. Part of her felt ashamed that another woman was making her feel so good while her boyfriend watched and another part of her didn't want it to stop. In fact she wanted more.

Chris and I then stood up and undressed. Christine positioned Linzi sitting back on the sofa with her legs still spread real wide. She then began kissing up Linzi's inner thighs again until her tongue lightly licked across the sweet innocent girls' clit. Linzi let out a soft moan. "Do you like that honey? Like the way my tongue feels on your clit?" Christine asked. Christine kept licking her young clit, rubbing it and feeling how hard it was getting between her two fingers. Linzi just kept moaning. "Ohhhhh!!" ...... "Ohhhh!!!" ..... "Ohhhh!!!" It seemed like a new feeling for her. Something that was getting intense and growing stronger.

I instructed Chris to kneel next to Linzi on the sofa. His cock was right by her face. I have to say he was huge. His cock had to be nine inches and pretty thick. I sat myself down next to Linzi. "Okay Linzi, suck his cock. Take him in your mouth." I could see she wanted too so desperately, but his size I'm sure is what made her hold back. I started playing with her nipples. "C'mon Linzi." Then I squeezed them and pinched them. "Suck his cock Linzi."

Meanwhile Christine was working two fingers into Linzi's cunt. "You're so tight Linzi." She commented. Linzi just cried out, "OHHH, GOD!!!" And she sucked in a deep breath. Chris had moved his cock to Linzi's face and was rubbing it on her and wiping it over her lips. "Oh Linzi, suck me."

Christine was fucking her cunt now with two fingers making her moan more and more. She was really getting aroused. Then suddenly Linzi opened her mouth. All of the thoughts holding her back were gone. She took Chris' cock and sucked it. She was slurping and sliding his huge shaft through her lips and tasting him. Getting out of breath, she let it out. "Oh I love your cock Chris. She sucked in a breath and his cock went right back in. We eventually maneuvered our way onto the floor with Chris between Linzi's legs. Christine was lying next to her caressing her face. "He's going to fuck you Linzi." Chris began softly massaging Linzi's slit. He fingered her so gently working his fingers just slightly inside Linzi's pussy while at the same time constantly rubbing against her clit. Linzi was squirming on the floor in excitement. Chris kissed her inner thighs licking higher and higher. He was driving her crazy with lust. "Do you want me Linzi," he asked? Linzi was about to explode. Of course she wanted him. But his asking just made her want it that much more.

"Oh Chris , YES!! Fuck me. Please fuck me."

Chris rubbed his cock on Linzi's slit getting it lubed up from her dripping pussy. His fat cockhead spread the folds of her pink juicy cunt as he moved it up and down and across her clit. "Oh honey, you're clit's getting so hard." I was anxious myself to see his big cock penetrating Linzi's tight little cunt for the first time. Then Chris pushed gently. He met with some resistance. He pushed harder. The head of his cock began forcing her open. Chris pushed harder still, leaning forward until..."OHHHH!!!!" Linzi cried out. Her tight wet hole suddenly clutched his big cock as he quickly entered her. For the first time her young nineteen year old cunt had a cock in it.

"OH CHRIS!!!" Linzi moaned out. Chris pushed further inside.

"Oh my God...you're so big..."

"Oh,... fuck me."

Further and further he pushed until he was completely inside Linzi. He laid on top of her and started fucking, moving his hips and working that big cock in and out of Linzi's tight virgin hole. Christine and I just watched. We let them enjoy each other as Chris fucked his cute girlfriend for the first time. Linzi was moaning, breathing heavy and crying out in pleasure. "Ohhh... Chris.... Fuck...Me" Chris kept fucking.

After a couple minutes Christine reached for Chris's cock to pull it from Linzi. "Don't cum yet." Christine sucked Chris into her mouth to get a taste of Linzi's juices and then helped Linzi kneel on the sofa with her ass out to us. She could barely keep her balance she was so turned on.

Christine placed both hands on either side of Linzi's ass and spread her cheeks apart. Christine looked up at Linzi as she watched over her shoulder. "Is this the first time anyone has ever played with your ass Linzi? ...Ye...yess... Linzi answered with a quiver in her voice. Do you still want your boyfriend's cock in your ass? Linzi shook her head yes.

Christine began kissing Linzi's rear end. Her tongue licked deeper and deeper going completely into her crack. "Mmmmmmm, Linzi...what a cute little asshole." Christine's tongue danced around her tight virgin anal hole licking and tasting it. She put her lips to Linzi's tiny pucker and softly sucked on her anus. Then with the tip of her tongue tried opening her hole up.

Linzi's was squirming and moaning from this new feeling and experience. "Oh, that so good."

Christine backed away. "You like the way that feels, Linzi?"

"Oh, YES!! It's so good."

Christine glanced over at Chris. "Okay Chris, she's ready."

Almost instantly Linzi whimpered. She realized Christine was preparing her ass for Chris. "Oh Christine, I'm not sure...I'm scared."

"You're going to do this Linzi."

But...but.. I don't ... know... Some tears started forming in her eyes.

"That's it," I said. "C'mon Linzi You're getting it in the ass and we're all going to watch you do it."

Chris didn't say a word when I grabbed Linzi's hands and attached the leather handcuffs that Christine and I have used so many times. I made her lie on the sofa while I pulled her hands over her head. I slipped a long strap through the cuffs and then I tied it off to the legs of the sofa. Linzi's hands were now over her head and completely restrained. And her head was somewhat elevated against the armrest of the sofa. I stood over her head, grabbed her legs and pulled them up. Her asshole was totally exposed and there was no way for her to stop anything we wanted to do to her.

Christine was right there stroking her hands down Linzi's hips and across her ass. She was telling Chris it was time. "Okay, Chris." Assfuck your cute little girlfriend. She wants it." Now give it to her."

I could see the fear in Linzi's face. Chris knelt on the sofa with his big hard cock ready for Linzi's ass. Despite her squirming, Linzi's asscrack was wide open and her tight anal hole totally exposed for him.

"C'mon Linzi," Christine ordered. "Stop resisting and beg Chris to fuck your ass. You know you want it."

Chris placed his cock right on her cute little anus. She whimpered knowing what was about to happen. She couldn't move either. Her hands were tied and I had her legs holding them up high. Christine was kneeling by her face assuring her how good it was going to feel. "It's okay Linzi, you'll love it. You wanted to be a nasty little girl so now you're going to know what it's like. So tell him. Tell Chris how much you want his big cock in your ass."

It was halfhearted whimper. She was scared. She wanted to know what anal was like, but inside her body was afraid it would hurt. A few small tears and, "Chris..." She whimpered again. "Go ahead... Fuck.. my asshole." And the whimpering continued.

Chris pushed forward leaning hard into his girlfriend. Linzi began moaning loud as her asshole was being forced open. The size of his cockhead was so big compared to Linzi's tight little back hole. As he forced his cock forward her anus was stretching. It must have hurt a little. He leaned and pushed harder pressing his shaft against her sphincter until his big cockhead slipped into her ass. "Oh Linzi, Fuck!! You're so tight honey."

"Chris!!! Oh Chris!!!" Linzi cried out to him.

He pushed deeper sliding his cock further and further up Linzi's small anal chute.

"Ahhhhhhhh!!!! Chris!!! It's so big"

He pushed in still further. Linzi's tight anal ring was firmly wrapped around Chris' hard thick cock. He started fucking her. He got his cock about half way in and started working it back and forth. "Oh Linzi, you're ass feels so good."

I was getting hard myself just watching their new experience together. My cock was as rigid as could be. Christine was busy kissing Linzi and talking with her. "That's it Linzi, he's fucking you. Right in your ass. You're a dirty little girl now." Hearing that made me want to use her myself. I put my hard cock right on Linzi's face. "C'mon Linzi. Show me what a dirty little girl you are. Suck my cock." I began stroking myself and rubbing the head over Linzi's lips. Christine being right there sucked it and kissed it too.

At the same time this was happening, Christine reached between Linzi's legs and began rubbing her clit and fingering her cunt. As for myself, seeing Christine kneeling next to Linzi with her ass exposed, well I had to join in. I spread Christine's asscrack open and slid my cock right in her ass. I fucked her hard till she was begging me to make her cum.

I looked over at Chris and was seeing him sliding that huge cock in and out of Linzi's ass a bit easier now. I was wondering how Linzi was feeling at that moment. When she arrived earlier this evening, she was an innocent nineteen year old virgin. Now, a couple hours later, she had her mouth on two cocks, a cock in her virgin cunt, her ass was being violated and she had her first lesbian experience.

"Oh fuck, Linzi... you're ass is so good." Chris was passionately crying out to Linzi as his cock fucked faster through her tight asshole. Linzi was moaning loudly. Christine's fingering only added to her intense feeling of being assfucked.

I pulled my cock from Christine's ass and knelt behind her. I quickly shoved two fingers in her cunt and buried another in her asshole. I probed deep in her ass feeling around inside her rectum until I knew she couldn't take anymore. "C'mon Christine, show Linzi how you cum like a dirty slut." I probed deeper, exploring her ass until I felt her rectum tighten on my fingers. "Oh Christine, you hot little bitch." She was cumming. And cumming hard. "Oh Fuck...Fuck!!!...I'm cumming..." she cried out. Christine was kissing Linzi all over while I kept jamming my fingers even deeper in Christine's hot ass.

And Linzi, in her dazed state was easily taking Chris' huge cock up her ass now. He was ramming her hard, stretching her tight anal passage wide open. Linzi was just constantly moaning her boyfriend's name over and over while Christine, absorbed in her own orgasm, kissed her and fingered her.

"Chris... Chris.... Oh Chris.... Fuck...my ass..."

My cock was so hard from fucking Christine I had to cum. And I wanted to feel this young little thing suck me. Knowing my cock was just in Christine's ass, I stood up and pushed it against Linzi's lips. Christine was right there licking at it hungrily as I wiped it over Linzi's face.

Chris was now burying his big cock all the way in his girl's ass. He was fucking her anal hole hard, sliding that big hard tool in and out of Linzi's virgin asshole. I knew he was about to explode. I watched him grab Linzi's hips and just sink completely into her. "OOHHH!!! FUCCKKK!!!" He yelled. Then he pulled back and rammed it hard again up her tight shit tunnel slapping his balls against her. "FUCCCKKKK!!! OOHHHHHHH!!! FUCCCKKK!!! Linzi, you hot little anal slut." He was cumming. Chris was filling Linzi's ass with his hot cum. Christine realizing that buried two fingers completely inside Linzi's wet cunt. Linzi went wild moaning out loud. Her ass was being filled with cum and now her cunt was stuffed with Christine's fingers. She could feel her boyfriend's huge cock throbbing deep inside her rectum. She felt his warm cum spurting into her ass. She was having one of the most intense feelings she had ever experienced. And it was building more inside her. Her body felt like it wanted to burst with pleasure.

"Ohh Chris... Chris..."

Everything was happening so fast and at the same time. And it was such a turn on and hot to see. Christine now had three fingers stuffed in Linzi's cunt fucking her. The sexual electricity inside Linzi grew stronger. I grabbed my cock and began stroking it fast. I was so hard and aroused. I looked at Chris. "Is it okay.... Can I cum on her." I don't know why I asked. Maybe it was because I wanted his approval to treat Linzi like a filthy cum slut too. He shook his head as he was enjoying his orgasm inside his girl's ass.

I looked down at Linzi. She was moaning, "Oh FUCKK!!... YESSS.." She was about to orgasm. She was on the verge of losing control of her body. Her feelings were taking over. The passion inside was overflowing and her body felt like it was ready to explode. And it was incredible.

I stroked a couple more times. "Open your mouth Linzi," Christine directed her. Seeing her like that had me at point I couldn't hold back any longer. "Oh, God..."Oh God.... "Ohhhhhhhh!!!......

Linzi was looking at me, then at Chris. Her mouth was open. Christine fucked her cunt deep with her fingers one more time cramming them in her pussy. That did it. Linzi's body tensed up and exploded with an orgasm that made her cry out with the most intense pleasure I ever heard. "OHHHHHHHHH!!!! "YESSSSSSS!!! "FUCKKKKKK!!!!..... "OHHHH FUCCKKKKKK...." That made my cock erupt. Seeing and hearing Linzi's orgasm brought out a massive spurt of cum from my cock landing across her face and leaving a long ribbon of white sperm from her forehead to her chin. She screamed again in pleasure. "OHHHHHHHH!!!! FUUUCCCCCKKKKKK!!!!!" Then another blast poured directly into her mouth. I could see it cover her tongue. Her mouth closed quickly as she coughed and choked on it. Christine quickly kissed her to get the taste. "Isn't it good Linzi, swallow it."

Linzi was delirious as her body trembled from orgasming so hard. She was shaking uncontrollably. I shot again cumming on Christine's face and dripping down onto Linzi. Finally I had just a little more dribbling from my cock that I rubbed on Linzi's face. My God she looked so nasty covered in sperm. Christine was kissing her and licking it up from her face. Linzi was completely in another world with so many things happening at once, her body violently shaking from her orgasm, her boyfriend's cock throbbing in her ass, Christine's fingers buried deep in her cunt and my cock cumming in her mouth and all over her cute face.

Chris pulled back out of Linzi's ass. When he did Linzi, the feel of his huge organ sliding from her tight hole made Linzi's body tightened again and another orgasm ripped through her. She was in tears crying it felt so good. Then he looked at his girl with cum all over her face and shaking from an orgasm. Her asshole was still partially open from his huge cock. "Oh Linzi, that was so good." He moved up next to her and took her in his arms as she still felt herself still cumming. Christine and I moved away to leave them alone.

It was a feeling I'm sure she never expected could be so good. She was drained. Chris was drained as well. I wondered how she felt at that moment. Did she feel like a used dirty slut? And did she like it? And what about her boyfriend? What did he think of his sweet innocent girlfriend now that she let him fuck her ass and enjoy another woman's touch. And what being made to take another man's cum on her face? I wonder how Linzi and Chris will be together from now on.

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