tagAnalWhat Makes a Man Ch. 01

What Makes a Man Ch. 01


Chapter 1: Prequel

"You like that, don't you?"

It was a simple question, and his answer should have been easy to give, because he fucking loved it. But he also hated it. These two things considered, all he could manage was a moan that could have meant anything. Apparently, that was the wrong answer, and it was all the excuse she was looking for.

"What was that, you little cock slut?"

He moaned again as she slowed up the pace, withdrawing the huge member all the way to its head before driving it brutally back in to his aching ass. This was his favorite part of the dance. The impact of that last stroke had been torturously intense, bringing tears of both pain and shame to his beautifully dark brown eyes. Now she was threatening to withdraw it, without quite starting the back stroke and his thighs were shaking. A bead of sweat dropped down the back of his neck and rolled down his spine before trickling down his crack and into the seal between his anus and the vein-covered rubber cock rammed in his ass.

"Huh...I don't think you're ready to be fucked yet."

His shackled arms strained as he tried to look over his shoulder. This wasn't normal. What the hell?

"Turn around you fucking whore! I hope you're mouth is half as willing as your ass is."

With that she reached around him, bending at the waist and putting an intense downward pressure on his ass. The dildo slipped out ever so slightly, less than an inch.

"Oh know you don't," she said, pounding her hips back up next to his cheeks and yanking his head violently backwards. His eyes flashed with the pain as his mouth instinctively dropped open from the strain.

He could feel the big dong's balls slapping slickly up against his own. Then he saw what she had in her hands. It was another dildo, the same size as the one filling his ass. She yanked his head even further back, pulling his hair and making him cry out in pain. As he opened his mouth, she slammed the second dildo in until it slammed into the top of his throat.

He couldn't breathe! He felt his ass contracting as his gag reflex kicked in, trying to expel the cocks plugging both his throat and anus, but she didn't budge, and he almost started to panic. It was one thing to allow her to do "whatever she wanted" to him. He'd given her that privilege as a birthday present weeks ago. He never thought she'd take it this far, and he certainly never thought he'd like it so much, but there was his dick, firm as iron and flopping up against his belly in time to her strokes.

Suddenly he shuddered, feeling as if he were finally about to come and get this whole scene over with. Then, nothing but a stream of precum oozed out his cock as he had his first orgasm of the night. She felt this, and started laughing. He felt this and was amazed. Had he just came in his ass or something? He was satisfied in a way, but also even more desperate for release. His mind started to shut down completely.

"Didn't know you'd like that so much, did you, you little bitch! You're a regular cock queen aren't you? You like having so much cock filling you up don't you?"

Her voice continued to taunt him with a never ending stream of questions he couldn't hope to answer, even if this cock wasn't reaming his throat in sync with the one reaming his ass. Finally, as he approached the verge of suffocation, she backed out the cock in his throat just enough to let him breathe again, at the same time withdrawing the cock in his ass until its swollen head was pulling against the tight ring of his asshole. He found himself sucking against the retreating cock in his mouth, even as he clinched the cock in his ass. He found himself whimpering, begging her to continue.

"You know, I think I'm gonna like this almost as much as you are."

With that she started cramming his throat full of cock, pushing it in until the balls bounced off his chin, over and over again. He could feel his throat stretching painfully as the cock invaded it, even as he could feel his asshole quivering as she pounded it with her strap-on in an ever increasing rhythm of pain and pleasure.

Soon, he was slurping and bucking against the cocks with all of his strength, despite the chains holding down his arms and knees. He started feeling a frenzied craze bubbling up from his stomach and spreading throughout his body.

Suddenly she reached around and slapped his cock on the underside of his cock, right at that crucial point where the head meets the shaft, and he reluctantly went over the edge.

Shot after shot of hot steaming cum blasted from his cock and onto the bed, forming a pool on the comforter's slick surface as he let out a strangled cry of passion. As he collapsed in a pool of his own cum, he heard her voice as it receded across the room.

"Maybe next time you'll buy me a REAL gift, you fucking pervert. For now, we're finished."

With that she left him chained to the bed, crying softly into his cum-stained sheets. His head was awash with images of what had just transpired, and he wasn't sure if he was crying from the pain or from the orgasm he'd just experienced. He'd never felt anything as intense as what he'd just felt. As his heart slowed down he rolled over as much as the chains would allow him and fell into a deep but tortured sleep dominated by his girlfriend's laughing face.

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