tagIncest/TabooWhat Mom Knows Fucks Her Sister

What Mom Knows Fucks Her Sister


Summary: Mom, Nana and Son team up to seduce bitchy prude relative.

Note 1: Thanks to Tex Beethoven for editing and plot suggestion, Robert, Dave and Wayne for editing.

Note 2: APOLOGY: Sorry this has taken so long. I'm shocked at how time flies realizing that over two years have passed since the last chapter was released. It was started over a year and a half ago, but because of the popularity of the series, started back in October of 2011, I only release a story when I think it is good enough. After a complete throw away of the first plot, and five rewrites of this one, I am finally happy with the chapter... I hope you are too.

Note 3: This is part 8 of a continuing incest series (although it is much more complex than a simple incest story). I highly recommend you read the first seven parts as the layered subplots may be confusing without the background information...but here is a very brief primer of the series so far:

In WHAT MOM DOESN'T KNOW WILL FUCK HER 18-year-old Curtis goes to a Halloween party dressed in a costume designed for his absent father and ends up fucking his beautiful mother.

In WHAT MOM KNOWS FUCKS HER AGAIN Curtis ends up in an amazing threesome with his mother and his fantasy girl, the local celebrity weather girl Miranda Collington.

In WHAT MOM KNOWS FUCKS HER ASS Curtis begins dating the older, but sexually exotic Miranda while also continuing to fuck his Mother; and as the title suggests, Curtis gets to do his mother's ass during an epic evening where he fulfills the Tri-fecta, coming in his Mother's mouth, pussy and ass.

In WHAT MOM KNOWS FUCKS HER IN THE AIR Curtis joins the Mile High Club during an epic first class flight to Vegas with his Mom, his celebrity girlfriend Miranda, Mom's friend and ex-Mistress Ellie and a very submissive stewardess.

In WHAT MOM KNOWS FUCKS HER IN VEGAS Curtis must try desperately to stop Mom's ex-Mistress Ellie from reclaiming his submissive mother; Curtis and his mom have a heart to heart; Curtis, Miranda, Ellie and his mom end up in a hot five-some in a church with the bride minutes before the wedding; Curtis and Miranda make a BIG decision.

In WHAT MOM KNOWS FUCKS HER IN WHITE Curtis and Miranda get married; so do Ellie and Curtis's mom; they celebrate with an orgy in the chapel and then one more at the wedding of Miranda's ex when they take the bride up to the honeymoon suite, along with a beautiful black co-worker.

In WHAT MOM KNOWS FUCKS HER MOM Curtis and his Mom return home to catch his Dad having sex with his secretary, which leads to the separation of Curtis's parents; meanwhile Curtis decides he wants Ellie's ass, but she counters by giving him his ex-biology teacher's ass instead. Curtis also learns that his ex-girlfriend Pam is a lesbian. Lastly, Curtis's Nana, Samantha, comes to support his Mom with the break-up and ends up becoming Curtis's newest completely submissive incestuous ass slut...even going so far as to promise Curtis to seduce her other daughter Elizabeth and Laura, Elizabeth's high school student daughter who just turned eighteen.

What Mom Knows Fucks Her Sister

After the wild night with Mom and Nana, I wasn't sure how the next morning would go... I was especially nervous about how Nana would react once she'd had a chance to sleep on it.

Nana had been quite drunk last night. Would she regret the reality that she'd fucked her grandson, eaten out her daughter and lost her anal virginity?

If past experience taught me anything, the answer would be no. I'd learned that women were just as sex-craved as men, given the chance. Many women hid behind an exterior of propriety and societal expectations... but most, given the chance, would allow their inner succubus to come out and play.

The fact that I was currently fucking my Mother, my Nana, my celebrity Wife, my Mom's Domme Mistress, and various casual hookups was strong evidence that my theory was true.

Yet my latest suggestion, urging Nana to seduce and fuck her other daughter and her daughter's daughter (Nana's granddaughter, my cousin) was a bit much. At some point this crazy house of sex cards could come tumbling down... especially the more people we involved in our twisted, wicked, secret, but super fun incest games.

Of course, I was thinking this as I was woken up the best way ever... morning head from my mother. This I would miss when I moved in with my beautiful bride... who wasn't a morning person... partly by nature, and partly due to her evening job.

After I deposited my morning load down Mom's welcoming throat, I asked, "Did we push Nana too far last night?"

"Oh, I think she was a very willing participant," Mom responded, as she licked my mushroom top to savour a last drop of sperm.

"Oh, I agree. But I meant having her promise to seduce Aunt Elizabeth and Laura," I said.

"I'm not sure she'll succeed, but Mom does enjoy a challenge," my Mom pointed out.

"That definitely seems to be a family trait," I joked, although it was the truth.

"Wanna go and wake Nana up with a nice dp?" Mom asked.

"Those are words that would have been utterly crazy when she visited last Christmas," I joked, as Mom draped her naked body against mine.

"And yet now it's reality," Mom smiled, leaning in and kissing me.

We did indeed wake up Nana with a slow and sweet dp, before she begged us to 'fuck the living shit out of her,' clearly having no regrets about last night's sexual debauchery of incestuous lust.

It was an hour later, as we ate breakfast, that Nana began, "About Elizabeth."

"And Laura," I added.

"Yes," she nodded. "Are you sure they need to be a part of this?"

Before I could answer, my new bride Miranda walked into the house and called out, "Hello, anyone awake yet?"

Mom called back, "In the kitchen."

"So I'm finally going to meet your wife," Nana asked, giving me a look saying loud and clear that she was still put out at not being invited to the wedding.

"Like I told you, Nana, it was a spur of the moment decision," I said, "we were in Vegas and there wasn't time to fly you there... we didn't invite anyone at all that we weren't already fucking," acting like a defensive grandson and not like a guy who just twenty minutes ago had deposited a load of cum in her super tight asshole.

Miranda entered and I pointed out the obvious, "You're awake early."

She noticed someone new and smiled, "And you must be Samantha. Curtis has told me a lot about you."

Nana took her hand and smiled, her tone not even remotely hiding that she knew everything, "And I've heard a LOT about you."

"All good, I hope," Miranda said, still smiling.

"That depends on your viewpoint," Nana said, still pushing it.

I interjected, clarifying everything, "Nana-slut, don't go acting possessive on me. You belong to me, not the other way around."

Miranda's mouth dropped open.

"It was a good night, Mistress!" Mom added.

"Well, now I'm sorry I left you two alone for some family time," Miranda said, her smile returning.

Mom joked, "Oh, we three generations got to know each other a lot better. We've expanded the definition of 'gene pool'."

"Nana, go eat some more breakfast," I ordered, snapping my fingers and pointing to my wife... enjoying the power I had over her... and testing how obedient she would be with someone new present.

"Are you suggesting I crawl over to your wife and eat her cunt?" Nana asked.

"That is exactly what I am suggesting," I nodded.

"Just making sure," Nana said with a wicked smile, eagerly dropping to her knees and crawling over to Miranda, licking her lips.

"Oh my," Miranda smiled, looking at me with a look of surprise, before she joked, "So you gave your Nana her Christmas present early?"

"It's a layered gift ceremony," I joked, "we may extend it to the Twelve Days of Christmas," as I watched Nana's head disappear underneath Miranda's dress. Miranda never wore panties of course, so Nana had immediate access to her second breakfast of hairless twat.

"It's getting hard to find you any new gifts," Miranda moaned, as Nana's tongue made contact with her pussy.

"I already have everything I need," I said romantically, as I went over and kissed her... while my Nana licked her.

"Remember that as I age and these begin to sag," Miranda joked, when I broke the kiss.

"You'll always be beautiful to me," I said, meaning it. Miranda was beautiful; Miranda was a sexual submissive nymphomaniac, but she was also the sweetest woman I knew. I loved her for the entire package: brains, beauty, sexuality and compassion.

She was perfect... as was listening to her whimpers as Nana ate her out.

Mom sighed, "Well, I'd love to chat or watch or join, but some of us still have to go to work."

"I'll take care of Nana," I promised.

"I bet you will," Mom scoffed, as she slapped my ass.

Miranda asked, "You don't want to watch your son fuck my ass while your mom eats my cunt?"

Fuck, I loved how my bride could turn from sweet to nasty in a heartbeat.

"I expect you to come see me today, slut," Mom said, my wife still a submissive to her in this twisted, complex, strange hierarchy I was living in.

I was at the top, that was clear, except to Ellie, who was still trying to be in overall control, even though no matter how hard she fought it, it was obvious to everyone else she was a submissive to me too.

"Yes, Mistress," Miranda nodded, as I moved behind her and lifted up her dress.

"At two o'clock," Mom ordered, as I moved my rigid cock between my bride's ass cheeks.

"Of course, Mistress," Miranda nodded, as she bent over a bit, using Nana's shoulders for balance.

"Be sure to come on Nana's face," Mom suggested to me, before walking out of the kitchen.

"I think that can be arranged," I nodded, as my cock disappeared inside Miranda's ass.

"Oooooh," Miranda moaned, as she was suddenly getting double teamed by cock and tongue.

"Pound her ass," Nana ordered, out of the blue.

"I can't believe you fucked your Nana," Miranda teased, as I slowly began fucking her ass.

"My aunt is next," I revealed.

"Does she know that?" Miranda asked.

"Don't forget your cousin," Nana chipped in.

"And possibly my cousin, although she is a bit of a bitch," I added.

"A bit?" Nana scoffed.

"Okay, she's a really nasty piece of work," I corrected.

"Maybe I can have a go at her," Miranda suggested.

"That's a great idea," I nodded enthusiastically.

"Now stop talking and start fucking my asshole," Miranda demanded, not one for making gentle love... usually.

"Let's change positions," I said, not sure Nana could support the majority of Miranda's weight once I started really pounding her.

"Where do you want me?" Miranda asked, standing back up straight as my cock slipped out of her ass.

"Nana, where would you like to have your brunch?" I asked.

"Bend her over the kitchen table, Master," Nana suggested, as she crawled to it and under it... positioning herself like the submissive she was.

"Like daughter, like mother," Miranda joked, twisting the old saying around as she pulled her dress off over her head to reveal no bra either, just thigh highs and toeless heels, as she walked to the kitchen table and offered her cunt back to my Nana.

"What a beautiful slit you have," Nana complimented my wife.

"All the better to fuck your grandson with," Miranda responded, as if they were creating their own twisted dialogue for Little Red Riding Hood.

"Well, here comes the big bad wolf," I growled theatrically, moving behind her and threatening, "I'm going to huff and puff and blow my wad inside you."

"Oh, what a big cock you have, Mr. Woodsman," Miranda played along as I slid it back into her asshole.

"All the better to fuck you with, my dear," I continued, grabbing her hips and slamming into her as hard as I could.

"Oh yes, give it to me, fuck me while Grandmama samples my basket of goodies," Miranda demanded, the double pleasure clearly getting her motor running quickly.

And for a few minutes I fucked my wife in the ass with powerful strokes as my Nana licked her to not one, but two orgasms.

When I was finally close, I pulled out, Miranda moved obligingly out of the way just in time, and I splattered Nana's face, already coated in pussy cum, with my own cum.

"That is so hot," Miranda purred, having knelt down beside the table to watch me use Nana's face as a cum canvas.

As soon as I was done, Nana took my cock in her mouth for a good wash, not at all concerned it had spent the past few minutes in another woman's asshole.

After a minute I had to urinate, so I pulled out and said, "You two can clean each other up."

When I returned, after a quick shower, my wife and Nana were sitting quietly at the kitchen table, having coffee... no evidence of the kinky sex of minutes earlier except that we were all still naked. (Sexy thigh highs don't count.)

Eventually, Nana went to have a shower herself, and Miranda and I dressed and went to do some quick Christmas shopping and have a quick lunch, before I headed back home and she eventually headed to go and meet my Mom at work for an afternoon munch.

When I got home, I walked past where Nana had been napping and saw the door was open... and she was awake... and still completely naked except for a pair of black thigh highs.

"Welcome home," she smiled, sitting up on the bed, legs demurely crossed, hiding her sweet pussy. The innocent effect was a bit lost, since she was also gazing into my eyes while she lifted first one generous breast, then another, to her face so she could suck on her nipples and nibble on them, watching me carefully for my reaction.

Nana was still in great shape despite being a grandmother. Great genes gave this former beauty pageant contestant an incredible body. She displayed virtually no sag. Her skin was supple yet still tight; her large breasts hung lower than when she was younger, and her thighs were a bit thicker, but somehow that made for a fuller beauty. As I stared at her, I felt myself stir into rigidity once again.

This was not lost on Nana at all. She smiled mischievously, and wordlessly uncrossed her legs and spread them wide open... almost 180°... apparently she was also still very flexible.

I walked into her room, still in awe of having gotten Nana to be my slut too, as I cocked my eyebrow and asked, "Were you expecting someone?"

"I was just dressed as a Nana slut should always be for her big dicked Grandson," she answered, moving her hand to her pussy.

"Well, your grandson and his big dick approve," I nodded, finding her utterly sensuous in her pose, her cum-hither facial expression, and her thigh highs.

"I feel you're a bit overdressed," she smiled, looking directly at my crotch.

"It is a little hot in here," I smiled, unbuttoning my shirt.

"I'm feeling quite feverish myself," she said, watching her Grandson get undressed. "I think I'll need a complete hose-down."

Fuck, she was hot. Now likely 99% of the time if someone told you they were fucking their nana, grandmother, grandma or however they addressed them, you would be repulsed... but my Nana looked twenty years younger than she was, and had the sex drive of someone forty years younger.

"Thankfully," I continued the playful banter as my pants fell to the carpet and I stepped out of them, "I brought a fully loaded hose to this fire."

"Well, get that hose over here and douse my flames before they become an uncontrollable inferno," Nana ordered, lifting her right leg high in the air.

I lost my boxers, my hose ready to douse any fire, but only after I fanned it into a wildfire, and walked over to the bed.

I took her nylon-clad ankle into both hands and massaged it, while taking her cute, manicured toes into my mouth one at a time.

"Ohhhhh, I haven't had this done to me since I was a model," Nana moaned softly.

"Granddad?" I asked.

"Savannah," she answered. "A model from Italy."

"Yummy," I envisioned a lascivious, model-slender, younger version of Nana losing herself in the act of lesbianism, as I moved my lips to a second toe.

"Yes, she loved her feet, and she loved my feet. She loved sucking toes, and she loved getting foot fucked," Nana explained.

"Foot fucked?" I questioned, moving my lips and tongue to another toe.

"Yeah. Imagine fisting a cunt," she said coarsely, exciting my imagination, which was getting more and more vivid, still in awe of hearing my Nana say 'fuck' and 'cunt', and now 'fisting'.

"Image of you fisting her hot cunt while she urges you on burned into my head," I joked, appreciatively.

"Except instead of any old fist, it's my foot," Nana embellished the picture.

"A whole foot?" I questioned, the foot a very different model part and shape than a fist.

"Yep, first the toes, then the heel, and then all the way in up to the ankle," Nana nodded.

"Holy fuck," I said, unable to envision that actually being possible, as I lay on the bed and moved her other foot to my worshipful mouth.

"That would be one of the many things she screamed as I foot fucked her," Nana added, seeming to enjoy shocking me, "and when I began wiggling my toes..."

"Wow," I said, duly shocked.

"That's what I thought when I first saw your big cock and you made me your Nana-slut," she said back, "wow", her free foot now going to my chest and rubbing me slowly while I slowly continued my way through all ten of her toes.

"If we get Aunt Elizabeth and Laura on board, that will be the ultimate wow," I said, sucking her big toe in my mouth with a slurping sound.

"I need you to come and wow me right now," she demurely suggested, "the bush-fire is spreading."

I swiveled around so we were face to face and moved my cock between her legs, and she closed her legs beneath me asking, "Can you fuck your Nana-slut like this?"

"I can fuck you in any and every position you want," I bragged, as I wrapped my toes around her ankles, and positioned myself to slide inside her... loving the idea of this position, as my bare legs would be sliding against her silky nylon-clad legs.

"Promises, promises," Nana joked playfully, as my cock began probing her wetness.

"I don't make promises I can't keep," I guaranteed confidently, as I sank deep inside Nana.

"Massssster," Nana moaned sibilantly as I slowly entered her. I guess she enjoyed snakes.

An interesting thought occurred to me right at that moment, and wanting to make this one on one time special, I corrected, "No, Nana. Right now I'm not your Master and you aren't my Nana-slut. Right now you're just my Nana and I'm your grandson, ok? This is between Nana and grandson. Loving relatives worshiping each other."

"Okay lover," she smiled, as I sank the rest of the way inside my grandmother. "Dearest Grandson," she groaned as I bottomed out. Nana had said repeatedly in the last day that I was the largest she'd ever had, which never failed to bring a smile to my face, but I understood that was pretty much her wanting to stroke my ego whether her words were true or not... but I still enjoyed the compliment.

"That's it, Nana. Do you feel that? That's your Grandson's cock filling you. Do you like it?" I asked soothingly as I took deliberately slow strokes inside her burning wet inferno (the most beautiful of tropical oxymorons).

"God yes, I love my Grandson's dick in my cunt," Nana declared, seeming to love such incestual reminders.

My full length was inside her, then slowly gliding almost all the way out, each of us intimately feeling the minutia of sensations as tiny irregularities in our flesh moved to centre stage and our attention reveled in them. It was as if we had each taken a drug that excited our nerve endings and made them super receptive to every nuance of each other. One simple out-stroke and it felt like a long journey through an exotic wilderness. And then all the way back in to achieve the same blissful experience in reverse. And then the long, leisurely journey back out...

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