tagMatureWhat Money Can't Buy

What Money Can't Buy


I have written a few stories. Mostly I have received positive and encouraging response from the readers, but some have expressed their disapproval of my bad command of the English language. Living in a country where we have two domestic languages combined with the need of a third language not being English, the result is that there are some flaws in my English. Therefore I can only apologize for the mistakes I make. Still I like to write in English - isn't that a way to improve your command of the language?

I am a 51 years old widower.

I have a daughter 23 years old.

I'm rich, terribly rich.

For my age I'm good looking.

I have it all, except love. Why?

My dear wife died. Cancer is a terrible decease. Sometimes you can't do anything, no matter what you do. She left me five years ago. We were a very happy couple to the very last. Since then my one and only purpose in life has been Cindy, my adorable lovely daughter. She is doing fine. Her studies go well. She is close to being a doctor of medicine, only 23. I love her, but I'm miss love, the love between man and woman. Why?

I meet a lot with friends, I'm approached by a lot of women. Some of them are married, some not. The married ones I desist, the others I try out. Some of them are good, others aren't. But I do not get the right feeling. Why?

They do not put up to Mary's standards, not even close. And, what are they after, my wealth or me? Who can tell? To be honest, most certainly many would be happy with me, also without my dollars.

Anyway, this was the situation. I wasn't very happy. Came the day when Cindy brought home her first boyfriend. He was nice. I liked him. We got along fine, the three of us. But after a while they tended to have other interests. We could sit together for a while, and then they went off to do something. I didn't exactly want to know what. This went on for a couple of months.

One evening Cindy asked if I would mind come over to Harry's place. She wanted me to meet with his parents.

"Is this then that serious?" I asked.

"In a way, yes, but not necessarily so," she replied.

It was agreed that we should visit Harry's family the next Thursday evening.

On said evening we went over to the Browns. Harry and his parents John and Joan met outside their large house. We shook hands, properly introduced by Harry. We walked around the house to the pool area. Their pool was bigger than our. In a shaded area by the pool, we were introduced to Harry's elder sister Amy. She was preparing drinks. She looked fabulous. She had dark hair, almost black, reaching almost down to her waist. She had a wonderful face, a very good-looking nose and her mouth was just the right size. She had a nice suntan. She was looking at me with her green-blue eyes when asking what my pleasure was. She was clad in a very nice sundress exposing her formidable legs. Her breasts looked tremendous. They were quite large. If they were firm, they would be the most exquisite breasts I have ever seen.

I was intoxicated. She was beautiful and looking intelligent at the same time. That's not very common. She repeated her question about my pleasure. I couldn't tell her what my pleasures were, so I asked for a scotch. She handed me my drink with a marvelous smile. She was the loveliest woman I had seen for many years, if ever. I had to withdraw. I chatted with John, - Jack as he was called among friends. The others joined us as we sat down around a table. We got acquainted. Among other things we discussed some politics. We all agreed that in spite of the nice tax-policy of Mr. George W. Bush, he was a pest. He was distributing wealth the wrong way. After having expressed our mutual disgust, we changed subject.

We didn't want to destroy the evening. I was told that Amy had a small house of her own, not very far away. She had just recently finished her law studies and was now practicing in Jack's law firm. She was doing well, for being green, Jack explained with a laugh. We all joined. I had to concentrate not to stare at her too much. She had a wonderful voice, very pleasant, but sexy at the same time. I was further informed that Harry had bought a house as well. The former owners were to move out within the month. The family seemed to have their things in good shape. Being an architect, I volunteered my help, if needed. After a few more drinks, we entered the house. It looked rich, everything done with good taste. As I commented on this, I was informed that it was the making of Joan - she was an interior-architect.

"The dinner is served," came from the doorway. There was a lovely Mexican maid announcing this.

We all moved to the dining room. I was placed between Joan and Amy facing Cindy. The dinner was exquisite. The table conversation was animated. I enjoyed it all tremendously. I sensed Amy's presence all the time. I was careful not to look at her too often. Jack told a story. We all laughed. As we did so, Amy quite spontaneously placed her hand on my lap. I looked at her. She looked at me, still laughing. Then she removed her hand. I slowly recovered. She was too lovely to be true. We had coffee in the living room. Joan served Cognac, a very good brand. Now came the news, obviously the cause of this visit.

"What would you say, Dad, if I move in with Harry to his new house?" Cindy asked.

One billion thoughts rushed through my head. Did I like the prospect? Harry was very nice. He could be a good husband for Cindy. I would be alone in the house. How would that feel? Not good. But it was natural that she would leave. Did I feel pity for myself? Yes, I did, but I shouldn't. I sipped at my Cognac.

"You could do worse," I answered with a laugh. Hope it went home.

"Have you all discussed this earlier?" I then asked looking at the others.

"Yes, we have," Joan said. "We like Cindy very much. We think they fit together very well," she added.

"We thought it proper that we get acquainted before the decision is made," Jack filled in.

The young couple looked so happy together.

"I find Harry a very good man for my little baby," I declared, "just start planning."

"This needs celebrating. How about some Champagne?" Jack asked.

We split a large bottle of the sparkling drink.

Finally I thought it was time to take leave.

"I like to thank you all for a formidable evening," I said. "I think it's time to go home now," I added.

"I thought I would stay over," Cindy declared.

"OK, then I can test how it feels to be at home alone," I said laughing.

"We must order a cab. I can't drive. Can you bring home the car in the morning, Cindy?" I asked.

"Sure, I will," Cindy said. You can drop me at the university. I don't want to take my car tomorrow.

"Charles, can I come with the same taxi? I live in your direction," Amy asked.

"But of course," I replied with a smile.

We took farewell and climbed into the waiting taxi.

Amy gave the address and we were on our way. As we were approaching her house in a nice area Amy bluntly asked;

"As you are an architect, could you come and have a look at my house? There are some plans I would like to discuss with you."

"Sure, no problem. It's late but why not?" I replied.

I told the taxi to wait, but Amy explained that the project was quite complex and therefore suggested that I pay off the car. What could I do? I paid off the taxi.

Amy took my hand and led the way around the house. In the backyard she had a small swimming pool. The lights were on in the living room facing the pool area. There was a wall around the area. Obviously no one could see pool and its surroundings.

"Are you in a hurry? I would like to take a night swim," she explained. "How about you?" I felt dizzy.

"OK. Do you have some swimming trunks I could borrow?" I asked.

"You don't need any here. The area is quite secluded," Amy told me and started to strip.

As she didn't have much on in the first place, she was nude in a matter of seconds. My eyes almost popped out of its sockets. Her breasts were just as firm as I never dared to expect. She stood there, looking at me in anticipation. I started to pull off my clothes, slowly at first, but then I speeded it up. As I was nude, she said:

"You are very polite, Charley," looking at my very large and very erect dick with a smile.

Usually I'm never shy, but this time I felt embarrassed. She was so young, more than twenty years younger than me.

"You look absolutely gorgeous," I replied trying to neglect her comment.

"You are very handsome, yourself, and just so witty that I like it," she said.

She went to the pool and dived into the warm and soft water. I followed her. It felt nice, too nice. We swam for a while. I noticed that my dick was still rock hard. After a while Amy swam up to me, put her hands on my shoulders and kissed me on my mouth. I answered her kiss. Our tongues met. She came closer; she let her legs go over my rigid tool. She pressed her legs together and she must have felt my enormous manhood between them. She continued the kissing. I was about to come. I hadn't been so erotically aroused for years, if ever. Suddenly she left me, swam to the stairs and climes out of the water. There she stood looking down at me expectantly. I climbed up. My tool was aiming at the moon. She took hold of my hand and led me to the house. She opened the door and switched off the burglar alarm. She led me to her bedroom and lay down.

"Take me," she said.

I took a position between her outspread legs and brought my sobbing pole to the entrance of her lovely cunt. Then slowly I entered. In spite of the enormous size, it went in very well. Amy was very wet, not only from the pool-water.

"This first time, fuck me hard," she pleaded.

I did. I pumped her with high speed. She met my movements, her vagina closing around my throbbing cock making it feel like she sucked me. The physical feeling was exquisite; the emotional feeling was a mix-up. I didn't know how to interpret it all. Why did she want me that badly? Of course I was hilarious about it. Would I be disappointed in the long run though? Was she only horny at the moment and me being the only one around, the best pick to take care of her needs, physical needs? I tried to suppress my thinking and to concentrate on the fucking. The pressure was building up. I came filling her with cum, hot steaming cum. Now was the moment. What would happen after this? I rolled down beside her and started to fondle with her clit. Her entire cunt was like a jelly-jar. There were both here juices and my semen. I massaged her clit in the best way I knew. She looked very pleased. She came. Now, really was the time. What would she say?

"That was fantastic. I need something to drink. Want something?" was all she said.

She got up, and I followed her to the kitchen. We both chose beer. We drank it from glasses, standing there in the kitchen. I was still fully erect. Amy took my pole in her hand and made a few massaging strokes along the shaft.

"I love this one," she declared. She emptied her glass, and went down on her knees. She gave me a blowjob, the best I could remember. I exploded into her lovely mouth. She swallowed.

"As Cindy is coming to fetch you from home in the morning, I suppose you have to leave. Before that I would like you to eat me," she informed me.

We went to her bedroom; she spread herself out on her bed. I took a good position kneeling on the floor and started to eat her, lick her and suck on her. She came with a silent growl.

"While you are getting on your clothes, I'll get you a taxi," she said.

"The next time we meet, you are the boss. When can you make it?" she asked without any hesitations.

"I can make it tonight," I promised as the cab arrived. We kissed and I left.

At home in bed I had difficulties with falling to sleep. Finally I slept.

In the morning Cindy came to fetch me. She had had breakfast at the Browns but she joined for a cup of coffee.

"How did you like the evening?" she asked.

"It was great. I liked the Browns very much. I'm actually very glad for you and Harry. Let's hope that everything goes well for you," I said.

"You seemed to like Amy a lot. She is nice, isn't she?"

"Yes, and old enough to me your sister," I said without enthusiasm. "They are all very nice," I added.

"Actually Amy seemed to be quite fond of you as well," Cindy teased.

"She is just the type of woman I would prefer, but alas, she is to young."

"Don't say that. Now a day 20 years isn't too much. It's more a matter of psychology. If you have the same views on life, the same values, equal interests everything else is in order, then some difference in age doesn't matter too much."

"Hey, I'm 51 and she cant be much more than 25, that's a difference of 26 years."

"No, she is 31, but well preserved. She doesn't look childish though," Amy said as if trying to give me hope.

"Well, that sounds much better, but 20 years is quite a lot."

"I wouldn't bother about that. Shall we leave? Time is running," she ended the intriguing discussion.

I dropped her off at the university and went to my office. I didn't have any appointments that day and the staff was working hard on their projects. I looked up the phone number of Jacks law firm. I wrote it down. It was 10 am. What should I do? My hands were sweating. I stared at the phone number. I tried to have a look at my most urgent projects. They didn't seem urgent at all, as they weren't. I just couldn't concentrate. At 11 am. I called the John Brown's Attorneys at Law. I asked the switchboard for Amy Brown. I was connected.

"Hello, Amy. This is Charles. How are you this morning?" I started.

"Naughty you, you kept me waiting," Amy answered with a soft giggle.

"Well," I said not knowing how to proceed.

"I hope you aren't upset about last night," Amy helped.

"It was a fantastic night. First with your family and then with you, but I feel quite intrigued, I must confess."

"Don't, it was a fabulous night. Are you sticking to your promise to see me tonight?"

"I sure am. You aren't free for lunch, are you?" I wagered.

"Yes, I'm free. Which place did you have in mind?" she asked.

"Isn't Anthony's, there close to you, a good place?"

"Yes, if you can afford it," she said with a wonderful laugh.

"See you there at 12 then, is it OK?"

"Perfect, see you then, bye," she said and put down her receiver.

I asked my secretary to order a table for two and to have our errand boy Bill to drive me there. He loved to drive my Mercedes.

I stood up at the table as she arrived a few minutes past 12. She was clad in a very neat costume, dark purple with stripes. She looked adorable.

She offered me one of her cheeks, but as I was about to kiss it she turned her head and took the kiss on her lips. I think I blushed, I hope I didn't.

We had a wonderful pasta dish with some white wine.

"You have been contemplating about our ages, I presume," she asked.

"As a matter of fact, I have," I replied. "I just heard from Cindy that you are 31. I thought yesterday that you are even younger."

"No, that's right. I'm a mature woman," she said followed by her lovely giggle.

"That you are mature I realized last evening, that you are mature in another way I realized last night," I explained.

"I have many friends, mainly girl friends. My perhaps two best friends are married to guys more than 20 years older than themselves. They are the happiest couples I know in addition to my parents. So, not trying to propose, I have a very good picture of what a relationship with a mature man can be. Still I hope that it could be even better than the picture I have. You made quite an impression on me last night, both during the evening and in the night. I felt very happy."

Reminded about last night, I was fully erect by now.

"I'm very glad, that you think that way," I said.

Coffee was served and Amy moved a bit closer to me in the sofa.

She brought her hand on my lap under the table, feeling my hard on she nodded. She took my hand and brought it to her crotch, then pulling up her skirt. My fingers reached for her cunt. She didn't have any lingerie's on. Her pussy was wet. I fondled her clit. She took hold of my almost bursting cock.

"I removed my briefs before I came here. Usually I have some," Amy explained.

"I got erect as I so you, usually it's hanging down," I replied. We both laughed.

We fondled for a while, checking the other tables that no one was observing our game. We were soon both close to coming.

"Do you have to go back to your office this afternoon?" I asked.

"Yes, I have a client coming in at 2. I should be free around 4."

I let go Amy's cunt and took out my Nokia.

"Give me your mobile number. I don't know about Cindy's program this evening.

It's either your place or mine. I will pick you up after work. OK?" I asked.

We exchanged numbers.

"I'll let you know when I'm free," Amy said.

I paid the bill, and then we left the place. I had problems with my erection. It was protruding quite forcibly in my pants. We kissed briefly and she left. I decided to walk back to my office. The two miles walk made me good. As I reached the office, my erection was gone. My secretary, Sue, gave me a curious glimpse. She couldn't know, could she?

I phoned Cindy. She didn't answer. She had her Nokia on silent during lectures.

Twenty minutes later she called.

"Hi, Dad, you called?" she said.

"Yes, love, wanted to know about your program this evening."

"We'll meet with Harry. Don't know where yet. What's up?"

"I'll see a friend tonight. Would like to have it in private, so I will either go out or be at home, it depends on you guys," I explained.

"Sounds interesting. You can be at home. We'll go to Harry's place," she helped.

"Want to tell me something?" she added.

"Not at the moment. I'll explain later," I decided.

"OK, Dad, have a nice evening."

"You too, give my regards."

I was waiting for the call. I was thinking about what the future would bring. I thought about Cindy moving out. I thought about the large house becoming almost empty. Or, was there a chance that it wouldn't become empty after all? It was too early to tell. - I was waiting for the call.

My phone rang. It was a client, Ron, who placed an order based on a quotation I had given him one week ago. He wanted me to draw him a house. I thanked him, but I wasn't too excited about it. I was waiting for THE call.

My mobile rang.

"I'm ready love," she said. It was Amy!

"OK, if I pick you up in 15 minutes?" I asked.

"That's fine, see you, bye," she said. The phone went dead.

"I'm off for the day," I told Sue as I passed her desk. "Have a nice week-end."

"You too, Charles," she said and handed me my car keys.

I took the elevator down to the garage, jumped into the car and drew off.

Amy was waiting at the curb outside her office. She jumped in.

"Nice car. Where are we going, boss?" she began with a laugh.

"How about my place this time?" I suggested.

"Sounds fine," she said.

"How about food? I don't have a maid. Should get one though. Shall we be self-sufficient or shall we go out?"

"You are the boss tonight. You decide."

"Then, shall we order a pizza? They'll deliver within half an hour."

"That's fine with me."

We arrived at home. I asked her what kind of pizza she preferred and then ordered accordingly. Meanwhile Amy was strolling around in the house. She didn't go upstairs.

"Nice place you have here. You seem to have a good taste when it comes to living."

She came over to me and we kissed. It was nice to feel her breast against my chest. I was immediately aroused.

"Let's eat out-doors," I suggested. We took what was needed and laid the table on the terrace. Amy started to strip. Soon she had only her bikinis on. The pizza arrived. I paid off the delivery and returned to the terrace. I too stripped down to my trunks and shirt. Then we ate. My cock was protruding in my trunks. She looked down at my lap and giggled.

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