tagIncest/TabooWhat My Brother Knows is Shared

What My Brother Knows is Shared


On Wednesday I stopped at the mailroom and picked up a letter from my brother. Just seeing his name on the envelope brought back memories of what happened the last time I was home. He'd found out that I was sneaking into his room and fucking him while he slept and turned the tables on me when he'd found out. For the remainder of my spring break I was his cock whore and by the time I returned to college he'd made me his personal slut. The first night of his discovery he spanked and whipped my ass then fucked my asshole with his big hard cock. My ass was so sore I had to make excuses to my parents for the remainder of my visit as I had a difficult time sitting. This letter in my hand was the first communication I'd had from him since I returned two weeks ago to finish the term. I hurried to my room to read it.

It was a short letter it said:

"Coming for the weekend, be ready for me slut."

My pussy twitched as I read the short note over and over as my mind began to understand what he wanted. Over the next two days I had to prepare for him and the most important thing I had to do was see if I could get my room mate out or the dorm for the weekend. I knew my brother wanted his slut and there was no way I could let her know about my incestuous life. That worked out pretty well as she volunteered she was going home for the weekend and invited me to come. I told her about my brother coming up and asked her if he could use her bed for the weekend and she said sure. Now all I had to do was be ready when he showed up Friday afternoon.

I went to town and bought some new clothes. I wasn't sure how a slut should dress but I figured something short and revealing was necessary and my closet was without that type of wardrobe. Selecting a short skirt, one that came just an inch or two below my hips I then selected a thin cotton white blouse. I debated about a bra to go with it and decided that panties and a bra would be counterproductive. I also bought a pair of shoes with five- inch heels. On Friday afternoon as soon as my roommate left I showered and shaved my pussy bald. As I put the outfit on I could not help but get aroused. I'd never worn anything so slutty before and just looking at myself in the mirror balanced on the high heels made my pussy drip. My thoughts were interrupted when my cell phone rang. It was my brother calling to say he was here and would be right up. Pure excitement ran through me realizing I had my brother and his cock for the weekend. I waited impatiently for him to knock, pacing my room thinking about what he would do to me, my pussy and tits were ready for him.

When the knock came I ripped the door open and jumped into his arms hugging and kissing him passionately. I wrapped my legs around his torso and buried my lips against his. I felt his cock come to life as I ground my naked pussy into his groin.

"Well isn't this a nice sisterly welcome."

I released Matt and stepped back to see he had not come alone. He'd brought our cousin Ann with him. I was busily trying to cover myself knowing as I did so that it was useless, I was dressed as a slut for Matt and after my actions when I opened the door there was no way of covering up. I stood there with my arm covering my nipples, which poked through the thin material, and my other had in front of my groin as I looked at Matt and then Ann.

"Betsy! Sit down and fold your hands on your lap."

Matt's voice, so brooked no argument and I did as I was told, doing my best to keep my pussy shaded by pulling the skirt as low as possible then sitting on the bed.

"Matt. Your sister looks like she might have some plans for the weekend, didn't you tell her we were coming? She jumped you at the door like you were her lover."

"I am her lover, or more correctly she is my slut."

I cringed as the words came out. My incestuous actions with my brother would soon be known throughout the family. Ann and I grew up together, she was an only child and she was always at our house with Matt and I. Until we started to develop we were friends but when we noted differences in our development, my tits arrived long before hers and I was at least one cup size bigger then her. Her tits, while smaller then mine, always seemed perkier and tended to stick out where mine did not. She was my mother's sister's child and although we looked almost like sisters we just couldn't stop competing with one another and once we'd started dating we often competed for the same boys. She was a year younger then I was and a year older then Matt. My joy at the news of Matt being here had not only dissipated seeing her, my life looked to be over as well. They both stood and looked at me and no one said another word as Matt went to my TV and slipped a DVD into the player. I knew what he was doing and closed my eyes not wanting to see myself sneaking into Matt's room the night he caught me fucking him.

"Open your eyes slut and watch yourself."

The remark was accompanied by a slap and my biggest surprise was that it was Ann who had said it and who had slapped me across the face. I noticed that she was also dressed in a skirt, blouse and heels, but her skirt was longer and her blouse only revealed that she wore a bra. I did as she had commanded and watched the video of me fucking me sleeping brother. My body reacted to what my eyes were watching and soon my pussy was damp. While somewhere in my mind I knew it was wrong to fuck your brother, I loved his cock and how well it filled me. In my mind I knew Matt loved me because I was his sister and it was so much better then the guys I'd dated who only wanted to fuck me then leave me. I knew then that I would do anything to have that cock. I admitted to myself that I did not care.

"Betsy, Matt was a little careless with this DVD and I found it in his room. I made him play it for me. Then I told him that we should come up here together and embarrass you and humiliate you."

"Ann, I...."

"Shut up cock slut!"

Ann again slapped me across the face and I closed my mouth. There really wasn't anything I could say, nor did I feel as though I needed to defend myself. The news was out, I just had to find a way to live through it and most importantly find a way to keep Matt and his cock in my life.

"Sis. From now on you are to be respectful of Ann, just as you are with me. Now I see you are almost dressed as I wanted so let's go get some dinner."

I meekly stood and followed them to their car. I was made to sit between them as we drove to a restaurant on the outskirts of town. As we drove both Matt and Ann used their hands on me, sliding them under the hem of my skirt and fingering my pussy. I hated Ann's hand when it invaded my pussy but when I protested Matt ordered me to shut up and spread my legs wider, to make it easier for both of them to play with their slut.

I was relieved that they had not taken me to someplace crowded with college kids who might recognize me especially in the way I was dressed. While I had accepted that Ann now knew about me, I felt she would keep it quiet as long as I obeyed the two of them, but I did not want everyone on campus to see me as a slut. We sat in a booth with Matt and Ann on one side and me on the other.

"Keep your legs open, Betsy, when we sit down."

Ann commanded after the waiter left. Doing as I was told I soon felt someone's foot inching it's way up my leg. A motion from Ann and I spread my legs further apart and that foot was now on my naked pussy. As the waiter came back delivering our drinks and taking our dinner order the big toe of that foot found my clit and began to rub it. I heard the change in my voice as I told the waiter my choice and hoped he was too busy to notice it. He seemed to be okay and finished taking Ann's and Matt's orders then left.

"Too many buttons on that blouse Betsy, cut a few off the top, three I think."

Ann handed me a small pair of scissors and motioned for me to remove the top three buttons of my blouse. Although I knew my tits were not well hidden in this blouse I hesitated. The foot teasing my pussy increased its actions, sliding the big toe from my hard clit and into my opening, fucking me.

"Now, slut. Do not play games with Ann. You will regret it."

Matt's voice and his threat did the trick and I cut off the three buttons allowing my blouse to fall open further clearly exposing my tits as it billowed away from my chest. My nipples were hard already but they seemed to grow even harder as my blouse fell open. When the waiter returned with some appetizers his eyes fell on my open blouse and he almost dropped the tray. When he began asking conversational questions I knew he was looking for way to stay and ogle my titties. I cringed in my seat but did nothing to cover myself. I sat there in shame as the toe in my pussy developed a good rhythm fucking me. Finally he left and we ate in silence. I did notice that Ann and Matt seemed to be close and that they even kissed a couple of times at the table. By her motions I learned that it was Ann's foot in my pussy.

I had barely started to eat when the toe fucking me started my body towards orgasm. It soon became impossible to hold back and I began to squirm in my seat to trying to feel more of the toe as it stretched further into my wet hot pussy. I kept trying to relieve the tension building between my legs. Ann and Matt both noticed and Ann said.

"Slut, I don't think the other people in this restaurant want to watch you cum do you?"

I could not help it as she increased the tempo if her toe as she said this.

"No but I can't help it, please stop Ann, please?"

She laughed and soon the waiter came back to the table with one of the bus boys. They made some excuses, I was not paying too much attention as my orgasm was threatening to erupt, to stay at the table and ogle me. I tried to stifle a groan but was only partially successful and a couple of heads turned to stare at me. My orgasm was cuming now and I was not able to suppress it any longer. I managed to bite back any loud noises but everyone seated near us knew what I was doing and that realization only served to set me even more.

Finally the orgasm faded and I was able to finish my meal and when Matt turned down desert and signed the credit card slip for the meal we left the restaurant. I was made to follow Ann and Matt came out behind me. When we reached the car the waiter was there and I looked at Matt.

"Betsy why don't you get on your knees and give our waiter a blow job. He told me you made his cock hard flashing your tits at him in there and it was difficult for him to work with that pressure between his legs."

"But Matt?"

"Shut up slut."

Ann again slapped me and then pushed me to my knees in front of the waiter who had already had his hard cock out pointing it at my face.


Ann pushed my head forward grabbing a handful of my hair as she did and my mouth was now right in front of the waiter's hard cock. The waiter pivoted his hips forward burying his tool deep in my mouth shutting up my protest. I felt scared kneeling in the lot and doing this to the man but I sucked and nibbled his cock as best as I knew how. He started to fuck my face and frequently his cock found it way into my throat making me gag and before I knew it he was shooting load after load of hot cum in my mouth. I swallowed the best I could yet some cum dribbled out of my mouth and on my cheeks and chin. When he pulled out he thanked Matt and Ann then turned and went back to work. Ann yanked me by my hair and pushed me into the car.

"I think I would like to go dancing Matt. Betsy show us to a place we can drink and dance."

"Please can I clean up my face first? Please?"

"Slut you look fine. I'm sure no one will give a damn about a little cum drying on your face, I'm sure that little bit won't cause too much of a stir."

Ann giggled as she refused my request and knowing I was in their hands I directed them to a large nightclub a few miles out of town. It was a large place with room to dance and usually had a few different bands playing each weekend night. Again it was a place not too interesting to most of my college friends but a good place to drink and dance. We parked in the lot and again I followed behind Ann and in front of Matt.

Luckily the place was dimly lit and no one could see the cum now dried to my cheeks and we sat in a booth by the dance floor. Matt danced with both Ann and I while we polished off a number of pitchers of beer. Neither of them pawed at me during that time and for a few moments I was just out having fun with my cousin and brother. The fact that my blouse was almost open and my tits on display from time to time, as I danced never occupied my mind. Then the band started to play some slower songs, encouraging the lovers in the crowd to dance When Ann grabbed my hand and pulled me to the dance floor I went willingly not suspecting what both she and Matt had in mind.

She put her arms around me and we started to dance the slow number together. Soon I felt her hips grinding into mine and I realized that we would look like lesbian lovers on the floor and I cringed but allowed her to continue to grind into me. It actually felt good and if it had been Matt it would have been even better. When Ann's hand slid down to my ass and then under my skirt, palming my naked ass cheeks I said.

"Please Ann, everyone will see. Please not here."

Ann ignored me and continued to palm my ass, exposing it on the dimly lit floor to anyone in the right position to see. I felt my thighs getting wet and understood that my pussy was reacting to her hands and spilling pussy juice down my legs. She hugged me tighter crushing her tits into mine as we continued to dance. Her hand had found it's way into my ass crack and her finger was playing with my asshole. When she pushed the tip of her finger into me I jerked forward pushing my pussy into hers. She held me that way by letting her finger slide deeper into my ass. I was getting hotter and hotter and cared less and less about being seen in the club, dancing lewdly with my cousin. My body was taking over and all I wanted was to cum. It felt so good to have her finger in my ass, her pussy grinding against mine and her perky tits mashed into mine. When the song ended we stood there and Ann did not let go. A few seconds passed before the band played another slow number and in that time almost everyone else had left the floor leaving the two of us on display.

As the music came back some couples joined us but far fewer then before. Ann and I resumed our dance and her finger was slowly moving in and out of my ass making me hotter and hotter. I looked up to see that a number of men had gathered where they could see us and knew my naked ass was entertaining them all. I was too into Ann, her finger and her grinding pussy to care. Halfway through the dance I felt hands on my shoulders and looked to see Matt behind me. He made us a three some and when Ann took her finger from my ass he pushed his jean clad cock into the crack using the rhythm of the music to slide it up and down my crack as Ann ground her pussy into me from the front. Ann leaned her chest back so that Matt's hands could circle my chest and grab on to my tits. He slid them through the opening of my blouse and his hot hands on my hard erect nipples only increased my desires. When Ann left to return to the table I was dancing with Matt holding me from behind his hands making no secret that they were caressing my tits. The men watching from the edges of the dance floor stared at us as we danced.

I was so happy to be in Matt's arms he could have stripped me there and fucked me. I was beyond caring what anyone saw. We finished the dance and just before we went back to the table Matt flipped the hem of my skirt up to show everyone my bald wet pussy. The few seconds of my exposure seemed like an hour but soon we were back at the table, me sitting between Ann and Matt and their hands were buried under my skirt, attacking my hot needy pussy. The people who had been watching us dance went back to their own tables and ignored us, but those seated next to us had a front row seat to my orgasm. In the noisy club I took no effort to conceal my pleasure as their fingers brought me off. I guess they had accomplished what they wanted because we left. I had a tough time walking after all the beer and just having orgasmed but as we came near the exit I asked if I could use the ladies room to pee.

"The sluts bathroom is outside."

Ann laughed as she said this and I was led out to the car and told to squat and pee right there. We'd parked near the highway and cars were coming by all the time but the look on their faces told me this was what I had to do. So I held on to the hem of my skirt and squatted, facing the road and let my pee stream out. Anyone preparing to turn into the bar would be driving slow enough to watch my pussy peeing if they chose and the honking of horns told me that some had watch me vacate my urine.

Other then playing with my pussy and tits as we drove, we went straight back to my dorm room and without any exposure or incident made it into the safety of my room. I was made to strip then, leaving my heels on but otherwise naked while both Ann and Matt sat and watched me. They had a bottle of gin they had brought in their overnight cases and began to drink while they had me sit on the floor and masturbate for them. Sitting on the floor my legs spread wide I did as they asked. Having cum twice tonight my clit was tender but soon I felt my pussy responding. When Ann saw that I was close to cuming she came to me and grabbed and pulled my hair and said.

"Stop slut. No orgasm now!"

Pulling by my hair she led me to the bed and made me kneel against it. Then she reached under her skirt and slid her panties off, pushing then under my nose.

"Do they smell good slut? Can you smell my pussy where I leaked tonight during our dance?"

I turned my head to the side earning a slap across my cheek and a backhand return slap on the other cheek.

"You will smell them slut and you will answer me."

Ann's voice was stern and I lowed my face and buried it in her wet panties smelling her sex clearly.

"Yes Ann your panties smell good."

"That's wasn't so hard was it slut?"

"No Ann."

"Good now eat me slut!"

She had grabbed the back of my head and pulled me in between her legs under her skirt and spread her own legs wide allowing my face to mash up against her pussy. She was shaved clean and smooth and her bald pussy was already wet and ready. I'd never been with a woman but knew that I had no choice here and I just did what I knew I liked when a guy ate out my hole. Using my tongue I licked her labia lightly and then circled her clit as it swelled and became exposed. Periodically I would slide my tongue into her and fuck her with it before paying more attention to her hardening clit. Judging by her body motions and the sounds coming from her mouth I must have been doing something right. I felt the bed shift and then a presence behind me as Matt pulled my ass up and open then inserted his cock into my hot wet pussy.

I groaned into Ann's cunt as Matt speared me over and over pushing his cock deeper with each thrust. He felt so good I'd missed how good his cock felt splitting me open the way he does. My slowly simmering orgasm erupted as his cock filled my pussy and as he lunged forward he pushed my face deeper into Ann's wet cunt. I was so involved in my pleasure that I attacked her pussy as if it was my favorite meal and as my orgasm crested I stuck my tongue as far as I could inside her. Her hips started to buck into my face as Matt's thrusts into my pussy pushed me back into her. I began to lose any control as wave after wave assaulted me and my orgasm became immense. Ann was rocking into my mouth with gusto and I knew she was experiencing her own pleasure and took pride in how I'd brought her off. I felt the familiar jerking of Matt's cock and then the wonderful warm feel of his cum filling my pussy. My lips were locked on Ann's cunt as I sucked her fluids and swallowed. As her rocking hips subsided I felt my mouth fill quickly with more juice and I swallowed as fast as I could never realizing till the end that see was peeing in my mouth. I was too far-gone to care about anything and the taste of her piss wasn't so bad.

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