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What Nobody Knows...


Samantha Carter sighed wearily and ran a hand through her short hair. It had been a long night. The gate had been malfunctioning, and she'd spent hours trying to work out what was wrong. General Hammond had ordered her to get some rest, but she'd ignored him, knowing that only she could fix the gate.

She'd managed to get it sorted, realising that a programme had stopped the fourth chevron engaging. It took all her energy to drag her body to her room. She closed the door, eyes closed.

'Hello Sam.' Her eyes snapped open.

'Sir! What are you doing here?' Jack O'Neill was sat on her bed, relaxed and smiling. An unusual event for him.

Jack stood up and moved towards the major. He was so close, she could smell his aftershave.

'Sir?' His arm reached between hers and her waist to the door behind them, before engaging the lock. Sam was holding her breath and looked confused, but Jack ignored her.

Reaching up, he held her chin and tilted her face towards his, before leaning in. As softly as he could, he kissed her, tasting her lips. It was as good as he remembered from the stolen kiss he'd taken during the time loop.

He pulled away, his hands resting on her waist, his eyes searching hers. 'We're not allowed! We'll be court-marshalled!'

Jack rolled his eyes, but spoke quietly. 'Major, what nobody knows, nobody can find out!'


'Sam. I'm officially on leave. As far as anyone else is concerned, I'm fishing for the whole week, completely uncontactable. No one knows I'm here.'


'SAM' he was more insistent now. He didn't want to hear arguments. 'NO ONE knows I'm here. So stop talking and kiss me.' Sam could feel herself giving in. They both needed to get it out of their system. Despite their professionalism, it was getting to them. She just hoped that it wouldn't be their undoing, or something that they wouldn't be able to stop.

As he moved forwards again, and this time, she met his lips, hungrily pulling him to her. She had wanted it for so long and kissed him as if he might disappear. Jack began to undo her shirt, and began to trail kisses down her collar bone. Her head rested against the door enjoying the feeling of his lips against her skin. He pushed her shirt off her shoulders, and it fell to the floor. Jack pulled Sam forwards to the bed, and, leaving her standing, undid the bra she wore. It went the same way as her shirt, and Jack set about showering kisses on her breasts. Sam could feel her legs begin to shake at every touch and was beginning to find it difficult to stand. Jack's lips moved across her breasts, tugging gently at her nipples, causing a low moan to leave her lips.

Jack began to move down her body, across her stomach, defined from months of air force training, and licked gently around her belly button. Sam shivered in the cold of the room, and out of sheer pleasure at the sensation. Her hands reached out for his head as he knelt in front of her. His own hands began to undo her belt and trouser buttons, leaving more kisses as each button was undone.

As carefully as she could, Sam stepped out of her boots, glad she had undone them before she'd got into the room. Jack pulled down her trousers and underwear and she lay on the bed as she removed them. Jack knelt between Sam's legs, and kissed around her hips, before moving to the area just above her clit. It was completely devoid of hair. She had obviously shaved, and the look of surprise on Jack's face made Sam smile. Without hesitating for a second, Jack's head lowered, and she felt his head between her legs, and his tongue dive between her pussy lips. Jack licked deliberately, avoiding her clit. Instead, he allowed himself to taste her juices, feeling her muscles contract around his tongue.

Sam could take it no more, and, grabbing his head, pulled him up, forcing his tongue onto her clitoris. He sucked the button into his mouth, causing Sam's body to tense up, and begin shake. Without missing a beat, he pushed two fingers into her pussy, and began to pump them into her. Sam's body could take no more, and she came, her fingers grasping Jack's hair.

Giving her a few minutes to recover, Jack took the opportunity to undress, as quickly as he could. Sam watched, enjoying the sight of Jack's body as he took his clothes off. When he was ready, Jack slid next to Sam, and began to stroke her body, watching the goose bumps appear on her skin. His fingers trailed down across her breasts and stomach, following the same pattern as his lips and tongue had done.

Sam's own hands reached down and held Jack's ever increasing erection, delighting in it's hardness, before beginning to move her hands, making Jack groan this time. She smiled, and began to move her head down, but Jack stopped her.

'No way. I've waited for this for a long time. I am going to give you exactly what I've been thinking about since I met you!'

Sam tried again to resist him, tried to stop him, but it was no good. Jack was determined, and she wanted him inside her more than she had realised. Jack pushed her hands above her head, stretching her body out. He enjoyed the sight for the briefest of seconds, before pushing her legs open and entering her with a control that surprised her.

The control didn't last long. The sensation of being inside her, and feeling her internal muscles contract around his erection was almost too much, and Jack struggled to stop himself crying out. His speed increased, and he began to fuck her with complete abandon. Years of hidden feelings and frustration boiled to the surface. Sam bit into Jack shoulder and met his thrusts with her own. Jack was in control, and she loved it. She could feel every inch of him inside her, and, as her own orgasm approached, willed him to come at the same time. Jack looked down into Sam's eyes and, with one final contraction of her cunt muscles, came hard inside her. Feeling Jack's come inside her pushed Sam over the edge, and she came hard and fast.

As they slowed their pace, Jack brushed some hair from Sam's face and smiled. 'So.' she asked, 'When's your next leave due?!'

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