tagNon-EroticWhat Now? The Conclusion

What Now? The Conclusion

byDG Hear©


Okay readers, every story must end even though life goes on. So this is it for this one. This one is for the loyal readers who wanted more. Maybe I should have wrote a novel rather then a short story.

To new readers, you will need to read the other chapters to get into the story. I will try for a short synopsis to explain what has happened.


George and Dorothy had been married for nearly thirty-three years. One day Dorothy gave a 'Dear John' letter to George before going to her thirty-fifth high school reunion. In her letter she said she was leaving him for her former boyfriend who has been her lover over the past twenty-eight years. She also thought that her former lover was also the biological father of George and Dorothy's three children who are all grown now. This proved to be false as George presented evidence at Dorothy's reunion.

George planned his revenge and carried it through. His grown children and their families attending the reunion and all facing their mother with the facts. There were two sons. George Junior who they called JR, another son named Mike, and a daughter Dottie, who they called Dot for short. She was named after Dorothy.

Paul, Dorothy's former boyfriend admitted he didn't want anything to do with Dorothy's family. She also found out he had sex with her old high school friends, and her best friend Dixie.

Dorothy broke off her relationship with Paul after finding all this out. She also broke off her relationship with her friend Dixie and her husband Joe when she found out Dixie had sex with both her husband George and her boyfriend Paul. Dixie also let her husband Joe have sex with Dorothy when Dorothy was passed out. Finally Dixie didn't tell Dorothy that her husband George knew about the upcoming divorce.

Now, The Conclusion:

Our divorce was finalized six months ago. My life was now rather sad. I spent quite a bit of time at the bar. I guess just wanting company, people to talk to. That's when I began to realize that Dorothy and I really had a life together. Maybe not the best, surely not the worst, but we were companions.

Every night now I would go home to an empty apartment. Sit there and either go on the computer or watch TV. For the first few months it was okay, but now it was becoming very boring. Here I was in my fifties, sitting home alone.

I tried dating a few women but they just seemed lonely like me. With most of them there was sex. I guess I was still a pussy hound. I didn't want any commitments, I didn't want another marriage. That seemed to be what most of these women wanted. Someone to share their life with and possibly help take care of them. I stayed away from married women. I guess after what happened to me, I didn't want to be responsible for ruining another marriage, even if the wife was just looking for sex.

I started spending longer hours at my welding business. The money was good but money wasn't my problem. I missed my bitch of a wife Dorothy. I don't know how to really explain it. The woman cheated on me over 28 years. We lived pretty much separate lives. She did her thing and I did mine. But there were so many times that I started to reflect on the times we spent together. The vacations we took as a family. Always having a good time. Going to the kids ball games. We were together laughing and backing them up.

The only times I seem to enjoy in my life now is going to see the kids and grandkids. Then I started to remember that every time I go to see them Dorothy is there. We talk nice to each other trying not to be rude or bring up bad memories. Maybe it was just her being around me, I don't know. Then I think damn her, damn her, damn her for doing this to our life. Then I started remembering back to all the affairs I had during our marriage. God, I was no saint. Most of the women might have been one night stands but they were still affairs.

I guess Dorothy could have left me after any one of them. Why didn't she? According to her 'Dear John' letter she knew about them. I can recall at least twenty times that I was unfaithful to her. Why didn't she ask for a divorce? Could it be because she felt she was no better then I was having this affair with this jerk Paul? Damn, I'd like to know. Maybe some day I'll ask her.

I got up from the couch to make myself something to eat. Damn, I missed Dorothy's cooking. That woman knew how to cook. She knew what I liked and how to prepare it. In fact she knew all my likes and dislikes. Right down to what my favorite beer was. I guess after thirty-three years with a person you get to know a lot about them. Why was I so blind to this long running affair?

All I knew right now is that I would much rather have one of her pork roasts, with broiled potatoes and carrots then this frozen pizza I was about to make. I had to visit my kids this weekend so I could get a good meal. Maybe I'd suggest a cookout and they could invite their mother and she could make something good. I'll offer to bring the beer and beverage. That was my specialty.

The phone rang, it was my daughter Dot. She said she was coming home this weekend and just wanted to talk to me and see how I was doing.

I just replied, "I'm doing fine honey, but I miss your sweet smiling face." She was my baby girl and I really did miss her. She was in Michigan going to college. She tries to come home at least once a month. When she does, she stays with her mom. They talk a lot and do their woman thing, whatever that is.

After talking to her for a few minutes I suggested that she call her brother JR to let him know she'll be home for the weekend and we could all get together for a cookout. That she could even invite her mother.

So dad, she replied, "You miss moms cooking don't you?"

No, I said I just . . . .She interrupted me and said, "It's okay dad, I miss moms cooking too. I'll tell her about the cookout, I'm sure she'll come. What do you want me to tell her to bring?" She laughed.

"How can you be so sure she'll show up?" I asked.

"Dad, I shouldn't be telling you this but mom said to make sure that whenever you're coming over to make sure we invite her also. I know you don't want to here it dad but I truly believe mom loves you. She's living in a hell that she made herself. She totally blames herself for all she did to you. I don't think she'll ever get over it. It kind of bothers me. Her total life is school and family. I know she doesn't date. A number of men have asked her out and she just tells them no thank you."

Mom also cut it off with her best friend Dixie. She didn't tell me the whole story about why but I know it had something to do with her old boy friend and you dad. "Would you care to enlighten me?" she laughed.

"Anyway dad what do you want mom to make." she asked.

How about a pork roast. . . . .Dot interrupted me again. "Dad, it's a cookout. No pork roast at a cookout."

Okay, I said, "How about your moms BBQ chicken with scalloped potatoes? I'll buy the chicken, JR can grill it, and Dorothy can apply her homemade BBQ sauce, and her homemade scalloped potatoes?

Dot laughed, "Okay dad, I'll see what I can do. She paused, then said "Dad, I love you."

"I love you too sweetheart," I replied. See you Sunday, then hung up. The frozen pizza was done, time for dinner.

As I started to eat the pizza, the reality of loneliness was setting in. About a half hour later the phone rang. I looked at the caller ID, It was JR.

"Hi Dad, JR here, how ya doing?" he asked.

"I'm just finishing dinner and watching the tube. What's new?" I asked.

"We're having a cookout Sunday around noon and wanted to know if you wanted to come?"

"What are you having?" I asked.

"BBQ chicken and scalloped potatoes like you didn't know." he laughed.

My kids were smart, that must come from Dorothy's side. "I'll be there, noon it is." I replied

"Dad you supply the beer and beverage and we'll supply the chicken. Pick up some chip and dip also." he asked.

"Will do, and JR. . . .Thank you"

"Anytime dad, anytime," he answered, then hung up.

God, even my kids knew how I felt, God I loved them.


It was Sunday and I headed over to JR's house. I remembered the beer, beverage, and the chip and dip, just like I was told. As I walked in everyone said hi. I gave them all a hug. Kissed all the kids and my two daughter in-laws. Dot came over and kissed me on the cheek and whispered, don't worry dad, she's here.

I just starred at Dot wondering how she knew what I was thinking. Then I looked up and seen Dorothy dressed in a nice yellow sun dress, applying her special BBQ sauce to the chicken. I walked over to Dorothy and just said, "Hi Dorothy, nice to see you again. Chicken smells great"

Dorothy smiled at me and said, "Thanks George, I made it just the way you like it."

"How's school I asked?" trying for a little small talk.

"The kids get on my nerves once in awhile but other then that everything's fine." Then she said she had to go check on the scalloped potatoes in the oven.

Mike my other son asked if he could talk to me privately for a minute. He had something to discuss with me. So we went into the living room away from everyone and he said that Dot had talked to him earlier. That Dorothy's ex-friends Dixie and Joe had broken up. Now Joe has been calling Dorothy and harassing her.

Mike said, "Dad I can't let that prick harass mom. I don't know what it's all about but Dot said he was going to try and humiliate her. I can't let that happen dad. Mom's been through enough"

Damn, I like the way my kids stood up for their mom. There was no way I was going to let my kids get messed up in these personal problems.

I looked at Mike and told him to hang loose. Not to do anything stupid, he had a wife and kid to take care of. That I would check into the problem with Joe.

We went back outside and joined the BBQ, I told JR thank you for inviting me. It was the best BBQ chicken I had in a long time.

He said, "Thank mom she made it along with the potatoes."

I just looked over at Dorothy and said, "Thanks Dorothy, you always were a great cook."

She just looked over at me and said, "Thanks George," anytime.

I wondered what she meant by anytime? Was it just a slip of a word or did she mean, anytime.

I went home and decided what to do about Joe. Now he was messing with my family. That wasn't going to happen. I waited till Monday and went to the bar that I knew Joe might be in. I seen him sitting on a bar stool and walked up to him. He looked very nervous when he seen me.

I said, "Joe I need a word with you."

Now, I was a welder with strong arms and hands. Joe on the other hand worked in an office and didn't even work out.

Joe looked at me and said, "I have nothing to say to you George."

Joe I said, "I want a word with you. I suggest you get off that fucking bar stool and come over here and sit in the booth with me for a minute, or I'll just go outside and wait for you. The choice is yours."

Joe got off the stool and went to the booth and sat opposite me.

I starred at his eyes but didn't say anything for a few seconds, just to make him squirm. Then I said, "What's this shit I hear you calling Dorothy?"

He looked at me and said, "What's it to you? You're divorced. She can see anyone she wants. She's an adult and over twenty-one."

I starred at him again, waiting before I spoke. Making him more nervous. Now, mother fucker as I spoke in a very low voice so only he could hear me. I made a mistake letting your sorry ass have her as a revenge. I should have never done it. You aren't worthy enough to lick the shit out of her ass. You will call her one more time. You will apologize for any remarks you have made to her or about her. Then you will tell her you will never and I mean never bother her again.

If I ever hear that you have called her or slandered her in any way, I will personally hunt you down and put your sorry ass in a body bag. Did I make myself clear?

He said, "Yes, I understand in a low voice."

I starred at him some more and said, "I didn't hear you."

He said, "Yes, I understand and promise to never call her or bother her again."

One more thing, you son of a bitch, you call your fag buddy Paul and pass the same message along to him. This is not a threat, this is a fact. Next time, if I should have to come back, there will not be any talk. Do I need to break your arm or smash your face in now to make sure the message is loud and clear?

"No George, I understand and I will pass the message along to Paul."

I looked at him and said "You make that call to Dorothy as soon as possible. I don't want you upsetting her anymore." Then I got up and walked out the door.


It was now Thursday and I went to work. Me and a one of my employees were on a welding job when there was an explosion.

When I woke up I was in a hospital bed. There sat one of my daughter in laws, Lisa, starring at me. She yelled out he's awake, he's awake and gave me a big hug.

I asked her what happen? She said, "There was an explosion last Thursday and you have been unconscious ever since."

"What day is this," I asked?

Sunday, Lisa said. "You have been unconscious since Thursday night. We all took turns sitting with you on four hour shifts. All but Dorothy."

A sadness overcame me when she said Dorothy never took a turn sitting with me. I don't know why, I guess I just thought. . . . . When Dorothy walked in the room with tears in her eyes.

Then Lisa continued, all but Dorothy, she never went home. She stayed right here in the room with you and slept in the chair. We had to force her to go home and clean up and she was back within the hour. She even called off a sick day at school Friday to just sit here with you.

All this time Dorothy stood in the doorway crying. I didn't know what to think. Then Dorothy came up to the bed and gave me a hug and said, "Welcome back George, we missed you." As Dorothy stepped back my whole family came in and hugged and kissed me. Most of them crying.

All this emotion made me start tearing up also. Then Dot came up to me hugged and kissed me, Then said, "We all missed you and love you daddy." The way she said it I knew she was including Dorothy.

The doctor came in and told everyone to please leave the room.

As my family was leaving, Dorothy said, "I'm not going anywhere. He's my husband and I'm staying here with him."

The doctor was taken back and said that's alright, please just have a seat, as Dorothy sat down in the chair. The doctor examined me and asked a lot of questions. I told him the last thing I remember was an explosion then I woke up a few minutes ago.

The doctor wrote on my chart, said I could probably go home the next day if all the test come back negative. The only thing is he didn't want me to be by myself. I would need someone to be with me at least for the next few days. I wasn't to go anywhere and needed to rest. It looked like everything was going to be alright.

He said I had a concussion but as far as he could tell no internal bleeding. He said I was very lucky. God gave me a second chance at life. I could easily have been killed when thrown from the explosion. He then left the room saying he would stop by first thing in the morning to check on me.

My family came back in the room and Dorothy explained everything to them. They asked who's going to stay with dad, we can't leave him by himself?

Dorothy looked at me and then the kids and said, "I'm taking dad home with me for a few days till he gets better. He needs someone to watch over him. I called the school and will take a week personal time. I explained to the school about the accident and had no problem getting the time off."

I looked over at Dorothy and said "Hold on a minute here. Don't I have a say in this?"

My whole family looked over at me and in unison said, 'NO.'

I just said Okay.

Dorothy walked out to talk to the nurses and I asked JR about my business and Ben my helper on the job. He said Ben is fine. He was clear of the accident. He was the one that called 911.

When mom found out you were here she got hold of your office and got the jobs set up for over the weekend. She told Ben to call her Monday to make sure everyone had work. She just took control dad. She said after thirty-three years with you she knew enough about the business to see the work was done.

I know she hurt you bad dad, but she is a great mom and a hell of a woman. I can't tell you what to do but she really does love you dad. We all know it but we will abide by whatever you do.

As my family was leaving the nurses came in and gave me some medication, I had a hell of a headache. I went to sleep. I awoke in the wee hours of the morning and there was Dorothy sitting in the chair watching me. She seen me open my eyes and asked if I was alright?

I asked her why didn't she go home with the others?

She just replied, "We'll go home tomorrow George." and I nodded back to sleep.


The next morning, Mike and JR was there to help me gather my clothes, flowers and cards that I received while Dorothy checked me out. She got all the information from the doctor on what to do in the next couple of days.

My boys helped me into Dorothy's condo. I realized I've never been in it. She had a lot of our old furniture there. My favorite chair and the sofa. My sons set me in the chair and propped up my feet. They told me they would see me later and then left.

Dorothy came in and asked if I was hungry?

I told her I could eat a sandwich and maybe a cup of coffee. She went in the kitchen while I rested. A few minutes later she came in with a ham and cheese sandwich just the way I liked it. Swiss cheese, tomato, ham on toasted rye bread, she remembered my favorite sandwich. Also a hot cup of coffee that tasted just right. She set up a tray and set it all down in front of me, turned on the tv set to my favorite sports news channel and then left the room.

Damn, I missed her, I really did. Just having her in the house seemed to make everything better. What the hell was I going to do? I honestly didn't know. After eating I must have dozed off. I remember dreaming. At least thinking in my sleep about the last time Dorothy and I had a discussion.

I remember Dorothy saying:

I have been thinking back over our whole thirty-three years. I can't say there was love and I can't say there wasn't. We had a marriage, we had sex, we had a family. With our family there truly was love from both of us to our kids. They knew it and have it with their family. We did a good job raising them.

"Maybe just maybe we did have love between us. But over the long period of time we just didn't work at it like we should have. Maybe if we would have shone our feelings for each other like we did for our kids this might all have turned out differently."

I know that it's way to late for us, but the way you treated me the last month, I think I was beginning to believe that writing the letter in the first place might have been a mistake. I honestly believed I was falling for you. She started crying and said, "Isn't that a crock." Then she wiped the tears from her eyes.

Then I remember the doctor saying:

I had a concussion but as far as he could tell no internal bleeding. He said I was very lucky. God gave me a second chance at life. I could easily have been killed when thrown from the explosion.

I woke up and Dorothy had taken my empty tray and cup and was now sitting there watching me.

"George, are you feeling okay?" Dorothy asked. "George I want to thank you for what you did for me."

"What did I do?" I asked

"Joe called and apologized for bothering me. I know you had a talk with him. I don't know who told you but it was a big relief off my mind. He said he would never bother me again. That's not all George. Paul called me and pretty much said the same thing. I don't know how you did it but I just wanted to say 'Thank You,' George."

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