tagMatureWhat Older Women Need Ch. 02

What Older Women Need Ch. 02


Tuesday morning and Jimmy was out of bed and in the shower just after his mother had shouted upstairs that she was leaving for work.

He was so excited to be seeing Julia Martin, his old headmistress especially after what had happened on Saturday morning. Jimmy took a pride in the fact he was no longer a virgin.

He couldn't stop touching himself in the shower but made sure he didn't cum. He was saving that for Mrs Martin.

He dressed in his trademark t-shirt, shorts and trainers, no underwear for Jimmy, and went over to the fridge for a glass of juice before setting off for Julia's bungalow.

He looked down and was horrified to see a stain where his precum had seeped into his shorts. Panicking because of the time he rushed upstairs and pulled on another clean pair. They were a bit baggy but they would have to do.

It was exactly ten o'clock when Jimmy knocked on the door. He could hear the familiar click clack of high heels on the tiled floor from within.

When the door opened Jimmy just stared. There opposite him was a tall, mature woman in her early sixties dressed in a red silk blouse, long black skirt to her ankles and black ankle boots. Jimmy thought he saw a flash of fishnets from the lengthy slit on the side of the skirt.

'Hello,' said a cultured voice.

'Oh. I, I'm er I'm looking for Juli er Mrs Martin,' stammered Jimmy nervously.

'And you are?' came the cultured voice that Jimmy thought of as velvety.

'Er..I'm Jimmy. Her neighbour.' he added quickly.

'So you're Jimmy are you? Julia said you'd you be calling this morning. Won't you come in? I'm Joanna Crawford, Julia's mother.'

She took Jimmy by the arm and ushered him in through the door and into the hallway. 'Please take off your shoes, There's a good boy.'

Something about the way she said it caused Jimmy's cock to twitch. It was almost seductive.

She led Jimmy into the sitting room and sat on the sofa beckoning Jimmy to join her.

'So, what do you do for my daughter?'

'Sorry?, asked Jimmy.

'Well you must be here for a reason,' Mrs Crawford stated whilst crossing her legs which allowed her skirt to open at the slit on the side.

Jimmy could only gulp and stare at the older lady's long slim leg encased in fishnet stockings.

She could see Jimmy looking at her legs so Joanna ran her hand up her thighs pushing open the slit a little more to show Jimmy the suspender clasp that held up her stocking.

'Do you like my legs Jimmy?' she asked. Jimmy just nodded.

'I thought you must do,' she commented, gazing at the lump that had now formed in his shorts.

'Oh, I..I'm sorry.'

'Don't be,' she said as she leaned over and put her hand right on top of his swelling.

'Oh, oh..Mrs..please.'

'Don't you like that Jimmy? I think you do. Look it's getting harder.'

Jimmy stared as her hand stroked his rigid tool over his shorts.

'Stand up,' Joanna ordered.

Jimmy without questioning did as he was told.

'Here, let's get you out of these clothes,' she said as she slid off his shirt and unbuttoned his shorts letting them drop to the ground. She told him to step out of the discarded shorts.

He was naked before her as she sat fully clothed on the sofa.

'Well. That really is a nice young cock, isn't it?'

Jimmy blushed.

Joanna reached forward to stroke it. 'Mmmm, I would like to have some fun with him,' she said.

She stood up and took hold of his cock and led him into the bedroom just like her daughter had done previously.

When they got to the bedroom Joanna sat on the bed and made Jimmy kneel before her. She took her foot and started to stroke his cock with the tip of her boot.

'So Jimmy, I believe you like older women, do you?

'Er..I..I..' Jimmy could only moan as she stroked his cock.

'Well I hope you like this old lady,' she said as she started to unbutton her red silk blouse.

She unwrapped her skirt and Jimmy could see she was wearing a red satin corset that held up her black fishnet stockings. She was also wearing a pair of black silk french knickers. She leaned back and ordered Jimmy to remove them. He reached up and took hold of the french knickers at the waist and drew them down, over her hips and off.

He gazed at the hairiest pussy he had ever seen. 'Come here boy.'

Joanna took hold of Jimmy by his shoulders and pulled his face into her hairy snatch

'Lick me.'

Jimmy set to the job with relish, the older woman's curls tickling his nose as he licked her pussy. He found her clitoris and automatically sucked on it.

'Oh yes. Good boy. Good boy,' she chanted until soon she was pulling his head hard between her thighs as she came on his face.

Joanna pushed herself onto the bed and ordered Jimmy to join her.

'How would you like to make an old woman very happy?'

Jimmy smiled.

'Get up here and fuck me.'

Jimmy crawled between Joanna's thighs and rubbed his cock on her pussy lips.

'Go slow. It's been a while,' she said as Jimmy gently pushed his cock home.

He started by slowly stroking his cock in and out of Joanna's tight wet pussy until she urged him to fuck her hard. He didn't need to be asked twice as he pounded the sixty two year old woman making her moan and groan with excitement.

'That's it boy, fuck me. Oh God yes fuck me.'

'Oh God Jimmy, I'm cumming. Yes. Cum with me, I'm ready. Let me have it.'

She could feel his cock swell up inside her which sent her over the top and her pussy walls milked him of his cum as he spurted inside her.

'Well Jimmy. I think you've passed that test. I'm sure quite a few of my friends would love you to go and see to their needs.' Jimmy leaned back on the bed and smiled.


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