tagIncest/TabooWhat Older Women Need Ch. 04

What Older Women Need Ch. 04


Jimmy was lying in bed early one Monday morning. He hadn't to get up for school as it was the summer holidays and he was enjoying a dirty dream. Half awake he dreamed that he was getting his cock sucked. It felt so good and so real.

Suddenly he heard slurping noises that woke him completely.

'Mum! What are you doing?'

His mother Judith had sneaked into his room and under his covers.

'Just getting your cock nice and hard so I can have an early morning ride before I go to work.' she replied.

'Mum, you know I'm seeing Mrs Martin later this morning and she'll be wanting me firing on all cylinders!'

'Damn, I forgot about that. Oh well all's not lost,' she said crawling up her son's body then placing her thighs either side of his head before lowering her wet pussy down onto his face.

'Make Mummy cum darling. Give Mummy a nice big orgasm!'

Jimmy ran his tongue between the folds of his mother's labia and over her opening before licking back towards her clit. He did this several times before inserting his tongue deep inside her. Spurred on by her gentle moaning he traced his way towards her bum hole and licked around it, tasting her sweaty, tangy perspiration.

'Oh God Jimmy. That is so good. Yes. Just there. Harder. Faster!' she chanted as she purposefully rode his face.

When Jimmy sucked and gently nipped his Mother's clitoris she shrieked and came all over him.

Judith rolled off her son and grasped his throbbing cock hard. 'I hope this is still in working order when I get back from work this evening!;

Jimmy just groaned.

Judith had just left the house on her way to work when the house phone rang.

'Jimmy, it's me. I need you to come over as soon as possible. Shower quickly then come straight over.' an urgent sounding Julia Martin demanded.

Jimmy didn't ask questions he jumped in the shower threw on a t-shirt, a pair of shorts and a pair of trainers and headed down to Mrs Martin's place.

He heard the obligatory click clack of high heels on the tiled floor as Julia opened the door and ushered him in.

Jimmy was surprised to see her dressed as if she was going to work. A grey suit with a knee length skirt and jacket over a white silk blouse.

'Er...what's happening?' enquired Jimmy.

'I've been asked at short notice to sit on an appeals committee this morning so I have to rush back into school. Someone has called in sick unfortunately,' explained Julia. 'Anyhow I wasn't going until I'd had that lovely big cock of yours.'

Julia sat on the arm of her black leather sofa and beckoned Jimmy towards her where she proceeded to unzip his shorts and pull them down to his ankles.

'No underwear. That's handy,' she said with a smile as she stroked him to hardness. It didn't take long due to the administrations of his mother earlier that morning and now his mature former headmistress was teasing his throbbing erection to full mast.

Julia turned around and draped herself over the arm of the leather sofa pulling up her skirt to show Jimmy her pantyless arse framed by black silk stockings and a black silk suspender belt.

'Come on Jimmy. Fuck me. Make me cum hard.' she ordered.

Jimmy slid his eight inch hard throbbing cock into the older lady's pussy as he gripped her hips and started to fuck her.

Julia gasped as the cool black leather of her sofa rubbed against her clit as Jimmy pounded her.

'Oh fuck! That's good you dirty little fucker. Oh shit, I won't last long with this stroking in and out of me!'

Jimmy didn't think he would last much longer either so he increased his thrusts and when Julia squealed she was coming he blasted his cum deep inside of her. Her juices shot out of her pussy and soiled the arm of the leather sofa.

'Don't pull out. Don't you dare pull out.' She begged as she milked him with her vaginal walls.

'Keep it in. I need you to do something.' she said reaching down into the sofa. Jimmy stayed where he was bewildered.

'Here,' she said as she handed him a pair of full silky black panties. 'Pull these on me but make sure none of your cum escapes!'

Jimmy pulled up the pants, slipping his cock out of her at the last moment as she hiked them up to her waist trapping his cream in her pussy.

'That should do it. If I have to sit for three boring hours listening to idiots babbling on about their differences at least I can have the satisfaction of knowing I have an eighteen year old's spunk dripping out of me.'

Jimmy shook his head, got dressed and was just about to leave for home when Julia stopped him and handed him a piece of paper with a name, address and phone number on it.

'One of Mother's friends has asked if you could pop to see her on Wednesday. I said you'd be there at eleven in the morning. You will be able to won't you?'

It seemed more like a rhetorical question to Jimmy so he just nodded yes and walked home.

A tentative but excited Jimmy walked towards the address on the paper that Wednesday.

'I wonder what she'll be like,' thought Jimmy. 'I wonder how old? Fat or thin. What if she's ugly and I can't get it up?' Lots of questions went through his mind but it was too late as he stood on the other side of the street looking over at a three storey Victorian townhouse.

He walked up the steps to the front door and as there wasn't a bell he used the heavy wrought iron knocker.

Within twenty seconds the door opened and a very attractive older lady opened the door and bade him enter.

'Hello you must be Jimmy. Please follow me.'

Jimmy took in the lady. Early sixties, tall and slim with short gray hair and immaculately dressed in a figure hugging lilac woolen dress that accentuated her breasts and clung to her hips. She had sparkling blue eyes and a thin face that Jimmy thought very alluring.

He noticed she had a nice smile and that her lips were coated in a lilac lip gloss. She also had lilac nail polish to compliment her look. Jimmy couldn't see her toes as they were encased in a pair of lilac three inch heels although he noticed her hose was also lilac. She was almost a head taller than Jimmy.

'Do follow me to the sitting room,' she said in a very cultured voice.

When she turned Jimmy could take in her wide sexy bottom as it swayed when she walked. He also noticed the seams running up the backs of her lilac stockings.

She sat down on a long brown leather sofa that dominated the very classy room. There were also two matching armchairs and a huge fireplace.

'Come and sit with me,' she said crossing her legs.

'My name, as you know is Celia Hindmarsh. You may call me Miss Hindmarsh. Do you understand?

'Er yes Miss,' Jimmy replied.

'Oh good. I'm sure we'll all get along nicely. We have so been looking forward to you visiting us.;

She could see the perplexed look on Jimmy's face.

'Monica!' she shouted. 'Jimmy's here!'

Suddenly the sitting room door opened and in walked what Jimmy could only describe as a Goddess, an Amazon.

'Pleased to meet you Jimmy,' said Monica.

Jimmy looked and almost gulped. There standing before him was a tall well built woman in her forties. Her four inch heels took her to well over six feet tall.

Her long shiny black hair cascaded around her shoulders. She had deep dark brown eyes and high cheek bones. Her full lips were painted a deep red colour and showed off her dazzling white smile.

Jimmy looked over at her voluptuous body adorned by a long black lace see through Peignoir showing off her huge naked breasts and a mass of black curls between her thighs. She had on black silk hold up stockings.

'Monica is an old friend of mine who is staying with me,' explained Miss Hindmarsh. 'We've known each other for over twenty years from when I was teaching English at her school. She attended my classes and fortunately her parents sent her to me for extra tuition where she visited me in my apartment.'

When she said that Monica smiled.

'We kept in touch and when she told me she needed to escape a violent relationship I arranged for her to come and live here with me.

Monica just smiled again.

'Ni..nice to meet you,' stammered Jimmy.

'Bring him to me when you've finished with him, darling, I'll be in the bedroom!' Monica turned and left but not before Jimmy could take in her large taut buttocks and sturdy thighs.

'So young man! You know what you're here for so why don't you undress for me? That's a good boy.'

Jimmy pulled off his t-shirt and yanked down his shorts and underwear before kicking off his trainers. His cock was starting to grow.

Still sitting Miss Hindmarsh reached out and took it in her hand and gently stroked it, her long fingers with their long lilac painted nails brushing over the head of his throbbing erection.

'I'm not sure what Julia has told you but as you know I was a teacher in a previous life. I used to love my job, especially punishing the young male students who stepped out of line. It was illegal of course but the school turned a blind eye to it. Thank goodness as it really turns me on. Have you ever been spanked Jimmy?'

Jimmy gasped at what the older woman had in mind. 'Er..n..no. No I haven't,' he replied.

'Oh well, you'll either love it or hate it but please come here and lie over my knees.'

Jimmy slowly lowered himself over Miss Hindmarch's lap. He could feel his hard cock rubbing on her lilac silk stockings.

The first smack took him by surprise. It stung. The next was on his other naked bum cheek. Miss Hindmarsh alternated the spanking from soft to hard, cheek to cheek.

After a couple of minutes she stopped and began to rub her hand over his warm buttocks.

'Very nice Jimmy. Your bottom is showing a nice pink tinge. A few more smacks and it will be nice and rosy!'

She continued to spank him while taking short breaks to caress his derriere causing him to moan especially now his cock was leaking precum and sliding over her stocking encased thighs.

When she drew her long finger nail down between the cheeks of his arse, moving over his little hole he groaned out loud.

'Interesting,' thought Miss Hindmarsh.

His spanking stopped when she was happy with the rosy hue of his bottom.

'Stand!' she ordered. 'Hands by your side!'

They both noticed that his cock seemed to be even harder as it waved about in front of Miss Handmarsh's face.

'Hmmm. I would say you loved it. Just as well!'

She reached over and took hold of it once again causing Jimmy to moan. He needed to cum.

'We must do something about this before you see Monica. She will be most upset if it goes off too early. Wait a minute!'

Miss Hindmarsh walked away and returned with a glass of water and a single Viagra.

'Take this it should work by the time I've finished with you. She's a very passionate woman you see and when she draws you to her she'll expect you to be able to perform. Although we must take the edge off it before I take you to her.'

'Go over to the chair and bend over the arm.'

Jimmy did as he was told with reluctance wondering what was going to happen next.

'Keep your hands flat on the chair seat and your legs together. Don't you dare move!'

Jimmy got into place. 'Wh..what are you going to do to me Miss?'

'I'm going to use the leather strap on you. I want your bottom a lovely shade of red.'

Jimmy felt her trail the cool leather strap over his buttocks and thighs as he lay hunched over the chair arm.

The first slap was like a dull pain then the heat radiated through to his loins. He groaned.

'Good boy. That certainly made your cheek wobble. Let's try the next one.'

Again the pain shot through him. He was sure his cock was going to explode all by itself.

A few more blows rained down on his tender arse before Miss Hindmarch walked to the opposite side of the chair. In full view of Jimmy she unzipped her dress and eased it down her body.

Jimmy gasped at what she was wearing underneath. He marvelled at the tight silk lilac corset that had lilac suspenders holding up her silk lilac stockings.

She next peeled down her silk lilac panties showing Jimmy her clean shaven glistening pussy. She walked back to Jimmy carrying her knickers. She turned them inside out and presented them to him.

'Here young boy, can you smell my juices? I told you I get turned on by punishing boys. I also think I might have had a tiny mishap too.

She turned them back the proper way then slid them over his head with the gusset covering his nose and mouth.

'Have a good sniff and lick while I complete your punishment!'

More blows landed on his arse cheeks as he breathed in the older woman's aroma. His cock was hard and throbbing.

A blow contacted with the back of his thighs.

Jimmy let out a pained groan.

'That hurts doesn't it?'

Jimmy could only nod as he awaited more of the same.

'There is a sweet spot just where your butt cheeks meet the top of your thighs.'

'Aarrgghh!,' cried Jimmy,

'Yes, just there.' chuckled Miss Hindmarsh.

After another couple of minutes she threw down the strap.

'Come here boy!'

Jimmy stood up stiffly and looked round to see the older woman stretched out on her back on the leather sofa with her legs open.

'Come on Jimmy. Fuck me. Let's take the edge off that throbbing monster!'

Jimmy knelt between her thighs and rubbed his excited cock against her wet pussy lips.

'Easy boy. Slide it in gently.'

Jimmy found her entrance and gently pushed his cock forward until the head of his dick penetrated the older woman's wet opening. He pushed again until another couple of inches forced into her tight sleeve. Finally all eight inches were buried inside his tormentor.

'Gosh. I don't think I've ever felt so full. Now slide in and out of me gently so I can get used to you.'

Jimmy did as he was bid, pulling nearly all the way out then sliding slowly back into her. It felt amazing but frustrating at the same time.

Miss Hindmarsh put her arm around Jimmy's neck and pulled his face to hers as she sought out his mouth. Her mouth opened and her tongue forced its way to join his.

'Oh Jimmy, I think we are going to be really good friends. I think you loved your punishment. Did you enjoy me dominating you. Do you like being dominated by an older woman. I can think of lots of ways to make you my submissive slut.'

She could feel Jimmy's cock get bigger as she spoke to him.

'Fuck me boy. Make me cum!'

She could feel her orgasm building and she knew it wouldn't take long to send her over the edge. She also knew Jimmy wouldn't last long either.

Jimmy took up the challenge by really fucking the kinky older woman hard.

He heard her grunt and felt her juices running down over his balls as she came. Seconds later his breathing laboured and with a shout he came hard inside her.

Jimmy lay slumped over the mature woman's body until she moved him onto his back.

'I must go to the bathroom to dispose of your cream. I shan't be a minute,' she said.

When she returned five minutes later Jimmy was still lying on his back on the sofa in post orgasmic bliss.

'Well it looks like I got most of it out but I fear there may be a little left. Be a good little boy and get it for me would you?' she said as she straddled his head and brought her pussy down over his face.

'Make me cum Jimmy and that way I can flush it out.'

Jimmy had no choice but to eat the shiny bald pussy that was fucking his face until she once again grunted and his face was saturated by her orgasm.

'Drink it boy! Open your mouth and take our combined cum!'

Jimmy could taste the acrid flavours emitting from her sex.

Miss Hindmarsh got off him and laid by his side toying with his now hard again cock.

'I said that little blue pill would work a treat. It's time for you to service Monica.'

Jimmy bent down to pick up his shorts and shirt.

'Oh leave them there. You can have them back when we've finished with you.'

She took Jimmy by the hand and led him upstairs to their bedroom where Monica was lying on the bed naked apart from her black hold ups and high heels stroking her hairy pussy.

'Hello Jimmy, so glad you could make it. I need you to eat me. Make me cum and get me ready for your big cock.'

Jimmy climbed on the the bed as Miss Hindmarsh left closing the bedroom door behind her.

Monica grabbed him and easily turned him onto his back before straddling his head and placing her hairy muff onto his face.

'Come on little boy, lick me so I can soak your face with my juices.'

Jimmy set about servicing Monica with his tongue as she writhed on top of his face, Jimmy found it hard to breathe as she pulled his head tight between her thighs and fucked him relentlessly.

'Oh fuck. Yes Jimmy there. Oh God, I'm close. Good boy, eat me. Make me cum. Shit, I'm cumming.' she cried as she did indeed squirt her cum all over his face.

'Drink it slut. Open your mouth and drink my cum!' she demanded as her orgasm continued to flow out of her cunt.

'Wow. I hope you are as good with your cock as you are with your mouth. By the look of it you are ready to do some serious fucking.'

Monica slid down his body pinning his shoulders to the bed as she straddled his thighs.

She rubbed her pussy over his swollen cock before edging her lips onto it and savouring the feel of her first hard cock in months.

'Let's see how this fits shall we?' she asked as she slowly sank down on it. Jimmy couldn't believe how incredibly tight she was.

When Monica was fully sheathed she bent down to kiss him. Her tongue sought his and soon they were kissing passionately.

'Mmmm Jimmy I think I'm going to enjoy this,' she said as she started to grind on top of him.

All Jimmy could see were two huge tits swaying in front of his eyes. He lifted his head and took one of her hard nipples in his mouth and sucked greedily on it causing Monica to moan.

Monica continued to hold him down on the bed and she was in full stride, riding Jimmy's hard cock frantically. By now she'd had her first orgasm flooding the young boy's thighs just as the bedroom door opened and in walked Miss Hindmarsh still in her lilac corset and underwear.

'I see you two are getting on famously. Do you mind awfully if I take advantage of his face dear?'

'No,' gasped Monica. 'Please do!'

Miss Hindmarsh climbed onto him, sliding her pussy onto his mouth and facing Monica.

She reached out and began to fondle her friend's nipples.

Monica leaned forward and soon the two women were kissing intensely.

Jimmy could hear them making out and he could feel the familiar tingle in his balls as he neared his explosion.

Suddenly he heard Miss Hindmarsh groan and felt her cum on his face once again. Then Monica screamed in ecstasy as she too came causing Jimmy to grunt and shoot his seed into her pussy.

The two women flopped either side of him on the bed as they all fought to get their breath back.

Miss Hindmarsh was the first to speak. Taking hold of Jimmy's flacid cock she stroked it.

'You certainly outdid yourself there my boy. Well done indeed.'

Monica was now stroking his balls with her fingers.

'I can't wait for round two of that delightful cock of yours. Let's get him hard again shall we Celia?'

'Yes lets,' the older woman replied then pulled Jimmy's face to hers and kissed him deep on the lips while she carried on stroking his cock.

When she released his face Monica dragged it over to her and did the same whilst rubbing his balls and around to his little hole causing Jimmy to shudder.

It only took a few minutes and he was rock hard again thanks to the little blue pill.

Miss Hindmarsh jumped off the bed and Monica laid back in the centre and opened her legs.

'Your turn to do the work Jimmy!' she said.

Jimmy climbed on top of her and looked down at the splayed beauty, her large chest heaving in anticipation of Jimmy's hard cock.

'Will you do the honours Celia?' she asked.

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