tagLoving WivesWhat Possessed Me - Blake's Story

What Possessed Me - Blake's Story


This story is part of a series of separate stories that are related. They are not specifically chapters or parts of a larger story. Each story stands on its own. These stories are accounts of a single event as experienced by three different people. If you like any one of these stories, look for the other two. The stories are; Amanda's, Blake's and David's view of this one event and what led each one to participate.

Blake's Story

My name is Blake and I am 33 years old. This is the story of how sex with an older woman made me the luckiest man in the world.

I've always been lucky at love. Well, lucky at dating anyway. My friends all tell me it's because I won the genetic lottery and have the look that women want. I am not so sure how true that is. Even if it is true, it's not the blessing that my friends make it out to be.

I started out saying that I was lucky at love, but that isn't really the case. I've dated a lot and have been in some longer relationships, but my relationships have always ended badly. It was like I was dating the same superficially perfect blond every time, they just had different names and faces. Come to think of it they didn't really have faces that were all that different. I was in a rut dating the same kind of girl over and over.

A little over a year ago I was in a relationship one of these blond clones named Rachael. She was tall and pretty with a perfect body. Rachael spent a lot of time and money on her looks and it showed. She was always perfectly manicured and wore designer clothes that made her look really sexy.

As we dated more and more of the money she spent on her looks came out of my wallet. I didn't really mind. She had the cutest way asking me for things, and I knew that buying her something would get me laid. And I got laid by Rachael a lot. Eventually I realized that Rachael didn't actually love me. She just loved what I could buy her.

I wondered how Rachael would react if I wasn't providing her with all the things she liked so much. So one day I refused to buy her this overpriced dress she wanted and she got pissed. We argued about it, and later that week she broke up with me. My friends all told me I really needed to quit dating these needy blonds.

After Rachael and I broke up, I decided to swear off of relationships for a while and I told all of my buddies to hit me with a stick if I got anywhere near another Rachael. My single friends were happy because that meant I was free on weekends to go out and party.

One Friday a couple of my buddies and I decided to eat at this new restaurant before we went out to party. When I got there the place was packed so I moved to the bar to wait for my friends. I figured when they got there we could go somewhere else less crowded to eat.

While I was waiting for my friends this older woman started chatting me up. She had this suburban mom look to her, and like I said she was older. She was probably around forty. She was kind of chubby with dark hair and glasses. Even though she was older, she had a nice smile and a cute face.

Every time she said something she would lightly take hold of my arm like she didn't want me to get away. Since she was wearing a wedding ring it seemed safe to play along and flirt back with her. This wasn't going to lead to anything. It just seemed like a fun way for both of us to pass the time. When her table got called she scribbled her name and number on a napkin and told me to call her. Then she walked away wiggling her ass and shoulders like little girl that had just gotten away with something.

I was thinking, 'Wow, did that really just happen? Did a married woman just give me her number?' Shortly after she left, my friends arrived and I told them about the chubby MILF. They accused me of making it up so I looked on the bar for the napkin, but it was gone. The bartender must have cleaned it away with the woman's dirty wine glass. My friends and I bolted from the place, skipped dinner and went on to the clubs.

The next Monday I was going through my pants so I could put them in the laundry and I found the dammed napkin. I thought, 'See I told you fuckers', as I tried to make out the name she had written through the damage from being in my pocket. It looked like her name was Amanda, and even though there was damaged to her number I could still make it out. Amanda was cute, but she wasn't really my type. She was also very married. I have no idea what possessed me to do this, but I decided to call her and see if she wanted to fuck.

Later that day I had a break in my work so I called Amanda. She seemed surprised but happy that I called. Back in the noisy bar I hadn't noticed anything special about her voice, but on the phone her voice was really sexy. It was the kind of voice that makes your cock tickle a little when she talks.

Amanda's voice made talking to her like phone sex, but without the dirty talk. We talked for maybe an hour that day, but didn't even come close to hooking up. I really liked her voice so I called her again the next day. Then I kept calling every day that week, mostly just to hear that voice. Finally on Friday we started talking about sex. It was about damn time.

As we talked I was surprised at how someone with so much sex in her voice could be so sexually conservative. There was so much she either had never tried or just wouldn't do. She said that she didn't even masturbate. (Her words) At that point I was thinking that she didn't even like sex, and I wondered why she had given me her number.

But then she surprised me. She asked if I ever thought about her while I played with myself. (Again, her words) I lied and told her that I never jacked off. She refused to believe me. Then she told me some story about how she caught her husband jerking off to porn and how she found some video of her husband fucking another woman.

As she told me about the video her voice changed dramatically. It sounded like she might start crying. I don't like hearing a woman cry so I tried to lighten things up with a joke. I told her that she just needed to fuck me a bunch of times and make her husband watch. Apparently she didn't see the humor in my comment. There was a long silence then she hung up on me. It felt so awkward so I didn't call her back.

Okay so I'm actually quite a bit more caring than I let on, and I was feeling pretty bad about what I had said to Amanda. So the next week I called her to apologize. I wasn't trying to get in her pants anymore. I just felt I needed to make things right with her. I started telling her how sorry I was for crossing the line about the video and having sex, and she stopped me.

Amanda then explained how she was using the threat of a divorce to force her husband to watch her have sex with someone. Then she started talking about how that someone was going to be me. It was a very strange feeling. She never actually asked me if I was willing to do it. She just assumed that I would.

Of course I wanted to fuck her, but not with her husband watching. I'm still not sure how this happened, but ultimately my desire to fuck her won out over the weirdness of being watched by someone. I had set out to talk her into having sex, and it turned out that she talked me into it. We made plans to meet at a hotel that coming weekend.

We had a couple more short calls that week and then on Saturday I got a text from Amanda with the hotel room number. Actually until I got that text, I had expected her to back out. Right after Amanda's text I got a call from Rachael. She wanted to see me that night to talk about getting back together. I also knew that this would end up with the two of us fucking.

I really wanted to fuck Rachael again, but I didn't want to have to put up with her relationship crap to get some from her. I probably shouldn't have done this. Instead of just telling Rachael I didn't want to see her, I told her all about how I was going to some hotel that night to fuck the shit out of this really hot MILF. I'm not sure when Rachael actually hung up on me, but I'm pretty sure she didn't listen to the whole thing.

Saturday evening I went to the hotel and waited in the lobby as planned. I was still thinking Amanda probably wasn't going to show up. Then I thought maybe she would show up without her husband. In fact I was of hoping she would be there alone because I'd never fucked in front of anyone before.

Around 6:30 I saw Amanda walk in. She was all made up and wasn't wearing her glasses. She looked really sexy. Then I noticed a man that must be her husband trailing behind her carrying her purse and her overnight bag. He looked like whipped puppy.

They walked right past me and Amanda winked and smiled the sexiest smile on their way by. Without glasses her eyes were stunningly pretty and I wondered why she ever chose to wear glasses. A few minutes later I got a text telling me she was in the room. I took a deep breath and checked the time on my phone. I was supposed to give her 30 minutes to get things ready, and then come up.

Those 30 minutes just crept by. I must have watched a hundred people walk by, and several were in their early forties like Amanda. Now that I had a reason to notice them, they seemed to be everywhere. As each MILF walked by, I wondered what it would be like to fuck them. Okay, so my mind goes a little bit crazy when I am horny. So what? I'm a guy! Finally it was time to go, so I went up and knocked on the door hoping like hell that I had the right room.

Amanda opened the door and took me by the hand pulling me into the room. She was wearing a short sexy silk nighty, and didn't seem to want to hang out with the door open any longer than she had to. I stood there and looked at her. She was even prettier than I remembered.

Amanda had stuffed herself nicely into that little baby doll. It was very sexy, hanging midway across her ass and letting a bit of her panties show. She didn't have huge breasts but they were big enough to tightly fill the cups of her outfit and I could easily see her large erect nipples straining against the cloth. I told her how amazing she looked, but I'm not sure she believed me. I actually don't think Amanda ever had any idea how fucking sexy she really was.

Then Amanda sort of introduced me to her husband. His name was Dave. He was sitting in a chair staring at us with his pants down around his ankles. I wondered for a moment if they did this sort of thing all the time, and they were just using me to play some sort of weird married people's sex game. Never the less he looked pathetic and I was glad I wasn't him.

After the introductions, Amanda and I just stood there staring at each other with nervous grins on our faces. I really wanted to get started, but the situation felt odd. Neither of us seemed to know how to get things going. I really wanted to put my hand in her panties, but decided to kiss her instead.

Damn, she could kiss. She had the softest lips and she sucked my tongue into her mouth right away. I wrapped my arms tighter around her and she started grinding her pussy on my leg. Then she shuddered and quickly pulled her pussy back. Holy shit was she ever horny.

We kissed some more as Amanda undressed me. When she pulled down my pants she gently caressed my cock. The intensity of her touch made me pull my cock away in the same way she had to pull her pussy away while we were kissing. Then I pulled off the top of her nighty and watched as her breasts dropped out of their cups.

I looked down towards her panties and saw that she had the cutest little belly. I never thought I'd be that attracted to a chubby chick, but she was just too fucking sexy. I took the opportunity to caress her tits as I knelt to pull off her panties. As I and pulled down her panties I was expecting to see a chubby little pussy, but instead I saw nothing but thick dark bush. I also noticed that she had made a big creamy wet spot in her panties.

Then as I bent lower to pull off her panties, she held my head and pushed her hairy mound into my face. Her scent was strong and sexy. She was definitely read for sex. After I got her panties off, she marched them over to her husband, and gave him a good look at the wet spot. I take it she never got this excited for him.

Amanda tossed the panties aside and came back over to our side of the bed we started kissing again. Her pubic hair felt soft yet rough against my leg as she started rubbing her pussy on me again. My cock was trapped against her naked skin, and Amanda just couldn't hold still. It all felt really good but I wanted my cock in her pussy.

So I turned her around, bent her over the bed, and started rubbing my hard cock up and down in her slit. She was super wet and my cock easily slid across her pussy. She was lightly moaning and squirming all over my cock. Then she picked her head up, looked right at her husband and teased, "He's about to fuck me David".

When she picked up her head it made her pussy more available so slid my cock deep inside her. As I pushed it in Amanda started coming. I kept on fucking her until she fell to the bed. Her husband had such a pathetic look on his face as he watched his wife come so easily.

That little bit of fucking made my cock hard and tight. Her pussy was super soft and I had to get my cock back inside her. I rolled her over and slid her up all the way on the bed, spread her legs and pushed my cock back into her hole. Holy crap, it literally glided in.

I'd never felt anything like it. It enveloped my cock all the way down. The best description I can come up with is that it felt 'fat', but that still doesn't do it justice. I started fucking her slow and deep. The feeling of my cock gliding through her was intense. I told her how amazing her pussy felt and asked her if she liked my cock. Half moaning half mumbling she told me how good my cock felt inside her.

As I fucked her, Amanda's voice became clearer and she started begging, "Fuck me Blake. Fuck me-e-e-e". Since I was already fucking her, I just started fucking her harder. A few seconds of this and she grabbed my ass, pulled me in deep and came hard. Holy shit, she was like a fucking orgasm machine. I'd never been with a woman that came so easily.

After this orgasm I cuddled with her and played with her tits. They were warm and really soft. Oddly their softness was a huge turn on for me. Then I held her down and I started sucking and licking those soft tits. As I licked her tits she started rubbing her pussy hair against me again.

I started thinking about how sexy she smelled when I pulled down her panties and I decided I wanted to taste her pussy. So I kissed my way down between her legs and pushed my tongue into her slit. Her pussy felt warm, thick and creamy on my tongue. As I licked her, she started moving her hips and letting out these little sexy moans as she rubbed her creamy pussy on my mouth.

Amanda grabbed me by the hair and held my head to her pussy. She obviously didn't want me to stop. I moved up to lick and suck her clit and she started moaning like she did when I fucked her. I thought she was going to have another orgasm, but she didn't. She just kept moaning and started panting between moans. The little orgasm machine was winding up for something big.

When I thought she was getting close I pushed a couple of fingers into her and probed for her G-Spot. I could hear my fingers sliding into her soft wetness and if fingers could come they probably would have right then. When I hit her G-Spot it seemed like she sucked all of the air out of the room in one long gasp. I made little circles with my fingers inside her and seconds later she started come, and damn did she ever come.

She arched her back and my fingers slipped out. She pushed her pussy hard onto my mouth, and made a half crying half moaning sound that lasted until her air seemed to run out. Then she would grab a quick deep breath and do it all over again. At times she would stop breathing all together while she shook her pussy wildly on my mouth, and with each convulsion her pussy became more and more creamy.

Her orgasm lasted so long, and she was coming so hard, I wondered if it might be hurting her. Then she pushed my head away. I figured she was done, but she kept on coming even after I quit touching her. Holy shit I'd love to be able come that hard.

After she stopped coming I moved so I could lay next to her while she enjoyed her post orgasm high. As I got up I saw that the wetness from her pussy had made a pretty big spot on the sheets. Damn did she ever come hard. Amanda just laid there in bliss for the next ten minutes or so. It was a really awkward knowing her husband was there watching so I just looked at Amanda with my back to him and lightly played with her pubic hair.

When Amanda came around again she noticed the wet spot she had made on the bed. She just stared at it. When she looked up she told me she was sorry. I didn't understand. Then she added, "You made me do this. You made me come so hard. It was an accident. I didn't mean to pee in your mouth". Thankfully she hadn't done that. I told her that it was all just her wonderful pussy cream and that I liked it. Then she said she was sorry anyway. I'm not sure why.

After we got over the awkwardness of whether or not she had peed, Amanda announced that it was her turn to fuck me as she climbed on top of me. She started sliding the crease of her pussy along my cock. It felt really damn good and I wanted to come. Pretty soon my cock slipped into her and she slid all the way down and started fucking me. The weight of her bigger ass kept my cock deep inside her as she slowly rocked and slid her soft wet pussy on my cock. It was so much better than having some skinny bitch bounce on my crotch like it was a trampoline.

Amanda's soft tits were hanging right in front of my face and I had to get my hands on them again. I grabbed one in each hand. She immediately grabbed my wrists pressing my hands herder to her breasts as she sat straight up and started fucking me even deeper. I started getting ready to come. She told me that she wanted to feel my warm cum in her pussy, and she started grinding me even harder. I was maybe 30 seconds from an orgasm and she came again. Like I said, she was like a fucking orgasm machine.

After she came she tried to keep fucking me but she had to stop because she was too sensitive. I didn't tell her how close I was to getting off. She slipped off my cock and collapsed onto the bed next to me. Amanda had her head on my chest and was playing with my cock. I was so ready to come that she could have easily finished me off like that. Then she asked how she could make me come.

Her head was pointed right at my cock so I took a shot and told her I wanted to come in her mouth. As I expected, she said no. Then she asked again how she could make me come. At that point all I could think about was having my cock in her mouth so I said something that was kind of dumb. I told her that I was going to make her suck me. I fully expected her to say no again, and maybe even get mad at me, but she didn't. I don't remember exactly what she said but it sounded to me like she just didn't know how.

Since she didn't say no the second time, I thought that maybe she wanted to put on a little show for her husband. If that meant that my cock got sucked a little, I was all for it. So I took her by the hands and lead her towards the chair where I wanted her to suck me. I figured she would stop me before I took it too far.

We got to the far side of the bed and her husband was in the way. He looked pissed about what I was doing to his wife so rather than trying to make him move, I just sat down on the end of the bed in front of him. Then I told Amanda to get on her knees. I was amazed when she did it. At that point having Amanda's husband watching turned from being awkward to being exciting, almost like a competition. He was right there and I was about to make his wife suck my cock.

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