tagGay MaleWhat Sammy Saw on Her Cam

What Sammy Saw on Her Cam


"Pull your cock for me. Slowly!" Sammy intoned, lazily, as she ploughed into her own cunt with an eight-inch cock-shaped vibrator that was very like the one attached to the man on the other side of the screen.

She started when the bedroom burst open suddenly, "Hey, Cooper, I was thinking that..."


"Oh my god! I'm so sorry! I'm so sorry! Sorry!"

Sammy could not believe what was happening before her eyes! Her favourite playmate on Literotica had been caught by his flatmate while masturbating and chatting with her on his cam. It had been very embarrassing for the three of them, but for poor Cooper it was turning into a nightmare! To be caught buck naked, his legs spread, cock at full mast, grinding in front of his web cam! He had actually kicked over the laptop in his desperate haste to cover himself!

Sammy and Cooper were not the only ones who were shocked, because it was no picnic for Zane either to see Cooper that way: all naked and aroused and flushed and looking every bit as scrumptious as he had ever imagined, and as Sammy had known since the first day that they began to play. The biggest shock of all was when, first Sammy, and then Cooper, saw Zane's tent... Yes, you read that right! Zane had a tent; and a big one too! It seemed that Zane had a BIG secret: that he had a crush on Cooper.

Cooper had a secret too, it seemed. He had cum much harder than he had ever done before, when he saw Zane looking at him, and when he saw that tent. He looked at the closed door, and then at the screen where he knew that Sammy would have been watching from her bedroom in Kingston. His face was stricken, but his feelings were plain. He said nothing, but reached over, and turned off the cam. Sammy sat there for a long time looking at his frozen image on her screen.


No one quite knew what to say, and for several days Sammy did not see Cooper again. He was just not online. Sammy was frantic! She did not want to lose Cooper's friendship over this. She loved seeing his beautiful body on her cam every evening. More urgent now, she found herself tortured by dreams of Cooper and Zane being together. She loved the thought of gay men being together, and Zane had unwittingly taken that fetish a step further. Zane's stares had been eloquent. He had turned away, reluctantly, and pulled up the door behind him, giving Cooper some privacy. Sammy decided that he would have to be brought back. The way that Zane had looked at Cooper had caused Sammy's heart to miss a beat. It was smouldering. It was hot. It was hungry.


Cooper came back after a break of five days. Sammy was relieved, but knew better than to raise the matter of Zane's interruption first. He seemed a little shy with her, and so Sammy decided to facilitate his ego by stripping herself and masturbating for him for a change. She wasn't undergoing gender reassignment surgery so she didn't have a cock with which to tease him. This was probably a good thing, because she knew that he was not ready to be confronted by his apparent need.

It took another two weeks for Sammy to raise the idea that she had been fomenting for several days. She could see that Cooper was struggling to keep their online liaison alive. He was clearly bored, and it was equally clear to whom his thoughts turned when his mind wandered away from their conversations. She felt the same way too. She found that Zane and Cooper had starring roles in her fantasies and that she felt an urgent need to sate her craving. She decided that she would tell Cooper that she wanted his flatmate to take over from him in touching his body to titillate her, and carry out the instructions that she proposed to give them.


It took some persuasion for Cooper to relay the message to Zane that his online friend wanted to have a quiet word with him. Cooper did not trust Sammy's request to speak with Zane at all and this mistrust grew when she refused to tell him what she wished to say to his flatmate. Prevail on him she did though, and so it was, three days after she had spoken with Zane, they found themselves in an online Skype date in which Cooper and Zane sat at home, side-by-side, but not even looking at each other, while Sammy was dressed in a leather cut out bra that suited her very well; a pair of leather, crotch-less boy panties; high-heeled, thigh-high black leather boots, and carrying a nine-tailed whip.

Cooper's mouth fell open when he saw Sammy. Zane said nothing, but Sammy noticed that not only did he have to try extra hard not to stare, he also licked her lips unconsciously and swallowed his saliva. Zane was wearing jeans and a Maroon 5 t-shirt and Cooper was clad in knee-length denim shorts and a black Peter Tosh t-shirt.

"Take off his clothes, Zane," Sammy said after she made chit-chat with her friends in Montego Bay as if there was nothing unusual going on.

Zane relieved Cooper of his t-shirt almost immediately. He stepped back smiling, admire Cooper's body and allowing Sammy to see him for herself. Cooper flexed his muscles, playfully, but Sammy saw Zane freeze, and the first signs of his tent appear. Next, he peeled Cooper's trousers down slowly. He left his boxers on and Cooper's tent appeared immediately. He winced, in obvious discomfort. Cooper reached down to help Zane, or cover himself, Sammy didn't know which, but she wasn't waiting to find out.

"Restrain his hands, Zane," she said.

Sammy noted the relish with which Zane obeyed her. Cooper was in for a warm time! Zane used his nascent strength to dominate his flatmate, and Cooper soon found himself bound by a pair of handcuffs to the hook in the ceiling that Sammy had asked Zane to install. He was naked except for the boxers that were left tenting on his loins. His cock, thick, long and hard bounced comically as he struggled to free himself and to hide the evidence of his arousal from Zane and Sammy. It was a vain hope that he could do this.

"Cooper, the more you try to resist us the worse this will be for you," Sammy teased.

"Is that lump in your pants hurting, Cooper," Zane growled. "Would you like me to massage it for you? Take the pain away, Sweetie?" he whispered, huskily, into Cooper's ear, just loudly enough for Sammy to catch it.

Cooper groaned and Sammy gave Zane a nod when he looked to her for permission to blow Cooper's wad.

"Oh god!" Cooper cried out when Zane dragged his boxers down and swallowed his erection without further preamble.

Zane's jaws were powerful and he was enthusiastic. He swirled his tongue around Cooper's cock, laving and caressing it on all sides. He squeezed and tickled and stroked his member, nibbled him lightly and sent shivers up his spine and down his legs as he massaged Cooper's cock with his mouth.

"Yes! Yes! Yes! Keep doing that! Please!" Cooper begged, throatily, his head thrown back in ecstasy. "My god, Zane! Yes!"

Zane reached up and massaged Cooper's balls. He stroked them with his strong fingers while his tongue tickled just under the crown of Cooper's cock and his teeth nibbled him very gently once more. Zane released Cooper's cock and buried his face in the man's groin. He kissed him repeatedly and rubbed his face lovingly on Cooper's hairy scrotum. Then he swallowed him again and bobbing his head up and down, began the process of making love to his flatmate's cock once more.

Cooper excited Sammy with his helpless babbling and groaning. What she saw was equally erotic. Zane's jeans had ridden down and exposed the crack between his butt cheeks when he squatted in front of Coper. Since he was wearing no underwear, his clothes gave Sammy a good view of his rump. His tight t-shirt revealed his narrow waist and strong back, an attractive sight, Sammy thought.

Cooper, meanwhile, had lost the grip of his footing, and so was partially suspended, using one leg only as a prop, while he thrust helplessly into Zane's warm mouth until he came.

"It's your turn now, Zane," Sammy said, quietly several minutes later after Cooper was able to stand on his own again. She had watched the way that Zane had hugged and kissed Cooper's hairy thighs, supporting him physically, until he was in control of himself.

Zane hesitated, and glanced at Sammy who smiled back, encouragingly. To ease the situation between Cooper and Zane, and to help Cooper to fight down his own doubts and accept a cock in his body for the first time; that was why Sammy was dressed as she was. She was "forcing" them together. She had seen the longing in both their eyes for each other, but she had also seen Cooper's resistance, and the romantic in her could not allow that.

Zane glanced at Cooper and seeing him staring at him, he held his gaze. Cooper smiled, wryly and closed his eyes, as if psyching himself up for something horrible. Zane stepped forward with the bottle of lube that Sammy had ordered him to buy for use with his flatmate.

"Oh god, no!" Cooper cried out again, when Zane rubbed a well-lubed finger between his ass cheeks.

Zane stopped immediately and stepped away from him.

"Would you like me to release you?" he asked, quietly.

"No," Cooper said. "I'm sorry, I don't know what I want."

"Well then I'm releasing you. I'm not a rapist," Zane said. "It's okay, C. We can do this on another night," he hastened to reassure his flatmate.

They didn't get a chance, however, to have another night like the one when Sammy dressed up and she and Zane tried to initiate Cooper into the ways of loving another man. When Cooper had got up the next morning he discovered that Zane had moved out sometime during the night.


"You need to go after him," Sammy told Cooper one evening six weeks later when she caught him online and he responded to her chat message. She hadn't seen him often since that night, and even when she had, he had ignored her attempts to contact him.

"I tried. I was told that he transferred to the Kingston office of his firm."

"So? Kingston's not far. Nowhere in Jamaica is far from anywhere else. And you know where he works so that's a start. Finding him would be very easy for you; very, very easy."

"I know," the man sighed. "It's not that."

"What is it then?"

"I don't know. I guess I'm afraid of what people will say."

"Ahhh. I see."

"I know that I shouldn't care about that, but I do."

"What if you saw him go off with someone else? How would you feel about that?"

There was no answer. Sammy persisted. She hated it when people allowed stupidity and parochialism to spoil things. She was a romantic and the fact that these two men loved each other was enough for her. She had developed a very elaborate fantasy life, in which Cooper fought for, and won Zane back. That Cooper did not seem up to the task disappointed her greatly.

"He's a very attractive man. He could find boyfriends easily, believe me."

Cooper looked at her strangely. He looked as if he wanted to shout at Sammy, but he did not do so. He disappeared for two more nights and when he returned it was no better for him.

"When you're ready you can come to Kingston and stay by me and then go visit him at work. See how it goes. If he takes you back then you can see what you do from there," Sammy said.

Cooper laughed.

"Stop nagging, Samantha!" Cooper was exasperated. "You're such a romantic. Nothing's going to happen between Zane and me, because I'm not coming to Kingston to look for him, so give it a rest. Please!"

He winced. It seemed as if he remembered the last time he had begged. He had been begging Zane to suck his cock, and the memory of that caused a jolt to his system.

"Look, I have to go Sam. I'll see you around."


Sammy did not hear from Cooper again for over a month. She saw him online, but he ignored her as he had before. She tried to be friendly and contact him sending hugs, photographs, news and other things to lift his spirits, but he had closed her out of his life.

She didn't know when he decided to take her advice and after a business trip into Kingston he stopped by the branch of the building society in which Zane worked as a Loans Officer. He had gone to the wrong one before, but been told by the woman sitting at the Information Desk where he could find his friend. Cooper had sat there watching Zane work for over half an hour before he took a number, and then he had to allow two persons to go before he did so that he could end up in Zane's office the next time the man was free after his turn came around.

Zane froze when he saw Cooper show up in his office. He glanced desperately toward the door, and Cooper understanding, closed it behind himself. They shook hands professionally and Cooper had to struggle not to glance at Zane's crotch. He felt Zane tug at his hand and realised that he was holding on to him for too long and that it was possible for other people to see them through the glass partition even if they couldn't hear what they were saying.

Zane ushered Cooper into a chair and sat behind his desk.

"What can I do for you today?" he asked tentatively.

"You can allow me to buy you dinner so that I can apologise."

"That's not necessary."

"It is. I hurt you. I led you on and then hurt you."

Cooper reached for Zane's hand. He covered it with his own. Zane moved his hand away, reaching for some papers. He did not look at Cooper.

"I'm fine. It was nothing. I'm actually living with someone now."

Cooper grinned at him brightly. It was all he could do not to cry.

"That's great! Just so long as everything is fine with you! Have a good life, man."

He managed to make a little more chit chat about his business trip and about life and politics in general before he got up to go. He had never run from anyone before he had run from Zane, and the harsh lesson that he was learning now meant that he would never run again, even from him.

"Like I said, I'm sorry that things ended so badly for us, but I'm happy that you're happy."

Zane walked him to the door.


Cooper called Sammy after driving around Kingston for several hours. He had hit a bar right after leaving Zane's office, but felt that although he was not out-and-out drunk that it was probably unwise to try to drive back to Montego Bay that night. Sammy had always said that he had a place to crash if he needed it in Kingston, so he decided to take her up on the invitation. He would tell her that he had tried to get together with Zane but that he already had a boyfriend, just as she had predicted, and hope that she would stop nagging him about the man.

It turned out that he was surprisingly near where she lived and so he arrived at Sammy's place, a nice set of townhouses in a gated community only five minutes after he called her and parked in the visitor section where the guard at the gate had indicated. He walked to her townhouse and rang the bell.

A delighted Sammy hugged him and he hugged her back tightly, not realising how much he needed the affection and human contact. She took the little bag containing the new toothbrush, toiletries and brief that he had bought just before he called her, when he realised that he needed to stay the night somewhere, from him.

They had just stepped away from the door and hadn't even got to Sammy's living room when Cooper heard a key in the lock. He glanced at Sammy whose eyes opened wide. Her face looked stricken, but she didn't have time to say anything before Zane walked in.

"Sammy! You won't believe who came into the office today!" Zane shouted to her. He was alrady loosening his tie and looked sexily dishevelled.

He froze. His eyes opened wide when he saw Cooper in his living room hugging his flatmate.

"I guess you didn't expect to see me again so soon," Cooper managed to pull himself together first.

"No," Zane agreed.

He glanced at Sammy. She stared back defiantly.

"What's happening here?"

"Wait, when you said that you were living with someone, you meant my Sammy?" Cooper asked incredulously.

Zane ignored him. He was still looking at Sammy, waiting for an explanation.

"I've always told Cooper that he could come and stay here if he needed somewhere to go in Kingston. He called about ten minutes ago. I hadn't had a chance to explain about you, but I couldn't have told him no," Sammy said breathlessly. "And besides, you two need a chance to see each other. I'm sure that you still have feelings for each other" she declared more stoutly.

"I don't need a charity fuck!" Zane said, angrily to the room.

"When I came to your office today, I wasn't offering charity. That would have been the last thing on my mind," Cooper ground out, annoyed with the situation as well. How the hell could Zane look so good? He wanted to jump the man! He had never felt like that before!

"What?" Zane asked.

"You really ought to keep your thoughts to yourself, Cooper," a grinning Sammy said. "Yes, he does look good, and you really ought to jump him before someone else does. Would you like me to give you two some privacy?"

"Don't you dare!" Zane said, desperately.

"Thanks!" Cooper smirked, staring at him. "I seem to recall though that we're all into a little exhibitionism; so if Zane prefers an audience while I fuck him then that's alright with me."

"You're not going to fuck me tonight. I seem to remember that it was my turn to fuck you!"

Cooper reached for his belt and pulled it loose. He held Zane's incredulous stare as he dropped his pants and boxers right there in Zane and Sammy's living room. He walked over to their dining table and bent over it, offering his ass to an open-mouthed Zane.

"Okay then. It was your turn. Fair is fair. Do you have lube? I have a bottle in the car if you don't have any. I bought it just as I was leaving MoBay this morning."

"Where did you park?" Zane whispered, hoarsely, stepping toward the man, spread out in front of him.

By the time Sammy retrieved the bottle of lube from Cooper's car and returned to her home she found that Zane and Cooper had already moved things into Zane's bedroom. Both men were naked, and Cooper had climbed on top of Zane and was kissing him as if his life depended on it. They both groaned loudly as their hands could not get enough of the skin on each other's bodies.

Sammy turned on some music in the living room stereo system to mask the noise, and then went back to sit quietly in a chair in the corner and watch her two boys put on a show for her.

Zane lay on his back with his legs spread obscenely. Sammy watched as Cooper slid down along Zane's body and took the man's turgid cock into his mouth. Zane's pelvis arched up, feeding it to him fast. Cooper gagged, but did not pull away.

"Relax your throat, Coop!" Sammy said encouragingly.

He did, and soon had a steady rhythm that had Zane's head thrashing about with excitement. He hummed a tuneless little noise, sending vibrations along Zane's cock, and Zane sat up involuntarily and pressed Cooper's face hard to his groin holding him there until he came in his mouth.

"I'm sorry," he whispered, hugging Cooper, when he came down from cloud nine a little. "That felt so good, I couldn't stop. I'm usually more of a gentleman than that."

"I'm fine! I'm glad to think that you lost control because of something that I was doing to you."

"That won't be as hard as you seem to think," Zane said, shyly. He reached up and stroked Cooper's chest. Cooper kissed him for several minutes, allowing him to taste himself.

Sammy cleared her throat. The two men had obviously forgotten that she was sitting there. They turned to look at her.

"I'm ready to see you use the lube!" she said brightly.

Everyone chuckled.

"After dinner? It's my treat tonight," Cooper said. "I really want to take my new boyfriend," he kissed Zane again, "and my best friend," he glanced at Sammy, "out. I can't tell you how happy I am right now!"

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