tagNovels and NovellasWhat Sandy Was Not Told Ch. 04

What Sandy Was Not Told Ch. 04


I massaged his balls and nibbled on Mary's aroused clitoris and then licked down again, not just happening to rub his moving cock, licking below where it was disappearing in her pussy, but just as nice and wet from it. Rick took a deeper stroke - in both directions. His cock sprang out of Mary's pussy with a wet noise.

Did he want me to?! Suggest that he thought I did? At least, he seemed to be suggesting that he wouldn't mind if I did. I did! Licking back up the length of his cock, my lips slipped over its head. It twitched - intentionally? All nice and wet from Mary's pussy, smooth and firm - and nice to lick and suck and to move in my mouth, nice to feel it twitch - like mine in Pat's mouth. I knew just how it felt for him. Real good! And almost as good to lick and suck.

But Mary was being short-changed. Was she realizing that this time it was me and not a girl sucking his cock? I gave it back to her. Reluctantly? I won't say.

Then Rick and I were doing all we could to give Mary her orgasm; and it sounded like Jean was very aroused; and now I was again more aware of what Pat was doing, and also from the movements of her body that Trish was close to giving her hers.

Rick and Mary came first - his balls all tight in my hand. The flood of her pussy juice put me over the edge, and Pat moaned in recognition, and then almost bit me, apparently in turn put over the edge by Trish, whom I could hear slavering in Pat's wet pussy. No, Jean had come first, unnoticed by me. She must have, since after hearing her noises, Mary's were unmuffled; Jean must have dropped down off her.

I rolled off to one side with my head on Mary's thigh, giving Rick's cock a fondle, and then we all just lay there catching our breath. It must have been a couple of minutes before anyone spoke. I had almost dozed off. It was Mary, as usual: "Oh God! ... Thanks, everyone! Hm-hmmm!"

"Um-hmm," we all agreed. I found Pat's face with my hand; she nodded and then sucked a couple of my fingers into her mouth for a moment, snorting. "Thanks, Mary," Jean said and then snickered and asked: "Where did you learn to do that so good?" "Hm-hmm, as if you don't know. Thanks."

As we chuckled, Mary rolled off Rick and gave him a kiss and murmured: "Thanks for the best fuck I ever had, ... not without everybody else's help, of course. "Good idea," Trish commented and rubbed my leg. "But everybody didn't stick to the rules," I replied with a chuckle: "... just did whatever you wanted - better actually." "Um-hmm!" the other agreed cheerfully, and Rick murmured: "You too," without snorting or snickering. "Did you really expect that the four of us would just be satisfied making it good for Mary and Rick?" Pat asked. "I didn't think that far, but you all made it even better, thanks." "We're not really going to do this three more times?" Jean asked and then added: "What happened down there?" "I cheated," Pat replied in a tone that suggested a smirk: "... I thought a cock would be better than a breast ..." "And I thought her pussy would be, too," Trish enjoined brightly. "Oh, that's good," Mary remarked: "I wondered where my 'breasts' had gone," and snorted at her shorthand expression, and then referred to Jean's first question: "Are we going to do it again? "Not three times, for sure, but Trish really got left out."

Her hand slid up and found my very relaxed cock as Rick snickered and remarked: "Not with me."

The girls chuckled, and Pat's hand also found my cock, she snorting when she found Trish's there, both of them fondling - without effect.

"It's my turn," I replied: "... I only had a little one - with some help ..." Pat interrupted me: "That isn't true," and snickered, and then snickered again and added: "I take that as an insult."

We all laughed, and I agreed: "I was just trying to give Trish hopes. At least, it will make it easier to carry on until you've all had your turns with us."

More snickers, and Rick snorted and admitted: "Yeah, a problem. I came a little when Pat was doing it. I think it was Pat." "Not when I was - to you," she countered. "Hm-umm, in Mary, but I carried on manfully." "You sure did!" Mary confirmed, and we heard another kiss.

Pat rolled towards me and added her mouth to Trish's and her hands on my cock. "No, he's mine," Trish murmured and moved up, adding: "You've already had him."

Pat rolled back as the others chuckled, and Trish took my soft cock in her mouth, her fingers cupped around my soft sack, moving my balls. Then we were all silent. I put my hand on Trish's head, encouraging her, feeling more than hearing her hum of acknowledgement. After a few moments, I felt her snort and nod, not from anything I had done. I curled down and found her breast - and Pat's hand - and Trish nodded again.

Good idea of Pat's; Trish probably needed a little arousal, too - unless she still was from having missed out on any since Mary had been eating her pussy. Pat must have had the same thought; after her hand left mine, Trish hummed again on my cock, and I felt her role her hips back, humming again.

I was a little pleased that my cock responded sooner than I expected to Trish's nice help; Pat had been right, of course, I had had a very good orgasm in her mouth. After another minute or so, Trish released him with an expectant chuckle and murmured: "Now it's my turn."

I rolled on my back, and she scrambled around and knelt over me, guiding him into her pussy with a satisfied sounding "uhnnn!" and then moved her hips down and lay back on me, murmuring: "I never did it like this before."

Pat immediately moved between our legs and licked both of us, even licking my balls, but then back up, and I let her feel my cock moving in Trish as I found her breasts, pinching and pulling her aroused nipples

"Um-hmm," the others agreed and began to move to join us. Mary chuckled and remarked: "I've had enough, thank you. I'll just take what comes by," her voice moving down past Pat. There were a couple of chuckles as Jean's and Rick's hands took Trish's breasts from mine, and I found one of Jean's. Then Pat murmured: "Oooh! Good idea," and then she was licking us again and fondling my balls. Yes, of course she had done that before to Rick.

He was kissing Trish, until Jean pushed his head aside. I was tempted to see if I could find his cock again, but didn't, but Pat found mine, Trish snorting in response at feeling Pat's hand take him from her pussy. Jean let Rick kiss Trish again and found my mouth, getting a good fondle of her breast in response to her tongue's exploring in my mouth.

Pat put him back in Trish's pussy, and she hummed as Pat and I aroused her, Pat seeming to be humming from whatever Mary was doing. Then she raised her head and murmured: "Next."

With chuckles, Jean and Rick raised their heads, and Jean murmured: "Your turn."

Was he going to, too?! I wondered as he and Pat changed places. Jean had had enough of kissing and moved up and swung her leg over us. Trish snorted, and I felt her hands guide Jean's hips - her pussy - down to her mouth and heard their moist contact. Pat chuckled. I fondled Trish's breast on the side where Jean had been, and heard Pat noisily sucking and licking on the other one. Suddenly, I wondered if Jean had come so good when Mary had been eating her that her juice had dripped down on Rick.

Rick!? He was letting me feel his tongue, there where my cock was slipping in and out of Trish's pussy, and then it was just on Trish. She really had the biggest clitoris of the four, but that isn't important, of course. And I was trying to make it better for her in her pussy, when I felt Rick find my balls - still pretty loose, but that made it nicer to feel the way he could move them. He snorted and raised his head slightly and murmured: "Good, Mary. ... Oooh! That too," and he gently pulled my balls, suggesting that she had found his.

Then he was back licking - not just Trish - and I was liking it. Yes, I wanted him to do more, but wanted to leave the decision up to him. After a few more generous licks down on my cock - almost down to my balls - he pulled it out, immediately catching its head in his mouth.

"Um-hmm!" I responded as I felt Trish snort, and he didn't hesitate to do everything the girls did - and I had done - licking and sucking and nodding his head. Once you've decided to do it, you want to do everything to make it good - knowing how it feels. I felt my balls draw up, something you can only recognize when they're in someone's hand. He did, too, but continued for a few moments before he put him back in Trish's pussy, just in time. I held still, waiting for my arousal to subside, and Rick helped by stretching my sack.

Then with a chuckle he raised his head and murmured: "Thanks, Mary. Now it's your turn, Jean. You did that before. Hmm! And Mary is waiting for you. ... Ouch! Don't bite!" and he chuckled, and we snickered, Trish, too - when Jean had moved off her face. "I want two cocks, too," Trish snickered. Pat kissed her - good - and then Pat murmured with a snort: "Pussy," and added louder: He's yours," and then added: "I bet Mary really hasn't had enough," and we all chuckled

As they moved around - and I moved in Trish - Mary replied in her most cheerful voice: "You're right. I just thought I had, ... but now it's ... 'later'."

We all almost laughed, and then Rick was over Trish and me with his cock in her mouth, and Jean was holding my balls and licking Trish and me, and Mary murmured: "Nice pussy. Hello again."

Just as I recalled that she had given Jean an orgasm the previous time, Pat murmured: "Then let me." "Oh! ... All right. ... I was looking forward to it ... both ways. Have we done it before?" "I can't remember," Pat replied and snickered: "... just don't want you to think you have a monopoly on Jean's pussy; you did it this morning, too."

Trish pushed Rick's hips up so that she could laugh with us, and then Pat and Mary found their places, and we were all having one - fucking, pussy-eating, cock-sucking good time. Jean also cock-sucking for a while. Maybe she knew more about guys' balls than I had thought.

I hope the others came as good as Trish and I did, it seemed like it. Not Mary, of course, who remarked with a real giggle while we others were still recovering: "I don't know if I can put this in my diary."

We all had to laugh, despite our state. After a gasp or two, Jean replied: "You won't forget. I kept a diary on the way to Europe, but there are lots of things that aren't in it that I remember, ... not just like this. ... There wasn't anything like this."

"Um-hmm," we all agreed, and Rick said to me: "Geez, we haven't kept ours either, not since Florence."

The girls and I chuckled, and I agreed: "We sure haven't, better things to do in the evening. Maybe we can reconstruct the events." "Yeah, maybe, at least where we were. ... Hm-hmm! But like Mary, I want to keep all the juicy details straight."

The girls had been chuckling or snickering during this exchange, and Pat remarked: "Who with whom and how?" "Yeah, something like that," I replied.

More snickers, and Jean suggested: "Everyone with everyone, every way." "'Every which way'," Mary added, and we all agreed with snorts. "That, for sure," Trish agreed.

Then we were silent, hands find each other's bodies, intimate parts familiarly, moving together to find those of the others. I wanted to see them all again, but no one suggested finding a flashlight as Rick and I started to search around for our clothes, but then we needed one, so we all had the opportunity to smile at each other - and a last view of Mary's breasts. We all snorted as we got dressed, they still nude, very naked with us clothed. Someone suggested "last kiss," and they stood up and one after another came into our arms. After good wishes for our further travels, Rick and I slipped out of their tent and went to the toilets.

When we came out, we were only briefly surprised to see them again; of course they also had to go - and wash a bit; they each had a towel and washcloth. There were smirks and snickers, and nods and smiles of goodbye, and then we were back in our tent.

"And I thought we had a fucking good time in Cologne," Rick said and snickered. "We did, but I'm afraid it's going to be all down hill after Venice."

We chuckled and went to bed - in separate sleeping bags.

The next morning, we found a slip of paper under the edge of our tent: "Hope the rest of our trips are both as good. Love, Mary, Pat, Trish, Jean."

On the reverse was Mary's address in England.

Of course, they and their bus had disappeared. After breakfast, we packed up and found our way back to the train station, deciding to go to Vienna and Salzburg, Munich and Frankfurt for our flight home from there.

It wasn't all down hill. In Vienna, we met a couple of Canadian girls - separate tents. In Munich in the Hofbrauhaus, we met two Americans, junior year abroad students, who had just arrived.

They were pretty naïve, but seemed to be looking for a good time away from home, even commenting about how they were looking forward to being in "more liberal" Europe. I don't like to thing that we filled them up with beer, but eventually they thought it would be interesting to see our campsite - with some giggles. They were a bit like Mary, but just the giggles. Luckily, they had been roommates for two years, apparently familiar enough with each other. After we got closer, they giggled and then snickered when it was obvious what the next move could be and that we all would have to share our tent, but they wanted to. As I said, a bit naïve, and not adventurous, and apparently with no experience with the morning after, kind of embarrassed as they got dressed and then hurried off.

As Rick said, probably next time they would be better, and with chuckles we hoped so, snickering and agreeing: "But not as good as ...," not mentioning any names.

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