tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWhat She Always Wanted

What She Always Wanted


Salina lived alone on South Washington Street in the small town of Hedgeville, Kentucky. Her house was of modest size but all she really needed. The front porch kept two wicker chairs and a side table, ready for morning coffee whenever she felt like it. Though they were most often used in warm weather, she sometimes dragged a heavy blanket out in the bitter cold of winter to watch the sunrise.

Tuesday evening. Another day had slipped by, and Salina's mind was still lingering in the quiet time spent on the front porch—the rich taste of hazelnut on her lips, the hard curve on the mug warming her hands.

She hated being out in the cold but loved the feeling of winter. There was desolation and abandonment, and the small pockets of warmth and light drove out the underlying notion that she was slightly sadistic in her private life. A private life that sprung up like a devil on her shoulder, whispering impossible fantasies, pressuring her into reckless promiscuity.

Salina had been seeing a guy who lived in a nearby town. His name was Jake, and he owned a shooting range that was making itself heard in the rural community. He had plans to expand his business as fast as he could, starting first in his home state, then moving up into Ohio.

Salina checked her phone as soon as she stepped inside her house and out of the cold. She dropped her keys on the kitchen counter, without looking, and read the text message that had just jolted her phone. It was Jake.

"I'll be there later tonight, as promised. But it might take me a little longer than expected. I have to pick up new flooring for the renovation."

Salina texted back. "So should I order our food at seven o'clock, eight, or are you gonna be later than that?"

Jake replied immediately. "It will probably be around eight thirty or nine before I can get done with this stuff. But I'll be there, as promised. I will."

Salina dropped her phone by her keys. She was obsessed with Jake and the way he treated her. They also had great sex for the first couple of months. But she couldn't help but feel annoyed at how demanding his work had become.

Her ex boyfriend, Kyle, was another devil sitting on her shoulder. She brushed him off every time he would pop up and enter her mind, but she could still hear the whispers of memories from their years together. There had been too many fights between them, too many changes to what should have been a healthy relationship.

Salina often drowned out thoughts of Kyle with the new and promising life only Jake could provide her. She had been damaged and nearly tortured by the thought of what life she could have lead, had she only freed herself of her fear of the future. She wanted to have Jake's baby, to live with him forever in marriage. But it was times like these—mounting stress, late nights—when the new started to wear off, and she began to question herself.

"I have to make all the decisions. Why can't I—uh, forget it."

Salina poured herself a glass of wine and walked upstairs to slip out of her clothes. She loved to feel the air of the room hugging her body. She loved to be completely naked, unobstructed by anything. And since her house was old, the heat ran a little warm, making her skin flushed and rosy pink.

But she wasn't able to get comfortable. Salina used to have something with Kyle she thought would last, and she couldn't help but compare it to what she had with Jake—the new guy. They weren't the same, and yet she couldn't help but to measure them side by side, in her head. Her head now starting to spin as she emptied another glass of wine and turned her gaze quickly from the bed they used to share.

She had heard a sound. But from where?

The house was empty. Night had fallen. The windows were dark. Salina checked her watch; but she wasn't expecting Jake for another hour.

Footsteps on the staircase. A creak riding up the wall. Someone was inside her house, just around the corner of her open bedroom door. She stood frozen, completely naked, and waiting in horror.

Kyle rounded the corner and knocked twice on the door frame. "Anybody home?"

Salina saw her ex glaring at her naked body and her hand opened, dropping the glass to the floor. The shattering of glass came to a stop, leaving only the labored sound of her breath. "Get the fuck out. What do you think—"

"I came to take what's mine."

Salina took a step back, hardly aware of the broken glass around her feet. "I gave you everything you had here. You don't live here anymore. Get out before I call the fucking police."

"What are you going to call them on? This?" Kyle held up her phone. "You left it downstairs, on your kitchen counter."

Salina felt a wave a panic, followed by a cool breeze sweeping through the room to brush up against her bare breasts. And suddenly she remembered she was naked and tried to cover her hard nipples and exposed sex.

Kyle removed a large hammer from his belt and smashed the phone on the hardwood floor, kicking the pieces over against the far wall. "Now you're not calling anyone, including that faggot you call a boyfriend."

"What, are you following me or something? Fucking asshole. We are engaged, actually, and he'll be here any second. He carries a gun."

Bang. Bang. Bang.

Kyle had shut the door and was using the hammer to drive nails through the wood, locking the door permanently in place. He heard Salina step around the glass and swing at him. But he was quick to catch her arm and throw her back toward the bed. She stumbled until the back of her knees hit the mattress and she fell backwards onto the duvet, her legs falling open for a second before she could shut them again.

"Engaged huh? Well, he's not gonna like it if he finds out we were locked in a room together. I'm willing to take that risk though." Kyle finished the door with the last nail.

"You can't do this," Salina said, as she watched her ex-boyfriend round the bed and peel his shirt off. He had always worked out, but she forgot what he looked like in person. She remembered the devil on her shoulder and felt it teasing a long, serpentine tongue into her ear. She wished for a split second it had teased over her clit, then shook the thought away.

"You know I can. This is happening, whether you're ready or not."

Don't let him, she thought. You have to fight back.

Kyle saw Salina's leg kicking out toward his chest when he grabbed it and pulled her down to the edge of the bed. Her tits were full and round, her nipples hard like gumdrops. The way her bare ass slid over the edge of the mattress sent a tinge of excitement through him, and he felt himself pressed against the inside of his jeans.

He pulled her hair until she was sitting on the floor, the back of her head trapped by the footboard. Nowhere to go. Then he pulled his pants down to release his erect, aching cock.

It was pointing straight at her face now, a drop of precum beginning to form at the tip. She looked up at him in shock, then back down to the dick staring at her. He bent his knees slightly and pressed forward into her lips, trying to make his way into her mouth. She resisted at first, clenching her lips tightly together so nothing could get through.

But that small drop of precum made it slick enough that she soon found her mouth stuffed with a thick cock again. The felt it throbbing in her throat, her mouth already coaxing up more saliva to accommodate its girth. It was as if her body wanted this to happen, regardless of what she thought.

Kyle kicked Salina's legs open and stuck a foot under her wetness for her to rock back and forth on while he pumped in and out of her mouth. He worked her mouth with his cock, using forceful thrusts, starting shallow so the head would pop in and out of her lips, then going in deep so she would gag in delicious agony.

He felt his foot become slick and hot. She was really heating up down there. Her legs seemed to bend on their own, and her hips were rocking in an even rhythm unlike before, when they started.

Every time she tried to talk shit, or threaten Kyle that her boyfriend was coming, he would bury himself in her throat and watch her eyes water. Salina was doing everything to fight back, but was overpowered and trapped and being throat fucked, jolted hard against the bed. She had lost all sense of time until she felt Kyle suddenly pull his cock out, cords of spit trailing off his shaft and smacking the floor.

The next second, she was being lifted onto the soft bed, her ass feeling relief against the comforter, if only for a minute. "You fucking idiot. You're out of your mind. What are you doing?"

Salina lunged forward and smacked him in the face, making a small cut on his cheek. He laughed and took his belt out of his jeans and put it around her neck. One end was threaded through the brass buckle and pulled tight, choking her just a little, then tied off on the headboard. If she pulled away it would only pull tighter, choking her even more.

Kyle also brought nylon webbing with him—taken from the pocket in his jeans as far as she could tell—and began tying Salina's legs up to the two corners. She felt her legs being spread and stretched up above her head, her ass raising slightly with her pussy tilting at an upward angle. Her hands had to hold the headboard to keep the pressure off the belt around her neck.

She was stuck and dripping wet.

Kyle laid his thick cock over her clit, then pulled himself back and thrust deep inside her. He slid in and felt every inch of her hot cunt grind over his length. Hitting the back of her pussy was like a freight train crashing into a stone wall—waves of euphoria flipping and banging into each another, sending sparks of twisted, nervous shutters through both of their bodies.

He pumped in and out with his cock only growing harder. The headboard supporting her legs began to squeak as the whole bed began to shake. In and out. In and out of her slick pussy. He wouldn't stop.

"I'll give you what you want," Kyle said.

"Ugh. You don't know what I want. And I wouldn't have it with you anyway." Salina's groans made it hard for her to lie. She was enjoying this.

This only made Kyle more determined and he began fucking harder. Salina let out a cry and was really getting wet. The squeaking bed grew louder. The smacking of skin on skin became faster. Her feet were flipping in little circles in the air. She found her mouth would hang open by itself.

"Oh, shit. I'm going to cum!" Salina yelled.

"No you're not."

Kyle pulled out and slid down to lick her. He lifted her ass with both hands and started lapping his tongue around her clit and sucking hard with his whole mouth. The pressure was too much and actually caused an internal orgasm, where it was saved deep in her belly instead of being spent, throwing amazing arcs of pleasure up her spine.

When her hips stopped knocking around on their own, Kyle raised back up and plunged back into her with his stiff cock. She thought she would cum immediately but was surprised to find her pussy had been reset and was ready for another round, only building a new orgasm on the one she wasn't quite allowed to have.

Kyle took her through this process a few times, making her pull away from orgasm before she went over the edge, building the tension between her shaking legs. Every time she began to moan and whimper, he would pull her by the hair, making the belt choke her until she would turn red in the face and shut up again.

She never thought this morning that her ex-boyfriend would be inside her, fucking her good and hard, making her drool all over herself like some kind of hypnotized fuck doll. She couldn't move if she wanted too. She couldn't believe this was happening; but it was, and there was nothing she could do about it.

Her body was showing all the signs it needed to used. A puddle of her own juices had formed in the cup of the bed where her ass laid. The abuse in her aching pussy was only hiding the fact that they were now splashing around on the bed.

Salina let out another moan and started to feel the wet puddle beneath her as it washed up against her butt cheeks and lapped at her asshole. It was a teasing, obtrusive feeling, and only made her become more horny each time it happened.

Then Kyle slammed down into her and held her down to the bed, sucking on her nipples. It felt great for both of them, but Salina felt something else, something unexpected. Her asshole began to flutter and contract on its own, allowing some of her juices to flow inside her.

It was so fucking wet down there. She thought she could control her asshole and keep it from happening but when she clenched herself, it only made things slip further out of her control. Her pussy began contracting around his cock and that only triggered him to start pumping again.

"Oh, no. Oh, no," she said, pissed off but not wanting it to end.

"One more thing before I give you what you always wanted." Kyle produced a glass butt plug and pressed the tip into her tight ass. She greedily accepted the toy, her asshole sucking the rest of it in once it got over the thick ridge.

Ass filled. Legs hung. Hair pulled. Neck choked. Ready to cum?

Kyle took deep thrusts, lighting her pussy up and making it almost vibrate. Then he held it in and rocked himself back and forth, grinding into her hot clit. The butt plug didn't move and held on tight. Her nipples were becoming more sensitive to the slightest touch, standing on end and sending euphoric waves down her chest and abdomen.

Bang. Bang. Bang. She was being fucked into the bed and felt all her saved orgasms stacking on top of each other. Oh my God, she thought. This is it. I'm going to cum so fucking hard.

"I forgot to tell you," Kyle said. "I'm going to cum inside you. I'm going to knock you up. You're going to have my baby."

Salina felt the orgasm growing and pulsing, harder now. "No! I'm suppose to be with..."

"With who? You can even remember his name."

"I'm not on anything. I'll get pregnant. Oh fuck."

Kyle was pumping harder, his cock stroking hard at the front of her slick cunt. She looked down, choking herself, watching herself squirt out around his huge dick. She was cumming already, without warning. Too late. All those saved orgasms toppled through her—legs shaking in the air, her eyes watering, her ass sucking on the hard butt plug, pussy in full spasm.

Deep groans of surrender escaped her open mouth. She couldn't recognize her own voice. There was no concept of space or time. There was only the bed, the hard cock spurting cum inside, and her body writhing in uncontrollable ecstasy.

Kyle removed the belt and nylon webbing a few seconds later, letting her roll freely on the bed. She was still shaking, squeezing her legs together for a few minutes after they had the chance to catch their breath.

"Have you lost your mind? What am I going to tell Jake?"

"That's on you now. That's not my problem."

"Oh my God. He'll be here any second." Salina jumped off the bed and started prying nails out of the door. "Quick. Help me pull these out. He'll know something's wrong."

Kyle had just slipped his shirt back on. He watched her fumbling with the hammer, her ass shaking, her toes pointed as she reached for the top of the doorway. Salina felt him come up behind her and grab her around the waist.

"There's no time," Kyle said with ease. "Forget it, we're both caught." He stepped on his jeans again as they slid down and landed at his feet.

Salina looked down, seeing the end of Kyle's erection tapping at the front of her wet, cum-dripping slit. She signed, then used the hammer to pull him back inside her. "Oh, fuck it."

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