tagMatureWhat She Needs Ch. 07

What She Needs Ch. 07


Laura stood in the drive waving goodbye to her friends as the sun began to sink behind the house. She turned to head inside, but suddenly found herself not wanting to be alone in the big house. Instead she headed across the street and up the small sand path passing through the tall billowing sea grass, climbing the small dune. Her steps quickened as she walked down the sharp slope to the beach below. The waves rolled in slow, gentle laps on the soaked sand.

She walked along, the water splashing up over her feet. She tried to loose her mind in the gentle sounds of the quiet beach. Most people had gone back home to dinner and relax around the houses they rented for the week. The gulls cried overhead, and somewhere far off she could hear the faint sounds of grooving beach music. It made Laura smile and sway her hips in rhythm as she walked. She didn't want to think of anything important; she certainly hadn't planed on having Jesse run through her mind.

She felt so good in his arms, and waking to see him smiling at her in the morning was comforting. She had laid there most of the night wrestling with thoughts of rolling over and having sex with him. The girls had chastised her, telling her she was out of her mind; "that boy is CRAZY about you," was Carey's statement.

And he was, sincerely. It certainly wasn't a summer crush, she could tell that. He took time to get to know her, and hadn't been upset when she had told him she just wasn't ready to take that step.

Why wasn't she ready? She wasn't an overly religious person that felt she should wait, and she had no issues with casual sex. So why did she feel the need to wait now? And was it just waiting or was it something more? Part of her had no intention of having anything sexual with him.

Something made her stop and look out over the vast ocean, the moon was half full; in another week it would be huge and beautiful over the silver shimmering waters. This beach would be lit up and lovers would walk up and down the waters edge. Some would even sneak off into the dunes for some intimate caresses...or more.

David had been following along quite a distance back from her. He wanted running into her to be casual, and soon he would cut up to the high side of the dune and back track, making it seem as though he had been on the beach before her. He knew Jesse had stayed the night, and he could only assume the young couple had spent the night tangled up together. It bothered him, but more than it should have. Though it changed nothing for him; he still wanted her.

He turned and climbed to walk along the dunes, moving past her as she strolled lazily playing in the water, watching the waves and moon. Then he came back down the sloping sand to the water line and headed back in the direction of their houses and her. God she was beautiful! Just walking along easily, paying no attention to those around her, just lost in her own thoughts.

David paused a moment. Was she thinking of Jesse? What if they had made a deeper connection last night? Was he willing to do that, to move in on Jesse's girl? No longer, the sweet sexy Laura renting next door, but his son's once best friend's new girl. With a deep breath he continued his path for her. Who was he kidding? The two were just summer flings, a fun fuck for the time she is here; no different then what he also had on his mind.

"A girl your age should be careful walking the beach alone at night."

Laura snickered at the well known voice. "It wasn't night time when I started out." She looked back over her shoulder; she also hadn't intended to walk that far along the beach.

"What are you doing out here, David?"

He shrugged, "just needed a walk. What else am I supposed to do with my time?"

"Good point." Laura again looked back, stalling there with him. She wanted to head back, but didn't want to impose on his space.

"Come on. You aren't walking this beach alone. Let me take you home."

He noticed her smile instantly; she was grateful and took his arm in acknowledgment.

"So, did the girls have a good time?"

Laughing, "the more appropriate question would be; 'did Nick have a good time?'"

"Really?! That lucky son of a bitch. It was only three years ago I had my first threesome."

Laura stopped in her tracks and looked up to him wide eyed.

"I'm older Laura, not dead. And some women find me quite handsome."

"Well I certainly won't argue that."

They strolled silently for some time. He wanted to ask about Jesse; it was just trying to word it right.

"David, I know we haven't known each other long, but I quickly felt close to you, at ease with you...."

"Yes?" He wasn't sure what she was leading at.

"What's on your mind? It's like you want to ask something but don't know if you should."

Damn! How could she be that perceptive?

"Well, I was just wondering about you and Jesse. You both seemed very close last night."

"I really don't know. I am so happy with him, and could fall for him in a heartbeat. But something is warning me not to."

"You think he wont respect you, or that it will be a summer fling and then gone?"

"No, it isn't that. I wouldn't mind a summer fling or casual sex. But something is telling me I shouldn't cross that line with him."

"Maybe you don't want 'casual sex' as you put it, because you are thinking you want more."

"Oh God no! I am thinking I just don't....want."

"Want what?"

She stopped and turned and looked at him, even in the low moon light he could see the deepness of her eyes, the heartfelt emotion on her face, or rather, the lack of heartfelt emotion.

"That's just it....I just don't 'want.' I know it's sad, it's horrible, but I just don't want to feel anything right now."

David stood there just looking down at her, that soft angelic face was pure porcelain in this light. He wanted to grab her right then and kiss her hard; to fall down into the sand pulling her little shorts down and bury his cock full into her; to make her feel. He thought sure that was the problem. She had spent so much time with young boys that played her, used her sexually for their own pleasure, never once opening up her desires and needs. Add that to the loss of her mother; he just wanted her to get immersed in emotion...her emotions.

If she could have, Laura would have buried her face into his strong chest and cried, but she couldn't. There weren't any tears that needed to fall; there was nothing. That realization had hit her while she was helping the girls' pack, while she was walking alone on the beach. She was just empty.

David put his arm around her shoulders and they continued on in silence, following the path through the dancing reeds and across the small two lane beach road. He didn't make a sound when he walked her to her house and opened the door, following her inside.

Instead of heading upstairs she asked him, "Want a beer?" then headed down to the bottom level and game room.

"Sure." David followed then sat on the couch and watched her swaying ass move over to the bar. In the light of the house he could see how tight those little gym shorts really were, cutting up her ass, hugging it perfectly. She was braless under the cream tank top, and the ocean breeze, or something, had made her nipples as hard as little pebbles.

Laura plopped down on the couch with him, handing him the bottle as she turned hers up and drank deep from it.

"In the mood to get trashed?"

"Why? Are you in the mood to take advantage of me?"

There was something in her tone that made him question whether it was meant as a joke.

"I am a rich man, Laura. I don't have to take advantage of women."

"You've made mention to that several times. How rich is 'rich'?"

He thought for a moment. What was the best way to explain his situation to a girl her age, her maturity?

"I could buy you this house, pay off your college, buy you any car you wanted, and still have pocket change to fly you around the world. That rich enough for you?"

Her mouth dropped open. David just laughed.

"My God! And here I have been renting next door to a Sugar Daddy and never knew it."

"Oh, you knew it all right. You just aren't that kind of girl."

"For all of that I could be!" She laughed.

Then she turned and leaned against him as she finished her beer. He naturally wrapped an arm around her and gave a soft squeeze.

Then he leaned his head down and whispered in her ear, "this isn't enough to be classified as arm candy."

He laughed as she elbowed him, "easy now, girl. I am old and fragile."

"Yeah, I bet."

"Do you play?" He asked motioning to the pool table.

"Yes, I do. And if we were in a bar, I would tell you 'not very well.'"

He got up and started racking the balls as Laura readied the cue.

They played two games when Laura started to warm up and make shots consecutively. David was amazed as she ran the table, making shot after shot. She saw the look on his face.

"My father bowled three nights a week. At the ally, they had pool tables. So from about age eleven or so, I shot pool three nights a week, you kinda get good at something after a while."

"Ya think?"

She laughed as she called the eight ball, sinking it in a side pocket without hesitation.

As David gathered up the balls he looked up, he had a chance.

"You know, I met my wife over a game of billiards?"


"Yes, she came with another friend. I thought she was stunning, so I offered her a bet."

"OK, I'll bite."

David set two high balls at the far end of the table, side by side and against the rail. He placed the eight ball between the two, and on top of the rail, making a pyramid.

"I bet I can hit the eight ball without the cue leaving the table or knocking either of the other balls."

Laura looked over them, "That's impossible."

"She said the same."

"And what is the bet?"

"A kiss."

She laughed, "Sure then. And if I win?"

"You wont."

"But if I do?"

"I will pay another week at the house for you."

Her eyes got dark and her smile widened, "You're on."

She was laughing as He took position at the other end of the table. He set the cue, struck it and as it slowly rolled toward the balls, he nudged the table jostling the other two balls. They rolled out of the way. The white cue struck its intended target.

Laura's jaw dropped.

"Yup, she looked like that also." He snickered.

He noticed again that simple sway as she walked over to him. She was really going to go through with it. He had thought she would back tract. Why did He feel nervous?

She said softly as she looked up, "a bet's a bet."

Laura stood before him, suddenly aware of how much taller he was, she lifted up on her bare toes, her hand resting softly against his chest. As lush pink lips touched his, she felt a warmth move over her. His hands were sliding up her sides, one staying at her waist while the other moved to her back, pulling her in close.

She had intended on it being a simple little peck, but now her head was spinning and her pulse racing, it felt so good to be near him. Her lips parted just slightly as her tongue slipped by and danced over his mouth. Was it a tease, or did she want him.

She didn't get a chance to make up her mind; he touched her face softly and pulled from the kiss.

His voice was a hushed whisper, "That's twice that trick has worked, but the kiss was far better this time."

Laura took a deep breath and a step back, blushing at the compliment.

It took her a minute to find herself. It was only an hour ago she had given up on caring whether or not she got close to anyone, and now her body was overflowing with the need to touch his, to kiss him again. But he seemed completely calm about the whole thing. She was once again lost, not knowing what his intentions were.

"Why don't we head upstairs?" She hadn't intended it to come out that suggestively. "Oh my. I didn't...." She laughed getting two more beers.

David just laughed and went up with her. "Sure you didn't."

He sat down on the couch and she sat in close to him, again, leaning on him as he wrapped an arm around her. He thought about how good the kiss had been, how wonderful she felt now in his arms. He was sure by the way she was downing those beers he could have her right now.

"I am going fishing tomorrow morning on my boat. Come with me."

She looked at her empty bottle and sighed. That sounded wonderful; to get out on the water, cast the rod, loose her self in the hum of the motor and the slap of the hull on the waves.

"Sure thing. What time?"

"Five AM to early for you?"

"Not if I'm fishing."


They laid there for a while in silence as he finished his beer. He never thought much about it, figuring she was just comfortable and in thought. It was when she stirred that it occurred to him she had fallen asleep in his arms. He shifted, moving her so that he could look down on her sleeping face. With ease he scooped up her petite frame and carried her into the bedroom, pulling back the covers and laying her down on the crisp white sheets.

This is where he wrestled with himself. He wasn't perverted enough to try and undress her, or fondle her, but the thought of climbing in with her and holding her close for just a while longer did creep into his mind. His aching cock told him quickly to cover her and leave, so he did. He would have her all day tomorrow on the boat.

(editor's note...ok, i know, i know...i promise, next chapter! thank you so much for the comments and encouragement!)

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