What She Needs Ch. 13


He pushed forward again, finding a slow steady rhythm as his mouth mated with hers; sucking and nibbling at her lips. He was oddly aware of how gentle her kisses were. Her lips were hungry and her soft tongue desperate for entry in his mouth, but overall the kiss was soft and feminine. He seemed to be memorizing it, along with her taste. It went with her scent, exotic and citrusy. It was driving him wild and he began to thrust into her with more force.

Her legs were wrapped tight around his waist, and with each thrust down she lifted up to meet him, whimpering and moaning as the head of his cock pounded deeper inside of her. She knew her nails were digging into his shoulders, but he didn't seem to mind. In fact with each grasp he would kiss her harder and growl louder. She tore her mouth from his to look up into those brilliant blue eyes, soft hands roamed down from his shoulders and across his chest. She giggled softly as he lifted up and she played her fingers through his chest hair.

"You make me feel so damned good David....so comfortable."

He stopped his plummet of her tight sex and leaned down, supporting himself on his elbow, grinning as his cock continued to twitch inside of her with each squeeze of her warm spongy walls.

"That's how it should be Laura." He brushed a blood red damp curl from her face.

She was panting slightly and he looked down to gaze upon her exquisite mounds as they rose and fell with each gasp. As she ran fingers through his salt and pepper hair, he lowered and started gently kissing the deep cleavage. Following the curve up and then down the swell till he came to each pink nipple where he would then lave and suck on them. He loved the little whimpers it brought forth from her.

Laura let her eyes close, she had been extremely tired, and with David's new gentle affections, as bad as she wanted him, the touches were lulling her to sleep. She felt at ease in his arms. The thought passed through her mind that she had the rest of her life to enjoy this man and find out everything there was to know about him, that every night she could have this. Her eyes opened to find him staring down at her smiling.

"What were you thinking about?" He asked as though he knew the answer.

She smiled at him, "you."

He arched an eyebrow, "that's rather vague."

She let her eyes close for a moment longer, sleep pulling at her. She wanted to explain it better, but honestly her first answer encompassed all of her thoughts in one word.

She was thinking about him, and everything that would come with him; the nights in his bed, the morning breakfasts and talks about their day over dinner; watching movies together; or long walks on the beach. It was the little things that went through her mind, but all of them involved and revolved around him.

With a dreary voice she answered, "just you, and my life with you."

He smiled; he wasn't going to get a better answer. It wasn't a vague answer she was giving, quite the opposite. The answer was whole, and it was definite.

He pulled from her and curled her against his body. That male part of him wanted to finish what had been started, but she snuggled up to him with ease, molding against him and his heart and mind knew that right now, this was the most important thing.

"Sleep beautiful, I'll wake you in few hours so you can sneak home before Jason wakes."

He had a soft laugh. It felt horrible knowing he had to get his girlfriend home before her father knew she was missing, but she was already fast asleep in his arms. He had his Laura and tomorrow, and every day after that would be different from here on out.


I know this has been taking longer than you would have liked, just been so busy with family obligations. Also, I kept rereading this trying to figure out if I should add on here, end the story like this, or follow the draft I had sketched out earlier.

I think I will take my cue from yall's feedback!


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More someday?

Really enjoyed the series and would like more of the story. I find myself rooting for David but figure Jesse will win out in the end. If there is an end. Hopefully not though! I enjoy your writing,more...

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