tagIncest/TabooWhat She Never Told Me

What She Never Told Me


I was in my last year of university when I met Mel. I was already pretty comfortably a lesbian by then and she wasn't exactly the first girl I'd been with, but she was the first one I ever really loved.

It didn't happen right away, for a while we were just having a good time and she slowly grew on me. When she asked me to move in with her after I finished up with school I said yes immediately, not even caring about the logistics. It was the best decision I ever made.

The job I got into was not what I spent four years of my life working toward, in many ways it wasn't great. But coming home to Mel every night made me not care about that. Things were pretty good for me, and then Mel's sister changed everything. Not on purpose or anything, but it made me realize that my existence wasn't as fixed as I thought.

Mel and me were in bed one night when the subject first came up.

"Hey Jen, you remember Cindy?" she asked me.

"Mm-hm," I replied, not paying all that much attention.

As was not uncommon for us we were both completely naked and I was busy tracing patterns on her tummy with my finger. I loved her body, her soft, perfect skin, and I took more opportunities to explore it than strictly necessary. If I concentrated I probably could have recalled any given detail about her from the mental image so carefully constructed in my head right down to the tiny scar on her leg from when she was a kid. It was hardly a proper substitute when I had her right next to me however.

"Would it be okay if she stayed with us for a few days?" Mel asked. "Maybe a week or something, I'm not really sure yet."

I dragged myself from my invisible finger-painting and tried to focus on the question.

"Wait, Cindy who?"

"My sister," Mel said. "I'm pretty sure I've told you about her."

"Yeah, I just wasn't sure that's who you were talking about."

I rested my head on Mel's tummy like a pillow since my finger was no longer using the space. If it didn't make getting a blanket across both of us so awkward it probably would have long since become one of my favorite sleeping positions.

"She just turned nineteen you know," Mel said. "I can tell she's getting antsy still being at home with mom and dad, I know I was more than ready to leave at her age. I thought it'd be nice to let her get away at least for a little bit."

I realized I hadn't actually answered the question and was being prodded for an answer.

"Oh it's fine with me," I said. "She can stay as long as she wants as long as she doesn't mind seeing her sister making out with another chick all the time."

"That's what I thought. I'll call her tomorrow and tell her. You have to try and be good though okay?"


I pouted and gave Mel my best puppy dog eyes which only made her roll her eyes and giggle at me.

"Aright, maybe not that good. But just, you know."

"Yeah, I'm just teasing. I'm not going to do anything to try and freak out your baby sister."

"Thank you."

"Although," I continued thoughtfully. "I do remember her being kind of cute in those pictures you showed me. Do you think she's into girls too?"

"Stop that right now," Mel said sternly. I was surprised she kept a straight face as well as she did, using that voice on me usually made her crack up.

"Or what? You gonna spank me 'til I stop being so naughty?"

"I might if I thought you wouldn't just enjoy it."

Her eyes shone mischievously and I wouldn't have put it past her to spank me anyway, but we were both too comfortable lying where we were for it to be all that likely.

"Your sister does know about us though doesn't she?" I asked as the question occurred to me.

"Yeah, she's pretty well the only one in my family who does. I don't know if mom would believe me even if I told her straight out you know?" Mel smiled faintly, and a little sadly too. "Cindy's cool though, we've always been able to tell each other... stuff. I guess sometimes I still think she needs protecting since she's my little sister, but she doesn't really. I just... I don't want to push our relationship on her too fast when she gets her."

"I understand, I'll do my best. Though you know as well as I do that doesn't always mean that much."

"Thanks baby."

I shifted somewhat reluctantly from my position and kissed Mel lovingly before settling down beside her. She pulled the covers up over us and together we fell asleep.


It was about a week later when Cindy arrived. I didn't go with Mel to pick her up, but I was there to greet the two of them when they got back.

What struck me immediately about Cindy was how much the pictures I'd seen didn't do her justice. She was way cuter than I expected, I'd almost go as far as adorable. She looked eerily like a slightly younger version of my girlfriend, which made sense since they were sisters, but she had her own unique features as well. Notably her impish grin that never seemed to vanish from her face for too long.

Mel was the first through the door as they arrived, towing a largish bag with her that must have been her sister's. Cindy was right behind and as I prepared to say hi for the first time she dropped what she was carrying and hugged me firmly, no hint of self-consciousness at the gesture whatsoever despite never having met me before.

She held it longer than would have been comfortable with most people, particularly near-strangers, but in her case it didn't seem at all awkward. More problematic was how embarrassingly good she felt pressed against me. I'd only been joking to Mel about being into her little sister, all of a sudden it wasn't quite as much of a joke anymore.

"You must be my new sister-in-law," Cindy said as she finally let go of me.

"Uh, not quite. But yeah, more or less I suppose."

I looked to Mel for backup, but she offered none seeming far too amused by my reaction for that.

"Awesome, you're way prettier than I was expecting."

I had no idea how to respond to that, but Mel took pity on me this time and interrupted.

"Come on, let's get your stuff to your room," Mel said. "You can tease my girlfriend later."

"'Kay," Cindy said.

The two of them moved past me toward the spare bedroom with Cindy's bags dragging behind. I couldn't help noticing Cindy looked just as good from behind, her jeans seemed tighter than necessary and only barely concealed what appeared to be an unfairly perfect butt.

All the time I'd been with Mel and the first girl to cause such conflicting thoughts in my head would have to be her sister. What the fuck was that about? Unless it just had to do with how much they reminded me of each other, that was a possibility to consider.

I gave the two sisters a couple minutes on their own, then followed them to the bedroom to see what they were up to. If they wanted some privacy while they caught up that was fine, but I thought it wouldn't hurt just to make sure. It would be nice to know if I would be expected to hang around or if I may as well find something to occupy myself for a while.

The door was pushed half shut and as I opened it the sight that greeted me was Cindy with her shirt off while Mel stood behind her adjusting her sister's bra-strap.

"Oh, sorry," I said. "I didn't know you were...."

"That's okay," Cindy said. "I was just telling Mel about how my boobs seem to be getting bigger recently. My bras are getting kinda tight, might have to get new ones."

"And we can go while we're here if you want, but maybe you should put your shirt back on for now," Mel said, stepping away from Cindy and taking a seat on the bed.

"Right, 'cause I'm sure Jen hasn't seen breasts before," Cindy teased, directing her gaze meaningfully at Mel's chest.

Whatever else she might be, uncomfortable with her sister's choice of relationship she wasn't. Either that or she was faking it really well. It seemed Mel's concern that she might freak out were completely unnecessary.

"Maybe I just don't want her perving on you," Mel countered.

"Why would you care about that? Unless... are you worried that my boobs are bigger than yours now? What do you think?" Cindy asked as she turned back to me and stuck out her chest a little more.

"I don't know," I said, pretending to consider the question carefully. "It might be easier to tell if you too off the bra too."

I easily ducked under the pillow that Mel lobbed at my head, having anticipated the act before she even moved. She shook her head in exasperation at Cindy and me, but more for show than because she was really upset. I think she was probably relieved at how quickly the three of us seemed to be getting along. Things could have gotten ugly if Cindy decided she didn't like me or something.


Whether Cindy was naturally flirty or if there really was something to her casual teasing I didn't know. What I did know was consciously or not, Mel's little sister kept putting thoughts in my head the whole time I spent with her for what was left of that day.

Her casual attitude toward me seeing her shirtless was one thing, since she clearly couldn't have planned me walking in on that, but some of the other stuff made me wonder. She seemed to like stretching or bending over given half a chance, and didn't mind turning the conversation sexual even just through the means of a dirty joke. Nothing was overt though, leaving me unsure of her intentions. It was kind of an awkward thing to ask Mel about too, since if I was just seeing things then all I'd be doing is letting her know I was thinking inappropriate thoughts about her sister.

By bedtime I was pretty worked up on a low, background level. Ready to jump Mel at the first opportunity, but not soaking through my jeans or anything. As the two of us undressed I had my eye on my girlfriend more than usual and I think she realized it. She took longer to remove her clothes than necessary, and she paused before taking off her shirt to brush out her hair in front of the mirror. She was naked from the waist down and knew damn well I was staring at her ass the whole time.

When she finally finished stripping and slipped into bed I was on her instantly, kissing her initially on the lips then working my way down. I stopped around her breasts, a common distraction point for me, and sucked eagerly on one of her nipples.

"Mmm, something's gotten into you tonight," Mel said.

"Mm-hm," I replied, not willing to give up my fun for the sake of conversation.

"I knew you were perving on my sister, I thought even you would be a little more subtle about it."

"She totally started it," I said since Mel apparently was going to insist on talking. "Did you even see her this evening?"

"You think I look at her that way?" she countered.

"Well... I don't know, do you?" I was taking a risk, but I wanted to see what her reaction would be. "You were living her with her for a long time after all, maybe you know exactly what I'm talking about."

"She's my sister," Mel said flatly.

"Yeah, your sexy little sister who seems to know precisely the kind of effect she can have on someone if she wants to."


"Who could blame you really? If she was my sister I know I might have some thoughts like that. It's okay if you do, I wouldn't mind."

I traced my fingers feather-soft over her tummy working slowly, but consistently, lower. Mel's hips arched upward toward me as I drew near to her pussy, but I didn't go there quite yet.

"You don't think it's weird?" Mel said quietly.

"Maybe it is, who cares? We've all got dirty thoughts and things we don't want people to know. It's not like it's hurting anyone."

She stayed silent, but she had told me enough already. She definitely did think about her sister in ways she wasn't supposed to, her own sister! Just the idea was enough to send shivers down my spine. I'd toyed with sister on sister fantasies before on a purely theoretical level, but to have it hit so much closer to reality was a different story.

Mel moaned appreciatively as I moved my hand to her pussy, stroking the smooth skin and feeling the wetness already building. I tongued her breasts a little more while I fingered her, then moved my mouth to her ear to whisper directly into it.

"Did you ever think about her while you masturbated?" I asked. "Did you ever get off to her?"

Mel had closed her eyes and gave me what was not quite a negative shake of her head, a false protest to my questions.

"You can pretend I'm her if you want," I said, my lips brushing against her as I leaned in as close as possible to her ear.

Her hips bucked involuntarily against my palm and I knew that despite her refusal to admit to it, she was getting just as turned on as I was by this new fantasy. Or maybe not so new for her.

I once again moved down Mel's body, this time not taking any detours and making straight for her pussy. She was visibly wet, as I had already determined by touch, and the scent of her arousal threatened to take away what control I had. My first instinct was almost always just to dive in and start licking, but that wouldn't accomplish my goals as well as a more purposeful approach.

I teased the edges of her pussy with my tongue briefly, then pressed a finger against her wet slit. Just the bucking of her hips was nearly enough to push my finger inside without me even helping. I let her try to fuck herself on my hand for a moment before relenting and giving her what she really wanted. Mel whined pitifully as I withdrew contact with her pussy, but she abruptly stopped when my tongue found her clit.

"Oh fuck yes," Mel breathed as I licked her most sensitive spot.

With the practice I'd gotten since we'd been together I knew exactly what to do to get her off. If I wanted to I could keep her right on the edge nearly indefinitely, or I could have her cumming hard and fast within minutes. I chose a middle ground this time, giving her clit just enough stimulation to slowly build her up to a more powerful orgasm than if I just went all out.

Every part of her body seemed to give me signals as to how far along she was from the tensing of her muscles to the raggedness of her breathing. I knew when she was cumming maybe even before she did and was ready for her hand pressing me harder against her pussy while her whole body arched in pleasure. My only regret was not being able to see her while she came, to me it was one of the most beautiful sights in the world and sometimes I asked her to masturbate for me just so I could see it.

I kept licking until she started coming down and released me from her death-grip, allowing me to sit up and grin at her in satisfaction.

"How was that big sister, did I do okay?" I said, mimicking a little girl voice.

Mel swatted at me playfully, but wasn't able to put much force behind it from her position.

"You're bad," she said. "What am I going to do with you?"

"Anything you want," I replied immediately.

"Mmm, that sounds good."

She finally moved from where she was lying and pushed me onto my back before crawling on top of me. I relaxed and let her take control, surrendering my body to her as she kissed and stroked me to my own orgasm. In the back of mind I noted that she had responded better to the idea of a sister fantasy than I expected, something to remember for the future.


I had kind of a rough day at work the next day, more so than usual. Neither Mel or Cindy was around when I got home which I didn't mind since it gave me a little time to myself. Actually I would have liked to curl up on the couch with Mel for the evening, but her sister's presence meant that probably wouldn't happen anyway.

There was no note or anything for me so I didn't know where the girls had gone. For all I knew they might have gone shopping like they were talking about, or maybe they weren't even together and were doing their own things. Either way I didn't have a clue when they'd be back.

I was on my way to get changed when I passed by the bathroom and it occurred to me that I could really go for a nice, long bath. Sure I might get interrupted partway through, but then again I might not.

What I loved about the tub was it was larger than any I was used to, not by a huge amount but enough that two people could easily get in together without being squished. Mel and I had made good use of that fact in the past. It wasn't really the same without her, but it would still be nice just to soak in the warm water for a while and try to forget that I even had a job.

I stripped out of my clothes as I ran the water, adding some bubble bath on a whim while the tub filled. I got it at exactly the perfect temperature where it was so hot I almost couldn't get in at first.

For several minutes I sat slumped down in the tub with my eyes closed and the bubbles I'd added to the water covering me up to my neck. Gradually my mind cleared of the events of the day and wandered onto other things. As was not uncommon for me, some of those things were sexual.

Originally it was simply recalling the events of the previous night and the fun I'd had with Mel. That progressed naturally to me once again analyzing just what her actual thoughts were on her sister. It probably wasn't something even she would understand fully, but I knew there was something interesting there; mainly because she didn't find the idea of viewing Cindy sexually to be completely sick. What that meant I wasn't sure, only that I'd be able to push a little further and see where it went without worrying about upsetting her too much.

It was possible that my girlfriend really had put serious thought into this same subject long before and just didn't want to admit it to me. I didn't like that she'd hide stuff like that from me, but I could understand it in this case. Who wants to admit to perving on their own sister?

My mind eventually wandered onto Cindy herself rather than the questions she raised, and once again I felt a little guilty seeing her the way I did. I reminded myself that Mel didn't seem to mind all that much, and Cindy herself had been encouraging me if anything. Still, an attraction to my girlfriend's little sister had to be treated carefully and left purely as a fantasy. As long as I did have the fantasy though....

I slid one hand between my legs and slowly stroked around the edges of my pussy. I wasn't really masturbating yet, just playing a little as images paraded through my head of Cindy and her overly provocative habits. Even though I'd never seen her naked, I had a reasonable idea what she looked like based on a combination of what I had actually seen and Mel's body, which would almost certainly be fairly similar.

I went through some scenarios mentally of 'accidentally' catching Cindy while she was undressed or her wandering around the house in her underwear just to tease me. The fact that both of those things had already happened in less extreme ways made the fantasies just that little bit more plausible.

Eventually I progressed to picturing Cindy naked on a bed in front of me, waiting for me to do anything I wanted to her. Before I really got anywhere with that I shifted gears and realized as long as it was my imagination, I could be a little more ambitious than that. Instantly the scene changed and instead of me with Cindy, it was Mel. The two sisters naked on the bed together and softly kissing each other while their hands roamed freely. Just the image made me shiver even in the warm bath water.

I was initially going for a nice, slow build up, but that got tossed out pretty quickly as the idea of Mel and Cindy happily fucking each other took over. I rubbed my pussy faster and flicked my thumb over my clit at irregular intervals, my desire to get off having been upgraded to more of a need. Usually simply picturing sexy scenes didn't have nearly that kind of effect on me and I wished I knew exactly what it was that turned me on so much.

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