tagBDSMWhat She Wants Ch. 02 Pt. 02

What She Wants Ch. 02 Pt. 02


Walking around outside with your penis and balls encased in a heavy stainless steel cage gives you a whole new perspective on self-consciousness. It's hard not to look for stares, when all that is between my abject humiliation and the eyes of my neighbours is the thin material of my khaki's.

When getting dressed, I had other things in mind. I figured I'd wear some of my tighter underwear and reasonably thick jeans. They'd reduce the bulge and deaden any sound made by any loose metal bits. In fact, there shouldn't have been anything to rattle except that my mistress, in her zealousness to prevent even the smallest chance of me escaping, had attached that little padlock through my frenum ring, so that as I walked there is the distinct ting of metal on metal.

I made it as far as the bedroom door before being intercepted, remonstrated for my clear defiance of her purpose and given another sound beating to my already swollen balls. So now, my underwear privileges are gone and I'm sporting my lightest pants that do nothing to reduce the protrusion of the cage and even less to stifle the sound of the mechanics. Worse still, they are light coloured so any wetness, say from precum, shows as a dark circle on a light khaki background.

"Slave, you're looking uncomfortable. Are you feeling any pain I should worry about?"

Just my beating heart, "No Mistress."

"Oh good. You just have this very anxious look on your face and you appear to be sweating a little and, frankly, it isn't that warm out."

We just stepped into the subway station and were riding down the escalator. She looks at me while standing close and reaches out to cup my balls through the material. She smiles, "I'm sorry, my slave, for treating you so harshly this morning. I want you to feel good and enjoy pleasure today, too." As she's saying this, she's gently rubbing my balls and sliding my cage up and down against my pubic bone.

The thing about a cage, particularly a short one, is that it doesn't really stop you from getting an erection. Blood rushes in just the same, but instead of a big hard-on, a lot of the erection happens internally. Another effect is that the cage is pushed outward as far as your constrained skin will allow. This brings along your balls which are squeezed even tighter.

So, as she's stroking me, my still chemically enhanced penis grows hard, the cage pushes out, my balls are further squished and I start to seap precum.

The escalators in this station are very long and she has plenty of time to get me excited, so that by the time we get to the bottom, there is a very pronounced bulge stretching my pants and a nice dark spot where I've leaked a little.

"Oh slave, I'm sorry. I've made you all hard. That must be uncomfortable." And then promptly grabs my hand in hers leaving me only one to try to mask the pornography going on in my crotch.

It's hard to say whether I was successful, so rather than risking some very uncomfortable eye contact, I keep my head down.

"Hey, let's head downtown and do some shopping."

I don't much care for shopping, but she's a big fan. This actually works out well as there is little to stimulate me and I'm able to keep everything in place. I discovered that if I keep my hands in my pockets, I can reach through and hold onto that infernal padlock. I think this might not go too badly and torturing me with shopping is outside of our deal, so this shouldn't take too long.

I'm barely paying attention as she piles clothes on me to port from rack to shelf to end display. Finally, we end up at the change room and head in. It's a big stall down a hall of changing room doors. There are people around but not too busy, which, frankly, is a little concerning. As this is just the kind of place for her to do something dangerous.

"Here babe. Try on these pants and shorts."

I head into the stall and turn to close it. With her hand on the stall, she says, "oh, don't worry about that, I want to see how it looks on you. We'll leave it open, dontcha think?"

I think that sounds very risky and you should be better behaved. That's what I think. "Ok."

"Pardon me?"

"Yes Mistress," I hiss. My face brightens as I think of the likelihood of someone in an adjoining stall hearing that.

Shorts and pants, of course that's what she'd pick when I'm not wearing anything under my pants other than a big cow bell of a cock cage. I turn to face the mirror and begin to unbuckle my jeans when I hear a little, "Ahem!"

Goddamit. I turn around. She's facing me with a rather bright smile. At least there isn't anyone in the stall directly across, but who knows when someone will walk by.

I pause for a moment holding my unbuttoned pants in one hand while I reach for the shorts with the other. Then, in a flash of action that would do justice to a Las Vegas quick change artist, I drop my pants and pull up the shorts... to about my mid thighs. That's when I realise that these wouldn't fit 12 year old me. I look up to see her giggling at the site of me struggling with the shorts with two hands as my bound cock bounces and rattles in its cage for all the world to see.

"Gah. You monster!"

Down go the shorts and I step into the khakis. But, in my haste to pull them up, I jam the zipper into the bottom of the cage. You know how, at the most inconvenient moments, inanimate objects get into the most unlikely position that you're left wondering how the hell that happened? That's what happened here. So, while I struggle to pull the tab out from between two little pipes in the cage, I see the shadow of someone passing right in front of the door.

Again, like Zorro twirling his cape, I face the wall only to realise that I've done nothing except to flash the passerby using the mirror.

I freeze and simply cover my junk.

They continue walking.

I breathe.

She's still laughing a half hour later as we're in the food court getting a snack, regaling me with a play-by-play of all the action. If I wasn't so mortified, I'd enjoy the fun she's having with this, but I'm not yet sufficiently evolved for that kind of generosity.

"Oh slave," quietly, "we're off to somewhere more to your liking next. We'll get a drink and I promise that no innocents will be scandalized by your subby bits."

Our city has strip clubs, lots and lots of strip clubs. They're everywhere, even on the most commercial downtown streets. But, in the couple decades I've been here, I've been only twice and that was for someone else's party. I've never been with my girlfriend. So, despite the nature of the day, I was a little stunned to be walking into one this afternoon.

There were few people in the club and a couple dancers around their poles.

"Let's sit down by the stage over there," she points at the secondary stage which has a very cute, girl-next-door, pixie blonde wrapping herself around a pole.

We order some drinks and sit close together as we watch this beautiful creature work her trade. She has a bright Meg Ryan smile and a small athletic body with perky little c-cups that know nothing at all of gravity.

She looks right at us and smiles before spinning around to show us her back, sliding down the pole facing away from us.

She's very sexy and my caged cock wants to get out and have a look for himself.

"Oh slave, you like her." She reaches down and grabs and strokes my balls again. The damned Viagra lasts all day so it takes half nothing to get me going. In a moment, I'm as hard as I can be and once again leaking in appreciation of the rubbing, my Mistress nibbling my neck and whispering in my ear, and of course the 20-something vixen eye fucking the both of us.

"God it feels so good to be stroked like that, but I can't feel my cock at all. It's so frustrating," I whine before tacking on a tardy, "Mistress."

"Maybe we'll give you some relief when we get home. Would you like that?"

"Yes, please!"

The show winds down and we get working on the second of our two drink minimum. The next girl has a more classic stripper look and is a bit less interesting, so we turn towards each other and move closer.

"I love how swollen your balls get slave. And you seem to have another wet spot on your pants. It's quite unseemly. Maybe I can help you with that."

The thought of being released flits through my mind, but it's never going to be that easy. In fact, it gets worse as she pulls on the zipper until my fly is completely down.

"Oooh... more space. Let me get that for you."

Covered by the small cocktail table and with a dancer not 10 feet away, my cock is out of my pants and straining against its cage.

"There slave, don't you feel more free? And this way, you're not making a mess in your pants."

I glance around without trying to be obvious to be sure no one can see what's going on, but the place is pretty empty except for the new dancer who doesn't look particularly interested in us.

"Mmmm... slave, your little head is straining through the bars and when I rub it, it gets bigger! Were we at home, I would take that big cock in my mouth and cover it with my saliva. I'd suck you so hard and take you as deep as I can. I'd lick your shaft right down to your tight balls and I'd flip your legs in the air and drive my tongue into your little asshole."

"Just looking at your bulging cock has my pussy so wet. I can't wait to fuck you."

"I'd come so fast and hard. I can almost feel you inside me now."

My cock is on fire. She never talks like this. I'm almost ready to cum just from the image she's painting.

Her right hand continues to rub my head through the cage but then I see her slide her left hand down towards her own pussy. With a deft flick, the button of her fly comes loose.

"Mmmm... slave, it feels so good to push a finger into my hot pussy. I'm can feel your cock deep inside me, hitting that spot that makes me cum so hard."

"Mffmmm.." her head tilts back as her fingers work in and out of her pussy. She matches her rhythm by rubbing my cock and then squeezing my aching balls.

"Mistress!" I hiss. "I'm going to cum if you don't stop." My body is shaking and perspiration covers my forehead. I'm trying desperately not to buck into her stroking hand for even the slightest thrust would push me over.

"Can I get you two another... oh!" I open my eyes and see the blond girl-next-door, standing in front of us with a bemused look.

"Oh shit, sorry!" as my mistress removes her hand from her pants.

"You guys are cute, but you can't really do that here," as she looks down pointedly and my mistress's hand which is covering my cock and balls.

I'm horrified. If she moves her hand, this cute girl is going to see that I'm not just guy getting a handjob from his hot wife, but a slave, caged in steel, being teased by his mistress.

Then I feel her leg slide around mine closest to her and pull me slightly wider and then give me a little tap as if to say don't move.

"I guess I should move my hand..." Oh god. The tone.

The stripper tilts her head upon hearing the odd intonation of my mistress. "Yeah. I think you should."

"Ok..." she clamps down on my balls and pull them and my cock well clear of my pants again after I'd successfully got some material over them and then gives a quick squeeze as if to again say 'don't move.'

Mistress retrieves her hand.

Her eyes visibly grow wider looking down on my engorged and leaking penis in its steel cage. "Wow!" She takes a moment. "That's a new one for me."

I'm crimson. All I can do is look straight forward and hope to hear my mistress tell me to put it away.

"We were enjoying watching you so much, we got a little carried away. I'm sorry about that."

My heart is thudding in my chest as I allow myself to look up into that cute face, a face that's not looking unkindly at us.

"Thanks! I'm glad you liked it. I noticed you guys coming in and thought you looked interesting. Honestly, you looked hot and I wanted to give you a show."

They're flirting and I'm sitting there with my legs spread and caged junk sitting out for the world to see.

"Your hair is so pretty and I love the way you move on the pole. I know my slave liked you too."

My eyes roll. I can't believe she used that word. It's hard enough to look the part without having it clearly stated for all the world to hear.

"Well, you could see more of me if you like. We have a nice VIP room and I'd love to give you a private dance."

My mistress ponders for a moment, "what do you think slave, would you like to spend some more time with our friend?" Clearly with the way she said it and the way she looked at the dancer, it was meant as a gentle mocking.

"Yeah! Let's go. I suppose we should cover him up?"

"Well, it's just over there. I bet if we time it, we can make sure none of the other customers see him, but there's no getting around Esmarelda." She motions at the dancer. "Ah... she won't mind!"

"OK. Give me one second while I attach this leash. We don't want him to bolt or cover up."

Ha, at least with this I'm going to get the upper hand. As soon as she stands up, I stand up right beside her and closely match her pace: no tugging on my ring, no exposure of my cage, just a couple going back for a dance. I can't help but let a little grin wash over my face.

"I see what you did there, slave. You've already seen what happens when you foil my little pleasures. Tonight is going to go hard on you."


"I love the game you guys are playing. I've never had a guy willing to do it. Is he always your slave?" Pixie motions us to sit together in the booth and hold her arms in the air as her body gyrates with the music.

"No... this is an occasional thing, but we're trying all sorts of new adventures today."

"Your skin looks so soft, do you mind if I touch your face?" My mistress welcomes her with a smile and turns her face up to the dancer's gentle hands. Hands which start at the face but work down her arms and then teasingly over her breasts.

Still dancing, she stands up and runs her hands over her body, lingering first at her pussy and then her breasts.

"Oh, shows us your beautiful tits!" I'm surprised by her enthusiasm as she's not normally too interested in girls.

As for me, my poor cock is pulsing and drooling. I can hear my heart thudding in my ears as I will the two of them to get closer.

It seems they're both telepathic because no sooner do I think it but PIxie's bra clasp springs open and she leans down to push her lips against my Mistress. They break only long enough for my girlfriend to pull loose the strings on her bottoms. Naked and undulating, she places one knee on either side of my MIstress's knee using her pussy to push her skirt up so she can feel their hot skin touch.

They lose themselves in each other grinding Mistress's thigh into her pussy, leaving a wet strip from her obvious excitement.

I can't believe how hot they are for each other. Mistress's hands only leave her tits long enough to grab her bare ass before sliding up her back and grab her flaxen hair. She pulls back to reveal a reddened ivory neck where she lays bites and kisses from shoulder to ear.

Were anyone to touch me, I'd explode, cage or no. But, they've hardly looked in my direction happy to indulge themselves in each other and to give me a profoundly erotic show. So, as the song winds down, I'm disappointed to see the kisses get more gentle and to see the dancer stand, smiling at my Mistress.

"Hot!!" she says.

The two of them beam at each other as the next song starts. I can't believe my luck as she once again slides towards Mistress and settles across one knee.

They hold a look and then turn to me.

My heart skips a beat. Oh god.

Her hand reaches out ever so gently to stroke my face and then flatten against my chest. Still sitting, she starts to move her hips and shoulders with the music and lets her hand fall lower and lower on my chest, coming to rest on the button of my khakis.

MIstress whispers in her ear for a moment and I see Pixie's eyes widen again.

With a mischievous grin, she reaches down to undo the button and slide my loose pants to my ankles.

"He's really suffering in that thing. Look at all that precum. Let me wipe that up!"

"Mmmmm... that's a lot. Where shall we put it?" I realise what the whispering was about as the delicate goo covered fingers are push into my mouth. "You're so bad. I just want to fuck you!"

She dances off Mistress and settles a knee on either side of my legs. "Do you want to come, slave?" Mistress whispers in my ear. "Shall we have her ride you and spray all over her wet pussy?"

"Mmmmhhhh." Speech fails and then it doesn't matter as she presses one of her breasts into my mouth. Though small, they feel like a steel thimble as I purse my lips around it and suck.

She arches her back in pleasure and presses her scorching, wet pussy against my belly as she lowers herself onto my caged cock. Her wetness covers my head and I'm able to part her lips enough to get to the mouth of her vagina, but no further.

After a day of torment, I have nothing but love for my Mistress for putting this ravenous, vixen on my raging cock. If only I could get inside, I'd explode in a moment but there's so little sensation that my orgasm is building excruciatingly slowly.

"Oh god, your cock and your cage are so hard against my clit." I rub myself furiously against her vagina and little bud. And still the orgasm grows. I can feel it deep down inside me. I"m going to spray everywhere and drop dead, happy.

"Slave, this is so hot." Mistress's hands are on her ass rocking her even faster on me.

My balls tighten. I'm so close. Another few seconds...

The music ends and she slides off planting a chaste kiss on my forehead.

"You guys are so much fun! See ya next time."

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