tagBDSMWhat She Wants Ch. 02 Pt. 04

What She Wants Ch. 02 Pt. 04


"How are you feeling my love? Are you good to continue?" Her face reveals the earnestness of her question and it melts my heart that in one woman I have both mistress and lover.

"I'm great my Mistress. I can take a joke, but man that was fucked up!"

"I think it is time to get you to bed."

The leash, once again clipped to my frenum, tightens and pulls me to the little room beside the living room where I was so recently a spectacle. In it is a sex swing chair and a small comfortable bed festooned with anchor points from top to bottom.

"Just lie back and relax for a minute."

Careful to keep my legs spread and cock displayed, there's space for her to sit between them. She absently reaches down and cradles my penis in her hand, pumping it back to full hardness.

"What if we were just to head home and call it a night? It's been exciting and eventful."

"If that's your wish Mistress, we can do that." My voice belies my disappointment. I NEED to come.

"You wouldn't rather stay a bit and maybe get a chance to cum?"

"My cock and balls are yours Mistress. That's for you to decide."

"And what is in them is mine too. You've been a wonderful slave tonight making all sorts of people happy, including your Mistress. I think I want to make you a gift of what is inside of my balls. Would you like that?"

"Anything you have to offer is a great gift."

"Can you slide down the bed a bit further?"

I sidle down so my head is about a third of the way down the bed. She takes first my left and then my right hand and attaches them to the bottom corners of the bed.

That seems odd. Normally, you'd shackle hands to the top of the bed.

With the hands shackled, she lifts a leg over me so she's straddling my chest but facing down the bed.

I can see her bare pussy lips under hear PVC dress. They're barely a few inches away and my mouth waters as I think about burying my tongue between them. I can't help but grind my hips up in sympathy with the erotic thoughts floating through my mind's eye.

She leans forward stretching her body along mine and pushing her pussy even closer to my eager mouth. It's as if she wants to sixty-nine with me. She wraps her arms under my legs to bring her body even closer.

But then, instead of sliding back a little more to get her face on my cock, she starts to sit up bringing my legs back with her, pulling them all the way over my head and ultimately back to the wall behind me. There she uses the ever-present clips to lock me into place.

With my arms locked and stretched down the bed and my legs over my head, it is difficult not to focus on the sight of my cock directly over my face and pointing down like a rocket who is definitely going the wrong way.

I'm fairly flexible so this position isn't too difficult. I am a bit disappointed not to be enjoying her pussy.

She's now sitting behind me after sliding tantalizingly over my face during the maneuver to put my legs in place. She looks down on me.

"Once again my slave, you seem to be in a predicament. I don't suppose you need me to explain what happens next. Maybe I'll tell you anyway if only for the benefit of the people in the room watching."

Which reminds me to cast my eyes around the room to find a gaggle of kinksters in various degrees of arousal as they watch me. These are going to be some seriously embarrassing memories come Monday morning.

"As you've had your ass stretched so much tonight I'm going to try something we failed at years ago. I'm going to see if I can massage your prostate with my whole hand. At the same time I'm going to stroke your cock ever so slowly but the combination is going to have you spurting ribbon after ribbon right into your open mouth. Should you close your mouth... we don't need to contemplate what that would mean."

I look up and nod. She looks down and frowns.

I quickly say, "Yes Mistress. I would love it if you would massage my prostate until you filled my mouth with cum!" I cringed inwardly to think about the number of people that just heard me say that.

She was right about my ass. She applied a fair bit of lube and was able to get four fingers in pretty easily. Even the thumb went in with only a little more stretching. I settled back and controlled my breathing and then pressed like I was trying to void. It took a while, when suddenly she was able to slip past her knuckles and get her hand in. She let out a whoop of surprise and joy and then proceeded to add some lube and further loosen me up.

Within a minute she was rubbing her knuckles up and down inside of me creating throbs of pleasure not unlike what I was feeling from the dildo a while ago.

My cock was leaking precum which she carefully aimed at my lips. "Open your mouth slave. We don't want to waste any of my gift."

I'm not sure this would have worked using my ass alone, but when she started long slow and hard strokes of my cock, it wasn't long. I felt a tickling throb in my balls but at the same time my belly and core were tensing from the prostate massage. She could feel me responding and slightly increased her pace with my cock.

More precum appeared on the head and it grew even harder.

"Oh god... I'm going to cum soon. It feels so amazing."

As I moan my pleasure with each stroke, she's careful not to go too fast but to build slowly.

I rock my hips with her stroke as the walls seem to close in and my periphery grows dark. My whole body tenses as if struck by lightning and the first ribbon of cum flows down my penis.

She could feel the surge coming so she very carefully stabilized her movements so my cock pointed directly into my waiting mouth.

The first shot hit my tongue and the back of my mouth. The next hit my bottom lip and splashed about a bit and the third and fourth filled my mouth.

"Don't swallow slave! I need a picture. Keep your mouth open.

I look up at her phone and am dazzled by a series of flashes. My body is still shuddering from the array of sensations of the night, but my horniness which had been at its peak is rapidly ebbing leaving me a bit uncomfortable with a mouthful of my own cum.

I want to spit it out, but my brain saves me again and I lay still.

"Are you ok slave?"

I nod.

"Okay, you can swallow my present."

I find my nerve and close my mouth and swallow. It's like a great big ball of congealed snot and pretty hard to get it down. But at least now I can talk. It's time to go! I could use a slice.

I'm a little surprised when instead of her reaching to undo my shackles, she instead pulls the blindfold over my eyes. "I'm going to get a drink and maybe talk to a couple people. Stay here and be a good slave."

"But, aren't we going?"

"My god slave. Hours into this and you still don't know how to talk to me? Well, I'm sick of punishing you. I'm going to put an end to the problem."

I hear her rummaging in our bag and before I can say anything else, the large silicon ball of our gag is in my mouth and strapped into place. "Problem solved!"

Her legs step over mine and her weight comes off the bed and I'm once again left alone. Except, this time I'm stone cold sober and I have pasty, cummy mouth and a gag to chew on.

I think about the night and realise that all I've eaten are two big loads of cum. That puts a little damper on my appetite. But then I think of all that we did today and the attention she lavished on me. I reflect on how I was shown naked to complete strangers, fucked, sucked and used. And before you know it, my cock is twitching again to my revelries. I'm amazed that I can get aroused at all but with little else to do I start to fantasize to see if I can get really hard again.

It doesn't take much and I feel my straining and leaking precum fall onto my lips below. My tongue darts out to taste. God... What am I doing?

Just as I start to worry about where she might be, I feel the bed depress again. Is she back?

"Slave, I can't believe my eyes. Is that penis of you yours hard again? Is it possible that you want more? Aren't you the greedy cum slut!"


"I didn't catch that, slave. Anyway, I'm not listening to you any more tonight."

Well, that was just rude.

But, her hand on my cock certainly isn't. With one hand she's gently massaging my balls and with the other she's stroking my increasingly hard cock. I can tell this is going to take a while but my libido is back on and all I can think of is my raging desire to cum!

From time to time she adds some lube but keeps a steady if slightly increasing rhythm until I finally start to feel the surge of an approaching orgasm. I encourage her by rocking my hips and by increasing her tempo she seems to have gotten the signal.

Within a moment, my balls are tightening and the surge of cum is shooting out. But not onto my face. Anyway. I don't care as I shoot another shot and another. She continues to stroke my cock and pull down hard, squeezing to get every drop.

"Wow slave. That's quite a lot of cum. I would never have guessed after the first time."

Where the hell is it?

I feel my gag being pulled away. "Don't say a word and open up."

Oh no. Not again! The last thing I want is more goddamn cum. Which is to say that within a moment she'd filled my mouth with the cum from a glass that she had handy.

"Stick out your tongue and clean this glass of your seed, cum slut." I comply and with a few licks it seems clean.

The gag is replaced and the weight comes off the bed. She's gone again? Are we ever going to leave?

I'm careful to avoid any sexy thoughts. I don't want her coming back to another erection. As if that could happen anyway. The minutes tick by and I'm left alone. I know there are people in the room. I can even hear comments about the 'poor slave' or how 'hot' it is. Occasionally Mistress's voice rises above the din, but there doesn't seem to be any relief from my bondage.

I wonder what I must look like with my limp dick hanging over my face, stripes from my whipping and a still very open anus. I feel heat rise in my face with my first feelings of embarrassment. I have to get out of here.

"Shall we go for three?"

Oh God, no...

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