tagGay MaleWhat Straight Men Want Pt. 02

What Straight Men Want Pt. 02


For what felt like months but I'm sure were weeks I jerked off to the first dick I ever took. How easily it slid into my hole. How complete I felt. How hot his whispers in my ear were as he completely overpowered me and filled me with his young, smooth dick and fertile cum. How casually he left afterwards as if I was nothing but a replacement for his right hand. I wanted more of that. And soon I would get it.

The second time I took dick I was at my parent's house. Even though I was well in college living with a roommate, I came home every weekend to work shifts at the local restaurant. This was during the day. My dad was working and my mom left to do groceries. She could take her sweet time, my mom and so I did the unthinkable. I invited a stranger into our house.

Much like the first time, I had barely spoken to him. I was insatiably horny and I needed to be fucked. I needed it so bad I would've invited anybody. I was young and stupid and I didn't nearly understand the dangers of this state as well as I do now. Instead, a kind man, let's call him Chris, answered. He was at work nearby, though I was confused as to where since my parents lived in a strictly residential neighborhood, and he was very horny too. He sent me a picture of his dick. White, incredibly thick and circumcised. Dicks themselves would never be the thing that turned me on, but the idea of what it could do to me, would. So without hesitation, I invited Chris to come the second my mom drove out of the driveway.

Chris, of course, was at work and it was past lunch time. He needed an excuse to get out. If meeting strange men in my childhood home was scary, doing so while they didn't show up and my mom increasingly could, was downright nerve wrecking. Still, a tiny blue car parked in front of the house and a neatly dressed man stepped out. He was balding with the hairs left spiked, but he had a slim face and filled his suit with what we call a "dad bod" today. I was weary of the neighbors so I didn't openly greeted him, instead letting him in without saying much.

He took off his shoes, which annoyed me because if my mom came home, the evidence of my forbidden behaviour would be right there for her to trip over. My parents weren't exactly deeply homophobic but I could never talk about my deeply hidden feelings for men without at least one reminder a week that those men were disgusting and God didn't intend for men using each other's backdoor. So I guess that is kind of deeply homophobic, now that I think about it. Anyway, I guided him up two flights of stairs into my childhood room.

I realized suddenly how ridiculous it must look to have a twenty-something guide you into a room full of teddy bears and Disney DVDs while all you wanna do is empty your balls. But Chris didn't care. He looked at me like no one has ever looked at me. With wonder. He gently stroked the side of my face and called me pretty. I was his immediately. This business man in a suit standing in front of me, being so horny that he'd left work just to be inside of me. I noticed the wedding ring on his finger, which in this part of the country didn't mean a same-sex partnership. He had a wife, I thought. One that perhaps didn't put out or like my ex-girlfriend, couldn't satisfy what he truly wanted. Perhaps he even had kids.

He turned me around after I had dropped my pants and pushed me on my bed with rockets on the spread. Once again I did not have any lube, though I was sufficiently informed by the internet how to take fibers and keep a clean house down there.

Flat on my stomach, with me staring at my posters of Emma Watson and Keira Knightly, Chris put on a condom and pushed inside my hole. Once again, it did not hurt. If anything, Chris' large, thick dick fit my hole perfectly. The angle touched what I would learn was my prostate and I felt like cumming myself. I felt full in the best way. As he let his heavy body rest upon mine, I felt safe and sheltered while his dick plowed into my ass. My tiny bed moaned alongside me.

"You do this often?" Chris moaned in my ear.

"No never," I answered truthfully. The only other time I invited a strange man to fuck my boy pussy was not in the same room where I kept my comic book collection, I can promise you that.

And as if that was the magic word, I felt Chris' body stiffen and his drilling past my ring stop. Though just like the first time, I felt a goo slide inside my ass. I looked around and saw the shocked face of Chris. The condom had broken.

"You don't have any diseases, do you?" he said. I shook my head in shock in what I at the time thought was an honest answer, but in retrospect was a poor call due to a complete lack of STD awareness. I mean, I spoke the truth as it turned out, but I just had no way of knowing.

He threw the condom in the trash bag, pulled up his pants and left to go back to work. I wrapped the condom in a handkerchief. As I thought about the dick it had been wrapped around, the dick that was usually in a woman's pussy but now unloaded into my asshole, I realised that what turned me on so much was the secrecy of it all. I hadn't told anybody I liked doing this but these men hadn't either. For all I know the reason Chris only lasted a couple of strokes was because he was so turned on by fucking a younger man's ass when all he could get was pussy. By the time my mother came home and asked me to unpack the groceries, I blissfully thought of the straight man's seed still inside of me. And how that was the kind I would devote my time to getting.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous01/05/19

Another great one!

Reading all your stories this Saturday morning and loving every one of them! You have such an erotic style. I'll bet bedroom conversation with you would be amazing. Wish I had you here next to me as Imore...

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by Anonymous01/03/19

Love the ultra-realism

Loved this: it was hot because it read as though it had happened just like that. Reminded me of a time — a quarter of a century ago(!) — when I as an 18 y.o. invited a middle aged man back to my housemore...

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