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What The Cat Dragged In Ch. 26


I know this has taken a LONG time...but I hope you enjoy the result. psyche b

26. Circle of Trust

Kelly lay mostly on top of Victor. His hands were drifting over her body, sometimes tracing designs with the tips of his claws, sometimes simply exploring her curves with his fingertips.

They'd tried going back to bed after Jimmy had come and collected their unexpected visitor, but the scent of Kelly's fear from her earlier nightmare was still too thick in the bedroom for Victor to sleep. Kelly couldn't get comfortable anyway. He'd stripped the blankets off the bed and made a spot on the living room floor for the two of them. After they'd settled, a comfortable silence grew between them and stayed.

Kelly watched as light crept in slowly, despite the fact that the curtains were all closed. It was gray and ephemeral at first, but it grew brighter in puddles under the windows. Kelly shifted to avoid an errant beam of sunlight. His arm tightened around her for a moment.

"You sleep?" His voice was a soft rumble.

"No." Her own voice was as soft as his.

"Still upset?" His fingers moved through her hair.

"No. Just not sleepy."

He shifted so that he could look at her. A little grin quirked the corner of his mouth. "Son of a bitch, the ape was right."

She smiled a little. "You thought he wasn't?"

"Thought he lied."

There was nothing she could say. If she were honest with herself, she didn't fully trust anyone she'd met at the school, not yet anyway. She brushed her lips over his shoulder lightly, because she could reach it without moving more than her head. "Hungry?"

"Eh." His lips found hers, toying between tender teasing and the sharpness of a fang tip.

Kelly sighed and pressed closer. She was beginning to get lost in it when the sound of a phone shattered the moment. She could feel tension race through his body.


He growled and dug his claws into her bottom. The meaning was clear. Kelly stayed put and watched him get up.

"This better be goddamn good." He leaned against the kitchen door frame, his eyes were still on her. For a long moment he was silent.

"Oh for fuck's sake Jimmy, you know I didn't lay a hand on that kid and I ain't gonna go and defend myself to an old man."

He went silent, listening to whatever was being said on the other end of the line, his jaw was tense, his arms were crossed. One clawed finger tapped his bicep. Kelly reached for his shirt and put it on again. He drew his eyebrows together and looked at her. Kelly pointed toward the bathroom. He nodded. She wasn't sure if it was understanding or permission. Either way, it didn't much matter. She got up and trotted down the hall.

Kelly could hear him talking through the bathroom door, but she couldn't make out what he was saying. The tone of disdain in his voice was clear though. If he wanted her to know more, he would tell her when she got back out there. She washed up before going back out again.

He ended the call and tossed the phone back onto the counter. "The old man wants to talk about that kid who was here this morning."

She looked at him curiously. "What's there to talk about?"

"Hell if I know. Figured if you wanted to, we'd go. If not, we won't."

Kelly shrugged with one shoulder and tried not to shiver in the chilly house. "I'd like to see Cassie. I've been texting with her a little, but I haven't seen her since that first day."

"So we'll go." He grasped her arm. "C'mon, I'm freezing my fucking balls off."

She smiled a little. "Maybe you shouldn't walk around naked."

He grinned down at her. "Oh yeah? You're my mate, it's up to you to warm me up."

She looked down at him, half-way hard already. In spite of herself, a blush colored her cheeks. "I guess I could knit something. Maybe a modified sock."

His eyebrows shot up and then they drew together. A growl rumbled from his chest, his hand tightened around her arm. "Knit something?" He gave her a shove toward the sofa. She stumbled, but managed to keep her footing. A rush of nervousness chased down Kelly's spine. Her eyes flickered to his face. His eyes were filled with danger, but a little smile teased the corners of his lips for just a moment. Heat pooled in her lower belly.

"Think you need a lesson, little girl." He pushed her again, harder this time.

Kelly stumbled into the sofa this time. "Victor-"

"Still tryin' to tell me what to do?" He gripped her arm again and turned her, forcing her to kneel on the seat.

She looked over her shoulder. "No, I just-"

"You what? You figured I'd gone soft and you could get away with anything?" He grasped her collar and pulled the shirt from her back, his claws trailing burning lines from her left shoulder to her right hip. If she'd tried to hold onto it, he'd have twisted her arm from its socket.

She couldn't bite back a sharp whimper. Tears came to her eyes. "That's not what I meant." The needy heat grew. Kelly didn't try to understand it, she shifted her knees apart.

A clawed hand dug into her hair, twisting hard enough to bring a sharp cry to her lips. Her back arched downward, her fingers dug into the back of the sofa. He was behind her, over her, pressing against her entrance. Her fingers dug into the couch cushions until her knuckles went white. The dangerous growl still vibrated through his chest, but his thumb stroked over the back of her neck gently.

It was a fleeting gesture. One that she could easily have thought of as accidental, had she been less familiar with all of his subtleties. The animal was at the surface, but the man was holding it mostly in check. She relaxed under him, even though his hand took up a bruising grip on her shoulder. The way he entered her bordered on brutal, but it filled a hungry need in her. Kelly tilted her hips and fell into the cascade of physical and emotional sensations.


Creed glanced down at the frail. Little tremors chased through her body. She pressed closer against him, as if warding off a chill.

He'd moved them both back down to the floor when her body had threatened collapse under him. He knew why she was weak. She'd cum at least twice, maybe three times. He couldn't really tell, he'd been too engrossed in fucking her, in letting her pleasure and submission fuel the feral climax that set his senses on fire.

If he lived another five hundred years he'd never understand her. Sure, she reminded him of the human side of his nature and allowed him to revel in it, but she didn't flinch from the animal. How she knew whether he wanted fight and force, or teasing gentleness was beyond him. When it came right down to it, he didn't give a shit about the mechanism. It was enough that when he reached for her, she reached back.

His fingertips traced over the long highway of scratches he'd left over her back. In most places he'd managed to keep from cutting her too deeply. Even though he felt only raised trails and narrow scabs, she still flinched from time to time, pressing closer to him. The scent of fresh blood was still lingering in the air too. When he got to her shoulder blade, she whimpered and flinched away.

"Lemme see." His voice was a soft growl next to her ear.

She moved reluctantly onto her stomach. Blood welled up in the four side-by-side cuts. He moved his tongue over them carefully. She whimpered and he felt tension move through her body. He held her still.


"I know, you'll heal. Just shut up and hold still." He stroked the outside of her hip.

She caught his hand and gave a soft laugh. "I was going to say that you're laying on my arm."

He pinched the back of her thigh and swept his tongue over the wounds slowly. "What the fuck are you doing with your arm in my way anyway?"

She looked over her shoulder, a smile playing over her lips. "Guess I wasn't thinking."

He couldn't help but smile back. "Fucking right." He shifted long enough for her to pull her arm away. "What do you want for dinner?" He pushed her head back down to the floor and licked the slowly oozing wounds again.

Her body shook with a short laugh. "That's what you're thinking about right now?"

"What d'you want me to think about? Ponies and glittery rainbows and shit like that?"

A little giggle was cut short by a whimper when he hit a tender spot. "I was thinking more along the lines of breakfast. Am I going to have any skin left when you're done?" She lifted her head and tried to look over her shoulder again.

He smirked. "If you're good." He pushed her head back down. "'Sides, I can't help it if I like how you taste. Now, dinner. What do you want?"

"We have-"

"Not what I asked you."

She was silent for a long moment. He figured he'd let her ask. When she spoke, the words came out slowly, as if the simple act of speaking them was painful to her. "We can't go anywhere."

"We haven't got to. Conlon's out there and I know Jimmy'll let him in if I persuade him right." The wounds stopped bleeding. He let his fingertips trail down from the nape of her neck drawing haphazard patterns over her spine and down to her tailbone.

Her back arched and a shiver coursed through her. "He's not a messenger."

"He's whatever the fuck I say he is. He's damn lucky he's still breathing at all."

She turned over. He propped himself up on one elbow and looked down at her. "It wasn't your fault and it wasn't his fault either. Besides, I'm sure you've been keeping him busy."

His eyes narrowed. He struggled to control the growl that rose in his chest. "Frail-"

She curled closer. "I know he keeps Cody safe. If there's more, I'm not asking what it is."

He pulled her closer. "Too fucking smart for your own good." He waited until she relaxed against him. "Pizza, seafood, Chinese, or somethin' else?"

Her fingers traced his stomach, over the outside of his hip and then back up again. It was all he could do not to moan. He had less control over the rush of blood to his cock. "Well?"

She gave a teasing little smile. "I'm thinking." One finger circled his navel.

The whisper of a touch tested the limits of his control. He couldn't control the low growl that rumbled through his chest. "You're fucking teasing me."

"No, just thinking. Seafood." The little smirk that touched her lips didn't escape him.

"Shoulda known." One hand drifted over her hip. Hungry tension built again, but this time he needed to touch her as much as he needed to fuck her. He pushed her onto her back. "Gonna have to live on the coast just to keep you in shrimp."

She arched up, begging for his touch without saying a word. "All the time?"

"Don't know about that." His claws found one nipple and pinched just hard enough to make her squirm. He couldn't help but grin as he watched her. "Sure as hell don't wanna move around as much as we have been." He tugged her nipple.

She whimpered. A grin spread over his face as he watched goose bumps ripple outward from that tense little peak.

It took some time to find her voice. "I thought you liked that, moving so much."

He grinned at her reaction. "Used to. Sick of trying to remember where I put you when I want to fuck you." His mouth found hers. She moaned under him, her fingers moving over his chest, pulling him closer. It pushed him over the edge. Need coursed through him like a slow moving electric shock that originated from and returned to his groin.

She shifted under him, spreading her legs even though he could tell she was still sore. He wrapped one hand in her hair and kissed her again. He'd meant for it to be tender, reassuring, but his body couldn't manage that. She pulled him closer anyway. He growled against her mouth and accepted her invitation.


Kelly lay on her side with her knees drawn up. Chills coursed through her body from time to time, but she didn't have the energy to search for a blanket. Victor moved behind her, one heavy arm settled over her. The cold abated, but the ache in her lower half was still very much present. Even with her new healing factor, she was certain it would linger for awhile longer. In a strange way, it made the moment more perfect.

A little smile touched her lips.

"Somethin' funny?" His voice was a soft rumble.

She gripped his hand. "No, just comfortable."

He covered her hand with his. "Smell bruised."

A little shrug. "So? Doesn't stop me from being content."

His lips found the side of her head. He was silent again but she could feel tension starting to creep in to his body. Not the kind of tension that came before arousal. That started in his stomach and radiated downward. This tension started in his chest and telegraphed through his arm.

She stroked his thumb, because it was the only thing she could reach without moving. "What?"

"The old man offered to let you finish high school here." The words hung there.

A thousand things chased through Kelly's head, but all of them came back to a single fact. "If you leave me here, right?"


She shook her head. "I want to finish, but I'm not staying here without you."

"Never said you wanted to finish." Surprise registered in his voice.

A little nod. "I would have been done last year if it weren't for Stan."

He stroked her stomach. "Never said anything about it."

She relaxed back against him. "I figured I would once things calmed down and we got somewhere we could stay for a little while."

There was a little smile in his voice. "S'pose you wanna go to college, too."

She couldn't resist a smile herself. "I hadn't really thought about that."

"Think about it." He nipped the side of her neck. "After breakfast."


Kelly sat across from the boy in Professor Xavier's office. He still looked like he wanted to hide in his clothes. She attributed that to the fact that Victor was standing behind her, probably wearing a dangerous glare.

"Robert, you have something to say." The professor prompted.

The boy dug a crinkled sheet of notebook paper out of his pocket. Kelly could tell that it had been folded and unfolded many times in the past few hours. His head was down, his eyes focused on the page. "I-" His voice cracked. He took a deep breath. "I'm sorry I spied on you. I know it was wrong and that it upset you. I promise I won't do it again. Please accept my apology." The words came out in a monotone rush.

Kelly glanced up at Victor. His arms were crossed over his chest, the same cold glare still in his eyes. She looked back at the boy. He was starting to squirm in the chair.

"Why?" The word was out before she could think about it.

The boy looked to the professor uncertainly.

"No." Kelly's voice was firm. "I didn't ask him, I asked you."

He shrugged. "It was just a dumb idea." His eyes were on the edge of the professor's desk.

Kelly recognized the deflection. "Then why can't you look me in the eye when you say it?" Her voice held no accusation, just curiosity.

He took a deep breath and squirmed in the chair. He glanced at her, then at Victor and then back at the professor's desk.

"Do you know why I'm here?" Kelly asked.

He shook his head.

The professor started. "Kelly, you don't have to-"

She looked at him. "It's not a secret. At least, I don't think it should be." She looked back at Robert. "I was kidnapped and badly hurt. Victor brought me here because I wouldn't have made it to a hospital."

He looked at her with curiosity in his eyes. "I thought you were just a mutant."

She smiled a little. "I suppose I don't know what I am now, except lucky." Victor put his hand on her shoulder; his thumb stroked the back of her neck.

"Sounds stupid." He looked down at his shoes.

"Hell, half of what most people do in a day is stupid shit." Victor said. The professor shot him a warning glance, but if he noticed, he ignored it.

Robert sat up a little straighter, but he still didn't meet anyone's eyes. "I wanted to see Sabertooth."

Kelly had heard the name from Müller, but she'd done her best to push it out of her mind. "What?"

"You haven't told her?" The professor tried to look surprised, but the emotion never reached his eyes.

Kelly met his gaze. "It doesn't matter who told me." She looked at the boy again. "What did you mean?"

"My friend Tony's little brother was in here a few days ago and he said Sabertooth came in. Everybody said he was a liar, but he swore he was telling the truth. Tony and I figured that if he was here, he was probably in the guest house because that's off limits." He shrugged a little. "Guys started daring each other to go out there."

"And you did." Kelly finished.

He nodded.

"You got balls, I'll give you that." Victor said.

Kelly tried, unsuccessfully, to stifle a giggle. The professor shot Victor a withering look.

"Was that the only time?" Kelly asked.

He nodded. "And I really am sorry. I saw you guys starting to...to kiss and stuff," A dark blush stained his cheeks. "I knew I shouldn't be watching so I went to leave, but I tripped and stumbled into the side of the house."

"You, or anybody else ever do it again, I ain't gonna be so nice." Victor said. There was a well-concealed little growl at the end of the statement. Kelly reached up and gripped his hand.

"I think that'll be all." The professor said. He looked at Robert. "You may return to class."

The boy got up and walked toward the door. He didn't slouch as much as he had before. As Robert was leaving, Logan came in.


As soon as the door was closed, Creed looked at the old man. "That the kind of show you expected?"

"Show? I'm not certain I know what you mean."

It was bullshit. Everybody knew it. "Yeah, whatever." He walked toward the door. The frail got up and followed uncertainly. Seeing her so hesitant made his chest hurt. He took her hand and ignored the eyes on them. "You sure you want to stay?" His voice was softer.

She gave a little smile. "I've been under your feet since I woke up. Besides, it's only for a few hours."

He caught the note of uncertainty in her voice, but ignored it. He bumped his forehead against hers. She pushed back, her eyes closed. "Got your phone?"

"Of course."

"Good. You need me, call." He glanced over her shoulder at the old man. "For anything."

She nodded. "I'll be fine." He gripped her hand and forced himself to walk away. "C'mon Jimmy, wouldn't wanna let me get too far ahead of you. I might have an impure thought between here and the door."


Kelly turned back to the professor. He was studying her, a slight smile on his face.

"You're looking much better than the last time I saw you."

She managed a little smile. "Thanks."

"Classes don't let out for nearly an hour. Would you like to sit?"

Kelly sat in the same chair she'd been in before. She felt much smaller without Victor standing behind her. She wasn't sure what to say, but she didn't want to sit in silence. "Victor told me about your offer, to let me finish my high school here."

"He told you?" There was a note of surprise in his voice, this time it flashed through his eyes as well.

"Of course he did. You didn't think he would?" She smiled a little.

"I'll admit, I wasn't certain. Have you had a chance to think about it?" His eyes sharpened as he asked. Something about it gave him a hungry look. Not as predatory as Stan when he got that look, but she figured the professor had worked at refining it more than Stan had.

Her smile never wavered. "I appreciate your generosity, but I'm very accustomed to independent study. I don't think I'd be comfortable in a classroom."

The corner of his lip twitched into what might have been a smile, or might have been concealed anger. "Is that your only concern?"

"You know it isn't. Would you like to hear me say it?"

He looked down at his desk and then up at her again. "I understand that you're concerned for your safety and you have every right to be, but others can provide you with that safety."

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