tagFetishWhat The Doctor Ordered

What The Doctor Ordered


Dedicated to Carolyn and Paul... many happy cummings!


"It's a very sad case." sighed the first doctor.

"Utterly tragic." agreed the second doctor.

"What do you think, nurse?"

Nurse Carolyn Jones could only gaze in complete and utter awe at the male patient lying red-faced on the bed. Tall and slim, horizontally, and almost as tall but somewhat thicker in the vertical. And what a glorious vertical it was. All veiny and swollen.


Carolyn shook herself from the dirty daydreams she was having, but even answering the doctor, her eyes were fixed on him.

"Er, yes doctor." she sighed, "An extremely distressing sight."

Fuck, I'm the one in distress, she thought. Her pussy pounded eagerly at the thought of surrounding it, feeling it fill her.

"Opinion and treatment?" the first doctor queried.

I must stop thinking about it...

"Straight up?" she replied. Oops, stilling looking at it... obsessing on it...

"Always, nurse."

Carolyn bit her lip. "Well an overuse of Viagra perhaps?"

The patient's erection was as red as his cheeks. Between her thighs, Carolyn was sure her own twat was equally flushed, red, hot, and getting wetter by the second.

"And," she ventured, "Some relief is required to reduce the... um... " Long, thick, beautiful, juicy, hardness... "Swelling?"

"Very good, nurse." the second doctor agreed. "What would you suggest?"

A damn good fucking! He'd probably stay hard for a good few positions... and climaxes!

"I'll... " Carolyn felt her own cheeks burn with frustration and lust, "Try and mix up some... soothing balm to... rub... on it."

Flashes of her hands gently, sensually, easing some balm... perhaps her own juices... over his cock with her fingers, caressing the colossal curve between her palms...

"Very good, nurse." The doctors consented. "We'll leave him in your capable hands."

If only they knew how very capable my hands can be... Nurse Carolyn tried to suppress a smirk as, at long last, she was left alone with him.

The door clicked shut. And it was just the two of them.

The patient looked at her expectantly. Carolyn shimmied over to the bottom of the bed and looked at his chart, took in his name.

"So... Paul..." her smile grew wider. "I need to... um... perform a closer examination of the... " Hard on... "...problem." Be still, my pounding twat...

Paul tried to sit up but Nurse Carolyn pushed him back. "No, no.. you need to relax. After all, you don't want to get overexcited." I'm excited enough for us both...

Her hands trembled as she slowly teased her fingertips over the stiff shaft, the heat from it threatening to burn them. It was as hard as a rock too. She stifled a sigh of exquisite ecstasy.

"We need to... er... ease the pressure." she told him. Her pristine white uniform dress felt very constricting all of a sudden over her voluptuous curves. She undid a top button.

"Any suggestions?" Paul asked.

Missionary, doggie, cowgirl...

"First," Nurse Carolyn tried to remain professional, "I need to take your temperature." 'Cos mine has just gone thru the fucking ceiling! She tore the remaining buttons of her uniform undone. She had nothing on underneath except a pair of sheer dark tights. Not even panties under them. The glistening wetness on the thin mesh at the top of her thighs told him that she was as horny as fuck. As if he couldn't already see that already from her nips pointing at him, like firm pink bullets.

Paul's eyes widened.

"It would be such a waste," Carolyn purred, caressing his cock, "To let that go down... unfulfilled."

And then she went down on him.

"I thought the idea was you took my temperature by putting something in my mouth... " Paul commented, "Not yours."

Carolyn let the saliva soaked tip of his cock fall from her open lips in a sultry pout. "Whatever... " she smiled. "102.4 degrees."


"Your temperature. Very hot."

Paul raised an eyebrow. "You're kidding me."

Carolyn had her mouth full again as she slowly shook her head, swaying his cock from side to side as she did so. She slowly sucked on the full, spongily hard tip, then let her lips move forward, down, his erection sliding over her hot tongue.

Paul let out a groan.

Carolyn drew back, "I think you need more relief than that."

Then she kicked off her heels and clambered onto the the bed, straddling him. Even kneeling up, his massive cock was already painting dribbles of white, hot pre-cum on the dark micromesh covering her cunt. A cunt which itself was dripping sweetly on the inside of the tights, and together their juices mixed through the fine fabric, making a heady, strongly scented cocktail.

Paul eased himself to a half sitting position, and grabbed the inside of both thighs, trying to get a hold on the slippery nylon, frustrated as its smoothness stretchy lycra was made all the more difficult to pull away by Carolyn's perspiration. A hot sticky clamminess. In frustration he finally got a fingerhold on either side, and with the strength only extreme horniness can give, tore the tights over her muff, ripping them apart to leave her cunt fully exposed.

"Open wide and say 'ah'... " Paul told her. Carolyn put her fingers between her soft thighs, and eased her liquid pussy open for him. As she settled around his huge, hot, hard cock, she let out a gasp of satisfaction. "Aaaahhhhhhh.... "

Paul reached up and held the blossoming curves of her bare, heaving breasts, and tweaked her nipples as Carolyn bounced up and down on him, letting his cock shaft her with thundering, bed shaking thrusts. The sight of her, shuddering over his enormous erection, letting it take her fully and filthily, losing herself completely on its length and girth, made him feel like a god. At least, that was what she seemed to be calling him...

Her hot, liquid cunt was indeed balm for his aching hardness, as she rubbed it, herself, all over it with quickening, desperate abandon. Paul could no longer contain himself, and in a few maddened moments he shoved his hips up and down with her and let go of all the cum he had in several massive, cunt filling squirts.

Carolyn let out a sighing, screaming squeal of orgasm as her cunt vibrated and quivered in searing, almost painful, rapture around him. She clawed at his chest in pleasure as both shook in their joined bliss on the bed. His hot cum burned inside her like molten lava, leaking out onto his pubes, and soaking the ripped remnants of her tights around her tormented thighs.

Head lowered, Carolyn tried to gather her climax scattered senses. Paul's cock was slowly shrinking from his supersized stiffness inside her but he remained nicely hard still. Musta been one fuck of an overdose he took...

Paul hunched himself up on his elbows and craned his head, his lips brushing away her brunette hair so he could whisper in her ear. Carolyn listened intently then eased herself off of him, letting his cum slicked cock drop out of her throbbing twat. As Paul parted his legs she sat back on the end of the bed between them, and brought her stockinged soles together on his still hard erection.

The hot wetness of Paul's veiny tight skin on the sensitive undersides of Carolyn's feet, through the slowly dampening and sticky tights, were sensual in ways she couldn't express, as their gazes met.

"Play with yourself." Paul said, and Carolyn was mesmerised by the sight of his cock being caressed and teased by her feet, that she had to do as she was told. She brought one slender hand down through her brunette muff, her fingertips finding the swollen bud of her clit, now tender from post-orgasmic pounding. They swirled over it, and Carolyn tossed her brunette hair back as the sensations surged out from the nub of her sex.

"More." Paul urged, and she buried her hand knuckle deep in herself, digging dirtily in. She returned her gaze to Paul's wonderfully wide cock, being massaged by her feet still. Almost on auto, she was jerking it off with her soles, her soul. He was on the edge again, and after just a few more intense pushes, he came in a glistening white fountain of spunk which shot in the air between them, splashing down on the sheets, and as it wavered round wildly, on her stockinged legs... hot wet drops like torrential summer rain.

Then she came too, the sight of it making her buried hand claw inside and excavate an even more powerful climax than before. Her cunt spasmed in savagely strong waves over her fingers, and shocks of feeling raged out down her thighs and up her heaving body, to crash like tsunami up into her mind, almost to the point of la petite morte, passing out from sheer untamed passion.

Some moments passed before she was able to think again, and look at the messy aftermath of their shared orgasms... the stain of his cum and her juices on the sheer dark nylon of her stockinged feet and calves.

And between her soaked soles, Paul's hard-on had finally lapsed back into a limp but socially acceptable size once more.

"Just what the doctor ordered... " He gasped, with a grin.

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