tagIncest/TabooWhat the Doctor Ordered Ch. 03

What the Doctor Ordered Ch. 03


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What the Doctor Ordered

Chapter Three

Phase Two: Oral stimulation

As I lay naked in my bed, patiently waiting for mother to give me my morning treatment, I thought about what had happened the night before: how incredible it felt when she let me slide my rock-hard cock in between her magnificent, silky soft breasts; and how her words of encouragement pushed me over the edge and made me blow my load all over her sweet, wholesome face. I couldn't wait to see what was going to happen next.

But wait I did―I waited and waited. My cock was harder than it had ever been before and was ready to explode. When my alarm clock went off at eight o'clock, I realized my mother had already left for work. She was probably running late again and didn't have the time for my treatment. I was disappointed of course, but I also completely understood the reality of her situation.

The thought of self-administering my treatment crossed my mind when I got into the shower, but like my mother, I was also now running late and needed to hustle if I was going to make it to my first class on time. So, I settled for a cold shower to try and cool my sexual desire for her. And, truth be told, I wanted my mother to be the one that made me come again, and get me off as she had done before.

In between classes, I was sitting outside on a bench, in the main square of the community college campus I attended, when I turned my phone back on. There was a message from her:

Sorry I missed your treatment, Jason. I'll make it up to you when I get home, I promise ; )



Wondering how my mother was going to make it up to me, made my cock stiffen and stretch the tight confines of my jeans. I placed my backpack over my lap to cover my embarrassing situation. The thought of it, of her, of what her words meant, haunted me and taunted me throughout the rest of my school day. Try as I might, I couldn't concentrate on anything else.

I knew it was wrong, knew how I now thought about my mother in a sexual way, was wrong, but I couldn't help it. I tried every way possible to avoid it, and avoid the intense sexual thoughts I was now feeling about her. Despite my greatest efforts, I was helpless, helpless to the fact that my incredibly sexy mom now controlled and consumed all my waking thoughts.

― ― ― ― ―

Later that afternoon, I was home, sitting at my desk in my bedroom, working on a paper for my Freshman Comp English class, when my mother entered my bedroom.

She snuck up stealthily behind me, reached around the chair and started rubbing my crotch as she seductively spoke into my ear, "Sorry, I couldn't give you your treatment this morning, sweetie; I ran out of time."

"I understand" I said. "It's okay."

My mother unbuttoned my pants, slid her hand down into my underwear, and started stroking my rapidly hardening cock. "Did you miss me? she asked. "Did you miss your Mommy? Did you miss me playing with your big hard cock?" she whispered seductively into my ear.

"Yes," I admitted, of course I did.

"Well, Mommy is home now and we have all of the time in the world to take care of your naughty needs," she said. My mother spun my chair around so that I was facing her and stripped me naked from the waist down.

I was exposed to her once again, but now I was no longer ashamed about it. I was proud to show her how much I loved her, how sexy she was, and how incredibly hard and excited she made me feel.

After closing the blinds of my bedroom window, my mother connected her phone to my bluetooth speaker, and the sound of Van Halen's Hot for Teacher filled my bedroom. She started grooving to the music, swaying her hips, gyrating her body seductively and sexually for me.

My mother always dressed professionally for work, and today was no exception―she was still wearing the business attire that she wore into the office that day. As my mother's private dance for me continued, she began slowly unbuttoning her white silk blouse, one button at a time.

When the last button of her blouse was undone, my mother teased me, flashed me, then removed her blouse and flung it onto my bed. I was wide-eyed and rock-hard as my mother continued her sexy, seductive strip tease for me.

As she continued to sway seductively to the music, she undid the front clasp of her black lace, push-up bra. The bra amplified and accentuated her beautiful, large sexy breasts. And even though I had seen her breasts before, the seductive way she was dancing made me incredibly horny and hungry to see them once again. My mother turned her back to me, smiled over her shoulder, and removed her bra, which quickly joined her blouse on my bed.

When she turned back to face me, her eyes instantly locked onto mine; her hands were trying their best to cover her large, luscious breasts and were failing wonderfully. Slowly, seductively, my mother revealed her breasts to me. She started to caress and play with them. This was the third time I had seen my mother's breasts, and each time was more exciting, titillating, and arousing than the time before.

Once again, my mother turned her back to me, bent over, undid her skirt and let it fall to floor. My eyes and mouth were wide open when I discovered she was wearing matching black lace, thong panties, which allowed me an amazing, incredible view of her beautiful, curvy round bottom.

My mother playfully spanked herself as she danced for me, then wiggled her ass in front of my face, making it jiggle like jello―like a female dancer twerking in a rap video. The sight of her big, beautiful butt, teasing me, pleasing me, was pushing me closer to the edge again.

She drizzled some of the medicine onto my cock and stroked it firmly with her hand. Then she turned her back to me, bent over, put my well-lubed cock between her ass cheeks and started to slide up and down against my hardness.

The sight of it, of her, of my horny cock sliding up and down between my mother's wonderful silky, sexy ass cheeks, was incredible. The wet, wild friction was beyond belief, more than I ever could have imagined. It soon became too much. I couldn't take it anymore. My cock exploded, spurting copious amounts of cum all over my mother's big, beautiful ass and lower back.

When it was over, when I was totally spent, she turned to me and the tone became more serious. "I'm going to talk to Dr. Ryan tomorrow and give him a progress report," my mother said to me, "so I need to know how you are do? How you are feeling? How the treatments are going? Are you still feeling any discomfort or pain?"

"No, I wasn't, but . . ."

"But what?"

"I . . . It sorta started aching again this morning," I said.

"Was it bad?" my mother asked.

"No, not really, not as bad as before," I admitted. "It feels better now, much better."

"I see. Well, I'll speak to the doctor in the morning and see what he has to say."

― ― ― ― ―

When my mother got home from work the next day, she called me into the living room and had me sit down on the sofa next to her.

Her demeanor was serious and somber. "I spoke with Dr. Ryan this morning and updated him on your condition, the treatments, and your progress."

"What did he say?" I asked.

"He was . . . well, I not going to parse words, Jason. He's a little disappointed by your recent setback," my mother said to me. "While he feels that the treatments did help to temporarily alleviate some of your symptoms, he felt that this type of treatment was . . . well, wasn't very effective in your particular case and recommended that we stop doing them."

Gulp. I was shocked. I should have kept my shut. I now had totally fucked things up in every way imaginable. "He did?" I asked. My whole life, my incredible sexual life with my lovely, loving mother had suddenly come crashing down around me, an abrupt and sudden end. I had hoped and prayed that my mother's treatments would continue on, on forever, or, at the very least, for the two weeks that Dr. Ryan had prescribed, but it was over now, everything was over now.

"Yes, how do you feel about that?" my mother asked.

I was devastated and crushed. Of course, I wanted the treatments to continue―it had become my obsession, the sole reason for my existence. "I don't know," I said trying not reveal my true feelings. "I thought the treatments were going well and were helping me."

"So did I, but Dr. Ryan apparently doesn't feel the same way," my mother said. "He thinks the treatments are not very effective and that you should have another . . . another alternative treatment."

"Alternative treatment?" I asked. "What does that mean?

"He feels that manual stimulation is not enough to cure you. He wants us to increase the intensity and take your treatments to another level: phase two."

"What's phase two?" I asked.

"Oral stimulation," my mother replied, looking away from me then looking back to gauge my reaction

I tried my best to keep a poker face. "Oral stimulation?"

"Yes, Dr. Ryan feels that more intense stimulation and pleasure is required to cure you, cure you once and for all. Are you . . . are you okay with that? With me doing that to you, with you?"

Talk about a reversal of fortune. Once again, I tried to play it cool. "Yeah, I mean I guess so, if that's what the doctor ordered. "What about you?" I asked my mom. "Are you okay with doing this?"

At first she avoided looking directly at me, instead looking down at her hands folded together in her lap, almost in a prayer gesture. "I must admit, at first I wasn't sure―I mean what the doctor ordered, what we have done . . . done so far, was beyond anything I thought, as a mother, I would ever need to do for my son," she admitted.

"But my motherly maternal instincts eventually kicked in and took over; and made want to help you and make you feel better.

"And now, well now . . . after seeing how it helped you, how I helped you, and was able to give you some relief from your pain and make you feel better, I guess . . . I guess it makes me feel happy and proud that I was able to help you and to heal you.

"Of course, I understand that what Dr. Ryan is suggesting is very unconventional and goes far beyond what we have done before, beyond what happens in a typical mother and son relationship, so I had reservations about this at first.

"But as I thought about it, about us, about how all of this has brought us closer together and helped create an incredible emotional and physical bond between us―a bond that I hope will never be broken, I realized that I do want this to continue; I desperately want it to continue. But only if you feel the same, Jason. I don't want to force this on you. I want you to want this as much I do and feel the same way I do."

"I do," I said to my mom.

Her face brightened. "Good. Why don't we get started? Take off your clothes and sit back down on the couch."

Once again, I was naked in front of her. My mother got down on her knees, between my splayed legs, and grabbed the base of my cock. She began by kissing and licking the sensitive tip of my cock. I couldn't believe this was actually happening; I couldn't believe she was actually doing this.

I was so incredibly horny, I knew I wasn't going to be able to last long. I watched her take the tip of my cock into her mouth and slowly, gently, she began to suck it while she stroked the shaft with her other hand.

It felt amazing, too amazing. As much as I wanted it to last, I knew I couldn't make it. I felt the pressure building inside of me. "I'm going to come," I announce to my mother as warning sign.

My mother kept on sucking and stroking me, and I went off, ejaculating powerfully into her warm, wonderful mouth. The orgasm was so strong my entire body began shaking. It kept going, she kept sucking me until I had nothing more left, nothing more to give her.

When it was finally over she pulled off me and smiled. "You did great, honey. I'm so proud of you," my mom said. "Do you feel better now?"

"Yes, better than I ever have," I truthfully admitted.

"Good," she said. "Oh, one other thing I forgot to mention: the Doctor wants to increase the frequency."

"Frequency?" I asked.

"Yes, he wants to increase the frequency of the treatments to three times a day, more on the weekends, if you are . . . are up to it."

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