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What the FUCK


This is my first story published on Lit. Please go to StangStar06's site on here for the ending. He wrote a great one. I welcome anyone else to write an alternate ending as well. Many of the authors I write for have been bugging me to write a story myself. Hopefully, this will shut them up and make them realize I am much better at editing as I have no imagination for writing and no skills for it either. I am much better suited to proof reading. Do not hesitate to criticize -- will help get these vultures off my damn back.


"What the FUCK," Pete screamed. He could not believe his eyes. His beloved wife of 10 years was lying in their bed with another man. "You fucking whore. How could you do this? And you are fucking a college boy? Do you have any morals, you bitch?"

Pete's flight was canceled due to bad weather in Denver where his meeting had been scheduled for the next day. It, of course, had been re-scheduled. He had thought he would surprise his wife and maybe do something special with her, since it was Halloween.

But here he was, standing in his bedroom, seeing his red haired, buxom wife in bed with what appeared to be a 20 some thing year old boy.

Howie jumped out of the bed and said, "Sir, please, these are extenuating circumstances that can never happen again. Please, listen to Ashleigh's explanation and keep an open mind. She does truly love you and only you." And with that, Howie slowly faded away.

"What the FUCK," Pete repeated. "What was that? What just happened? Did you drug me you bitch? How did he just fade away?"

"Pete, please calm down. This will take a while to explain. Will you at least calm down and listen to me? Baby, I love you so much." Ashleigh was desperate. She realized after all that had happened, that she truly loved Pete, though she had not known it until this very night. Until now, she had thought all she could ever have would be compatibility.

Pete looked at her incredulously. "I just saw a man disappear before my eyes, after I saw you fucking him. And you want me to remain calm and listen to you? Are you out of your mind or am I?

"Pete, believe it or not, there is an explanation. Please, let me get dressed and we can go downstairs and discuss this. Please, baby?

"I need a stiff drink. I will be in the den," said Pete.

Ashleigh got dressed and then went to make a pot of coffee. She knew that this tale would need them both awake and sober. She entered the den with the coffee in a thermal carafe with cups and creamer. She sat down on the leather sofa and asked Pete to join her.

"Pete, I am not sure how to begin, my love. Please know that I do love you with all my heart and soul. Especially after tonight, I know this to be true."

"Pete, you know a bit about my past. We discussed it briefly when we started dating seriously. I guess I should have told you more, but it was so painful to talk about back then. Howie was my first true love. We met in high school. We knew from the minute we first met that we were meant to be together for life. We were inseparable. We decided to save ourselves for our wedding night. In college, we did a lot of heavy petting, including oral with each other, but never that last step."

"As you know, Howie was killed in a bus crash taking the college football team to an away game. I was on the other bus with the cheerleaders, right behind the team bus. A tractor trailer, driven by a drunk, crashed across the highway and 10 members of the team were killed."

"I held Howie in my arms as he drew his last breath and listened to him speak his undying love for me. The paramedics had to pry me from his body. For the next year, I was inconsolable. My family and his were unable to get through to me. I ended up in a mental facility to help me because I lost a lot of weight and my family was afraid for me. They were afraid I was willing myself to die to be with Howie."

"With a lot of therapy, I was able to try to resume life. I went back to school and got a degree in teaching but I never dated. In fact, until I met you, I had never dated since Howie. It had been a little over 5 years since he died and no one had interested me until I met you."

"Pete, I remember that day as if it were yesterday. You spilled your McDonald's meal all over me when you slipped in the vomit of the kid who was having a birthday party with Ronald McDonald. The words you spewed were not for children's ears. But when you looked into my eyes and apologized, I saw the real you. Your eyes showed your compassion."

"And then you went to the manager and paid for the poor kid's party and made the manager promise not to tell who had paid. I knew then how sweet and wonderful a man you were."

"But, you have to know that what Howie and I had was wonderful also. We were connected on that frequency that some people never, ever, even know about. We knew we were to be together always. We knew that we would have kids, how we would raise them, what our house would be like, that we would spend our golden years together. And then we were robbed of that by a drunk driver."

"When I met you, I liked you very much. You were so sweet to the parents of that party. And you were so sweet to me, apologizing all over yourself. As we got to know each other, I gradually began to have feelings for you. I did not think that I could love anyone the way I loved Howie and I thought that I did not love you in that way. I loved you differently. The love I have for you now is a grown up love and not born of the expectations of youth."

"Let me explain how tonight came about."


My name is Ashleigh and let me explain how we got to the situation above. I do love Pete with all my heart but I had such a longing for Howie. Here is my strange story. I hope you will read it and understand why I chose to do what I did.

As you have read previously, my first love was Howie and he was killed tragically early. I met Pete over 5 years later and gradually fell for him. I never really gave my whole heart to Pete, thinking that is should have been Howie. But Pete made me happy and I was determined to be the best wife ever to Pete.

But after 10 years and no children, I wondered if I had been cursed. We had been to many baby specialists who proclaimed us both healthy and able to have kids. At this point, I doubted myself. I thought that perhaps if I could not have kids with Howie, my body had decided to never have any.

We had a good life, good jobs, and a nice home but there was some thing lacking besides no children. I truly enjoyed making love to my husband, but the thought was always there -- 'what would it have been like with my Howie'.

One day, near the beginning of October, I was in a part of town that I rarely visited. I was picking up a gift for a friend who could not get there in time. I passed a fortune teller shop and was drawn to it. It felt like if I did not go into the shop, I would expire on the spot. I entered the shop and was not impressed.

It was not what you would expect. The proprietor was not dressed in swathing gowns, there was no crystal ball, geez -- nothing like I expected. The fortune teller was dressed in jeans and a t shirt and no crystal ball in site.

Julie invited me to sit down and talk. She asked me a few questions about myself. Then she shushed me and started telling me about my life. There was no way she could have known these things. How could she know about the night at the lake when I had first sucked Howie's cock? We were the only ones there. Julie knew too much for it to be coincidence.

She knew that I had not dated for over 5 years after Howie died. She knew there was some thing missing in my marriage lately. She knew that Pete and I had no children and there was no reason why we had not conceived yet.

She got me to admit that Howie was my first love and that we had never had sex. We wanted to wait until our wedding night to make it special. We were both happy with the oral sex and petting that we gave each other. There was no religious reason, we just knew we would be together til death do us part, so felt that we should wait. Had we known that death do us part would come so soon, I am sure we would have made love prior to the accident.

Julie told me that Howie was there and that he regretted us never having sex. He was upset because he never knew what would happen and that if he did, he would not have waited. It was the only regret he had before he died. It was the reason that he could not cross over. After a few test questions, I knew Julie was not lying. Howie had to be there as no one else knew the answers. These were secrets between just the two of us.

I left the shop shaken to my very core. I truly had feelings for Pete. We had been married for 10 years and had a good, solid relationship. However, my heart and soul yearned for my Howie. And Julie had advised that she could bring us together for one night, on All Hallows Eve. That was a bombshell. Because I had locks of Howie's hair and some other things I had kept all of these years, she could make it happen.

Julie advised me that because Howie had never crossed over and I still loved him, that she could make him as a true man on Halloween for a few hours. But it would be a one time thing and only last a few hours. I was torn in two. I had deep feelings for Pete, but all these years I had yearned for my one true love that had been snatched from me by fate. Was this my chance to see what could have been?

I told her I had to think about it and would get back to her. For the next week I thought long and hard. I loved Pete, but the chance to have Howie was overwhelming. I had loved Howie since 10th grade and then he was snatched from me before we could be married and consummate our love. Our love was a pure love. A Holy love. How could I not try to see what that would be like?

I went back to the shop and begged Julie to give me just one night with Howie, no matter what the cost or what it would take. She explained that it must be done on Halloween when the realm to the spirit world is thinner. This worked for me because Pete was leaving at 10 pm on Halloween to fly to a business meeting that was set for the next day.

Julie did some incantations and gave me a talisman to take with me. I had saved some hairs from Howie and other memorabilia so she could do the spell. I was to take the talisman and on midnight of Halloween I had to perform a ritual.

Of course, when it came down to me doing it at home after Pete left for the airport, I felt like a fool and was sure I had been ripped off. I lit the candles, placed the talisman in the middle of the bed as instructed and chanted the words, "Howie, my first true love, come to me and let us consummate our love."

Julie had advised me that this was a one time thing. If I screwed it up there was never another chance. Even if we had sex and never wanted to part, that was not an option. I was flabbergasted as Howie's form started to appear in my bedroom. I was sure it was a hoax. OMG -- My long lost love, actually here in my arms. I was overwhelmed.

Howie's greeting was even more overwhelming. He could not understand how it was happening, but he knew instinctively that it was a one time chance. We lost no time. We kissed each other deeply. We explored each other's bodies like no other lovers ever have. His kisses were as sweet as I remembered. We touched and teased each other as we had in the past.

It was a bit touchy when it came to the actual act because Howie was in fact, still a virgin. I guided him and taught him what to do and how to maximize the pleasure. I was so sure it would be pure bliss. I was wrong, so very wrong. It was good, but it was not the mind blowing, over the top, sex that I had been expecting. I tempered my disappointment and concentrated on the second round, figuring that Howie's first time was due to his being a virgin and me having years of experience.

The weird part was, though I loved every minute with my Howie, at the same time, I missed Pete. They had two distinctly ways of making love. And as I finally thought of it, this was actually cheating on Pete and I began to feel tremendous guilt. I never wanted to hurt Pete in any way. I had got caught up in this and never stopped to think of the consequences.

I was explaining this to Howie when Pete burst into our bedroom. So here I am to try and explain to my bewildered husband what he just saw.

"So Pete, that is what happened. I had always wondered what sex with Howie would be like so it was hard to resist. It can never happen again. However, I realize that it was cheating. I beg your forgiveness for this because I realized that what I felt for Howie was a long gone thing. When he and I were together, as strange as it may seem, I was actually thinking of you."

"All I could think of was that this was cheating no matter what and I felt guilty. I have no clue how I can ever make this up to you. I do not want to use that old cliché that he was the love of my life so I should be forgiven, because that does not fly, even with me."

"I will leave it up to you to decide what we do after this. But Howie's spirit can not come to me or us again. And yes, you did see what you saw. That was Howie's spirit disappearing back to the spirit world."

Pete was bewildered, perplexed and down right mad as hell. This was too much information to process. His brain was on overload. For Fucks Sake. He had just watched his wife have sex with a ghost. What was he supposed to feel? What was he supposed to even think?

Did he forgive her considering the circumstances? Did he leave and label her a psycho. But he knew what he had seen with his own eyes. The asshole had been there one minute and just faded away into nothingness right in front of his eyes. He was seriously questioning his own sanity.

Pete knew that he needed time on his own to think this over.

Saga to be continued -- StangStar06 has written the ending to this one -- so please go read it.

"Ash, I need time to think this through and decide what to do. I need to leave and have some time alone. I do love you but I am not sure that I can get past this. You have to admit that it is a bit much to take."

"Pete, I do understand. But please, know that I truly love you more than life itself. I realize that now. Please come back to me and let me show you how much I love you and how great our life together can be."


I invite everyone to write an alternate ending. What do you think should happen next? I am curious to see what you all would write. Hugs to all, Happy Halloween, Kate

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Will Howie's baby be invisable? Maybe they can name it Caspar.

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by ErotFan03/10/18

"Pete. That's my story and I'm sticking to it."

Howie took one look at me and said "OMG! You're so old! And you gave up your cherry to that grandpa guy? Oh well. It's my only chance at getting laid."
Nine months later she delivered a zombie!?!?

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