tagCelebrities & Fan FictionWhat The Future Holds Ch. 05

What The Future Holds Ch. 05


The weather in Hawaii was beautiful. The sky was clear, blue and sunny. 'This was going to be the perfect weekend. I know it will. Buffy won't even suspect anything' Angle told himself. He had this weekend planned from the very beginning. His concern was that he didn’t think he'd go through with it. It's not that he didn't, but Buffy was sick. He was always concerned for her. He never wanted her well being to be in the way. So hopefully things will be better this weekend. She seemed to be feeling much better. I promise to make Buffy the happiest woman in the world.

Buffy turned around and noticed that Angel had a huge grin on his face. ' What was he up to now. Whenever his face was like that he had something conjured up.'

"What are you smiling about, Angel?"

"What I can't be happy? I'm in love and have the woman of my dreams here with me." Her heart melted at his words.

She looked him straight in the eye and said, "I know you Angel Patrick Reilly. You're up to something. I'm going to find out."

"No your not." He lowered his head and captured her lips and kissed her before she protested his answer. She deepened the kiss and placed her hands on his cheeks. He released her and they were both breathless.

"Was I going to say something?" Her lips were swollen and red from the kiss.

'I've got to make Buffy leave the hotel while I plan the arrangements for this weekend.'

"Buffy, honey why don't you go out shopping? You can go out with Josephine Cartwright. You and her seemed to get along so well."

"Okay, I'll give her a call. I just hope I'm not interrupting her honeymoon. I'm going to find what your hiding." She was very suspicious of him. He just smiled at her comment.

Angel spoke to Josephine earlier and mentioned that he had a surprise in store for Buffy. Josephine liked Angel's surprise and agreed to take Buffy out. Angel got up and headed towards the bathroom. He turned around and said, "You're not coming?"

Buffy stared at him and wondered, 'Should I find out what he has planned or just take a shower with him.' She got up and joined him. They both took a quick shower and stepped out. Buffy wore a white t-shirt, beige capri shorts and sock with sneakers. He hair was wrapped up in a bun. Angel on the other hand wore a blue buttoned down t-shirt and cargo shorts with socks and sneakers. He looked over at her and couldn't help but stare at her. The capri shorts just accentuated the curves of her body. He was so close into changing his mind and wanted to grab Buffy and make love to her. 'Self-control. You can do this Angel,' he told himself.

Buffy looked over to where Angel and couldn't help but stare as well. 'Does he always have to look good in everything he wears. He sure had no idea that my self-control of jumping him this instance is slim to none,' she told herself.

Angel decided to break the ice and said, "Do you want anything for breakfast? Or do you plan to eat with Josephine?"

"Well after what had happened yesterday I'm afraid to eat anything. So what do you suggest I have?" she asked him.

He walked over to her, wrapped his arms around her waist, and said, "Tea? Why don't you have some toast with butter and orange juice?"

"Okay. Then afterwards I'll call Josephine."

Angel wasn't planning on eating anything so he called her order in. He had a busy day ahead of him. Buffy's food arrived and she ate. She called Josephine and everything was set. The door rang fifteen minutes later and Josephine had arrived.

"Hi. Josephine. How are you?"

"I'm fine, Buffy. So are you ready to go?" Josephine asked.

"Yeah. Just let me grab my purse and I'll be with you in a minute." Buffy walked over and grabbed her purse was headed out the door. Angel quickly grabbed her arm and said, "Aren't you going to kiss me goodbye?" he asked her.

"I'm still mad at you. You've planned something and you don't want me in your way," she said looking up at him innocently.

"Excuse us. Josephine could you give us a minute. Buffy will be right out." Josephine left and Angel turned his attention back to his wife.

"Buffy, if I could I'd tell you. Trust me. You'll like this." He bent his head down and kissed her. Buffy placed her fingers through his short brown hair and pulled him down to deepen the kiss further. Angel's hands started to roam all over her back. He let go of her before things got heated up.

"Josephine's waiting."

"Huh? Oh, yeah. I'm still mad at you."

"Buffy just go out and have a good time. I'll see you later." He gave her one last quick kiss and she left.

"Thank God. Now I can get started on the plans that I arranged for this weekend," Angel said out loud. He went over to his suitcase quickly grabbed his credit card and headed out the door. As he hailed for a cab he figured he needed to buy food, a radio with a CD player and roses. While Angel was on his journey Buffy was with Josephine shopping.

"So Josephine, what had my husband told you he was planning?"

Buffy was prying some kind of information out of her.

Josephine knew in the back of her mind that she couldn't answer Buffy truthfully so she said the next best thing she lied. "Nothing. He called my suite and told me you were ill. So I thought I'd go shopping with you to cheer you up."

"That's so sweet of you." Buffy said with a smile. Even though in the back of her mind she couldn't believe the bullshit that Josephine pulled on her.

They both continued they're shopping. Meanwhile Angel was shopping for Buffy's favorite foods, which were mostly junk food. So he got her chocolate, potato chips, candy, and ice cream and got other healthy foods as well. He went to The Wiz and bought the radio and batteries. Then he made two more pit stops, which where he bought a blue silk scarf and roses with candles and incense.

Angel quickly went to the beach house and placed all the groceries away. He set up a picnic basket with a thermos and a blanket with the radio and a rose. He placed everything on the beach. As he looked at his watch he realized Buffy would be back any minute. Angel quickly returned and changed his clothes. He wore the same shorts, but changed his top. As he stepped out Buffy had entered the suite.

"Hi! Honey, I'm home." Buffy had always wanted to say that.

"Hey. I'm glad that your back. Did you have fun shopping with Josephine?" he asked her as he approached her and gave her a kiss.

"Yeah, I had fun, but I missed you."

"I missed you, too."

"Angel, honey, what are we going to do for the rest of the day?" Buffy asked out of curiosity.

"Here why don't you change in the bathroom? I left you some clothes for you to wear. When you come out I'll tell you."

Buffy headed towards the bathroom and changed. She stepped out in a buttoned long sleeved shirt and her capri shorts.

"I'm read. So where are you taking me?” she demanded.

"Patience, my dear. In due time you shall know," he said with a smirk across his face. He knew she was getting aggravated, but things would change later on. Angel approached Buffy with a blindfold.

"Do you trust me, Buffy?"

"Of course, I do. So what's with the blindfold?"

"I have a surprise for you. So close your eyes."

She did as she was told. Angel placed the blindfold on her. He held Buffy and guided her out on the balcony to the beach. Buffy smelled the ocean breeze and the sand in her sneakers. Finally she realized that she was climbing up some steps. Angel released her to open a door.

"Surprise Buffy." He untied the blindfold and she opened her eyes and saw this beautiful beach house. The beach house was a light beige with a hint of blue. The windows up front had a nice view of the beach and the sun could shine right through it. There was master bedroom and two smaller rooms with two bathrooms. The living room was towards the back with the kitchen as well. In the back of the house was a jacuzzi made for two.

She turned around and faced him and said, "You did this for me?" she said with a smile across her face.

"Yeah, I did. It's ours for the weekend." He gave her a bouquet of roses.

She grabbed the roses from Angel, smelled them, and said,

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" Buffy then jumped in to his arms and kissed him.

"I guess you like."

"I like a lot." Buffy started kissing Angel again. She missed being near him like that. They didn't make love the other day, but now she was ready for him. Angel's fingers went through her silky blonde hair. He deepened the kiss by placing his tongue in her mouth. Buffy felt her whole entire body feeling hot. She wanted Angel *now*. Buffy's hands left his neck and went trailing down for the waistband of his shorts. Angel stiffened by Buffy's touch.

"Buffy, we should stop." Angel said in between breaths.

"Don't you want me?" she asked with her lower lip pouting at him.

"Of course I want you, Buffy. I'd take you right here, right now, but I've got something special planned for us."

"Fine. I'll go," she grumbled. They left and went to the beach. As they arrived Buffy noticed a basket, a radio, a bag and a blanket.

"I thought we'd have a picnic and spend the day on the beach."

"Awe that's so sweet of you," Buffy said and kissed him.

"Why don't we change and go for a swim?"

Buffy took off her clothes and revealed her coconut bra with a brown bikini bottom. Angel on the hand revealed his black speedos. Buffy turned around to look at him and gasped. She couldn't believe how good he looked in his speedos. His chest accentuated his broad shoulders. She went down and looked at his well-toned legs. Angel looked over at Buffy and amazed by her beauty. Every time he laid eyes on her it seemed like he was looking at her for the first time. Her arms were sculpted, her legs seemed like there was no beginning or ending and her chest was just right.

"Buffy. Buffy!" he called out her name.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I was just distracted by looking at you. I think we should cover you up. All the ladies are staring at you." Buffy rushed over to grab a blanket. Angel quickly grabbed her by the waist.

"I don't care about them. All I care is the woman that's right in front of me. Come on let's go into the water." Angel grabbed a hold of Buffy and led her to the water.

As they stepped into the water it felt warm on their bodies. The water looked even prettier today then it did when they to the beach a couple of days. The sand appeared to look almost crystal while underneath the turquoise water. The color caused a refracting appearance. Angel took a hold of Buffy and placed his arms around her waist.

"You know I love you, right?" he looked at her intently with his brown eyes.

"Of course I know that my, Angel. I love you, too," she gently placed her lips on his and kissed him. Angel pulled Buffy closer to him not leaving any space in between them. Buffy felt his arousal on her body. She then released the kiss.

"That was very..."

"Interesting." Angel answered for her. They continued playing in the water. They stepped out, dried themselves off, and Angel laid a blanket out for them. He lied down and Buffy laid her head on his chest. His arm wrapped around her shoulder. Buffy's left arm wrapped around possessively around his waist.

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