tagCelebrities & Fan FictionWhat The Future Holds Ch. 06

What The Future Holds Ch. 06


After a few hours the sun started to set. Buffy stirred up and looked up at her Angel. She started planting wet kisses on his chest, trailed up to his jaw, and finally his lips. Angel felt the kiss and placed his hands on her back and then smiled.

"Hey," he said.

"Hey yourself."

The scenery of the sunset was magnificent. The yellow of the sun turned into orange and pink all over the horizon. The water in the ocean was turning into navy blue from the turquoise it originally was Angel set the CD in the player. He took a hold of Buffy and stood up.

"Let's dance." The Hawaiian skies were bright and clear. The blue sky was so clear that you could see the stars before you. It was the perfect night to make love with someone you care about.

I have a smile
Stretch from ear to ear
I see you walking down the road
I meet at the lights
I stare for a while
The world around us disappears
It's just you and me on my island of hope
A breath between us could be miles
Let me surround you
I see to your shore
Let me the clam you see
Oh ad every time I'm close to you
There's too much I can't say
And you just walk away

Buffy was placed right in front of him. Her back was flushed against his chest. Angel wrapped his arms around her waist and placed his head on top of hers. As they swayed to the music it set the romantic mood.

And I forgot
To tell you
I love you
And now it's too long
And cold here without you
I grieve in me condition
For I cannot find the words to say I need you so

Angel moved his hands from her waist and trailed his fingertips up her arms, her shoulder, and then to her neck. He proceeded by untying the straps of her bra top. He then lowered his fingers and did the other on her back. Her top fell onto the sand,

Oh and every time I'm close to you
There's too much I can't say
And you just walk away

Buffy was startled by this and turned around facing him. Her arms covered her breasts.

"Angel, what are you doing? Were on a beach with people around."

He placed his finger on her lips to silence them and said, "Hush Buffy. Look around you were the only ones around and it's night anyways." He had this wicked grin spread across his face.

"But what if..."

"No buts. Just turn around and let me continue what I started."

And I forgot
To tell you
I love you
And now it's too long
And cold here without you
I grieve in my condition
For I cannot find the words to say I need you so

Buffy did as told. Angel continued by kissing the nape of her neck and went on to the hollow part of her shoulder. While he was kissing her his strong hands gently trailed up and cupped her breasts and kneaded them between his fingers. Buffy whimpered by his touch. Angel went back to her neck and nibbled at her earlobe. Buffy turned her head facing Angel and kissed him. He continued his ministrations on her. Buffy felt this rush of adrenaline go through her body. She pushed her breasts hard against his hands.

"Angel, I want you inside me now," she said after she released Angel's lips.

"Patience my love. In due time." Even though it was killing him as well. Angel left her side to get the chocolate. He dipped some on his finger and traced the outline of her lips. She took a hold of his finger and sucked the chocolate off. Her tongue continued to lick Angel's finger ad then slightly grazed her teeth on it. Angel went back to get more chocolate and continued his actions for a couple of more minutes.

He continued by leaving kisses trailing her back down to her waist. He then kneeled down and placed his fingers in her bikini bottom and slid them off. He placed a kiss on her firm behind then turned around and facing her. His eyes looked up at her intently. His hands gently trailed up her calves, up her thighs then kissed her stomach and stood up. He faced her and placed his fingers through her hair and bent down and kissed her. Buffy leaned in closer with her breasts flushed against his chest. Her hands went to the nape of his neck, then roamed all over his muscular back and finally reached the waistband of his speedos. She pulled them down and kneeled before him. Her hazel eyes looked up at him that held such innocence in them. She took a hold of him and kissed it right at the tip of the head. Angel couldn't help but moan by Buffy's touch. She stood up and was flushed against him. Angel felt his erection on her stomach. He couldn't hold his balance any longer so they both fell onto the blanket.

"Are you alright?" he asked with concern.

"Yeah, I'm fine really."

Angel continued his foreplay. He kissed her then placed his tongue in her mouth. Their tongues swirled around one another. Buffy grazed her teeth on his tongue. Angel moaned into her mouth. Her fingers grasped his hair. He released her lips and nibbled her lower lip, her chin, and her neck. He placed wet open kisses down her breastbone, then found her right nipple and licked at it teasingly. He grabbed her breasts and started to suckle with gentle strokes. His other massaged the neglected breast.

"Oh, Angel." Buffy said in between moans.

Angel then continued on the other breast and did the same. Buffy continued moaning by Angel's touch. He moved his head down ad continued kissing and licked her navel. Buffy couldn't help but giggle by his touch. He then tilted his head up and looked up at her. She had such lust and this feeling of contentment on her face. Angel went further and reached the hairs of her body. Buffy wanted to be felt there so badly, but Angel ignored Buffy's needs. He blew slightly at the spot then kissed her inner thigh. He went over the other side and did the same. She moaned his name again. His head was now in between the confine of her legs, but placed his thumb and forefinger and gently rubbed her clit. Buffy felt her first orgasm about to come. He then placed another finger in her and started to go in and out of her.

"Yes! Angel! Go faster!"

Angel placed his third finger inside her and did was he was told. Buffy reached her orgasm.

"Oh, Angel. Don't torture me. I need you inside me now." Buffy said through erratic breathing.

Angel wasn't going to give in yet. He took the rose that was beside him and gently swayed the rose up Buffy's down her breasts, then down her stomach and lightly to the confines of her lower body. Buffy felt the rose on her body and shivered by its touch on her body. He set the rose aside and looked up at Buffy once again and proceeded to devour her. He parted her legs wider fingers intact and he gently began to suckle her clit. Buffy's body was shivered by Angel's touch. This jolt of electricity surged throughout her body. Angel proceeded by probing his tongue on her clit.

She kept on moaning and reached another orgasm after orgasm. Angel lifted his head up and moved on top of her body. He gently adjusted himself inside of her. Buffy stretched her legs a bit wider so Angel could be fully inside of her. He went in and out of her with gentle thrusts. Her hips moved rhythmically with Angel's advances. Their legs were entwined with one another.

"Oh! Angel," she said with shortness of breath. She knew that at any minute she was going to reach another orgasm. Angel felt his as well. Then they both let out a moan. Angel slid out of Buffy and lay down next to her. Buffy turned around and kissed his left nipple.

"That was amazing. No, I'd say..." Buffy was a lost for words.

Angel kissed the top of her head and said, "Why don't you just rest my, love. We'll make another like it tomorrow." Angel covered Buffy and himself and slept.

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