tagCelebrities & Fan FictionWhat The Future Holds Ch. 07

What The Future Holds Ch. 07


Author's Note: This is an AU fic, so the characters aren't what they usually are in the TV show.

In the middle of the night Buffy's stomach grumbled. She was hungry. Angel felt and heard Buffy stirred as well as her stomach.

"Hungry, honey?"

"Not really. I was thinking of a different kind of hunger," she said with a glint in her eyes.

"Na uh. I heard that stomach of yours. Besides after that exercise there I really need to eat."

"You're such a party pooper, Angel." He ignored her comment.

Angel stood up and went inside the basket and found the night-lights. He placed the lights around him and Buffy and turned them on. The shine of the lights made it seemed like they were both on their own little island. The sky was dark, but yet it was clear enough to the see the stars out. If you looked up you could see the constellations before you.

Buffy decided to join him. Angel took out the sandwiches, which he prepared earlier. The sandwiches were ham and Swiss cheese with mayonnaise on Wonder Bread. For drinks they had Coke. Buffy was so hungry that she devoured the sandwiches before her. She didn't realize how hungry she was.


Afterwards they lay down again. Dawn was approaching so Angel quickly got dressed. He woke Buffy up and grabbed her shirt and put it on. Meanwhile Angel finished packing up the rest of the things. They made the short walk to the house. He dropped his bags on the floor, then grabbed Buffy by the waist and led her into the bedroom.


At noon Buffy stretched her petite form. She looked over at Angel and noticed that he was in a deep sleep. 'Good,' she thought. As quietly as possible she crawled out and made her way to the end of the bed. She lifted the sheet and crawled under. Her hands were placed on his calves and gently stroked up his thighs. The look in her eyes was nothing but pure lust. Angel stirred and continued sleeping. Buffy proceeded moving further onto Angel and started to lick his sac. Angel started to moan. He felt that his dream was getting a too real. After a minutes Buffy moved up and started to lick his member. She reached the tip, kissed it and gently bit the top. Then she proceeded by opening her mouth and engulfed him. Her head moved up ad down in a rhythmic motion.

Angel moaned, "Oh, Buffy." Finally Angel woke up and noticed that Buffy was really on him, He thought it was a dream. Boy was he wrong. He pulled the cover off and looked at Buffy continuing what she had started.

She looked up at him with piercing eyes and said, "Your up. I thought I find a new way to wake you up."

Angel just chuckled at her comment. The way she eyed him showed that she was the predator and he was her prey. She continued, but stopped before Angel came. She then laid kisses on his from left to right. As Buffy reached his navel she licked it. That sensation caused Angel to laugh. Buffy kissed his abs, traveling further up with her breasts grazing over his chest, then stuck her tongue out and began licking his right nipple. The friction between their bodies was getting Angel totally aroused. Buffy continued her ministrations on Angel, sucking his nipple and did the same to the other. As she went up kissing his chest, started to suck on his neck, then lightly nipped his jaw. While she did all those she said huskily, "Angel, honey do you want me?"

"Uh huh," was all he could have said.

Buffy went on and pulled his lower lip and grazed her teeth then suckled it gently. She then placed her lips on top of his and kissed him. His hands found her back and pulled her closer. Then her tongue parted his lips and slid into his mouth. Their tongues intertwined with one another. Angel took advantage and flipped her over so he'd be on top.

"You've been a bad girl, Buffy,” he said with their lips nearly inches apart.

"Why me? What did I do?" she said in an innocent voice.

"You woke me up. Now I've to teach you lesson."

"What kind of lesson?"

"You know," he said very seductively. Angel placed a kiss on her lips. His mouth left hers and trailed down to her shoulder blade, then lightly kissed across her breastbone and started the other side of her shoulder and did the same. He lifted his head and kissed her again then gently placed himself inside of her. As Angel went in and out of her body her vaginal walls stretched to accommodate his length inside her. Buffy felt all different kinds of impulses surged throughout her entire body.

"Oh, Angel more," she said out loud. He complied and placed his head on her right breast and licked the tip of it. His tongue knew exactly what it was doing. Licking her nipple was one of the pleasures he loved he loved giving Buffy. He proceeded by engulfing her breast into his mouth and nibbled at her nipple. He massaged the other with his fingertips. Afterwards he left her breast and did the same with the other. Buffy placed her fingers through his short, spiky brown hair. She pulled his head up and kissed him. Her hands roamed all over his muscular back.

"Oh, I think I'm gonna come. Harder Angel I can feel it." She finally reached her climax and short while after he climaxed as well. He gently moved off her and lay next to her.

"So, Buffy have you learned your lesson?" he looked at her.

"I think so. Although later on today I might need to be taught another lesson again."

"I better not say anything. I think we both need a nap."


Later that evening Angel was preparing dinner while Buffy decided to take a shower. He figured a nice dinner and dessert was in order. He made white rice, chicken and steamed broccoli. For dessert he figured that since he bought so much junk food for Buffy he might as well use it. Angel set the table for two placing two plates and two glasses of water with vanilla scented candles as a centerpiece. Then he went inside the bedroom to quickly get dressed. Buffy stepped out already dressed in a pink slip dress with her hair down and heels. She smelled the aroma of the food and candles when she reached the kitchen. She was surprised at the sight before her. Angel stood with a smile on his face. He was dressed in a white shirt and black slacks.

"Good evening, my love," He went over and grabbed her left hand and gently kissed the back of it. Then he guided her to her chair and pulled it back. Buffy always loved how Angel was the perfect gentleman and treated her like a queen. As she and Angel sat down they ate their meal peacefully. Once in a while they would both looked up at each other.

"Angel, honey this is so delicious. You truly are a master chef."

"Thank you."

Buffy just couldn't believe how tasty everything was to her. The ingredients in the chicken from the garlic to the salt savored all her senses. As for the broccoli she just loved how it tasted along her tongue with the butter and salt on it. When they finished ate Buffy asked,

"Thank you for the dinner. So what's dessert?"

"Well I know you're a fanatic of junk food so I have some chips, candy and ice cream."

"Hmm. You sure have everything I really like."

Angel went back to the kitchen and came back with a bowl of chips and candy. Buffy sat on the couch with her lags underneath her. She cuddled next Angel and popped a chip in her mouth. She kept on eating and started to feed Angel. Buffy put the bowl aside and reached for some candy.

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