tagCelebrities & Fan FictionWhat The Future Holds Ch. 16

What The Future Holds Ch. 16



The next day Buffy and Angel were wrapped in each other's arms rested with such contentment. Both of them had missed each other for the past two weeks. Every time they would have seen one another words were barley spoken. Angel looked down on Buffy and noticed a smile on her face. He kissed her head and said, "I love you. Never forget that." Buffy fluttered her eyelids open.

"Good Morning," she said sounding all cheery.

"Good Morning, Buffy. I guess someone had a good night's rest," he said with a smile.

"Yep, the best ever. I missed having my Angel with me. I dreamt about you coming into bedroom in the middle of the night and we made love."

"Really? You wanna make this dream come true," he said with his trademark half smile.

Buffy just nodded her head. Angel proceeded by kissing softly. Kissing Buffy was always something he had always cherished. Her lips were soft, tender and delicate. As his lips cascaded down, nipped her jaw, continued down her neck and nibbled at the sensitive part of her neck. She moaned at his touch. Just when Angel was about to travel further down the doorbell rang.

Bringgg... Bringgg...

"Ugh. Why is this always happening to us? Are we jinxed or something."

"Just ignore it. Maybe whoever it is will probably leave. I want you Angel." Her voice was full of lust. The bell kept on ringing. Angel tried, but couldn't ignore it forever.

"Let me go check and see who it is." He got off Buffy, grabbed his boxers, slipped them on and headed downstairs. Buffy was just staring at him. 'I was this close to having Angel making love to me.'

"I hope whoever this is will know I'm not going to be thrilled." He opened the door and saw the faces of two young girls. They were his students. He was slightly embarrassed due to the lack of clothing.

"Good Afternoon, Mr. Reilly," Jo said looking at her teacher that was half naked. 'He sure does have great body.'

"Good Afternoon Jo, Michelle."

"Mr. Reilly we're both sorry to have interrupted you. We'll leave now," Michelle said shyly and turned a deep shade of red.

"No, don't go. Come on in. I totally forgot..."

Before Angel could finish his statement Buffy appeared and said,

"Angel, honey who's at the door?"

"It's Jo and Michelle. You know my students."

She came in down the stairs dressed in his shirt. "Come on in girls. Have a seat." Both girls entered the house and sat down.

"Nice place you got here," both ladies said.

"Thank you. So what brings you here?" Buffy asked.

Both girls wondered how they were going to answer this question. Jo looked at Michelle. Michelle gave Jo a face that said, 'Well come on your the clever one think of an excuse.'

Angel interrupted everyone's thoughts. "I invited the girls. Would you excuse me? I'm going to change." He headed up the stairs so he could look more presentable. As he came back down he heard the ladies laughing.

"So what you laughing about?"

All three ladies looked at each other and said, "Nothing."

"Why do I have the feeling that you were talking about me?"

Buffy approached him. "Angel, forget about it." She then gave him a quick kiss.

"I'm going to get dressed. It was nice seeing you girls," she said and headed upstairs.

The girls waved back. When Angel knew Buffy was nowhere in sight he said, "Okay. I'm sorry about what happened. As you can see we've made up."

"Oh yeah. I can see that," Jo said and nudged Michelle. Michelle turned a deep shade of red.

Angel glared at her. "As I was saying things are back to normal, but I'd like you two to still take Buffy out shopping."

"But Mr. Reilly won't your wife be suspicious." Jo asked.

"Don't worry. I'll take care of it."

"Take of what, Angel?" Buffy said as she approached them.

"Buffy. Honey, sweetie I was wondering if you'd like to go out shopping with the girls. My treat," he said looking at her lovingly.

"Sure. I'll call the girls and see if they're free."

"Good. Do whatever you like," he said as though he was rushing Buffy out of the house.

"Angel Patrick Reilly you are up something. You are so adamant about getting rid of me," Buffy said pointing her finger at his chest.

"Why me? Can't a husband show how much he loves his wife? Okay you've caught me. I've been having secret rendezvous' with Xander," Angel said with sarcasm.

As so as Buffy heard his comment she hit his arm.

"Oww. That hurt." He made believe he was hurt.

"See girls he's showing you a bad example of how a husband shouldn't act. Men should never underestimate the intelligence of women."

While she had said her statement Angel smiled and mouthed,

'Yeah, right." Both girls laughed.

"What's so funny?" Buffy asked.

"Nothing," they both said.

Buffy was suspicious and figured Angel did something. She headed into the kitchen and called her friends.

"That was cruel, Mr. Reilly," Jo said.

"Ah, but you both laughed. So it wasn't that cruel after all. So is everything for tonight?"

"Yes. My mother has made arrangements. The music is set. You just have to show your pretty self."

"Thank you girls. So have a great time. Since finals are over and both of you passed here's a token of my appreciation."

"Thanks," they both said. Both girls were surprised when he handed them money.

Buffy returned and said, "The girls are meeting us at the mall. Bye, don't do anything I wouldn't do." She placed a kiss on his lips.

"You know me."

Buffy left with the girls and headed towards the mall. As they arrived at the mall Jo whispered to Michelle, "Did you notice the body on Mr. Reilly?"

"Please Jo. I don't want to have any visuals about my teacher." Michelle blushed at the thought. 'Though Jo has a point. He does have a good body.'


Meanwhile Angel was glad to have the home to him for a couple of hours. Since he and Buffy were on speaking terms dinner would go smoothly. Part of himself went back to the events of last night with Ryan. He couldn't believe that the guy was such an asshole. 'Oh well that lasted a whole minute.' He went upstairs and took shower, got ready and headed over to his parents house.


At the mall the women were conversing with one another. Buffy was in deep thought. She wondered why Angel had insisted for his students to come along. It was weird.

"So Jo, Michelle, what was the real reason why Angel wanted you two to come along?"

Both girls stared at each other and wondered who was going to speak up. Since Jo knew Michelle wasn't going to say anything she decided to speak up.

"He thought you'd be in need of cheering up. He said you had a terrible week," Jo said even though it wasn't the whole truth it wasn't a lie either. 'I hope to God she takes this lie.'

"Oh. That would make sense," Buffy answered. Even though a part of her had doubts about Jo's answer.

"So how's Andrew?" Buffy asked Kristen.

"He's doing fine. I'm glad that I have him in my life. I was so glad to get rid of that jerk Kevin Matthews."


Angel didn't stay long at his parent's house. He knew Buffy would be back soon. Angel went upstairs and took a shower and got dressed. He was dressed in a burgundy shirt with a black tie. He also wore his black slacks and shoes with a blazer. He fixed his hair applying them in his usual spikes. He left a note for Buffy and headed inside the family room.

Buffy arrived home from shopping. It was 6:00 pm. She called out, "Angel." No response. 'That's strange. Maybe he's still out," she thought. She headed upstairs and dropped her bags near by the closet. She noticed a rose and a note. As she smelled the rose she read the note.





"I knew it. He has something special planned. I better get ready." Buffy headed in and took a quick shower.

She stepped out, dried off and got dressed. Buffy had red dress, with spaghetti straps, that reached mid calf and had a right slit reaching her mid thigh. Her back was fully exposed. Her hair was done in curls and was held with a little red rhinestone clip. She had red heels and a black shawl. Buffy checked herself last time inn the mirror, her makeup was in place; placed some vanilla perfume on the inner sides of her wrist and a dab on the back of her knees and headed downstairs. As she went down the stairs she smelled Angel's cologne and spotted him at the bottom of the stairs.

"Buffy you look..." He was speechless because of the sight before him.

"Beautiful," Buffy answered for him. She looked him over and noticed that he definitely looked really good in his clothes. Actually she was thinking of Angel with no clothes on. But that would have to be for later.

"Ready? I have a special evening planned for us. Your chariot awaits," he said and held out his hand.

"Why thank you kind sir." She took his hand and they went out the door.

As Angel drove to their destination once in a while he'd look over at Buffy and smile at her. Buffy moved so she could be closer to him. Her head rested on his arm. She took her right hand and stroking his thigh.

Angel felt her hand moving through the sheer material of his pants.

"Hmm. Buffy you better stops doing that." Even though he wanted her to continue. Her touch was getting him aroused.

"Not until you tell me where we're going," she demanded. Her hand was wandering around. Angel knew that if Buffy touched him there he wouldn't be able to contain himself.

Angel swatted her hand. "No. I'm not. Now stop it."

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