tagCelebrities & Fan FictionWhat The Future Holds Ch. 17

What The Future Holds Ch. 17



They arrived at L'Amour Eternel. Angel parked the car and then went over to open the door for Buffy. When they entered Angel, told the matre'd that he made reservations for two under Reilly. He brought them over to their table. A votive candle lit and was placed on the table. The walls of the restaurant were adorned with paintings that represented the culture of the Haitian life. Some showed houses made of hay and some were people selling food in the street.

A waitress came over. From a distance he thought he recognized the young woman. He did. 'What's she'd doing here?'

"Hi. My name's Joanne and I'll be taking your order this evening."

"Jo, what are you doing here? I mean I know, but why?" Angel asked.

"Well duh. I work here. Sometimes when I need money I work for my parents. By the way you both look lovely this evening."

"Thank you," they both said.

"So would you like me to take your order now or shall I came back in ten minutes?" Jo asked.

"Actually, Jo I was wondering if you could suggest something. You know since this is your parent's restaurant," Angel said with a smile.

"Well since you're one of my favorite teachers I'll do it. I suggest you have rice with red beans, chicken wings in sauce and a bowl of salad. I can't think of anything else food wise. As for dessert I have my own cheesecake or chocolate cake. I'm really not helping am I?"

Angel chuckled. He couldn't help it.

"I'll have what you said. As for dessert we'll try your cheesecake. To drink we'll have two waters."

"Okay. I'll be back in about twenty minutes." Jo left the two lovebirds staring at each other.

"So you knew where we'd be going. That's why you had the girls take me out."

"Okay you caught me. I had planned this before we made up. I was going to tell you sorry I was." He then reached out his hand and took a hold of hers.

"You know you shouldn't be sorry. Ryan making a pass wasn't called for. I guess what hurt me the was when..." Buffy couldn't continue talking and started to cry.

"Honey, don't cry. I shouldn't have mentioned it. If you feel like you can't talk about it it's okay." He gently wiped the tears off her face.

"No. It's okay. Well you remember my dream?"

He nodded. She continued. "Before you came in he started kissing me, then his hand traveled up my thigh and then my breast. I realized it wasn't you when he kissed me. I felt violated. No man has touched me that way intimately except for you. He was going to cover my mouth. I told him that you'd believe me. He said you wouldn't. His eyes just scared me. I know I still have my slayer powers, but my first reaction was to call out your name."

Angel just couldn't believe how disgusted he felt about Ryan Johnson. He wanted to rip his throat out. No one should treat a woman like that especially his Buffy.

"I didn't know how much damage and pain he caused on you. That's why I didn't want us to make love last might."

"No. You see that's where you're wrong. I wanted to make love to you because I needed that feeling of love, safety and most of all you being by my side."

Jo arrived with their food. She noticed that Buffy was crying. 'What happened? I thought they made up?'

"Mrs. Reilly, are you okay? I noticed that you were crying. Did he say something to you?" Jo looked over at Angel.

"No, Jo he didn't. Actually he made me feel much better. Thanks for concern."

Before Jo left she said, "When you're ready I'll be back with dessert."

"Jo, could I speak to you for a moment?"

"Sure, but don't you want to eat first."

"Yeah, I do. But this won't take long. I'll be right back Buffy."

While they left Buffy was so hungry that she started eating. She couldn't believe how the food tasted on her tongue. Buffy's taste buds just went into overdrive. The taste of the spices was exquisite. You could savor the spices rolling off your tongue.

"So did you find the song for me, Jo?" Angel asked.

"Sure I did. I was going to play the music after you had your dessert. Here are the words to "That's Love." Unless you want it played after you eat."

He looked at her. "No. No. Thank you very much." He then gave her a hug and kissed on the cheek. This surprised her. She looked down.

"Why the sad face Jo?" He looked at her and noticed that something was troubling her. He placed his hand under his chin to lift up her face.

"It's nothing. Your dinner's getting cold." Her face didn't change from before.

"Jo if you ever need to talk to someone you know where you can find me, right?"


Buffy noticed the whole scene. She wondered why the secrecy and why Jo looked sad. Angel came back and ate his food. It was quite delicious. He had never eaten anything like this before. He thought this was definitely better than his own cooking.

"Honey is Jo alright? She seemed a bit sad."

"I don't know. One minute she was happy and then the next she's sad. She said it was nothing, but I have the feeling she's hiding something.

"Oh." Buffy thought maybe it had to do with Kyle.

They both finished eating and then came dessert. Each plate had a slice of cheesecake with a strawberry cut in half, covered in powdered sugar on top with hot fudge around the plate.

"Oh look Angel there's a strawberry and hot fudge. You remember?" she said with this innocent look.

"Yeah, I do. It seems like yesterday."

They fed each other dessert. When their dessert was almost over Angel purposely left some fudge on her lips.

"Sorry about that."

"It's okay," Just when she was about to wipe her lips Angel stopped her.

"Let me." He kissed her lips and nibbled on her lower lip. He broke the kiss.

"That's much better don't you think." Angel heard the song.

"Let's dance."

C'est l'amour quifait qu'om aime
(That's love that makes us love)
C'est l'amour qui fait rever
(That's love that makes us dream)
C'est l'amour qui veut qu'on s'aime
(That's love that wants us to be in love)
C'est l'amour qui fait pleurer...
(That's love that makes us cry)

Both of them went to the dance floor. He placed his arms around her waist. She placed her hands around his neck and laid her head in his chest. They both swayed to the French music. Of course both of them didn't understand what it meant, but the words seemed romantic.

Mais tous ceux qui croient qu'ils s'aiment
(But those of us who think they are in love)
Ceux qui font semblant d'aimer
(Those who make believe they fall in love)
Oui, tous ceux qui croient qu'ils s'aiment
(Yes, those who believe they are in love)
Ne pouront jamais pleurer
(Will never cry)

Dans l'amour, il faut des larmes
(Love, must have tears)
Dans l'amour, il faut donner
(In love, you have to give)

Buffy lifted her head and looked at Angel and said, "Honey the song's nice, but what's she saying?"

"Actually she's saying..." He whispered in her ear.

"You know French? I didn't know that."

Angel chuckled. "No, I don't. Jo's the one that picked the song and translated it for me."

Est ceux qui n'ont pas de larmes
(And those who don't have tears)
Ne pourrons jamais aimer...
(Will never be in love)
Il faut tant, et tant de larmes
(You need lots and lots of tears)
Pour avoir le droit d'aimer...
(To have the right to love)

Mon amour, oh toi que j'aime
(My love, you that I love)
Tu me fais souvent pleurer
(You make me often cry)

"Awe that's so sweet. Now I understand the secrecy. I thought you were interested in her. I know how much young women."

Angel chuckled. "No, I'm not interested in her. Besides you're the only younger woman that I'm attracted to."

"Good answer."

J'ai donne, donne mes larmes
(I gave, gave my tears)
J'ai pleure pour mieux l'aimer
(I cried to love you better)
J'ai paye de tant de larmes
(I paid with so many tears)
Pour toujours le droit d'aimer
(For the ever-lasting right to love)
Pour toujours... le droit d'aimer
(For the ever-lasting right to love)

He kissed the top of her head and continued to sway to the music. They returned to their table after the song ended and paid their bill. Angel left Jo a nice tip.

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