tagCelebrities & Fan FictionWhat The Future Holds Ch. 18

What The Future Holds Ch. 18



On the drive back to their house they both kept glancing at each other. She was so tired of the silent treatment between them. Angel parked the car onto the driveway. He looked over and noticed that Buffy was far off.

"Buffy. We're here."

"Oh, sorry about that. I was just thinking about things."

"Things?" he raised his eyebrows.

"I was thinking about the past couple of weeks and us not talking, not being together or not being in each other's arms."

"Let's forget about that. I'm taking you inside and were going to make love." She smiled at his words.

As they went inside Angel closed the door with his foot. They started kissing each other right away. Angel took the lead and headed up the stairs with him and Buffy still kissing. She started loosing the grip on his tie and started unbuttoning his shirt. His hands roamed all over the material of her dress. Finally Angel picked Buffy up and headed to their room.

"Angel!" she gasped at his reaction.

"I'm sorry. I'm a little impatient."

They reached their bedroom. He set her down. Just when Buffy was about to continue Angel moved away.

"Angel, what are you doing?" He headed over to their phone.

"I'm going to shut off the ringer. I don't care if there's a Hellmouth opening, an apocalypse or vampire's roaming. I want to wake up with you in my arms without any interruptions."

"I like your idea. Now come over here," she said seductively. He did as told.

His hands found the zipper of her dress. As he was unzipping her dress he was kissing her shoulder. Buffy whimpered softly. He lifted his head and kissed lightly. As he placed a finger on each strap of her dress and let it slid off her shoulders. Her dress fell to the floor and she was left standing in a red strapless bra with matching panties. Buffy looked up at him innocently. She started kissing him, and then took off his jacket and tie. Since she started this task before she decided to continue where they left off by unbuttoning his shirt.

Her lips found his again, then pulled at his lower lip, then gently bit his jaw and started kissing his neck. Buffy's lips continued kissing on the part of his neck that she loved to taste and gently bit his skin. Angel elicited a moan. She went on moving to his shoulders and kissing them. Her hands went inside the sleeves of his shirt and slid it off his broad shoulders. Then she kissed each nipple, and then lay wet kissed down his chest, to his abs and to the waistband of his pants. Buffy unbuckle his belt, slid it off and threw it onto the floor. Her hands slowly unzipped his pants. Angel stepped out of them. He took off his shoes and was left standing in his boxers.

She knelt in front of him gently gliding her hand across the sheer material of his boxers. Angel felt his erection grow hard by her touch. Her fingers went into his boxers, cupped his behind and slid them down. She gently picked his member and stroked it.

"Oh Buffy."

She kissed the tip and gently it off. She looked up and saw Angel's eyes were closed. Buffy continued on moving slowly repeating the same steps until it was all in her mouth. Her tongue swirled his member causing Angel to moan again. It's been so long since Buffy had the opportunity to give pleasure to Angel. She let go and stood up.

"Did you like that?" she asked innocently.

"Very much. I think someone's overdressed here." Angel glided his hands up her arms, reached her bra and unfastened it. Her bra fell to the floor. His hands found her breasts, cupped them and gently kneaded them between his fingers. Buffy moaned. He bent his head down, kissed her nipple and gently nipped it. He did the same to the other. Angel then knelt down and was facing her waistline. He placed his hands in her stocking, slid them off and placed a kiss on every exposed part of her body. His hands went back up, slid into her panties and slid them down. Buffy was now left standing naked before him.

Angel then stood up facing her and started kissing her. Their bodies were crushed against each other. Her breasts were taunt and flushed against his chest. Buffy could feel his erection growing hard against her stomach. She wanted Angel now. Angel looked down at her and said,

"Buffy are you..."

"Ready," she answered his statement.


Angel guided her to the bed. Buffy laid down waiting for Angel to take to ecstasy. Angel lay on top of her, but making sure not to crush her. He bent his head down and kissed her using his tongue to open her mouth. Their tongues intertwined with one another. He released the kiss, sucking on her bottom, and then going down her jaw and kissing her all the way down until he reached her breast. He started by licking, and then slowly suckled her nipple into his mouth. He missed the feeling of her breast on his mouth. He massaged the other one.

"Oh, Angel."

He went to the other and continued his task. Buffy's fingers grasped his short, brown, spiky hair. She pulled him up and kissed him fiercely. Angel released the kiss. He started kissing down her chest, to her navel and reached her inner thigh. Buffy shuddered by his touch. He then went to other side of her thigh and did the same. Angel lifted his head to see Buffy's eyes, which were closed, but enjoying the feeling surging throughout her entire body. He gently parted her legs open, then placed his thumb and forefinger in her and gently rubbing her clit. He continued on by placing another finger and then another. His fingers went in and out of her in a swift motion.

"Oh, God Angel. Don't stop."

He obliged and continued until Buffy reached her first orgasm. Buffy thought he was going to place himself in between her. That's not what happened. He kissed the confines of her body and gently suckled at her clit. Buffy screamed.


"Angel I need you now," she begged him.

Angel continued a little bit more. Buffy's breathing became very erratic. Her hips bucked up and the touch of Angel's tongue on her clit she shivers down her spine. She reached another release of pleasure.

"Angel please I'm begging you. I need you inside of me," she said between short breaths.

Angel rose up and gently placed him inside of her. He went in and out of her in gentle thrusts. Every time he went in he went in a little harder and faster. Both of them yelled out each other's names. They both climaxed at the same time. Angel gently moved away and hugged Buffy.

"Angel," she said and kissed his chest.


"I'm glad we worked things out. Speaking of working out, have you been working out again?" she asked. Buffy noticed how his body looked.

"I'm glad too. Yeah, I have been. When we fought I had to release my anger. I thought about us, but especially you. I dreamt about us making love. That's kind of the reason why I had trouble sleeping at nights." He kissed her head.

"Really you did? I had trouble too. It's just that..." She rubbed her foot up his leg.

"What? You can't. It's not that I don't want to." He raised his eyebrows.

"No. I feel fine, actually pleasant numb. So no interruptions tomorrow?" she asked with a smile.

"No interruptions whatsoever. Will do whatever you want." He then placed his fingers in her blonde hair, cupped her cheek and kissed her.

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